Comebacks aren’t always a good thing. Sometimes they make the loss hurt even more.

Chris Volstad got dinked and dunked to death in the first inning, but the Cubs’ offense fought back, primarily on the strength of a two-run bomb from Bryan LaHair. And then the bullpen gave it right back. What a freaking bummer.

  • Mrp

    That was quite deflating. You would think by now I wouldn’t feel like that after a Cubs loss.

  • Spencer

    That top of the first really set the tone for the whole game.

    • Mrp

      Yeah you really have to love getting hosed right off the bat like that. DeJesus has to be wondering what he did to deserve such a screw job in this series.

  • magilljl

    That one stung pretty bad. But had you told me going in to Cards series at Wrigley we’d take 2 of 3 from them then split at Philly, I’d have called you a damn liar. So I’m gonna take solace in that and temper my constant disappointment in our bullpen.

    • rcleven

      Got to agree. Can’t complain about umps tonight because all the calls we have gotten the last two series. Win some lose some.

      • Dougy D

        I hate to do it as the MLB umpires are the best in professional sports, but the Cubs really got bent over by that home plate umpire tonight. It seemed that for at least about 80% of the time Worley was pitching that he was getting a strike call on anything within a foot of the plate. The part that bothers me the most though, is that the strike zone wasn’t being called anywhere near the same in the bottom half of the innings. Also, the balk on the Cubs being called and then not being called in the bottom half of the inning on the Phils, that was just plain ole horse shit. I am a bit disappointed that Svuem didn’t get himself tossed to let that ump know that he was doing a shit job. I guess I will just have to see how he goes about managing the rest of the season. What a frustrating game.

  • cerambam

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  • Josh Z

    Now I know why Volstad hasn’t won since last July

    • Hansman1982

      Cause he gives up a bunch of singles?

      • Mrp

        Two of those hits in the first were infield singles. I swear Volstad and Stewart need to be sacrificing a live chicken to jobu to get some of this bad luck under control.

        • FromFenwayPahk

          All will regress toward the mean.

  • Zogie

    The Cubs pitching fell apart in the 1st and the 8th resulting in a 4-6 loss. Volstad looked great after the 1st inning, but it was not enough. Dolis was not very sharp either giving up 2 runs. Camp continues to pitch well in relief and Maine had another decent outing even though he picked up the loss. This game came down to RISP Cubs 2-7 and the Phillies 4-8. DeJesus 1-5 K. He had a few great plays in the outfield today, but his bat was silenced tonight. Campana 0-4 1BB 1K. Campana had some good ABs today until his last AB. Castro 2-4 1RBI 2K. He continues to look good, but he seems to be striking out more than usual. He still needs to work that plate discipline. LaHair 2-4 HR 2RBI 1K. He continues to be clutch for the cubs which is why many have been forgiving him for his high strikeout rate. Soriano 1-4 2B had an ok game and hit a few balls hard. The good news is he did not strikeout. Stewart 1-2 2BB had a good day at the plate today. He showed a great eye and patients which led to 2 walks. DeWitt 1-4 looked ok out there today. Nothing special though. Soto 0-3 BB 1K had a couple terrible ABs but at least he used his patients to get on in the 9th. Johnson 0-1 and Barney 0-1. The cubs almost came back in this one, but could not hold the Phillies late. Lastly, my shout out goes to Brian LaHair. His homerun was clutch and hopefully it continues because the cubs need hitting. Just try to lay-off those off-speed pitches low.

    • Stan

      Wow, your grammar and observation of the game are just terrible. Patients? Really? It’s patience. DeJesus did not have a bad day at all. He was subject to a controversial call that could’ve changed the pace (Even though it was the first play) of the game.

      Patients. I’m still not over it.

      • Spencer

        It’s the internet. Get over it. Are you one of those people that gets mad when people don’t spell everything out in text messages?

