Jeff Samardzija was ON tonight. All of his pitches were working, he repeatedly made Reds batters look foolish, he was efficient, and he dominated a good offensive lineup in a good offensive park. It was just good, man.

The offense put a ton of guys on base, even if the Cubs couldn’t bring ’em home (Starlin Castro getting picked off of second and thrown out stealing, both times with two outs and Bryan LaHair at the plate, didn’t help). Ian Stewart and Geovany Soto got off the schneid a bit, and Bryan LaHair remains LaDiculous.™ And Carlos Marmol didn’t blow it! In fact, he went 1-2-3 in the 9th with two Ks! I don’t know why I’m shouting! Actually, yes I do!

But the story was Jeff Samardzija. Let’s see if I can pull this off…

  • Glenallen Hill’s One Home Run

    I wasn’t fully into the Shark nickname, but this box score immediately changed that. Easily the hardest I’ve ever laughed at an EBS, good work Ace.

  • Mrp

    The Reds wandered too far out into the deep water tonight and Shark feasted upon them.

  • ThereWillBeCubs


  • MaxM1908

    Brett, niiiiiiiiice box score. Well done. We have to get back to the bleachers when Shark’s pitching and do the fin dance after every K.

  • ty

    Dolis was throwing so easy and relaxed. Marmol definitely coming in on batters and letting ball have movement in zone. Jeff is now a great starter–never thought he could do it. But elite athletes like him are rare. Go Cubs!

  • Segal27

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love Shark

    • Zach

      I love lamp

      • ferrets_bueller


        • Rick Vaughn

          I see what you did there.

  • Cubbie Blues

    Samardzija is looking awesome so far. Lots of late break and good movement on his fastballs. His location was great as well. Can we start. To think that he is a legit front end starter now?

  • CapnCub

    I love the artwork, hahaha. What a game, and Marmol actually picked up his second save.

  • EB

    Great outing by the Shark tonight! I love what I am seeing from.  Nice job by Dolis in the one batter that he faced.  Good job by Marmol as well even though he almost gave up a home run and received a generous strike three call on a 3-2 pitch, I will take anything we can get from him at this point.  His slider still just does not look the same that it has in years past.  Nice to see a couple of homers too!

  • MSU

    It was one game.. Gotta see 30+ starts to really know if he’s a “front of the rotation type starter from here on out.” You guys know this. However, everything is always better when the cubs win!

  • Mrp

    I absolutely loved the fact that Sveum made the call to take Shark out when he did. That was a very un-Dusty like move.

    Good to see Dolis bounce back. The kid is basically working with one pitch and can still make hitters look silly with the movement he has on that fastball. Just get him a slider or a cutter or something and he could be really tough.

    I know Marmol got it done, but I still have a slight heart attack every time he takes the hill. I still can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to watch him anymore.

    • hansman1982

      Very un-Quade esque as well. Sveum seems to be settling in a bit now. Hopefully we can take a quasi-sweep of the Commies!

      • Cheryl

        Absolutely agree. He took out Shark at the right time.

    • Luke

      Dolis had a good slider last season.

    • CubFanBob

      Was thinking the same thing, going back to Dusty’s days I am sure Samardzija would have been left in to get the 3rd out in the 8th on to see him give up more runs. Sveum seems to be figuring this team out. Tomorrow’s a big day a 4-2 road trip, against record wise better teams, is step in the right direction.

  • Smitty

    Did you really pretend to trademark “LaDiculous”? That, my friend, is Sharkdiculous™!!

    • necusfan

      The stripper at my bachelor party would perform a “LaDiculous” for an extra $20. Well worth the money.

    • Andrew

      its risharkulus come on

  • necusfan

    That was no boating accident!

  • florida Al


  • Karen P

    LOL This is easily my favorite of the season.

  • Dave

    Hate to be pessimistic, but Marmol was lucky tonight. His stuff still didn’t look as nasty as we’ve seen in the past. Stubbs was called out looking on ball 4 and Votto hit it about as far as you could without the ball leaving the yard. Without those two breaks this game could have been tied. Still glad to get the win though.

    • Kevin

      Marmol being lucky is fine right now, he needs to get his confidence back in his pitches. If it takes a night like this where he was more lucky than good to get back to the dominant strike out closer we are use to, I am fine with that.

    • JustSwain

      I disagree. If he got lucky it was being able to throw his slider for a strike that was the lucky part. Stubbs might have gotten a bad call, but those went both ways tonight. Votto took a pensive swing at a ball that happened to hit the sweet spot of the bat, and it went pretty far in a hitters park. Marmol had wicked stuff tonight, unfortunately it is still a question as to whether he can control his stuff when it is that wicked. I’m not convinced he can, and if he can’t he doesn’t deserve the ninth inning role. What I loved was that Marmol had a short leash…there were two guys warmed up in the bullpen to start the ninth.

      • Cub Gone Wild

        Stubbs will chase any breaking ball. All the Reds fans at the game are really down on him. They say he is as bad as Soriano at chasing balls in the dirt low and away. He is falling out of favor with Reds fans.

        • JustSwain

          Are you kidding? Soriano has NEVER had over 200 Strikeouts in a Season. Stubbs is much, much worse than Soriano. Only Dusty would bat him 2nd. Even batting .244 last season, Soriano had TWICE as many RBIs as Stubbs in less games! I guess Dusty is hoping this year he bounces back to his career year…batting .255 with 160+ strikeouts. I’m curious, have the fans started turning on Dusty yet?

