If you can believe it, Ryan Dempster may have been more dominant today than Jeff Samardzija was last night – and Samardzija was unbelievable. Bryan LaHair went deep AGAIN, so did Geovany Soto(!), and Starlin Castro had his first homer of the year.

But no one will remember that. They probably won’t even remember Ian Stewart’s critical error or Rafael Dolis throwing the game away.

They’ll only remember the Carlos Marmol circus.

He used to walk the tightrope and get out of things in spectacular fashion. Now, he walks the tightrope, and falls to the ground in spectacular fashion. How a guy can crash to the Earth so many times in a row and still be allowed to climb back on the rope, I’ll never understand.

I say this with absolutely no hyperbole intended: I do not want to hear a quote from, or a quote about (by the coaching staff), Carlos Marmol this afternoon unless it starts with “Carlos is going on the disabled list.” Whether or not he’s injured, something is not right. Let him go “rehab” in the minors for a couple weeks. I can no longer stomach watching him. That was probably true a year ago.

  • magilljl

    Makes me sick

  • Steve Lopez

    It is ridiculous that Dolis gets the BS and loss!

  • Papi

    Why was he still in when he walked the first 2 batters?!?!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      For me, that’s the question.  I have no problem sending Marmol to the mound in the ninth, but anyone who has followed the Cubs at all over the past two or three years knows that sometimes Marmol just doesn’t have it.  When Marmol doesn’t have it… and it doesn’t take long to tell if he does… you get him out fast.  He won’t pitch out of it.

      • Michael

        Absolutely Luke!

      • ETS

        Let him fry and less people will hate you when you bench him.

      • Randy


  • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

    I know Dolis looked bad in the tenth, but I still have no problem with him.  He was groomed in the minors to be a closer, a one inning guy.  His inning was the ninth, and he did a nice job.  Yes, he needs to be more consistent, but he’s also a rookie.  He should never have been out there in the tenth.

    • Smitty

      Exactly what I was thinking Luke. Seems to mee that Svuem has a lot of work to do figuring out how to use relievers. Shouldn’t have stuck with Marmol as long as he did and he shouldn’t pitch Dolis more than one inning a game.

  • Brian

    How long until they see he is too much of a liability to keep on this team. This is pathetic, this is at least two games I have watched where he blew two greats games by Dempster.

  • supergeek24

    Get rid of that big eared Fuck!

  • Marmol Sucks

    Call me up Theo. I would be a lot cheaper and I can’t do any worse!

  • ty

    Do not let Quade off the hook on this hurtful loss! I just commented to send Marmol to Mesa on the disabled list and assign our roving pitching co-ordinator to stay with him for at least 15 days. Maddux is in Texas with his bro dammit!

  • Cub Gone Wild

    I hope that this was the last thing on the punch list that Theo needed to take to Ricketts to get permission to dump Marmol. That has to be the reason they left his ass in there. How can they not fire Marmol. Marmol is going to need body guards at Wrigley. Maybe the Marlins will take one more washed up pitcher off our hands.

  • http://calebshreves.blogspot.com Caleb

    Is there a “cash for clunkers” program that applies to washed up closers?

    Brett: absolutely. How many times do you get to run a closer out that is “off is game?” He was pretty much off his game all of last season. And this season is worse! When is the last time we saw him have a stretch of dominant pitching? Even a game of it? Even when he doesn’t blow it, it’s not because of any electric pitching on his part.

    Cardinals, last year, watched their closer blow 4 of the first 5. What did they do? Right?

    Here is a phrase that is as infrequently used as it is awful:

    Uhghhh….. gotta go take a shower.

    Go cubs.

  • Spencer

    There was SO MUCH wrong with the last two innings.

    First off, Dempster is 0-1 with a 0.95 ERA. Are you kidding me??

    Next, I *guess* I understand sending Marmol out there to try to close it today, especially considering he went 1-2-3 yesterday. Here’s the caveat: We’ve all seen this show before. If he doesn’t have it after the first two or three batters, he’s not going to magically get it going. After he walked the first two, that should’ve been game over for him and let’s see Dolis or Russell.

    I guess the reason Dale keeps giving him giving him chances is because his trade value isn’t going to go anywhere if he isn’t closing. But, it also isn’t going to go anywhere if he gives up three runs an outing. Either way, there’s no value right now. Who would take a chance on him?? What you see is what you get. At least if he isn’t the closer it isn’t going to consistently cost us games. That ought to be the last save opportunity he gets for a LONG time. I think you also owe it to the other 24 guys that are busting their ass out there not to keep going to the same guy that very obviously cannot properly do his job, regardless of what it does to his value.