        • Brett

          I’m one of those people. :)

          • hansman1982

            r u now? LOL OMG my BFF Jill…

      • Steve

        ” This woman has to be gotten to a hospital ” “A hospital, what is it??” ” It’s a big buidling with PATIENCE, but thats not important now”

  • Njriv

    Is it me or does it seem like Todd Hollandsworth does crack before each segment?

    • Mrp

      Haha, yeah he usually is pretty wired. He is like that on the radio in the mornings too. It can get pretty annoying if I haven’t had my coffee yet.

    • Steve

      I do crack between each inning this year,…

  • EB

    Why does Sveum love using Dolis so much? James Russell is our best reliever, why not use him in situations like the 8th? I’m sorry, but I have been underwhelmed by Dolis’ performance thus far, maybe that’s because Dale insists on throwing him out there every other night. Coming into tonight Dolis lead all relievers with 13.1 innings pitched as compared to 7.2 by Russell. Just my 2 cents

    • Mrp

      He’s trying to get the young kid some innings in pressure situations. Probably to see if he can handle it if some sucker ends up wanting Marmol for some reason. We know Marmol probably isn’t in the long term plans so we need to find someone to take that role going forward.

      • EB

        Valid point. Kerry Wood being on the DL has probably increased his workload a little too. I just haven’t been overly impressed, but then again this is his 1st year, so I’m probably being too hard on him. Wish a little frustrated that our best reliever doesn’t see a few more innings

  • Nomar’s Left Glove

    4 seems to be his lucky number

  • morgan

    Damn it seems we really missed on Darvish an Cepedes (sp) both are looking legit

    • Njriv

      So did Fukudome the first half of the ’08 season.

      • Kyle

        And Fukudome was a pretty solid major leaguer.

        • Mrp

          Not for the amount of money we payed him though.

        • ferrets_bueller

          Fukudome is pretty much literally the perfect, prototypical 4th OF. He has everything I’d want in the top OF off of my bench.

          Too bad he was our 2nd best.

    • Mrp

      Did you really want Cespedes for only 4 years though? That doesn’t seem worth it for the amount of money.

  • KyleNovak

    LaHair’s line as the calendar gets ready to turn to May:

    70 PA, .390/.471/.780, 8 doubles, 5 HR, 14 RBI and a .600 BABIP.

    What a month! In the business, we call that simply “en Fuego.”

    His grand slam, his 12-pitch walk in a battle with Jason Motte (in which he scored the winning run), his ninth-inning game-tying blast the next day (all against the Cards), and his game-tying shot today. Dude has had some seriously big moments already.

    • Kyle

      This month has more or less paid for the LaHair gamble. Even though he’ll likely regress significantly the rest of the year, his totals should be fine.

      • Brady

        My main suprise with Lahair isnt just his power but in both is double yesterday and his HR today, he just seems to reach out and put the bat on the ball and he ends up just crushing it. I am just amazed by how little effort it looks for him to put that much power behind the ball. I really hope he keeps it up and reduces his SO numbers.

  • Master Gonzo

    I realize how difficult it is for most players to change positions at the big-league level, but is it insane to think Rizzo or LaHair could potentially play 3rd, while the other naturally plays 1st? Those two bats together in the lineup could actually strike fear in pitchers for years to come.

    • Kyle

      Yes. It is completely insane. If you are really desperate to get them both in the lineup, you have to shove one off to left field.

    • drew

      As Ive said several times before, Rizzo is LH, Rizzo is probably a GG-caliber 1st baseman, and Rizzo has played exactly 0 professional games at somewhere other than 1st.
      He is the future at 1B; LaHair’s bat will keep him in the lineup if he keeps hitting.

    • cubfanincardinalland

      Rizzo throws left handed, would look a bit odd at 3b. LaHair would be a disaster at the hot corner. I hate to say it, but it seems that trading LaHair this offseason for a starting pitcher or position player is really their only option.

  • Steve

    Noone knows what Lahair will end up being. That being said, I don’t know a soul who is routing against him. Those April #’s are dang impressive
    What happens if he has a 3/4/5 line for 2012??? Is he our future starting RF?? Is it feasible? No. Is it possible? Yes. He is the main reason I’m watching now instead of marking off days till we draft.
    I’m operating on the premise that his light bulb just switched ” on”.