    • art

      “Without those two breaks this game could have been tied”. lol,

  • Jay Anderson Jr

    Smarj is a monster. Look forward to his start every week. Marmol looked good, finally, and Lahair is an All-star at this point. I’m starting to think .500 is possible. Considering we’ve play a tough schedule so far, its not unthinkable.

  • Jay Anderson Jr

    I know its early, but we have 5 guys playing all-star like ball. Garza, Shark, Castro, LaHair and if Dempster plays like he did pre-Injury. How many of these guys could we possibly see in the summer classic. Or how many will still be playing at a high level.

  • Matt Murton


    • gratefulled

      ooohhhh, me likey.

  • Ivy Walls

    Interestingly newcomers or new to roles dominated. Samardzija clearly dominated the game where the Reds were off balance all night. His FB was overpowering up high and in the back of all their minds was his ability to throw strikes with a bender or drop pitch.

    LaHair continues to prove everyone in MLB wrong except that by happenstance Epstein and Hoyer took an opportunity to fine tune Rizzo. LaHair is a MLeaguer and he hits the ball long. He actually is putting urgency and pressure on Soriano where by the end of this month is Soriano has a slugging less than 450 this month he could be released and the Cubs pocket $437,000 over at least the next two years at league minimum reimbursements. LaHair could the be the next Adam Dunn before going AL unless the NL goes DH….hmmm

    Stewart should bat with one less position players for he hits the ball at them quite hard.

    Finally Soto got his first non HR RBI today…wow….he is another headed for another uniform.

  • Eric

    My boy, was Sharktacular™ tonite!

  • John

    We are undefeated in May. Alright. Much success.

  • King Jeff

    Best EBS ever.

  • hansman1982




    To Jeff-finity and BEYOND! ™©®

  • gratefulled

    We need to get someone that is worth a shit hitting behind LaHair, STAT! ’cause he’s gonna start getting pitched around. Frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t been happening already.

    • ty

      Grate–you are right–there is no reason at all to pitch to LaHair. Advance scouts will eventually inform their managers.

  • Zogie

    Advanced Box Score
    The Cubs played great today all-around. Great pitching, hitting, and defense and they usual duds in the line-up came through tonight. DeJesus 0-4 is struggling at the plate. He just needs a few of those balls to start falling. No need to worry. Campana 1-4 3K looked rough at plate. He looked terrible in his AB against LeCure. Castro 2-4 2B but was also caught stealing and picked off. It is good to be aggressive, but he needs to learn from these mistakes. At least he continues to play good defense. LaHair 1-4 HR. He actually did not strikeout today which is good to see. Soriano 2-4 1K. He looks like he is on the verge of having a big game. He has been hitting the ball well lately. DeWitt deserves some love today. He was 1-3, but he had an amazing dive to starting a double play. Soto 2-3 BB RBI. I hope he can keep that up. He has always been patient, so I am hoping he continues to hit that ball hard. Barney 0-1 and Johnson 0-1 K. The cubs only struck out 5 times which is a big improvement. The pitching was excellent for the cubs. Shark was on the attack all night, and Dolis and surprisingly Marmol closed the door on the Reds. Lastly, my shout out goes to Jeff Samardzija 7.2 Innings 3 hits 7Ks. One other plus is he also helped my fantasy team. Adda Boy!

    • college_of_coaches

      Thanks Zogie!

  • lucas

    defense was good. turn at second by starlin was crazy.

  • Kyle

    Jeff Samardzija is definitely the most fun thing to watch on the Cubs this year.

    Despite me insisting for years that he was a terrible draft pick, I’m glad to be proven wrong. I’ve got tingly fan feelings imagining him turning into a long-term above-average starter.

    • Brady

      I don’t know about the most fun thing to watch. I am quite enjoying the aggressive baserunning and Garza is absoultely destroying people which is fun to watch. Not to mention its nice to see Cubs in the top 5 numbers on (Castro for SB and Garza for SO).

      • drew

        I think I have to play devil’s advocate in regards to the SB”s; Castro has been caught 4 times and has been picked off at least once (tonight). I’d be interested to see the amount of net runs generated from those SB attempts.

        • Brady

          Agreed he needs to be a little more careful but also if you look at the batters after him he doesn’t get much support. I do remember him stealing 2nd in Philly and then Lahair immediately knocking him in for an RBI. Most of the SB that lead into runs are from Campana getting to 2nd when Castro gets up and can poke the ball through somewhere. Easy run scored because of his speed. I was just saying it is nice to see him in the leaderboards.

  • Tim Mo

    We are ND!

  • hansman1982

    Amazing what winning baseball does to the site…

    • JustSwain

      Its not just winning, its the fact that today they looked good doing it. Again, no errors, no cheap runs, they didn’t just capatalize on another teams mistakes. They looked like the better team. Castro’s pickoff at 2nd I thought was Arroyo’s move, not anything Castro did, but I didn’t see him thrown out on the delayed steal, so maybe I wouldn’t be as tingly if I had. They pitched better, they fielded better, they hit better, and they won. I’m not quite ready to emrbace Jay’s .500 theory yet, but I’m starting to feel better about this teams chances.

      • hansman1982

        I think they have a realistic chance to play .500 from last week (when the hot streak started) which would still put them in the mid-70’s for wins. I definately believe this is NOT a 100-loss team unless ALL of the wheels fall off. Something about a team isn’t as bad as it looks during a losing streak.