I know the last thing you want to think about is Cubs baseball right at this particular moment, but I’ve got to share with you an event that the Cubs are having on Wednesday, May 16, before and during the game against the Phillies. It’s called Social Media Night, and it’s kind of what you’d expect – a Twitter-stravaganza featuring a panel on social media at Captain Morgan’s before the game (I’m not on the panel, but I get to be a “VIP” in the front row – I’ve never been a “VIP” before, just a “P”), and folks tweeting during the game using the #CubsSocial hash tag.

Better still, buying a bleacher ticket to the game comes with all kinds of extra stuff, including a shirt, a hot dog, Cubs cards (with the chance for autographs), a Vine Line magazine, and … the chance to sit with me at the game!

So, if you’re into all that, here’s where you get your ticket (it’s the Cubs’ special events page – buy your ticket there, otherwise you don’t get all the extra stuff). Come to the panel before the game (we can all meet up before that, even), and then come to the game. We’ll make merry, and talk to David DeJesus throughout (and heckle Hunter Pence because he deserves it). It’s a Wednesday night game (7:05 pm CT), so everyone can make it.

  • Spencer

    You should go to the anti-social media night being hosted by Paul Sullivan instead.

    But, for realsies, this is tempting since I’ll be done with school and all that jazz. I’ll check prices on stub hub.

    Edit: Tickets are in the mid 20s. There’s someone selling their ticket in the bleachers for $500, so I might just buy that one instead.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      DO IT!

      • Spencer

        How do the logistics for this work? Do you actually need a ticket to get in the Captain Morgan club, or can anyone go booze there before/after the game? I’ve never visited it before. And then do you just get your SWAG when you go through the bleacher entrance? The website is sorta ambiguous. Also, do you HAVE to buy through the Cubs website, or are third party bleacher tix okay to get the SWAG too?

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          I was told that you’ve gotta buy through the Cubs site (at that link) to get the SWAG (and, yeah, you get it as you enter the bleachers – so who knows). The Captain Morgan’s thing is first-come, first-serve, and I think anyone can come.

          • CubFanBob

            yep, C.M. club is open to the public pre, during, and after the game. It’s basically a bar attached to Wrigley. If you have a ticket you can come and go from the field to the bar back and forth. Not sure how they work the cap of people of public vs those with tickets etc.

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

    Sounds like it’ll be a good time.

  • Jon

    Who will be lucky enough to get that coveted signed Carlos Marmol baseball card. If I see Carlos running my craps table at Dempster’s charity event next week; I’m asking for someone to come in an be relief for Carlos

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Ha. Snap.

    • JustSwain

      Are you kidding? Carlos is the guy I want running my Craps table. I’d bet the pass line every time, and just wait for him to issue the walk.

      • Jon

        Good point

  • Juan

    Hey guys i visit this site daily love your stuff brett. im from waukesha wis and i will be there with the wife and a friend.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Awesome, Juan. Looking forward to it.

  • BubblesHargrave

    I’ve been reading negative posts for 3 hours off and on last nite and today. I’m also feeling really negative right now. There are things about this Cubs team that make me feel very excited. The thing I can’t stomach is some of the rediculous moves made by management so far. I don’t blame Marmol for failing. They put him in that position over and over. Why? How much influence does Theo/Jed Sith lord combo have on Dale and his decisions. What Dale did in leaving in Marmol after the 1st walk, was almost unforgivable. I will continue to watch and hope against hope. Bc after all this is just baseball. But I love baseball and will not give up on my favorite team. Ron Santo never gave up, nor will I.

  • BubblesHargrave

    I was watching an episode of the Andy Griffith Show last nite that reminds me of the Cubs. There was a guy in town who everyone thought was hexxed and jinxed. He was a nice guy, but everywhere he went bad and weird things seemed to happen. Eventually he decided to leave Mayberry b/c he felt hated. Andy conviced him to stay. This reminds me of the Cubs. Are they just jinxed bc everyone thinks they are and things such as “Cubbie occurances” keep happening. And so since everyone thinks they’re jinxed they start secretly believing it to, only to continue to do strange things? Or is the moral here that they need to do the opposite of Andy and instead of convincing the jinxed nice guy to stay, they shouldve run him out of town? HMMM.

    • Ogyu

      I was reading a comic strip recently that reminds me of the Cubs. It’s called: “Peanuts” …