  • RicoSanto

    Lahair did not look bad in RF last year for the littlle bit he played under Quade. But he would be betterr in LF.Dejesus plays a good RF, but Eithier or Hamilton will be better next year in RF.Think next year how many good LFH in the lineup,Lahair,R izzo, Jackson, and a prime FA.Then sign a good 3B.

  • Andrew

    Hey I wasnt able to watch the game besides on gameday but why did Sveum take out Maine? He seemed to be rolling and then had a lefty coming up in rollins yet he got taken out for a righty. Right now im assuming he got injured or something because that decision made no sense to me

  • calicubsfan007

    That sucks. Our bullpen is really young, so they might blow a game or two. I am disappointed that Volstad didn’t dominate the way I thought he would. At least our offense is waking up…

  • Willis

    Hmmm…bullpen problems. I wonder why that is? Probably because they traded the most reliable reliever on the team to Cincy for a bag of crap. I was at the Cubs-Red Birds game tonight and got to see first hand what Travis Wood is…a piece of dump. He got kicked around. I like the other moves but this one is head scratching, and with Marshall, the Cubs are probably 3-4 wins better than they are.

    • calicubsfan007

      I don’t know if you are right. Marshall isn’t doing so hot right now. He has a 5.14 era. That’s horrible for a reliever. His last two games had the eras of 6.14 and 5.40.

    • Eric

      over react much? Complaining is one thing. Totally leaving out 2 players in Sappelt and Torreyes to try to prove your point. Is not only dishonest. It’s disrespectful.

      • willis

        Not sure how it’s an overreaction? Wood couldn’t make the big club and is getting smacked around in AAA. His ceiling is very, very low. If he ever has meaningful starts for Chicago at all.

        The other two, again, low ceilings. Sappelt is a utility OF at best and Torreyes may have some upside, but with his size can he be that good or a major leaguer? I suppose it’s too early to tell and I’m interested to see as he moves up the levels.

        Obviously I hoped for more from this trade than we’ve seen. Maybe it’ll turn around. And I know, winning isn’t important this year. But to me it is. He hasn’t been nails for Cincy but for the Cubs, Marshall was an awesome reliever. And he was shipped out for what I believe to be a not so good package. But we’ll see.

  • MaxM1908

    In 13 games with the Cubs, Marlon Byrd had 3 hits and 10 strikeouts. In 8 games with the Red Sox, Marlon Byrd has 10 hits and 3 strikeouts.

    For crying out loud.

    • Brett

      Go, Cubs, Go!

  • Steve

    Im afraid I agree. Still very early, yet none of the 3 names we got for Marshall get my heart rate up in the least. Why 3 middling low ceiling guys. I’d have asked for 1 top notch low level guy. Thats what our scouts are for.

  • Spoda17

    .. wha-chu talkn ’bout Willis?

  • Justin Jabs

    On the bright side, (at least personally) I felt they had the chance to come back. In the top of the 9th. And that’s something I didn’t feel before.

  • Ivy Walls

    “Comebacks aren’t always a good thing. Sometimes they make the loss hurt even more.”

    Only to fan[actic]s who live in an imaginative world about the fate of their teams. Actually players find confidence and resolve in being able to comeback from what appeared to be a loss. They say that games played in April count the same as games played in September, but that is “Meadow Muffins”, as it is the same that the first couple of holes in a golf round count the same as the final three. Sure a sabermetrician might say the math is the math but sabermetrics still cannot measure intangibles which is integral to human nature and the nature of teams.

    The Cubs scratched back and should have actually scored earlier at least a pair or three runs before they scored two one on Soto’s double play and Castro’s clutch hit after another Campana double (walk and steal). This team right now is showing some resolve. What needs to be done is the old guys, (Soriano, Soto, Dejesus, Johnson, Marmol, Dempster & Wood [upon returns]) step up and join with the young guys.