No, the Phillies don’t have a good lineup right now. But you know what great pitchers do when they face a crappy lineup? They dominate. And that’s what Matt Garza did today.

The Cubs’ offense was in full-on “manufacture” mode, save for a solo home run by Super Joe Mather (the first home run by a Cubs outfielder this year – for realsies). Tony Campana paced the team by terrorizing on the base paths, which he always does, assuming he’s able to get on base. Bryan LaHair stroked the ball, and most everyone did the “small ball” “little things” you need to do to push across a run here and there. It was a fun game to watch (if we’re not counting the 9th inning, when Carlos Marmol did his best Carlos Marmol impression, and tried desperately to blow a 5-0 lead).

And, man, Garza was on. The only hit he gave up was to the very first man he faced.

  • Joe

    “Assuming heโ€™s able to get on base”… Campana is hitting .420 this year, after “only” hitting .400 the last five games. I think he’s earned the right for us to say at least “assuming he *continues* to get on base.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Brett

      Ha. Continues. Fair enough.

      • Joe

        LOL. Thanks. :)

    • Hansman1982

      The .303 Obp last year over 95 games should outweigh the 7 games this year

      • hogie

        Why do we use Barney’s minor numbers to rip him, but ignore Campana’s high average and good OBP for the last few years. I don’t mean to rip, I have been guilty of it myself, but let’s be fair. Tony’s OBP has been near .380 for the last few years. I say we start enjoying it when our players are doing well instead of finding reasons to say that the success won’t continue. We have won 5 of the last 8, pitching has been solid and we are finding ways to create runs. GO CUBS GO!!!

      • Ogyu

        Where’s BetterMath when we need him?

      • Joe

        Sure, Tony’s history shows us he struggles to get on base. And I have this tortured analogy with my history of flubbing my wedding anniversaries and how that doesn’t guarantee I’ll be an idiot this year, but I won’t abuse you with it any more than I already have.

        Anyway, my point is, given the changes we’ve heard about in Campana’s approach and preparation, I won’t be surprised to see that he’s learned some key lessons about playing against MLB competition. Is he going to be a superstar? Not likely. But right now, I don’t see how anybody can complain about his performance this year.

        Yesterday I saw a comment noting that we’ve faced primarily quality teams so far this year, and that when we start seeing more sub-.500 type teams, our W-L may improve. I wonder how this reflects, if at all, on Tony’s brief success so far (and LaHair’s, too, for that matter).

  • BubblesHargrave

    Sounds like maybe one of our wishes may be coming true. Sveum might finnaly be losing patience. From trib article:Had Victorino reached, Sveum said Marmol would’ve been gone. James Russell was warming up.

    “He’s going to be a high pitch count guy,” Sveum said of Marmol. “Obviously you don’t want to see that kind of stress. That’s what he is, and that’s what you have to understand and be patient with. There’s only so much you can be patient with.”

  • MaxM1908

    I’m loving that since we traded Byrd and brought up Campana, the Cubs are 5-3. That’s a remarkable improvement from where we were on April 20 when we were 3-11.

  • Cub Gone Wild

    Why doesn’t our management team call Larry Rothschild on the phone and as him to look at Marmol’s video for a few minutes and tell them what his problem is. Rothschild held him together really well. He had a very short spell of going sideways and Rothschild got him back on track. He would go out there and tell him exactly what he was doing wrong and helped him get back on track. I could be wrong but it wasn’t until Rothschild left that Marmol went down hill. We had an idiot for a pitching coach last year who had no idea how to fix Marmol and maybe Bosio doesn’t either. Somebody needs to get some advice from somewhere and I think Rothschild is the man who knows him best. A little professional courtesy isn’t out of the question. If I was Marmol I would have Rothschild in my Favorite’s List on my cell.

  • Cub Gone Wild

    Dolis is coming along nicely. We should get down to the minors and bring up some of our closer’s and break them in now. They have great stuff and have done well. Let’s put the best we have in the organization out there. The era of you gotta pitch or play x number of games or innings is out the window. Younger players are showing up at the big league level almost weekly it seems. I think the Cubs should be doing the same. Besides Marmol Sveum’s biggest concern needs to be 3b. Stewart is failing miserably. Defense alone is not good enough for a 3b. Baker and Mather need to share the role. Send Stewart packing to Iowa or DFA him. Vitters is probably close to being ready in another month. Maybe the just wait it out with the status quo. There has to be a change coming soon. I dread Kerry Wood coming back from the DL. I just don’t think he has anything left in him. But if he does find lightning in a bottle for a while. I hope he has closer stuff and can help. I get the same sick feeling when he and Marmol both come into a game.

  • dick

    The team that they put on the field today was actually something I would pay to watch. Super Joe, Campana, Castillo…a factor of 10 more interesting than Sori, Byrd, and Soto. Let’s see what Sveum does in the near future. Garza was terrific.

  • alsongs

    Speed kills.

  • PeteG

    All I can say is…Bryan LaHair!

  • H

    Like the line up and like watching the cubs now, we need to sub more for sori. Can he see if lahair can play left sp when izzo is called up later in the year we can them both in the line up. Also wouldn’t mind seeing garza locked up with extension we need an ace on the team for stability in he future