    Lastly, we have also seen time and again this season that Dolis is only a one inning pitcher. He is an excellent one inning pitcher. Another caveat: Each time Sveum has tried to get more than an inning out of him it has exploded in his face. We saw it in Miami, and we saw it today. Sveum’s inexperience at managing his players and bullpen properly is a large part of the reason why we are sitting in last place this season. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

    • cubzfann

      Certainly agree with you on the fairness to the other 24. I sometimes don’t understand the “Little League” mentality of the Cubs’ management. It is always some excuse as to why someone is not held accountable for their performance. I am sure Marmol does want to do well, but the fact is, he isn’t. Management needs to tell him he is not, and that he has lost his role as closer. I would once like to have the manager go to the mound to replace the pitcher and tell him that “he sucked and needs to get his crap together”, before replacing him. The 2012 Cubs are not overflowing with superstar talent. They need that “self confidence” or “good feeling” to believe they can compete day in and day out. A loss like this does not provide that feeling.

  • Stu

    No, they will keep marching him out there to gain “confidence”. Meanwhile, the stands are empty because the team is 9-45. As long as we are working with him, all is good.

    Trying to win, that is so old school. Remember, the cubs brass now has the supercomputer.


    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Yep, because the brass believes Marmol will truly be a part of a winning team… Yep, they signed him to that contract that made him untradable. Let me know when you can pull a rabbit out of your ass.

      • Ogyu

        Flying monkeys, yes. Rabbits, no.

  • Stu


    Way to go for not carrying the water for people who make bad decisions.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks. But I don’t feel like I usually do.

  • cubs1967

    gotta really wonder what team theo was doing when they traded sean marshall; not only was marmol coming off a bad year; but counting on off-injured kerry wood to be the closer in waiting was a massive mistake; plus we got NOTHING for marshall; and may never get anything for marshall as bombs away wood sucks, saffelt was never gonna be anything more than a 4th OF at best and 2eyes is too young to know if he’ll be good or a career UTIL. all this for a 2.8 WAR RP; 3rd best WAR in baseball last year for RPs.
    cubs suck, but with a better closer instead of 9-16; could be 12-13 or even 13-12.

    ummmmm……..team theo; NO grace period. 103 yrs and counting.

    • cls

      Marshall wasn’t a closer, Marmol is. That’s a really poor comparison, and shouldn’t be a knock against Theo or anyone else. I understand frustration, but your points aren’t directly related at all.

      • Randy


        • cubs1967

          how stupid are you 2?
          a bad comparision?………..hello? who’s closing for the reds now………Sean Marshall.

    • Ian

      They were writing of 2012 as a rebuilding year, most people recognized that. There was little way this team was going to contend even if they didn’t. Marshall was entering the final year of his contract and was going to get paid, but the Cubs already had Marmol, who was already nearly impossible to move, taking up a bunch of bullpen salary space. You can’t have too many guys making a bunch of money in the pen.

      Trading Cashner and Marshall was writing off the bullpen, but it got us Rizzo and others.

    • AB

      yea that would have been awesome for the cubs to be 500, miss the playoffs by 10 games, have a lower pick in the draft, and then not have a protected draft pick if they wanted to sign a big name FA.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

        The new CBA changed the draft picks for free agent signings a great deal.  Teams don’t lose picks for signing players, and teams who do lose players don’t get any picks unless they make a qualifying offer of (an estimated) $12+ million on a one year deal to the player they wound up losing.

    • MikeL

      Cubs1967….So you are saying this guy would’ve been the answer to our closer woes:



      BTW….Even if you want to make the argument that this is a small sample size, he still blew 4 saves in 5 opportunities for the Cubs last year….

      • cubs1967

        ummmmm……hey stoopid; you mean sean marshall; the guy with 5 saves in 6 chances over the guy marmol who has 2 in 5?……….that guy>

        marshall gave up 3 runs in 1 game; w/o that his ERA is in the mid 2.50 range; just like the last 2 years. marmol gives up 3 runs every time out………

        so yeah; that marshall guy. fool.

  • Ian

    I was screaming for him to be DL’ed and assessed last year when something was clearly wrong with him. Now he’s cooked.

  • http://calebshreves.blogspot.com Caleb

    Good call Stu.

    And I was thinking today. People have expressed concerns that if the cubs are not contending, and just rebuilding, they won’t draw fans.

    But does that come close to the level of fan-deflation that you get knowing that even if you play a great ballgame for 98%, you’re pretty much locked to hand it right back with Marmol? Man that’s depressing. Even for me, the perpetual Cubs optimist.*

    *some have said that my lingering anger over Cubs losses precludes me from using this title. They’re a bunch of flipping sucky idiots.

  • MaxM1908
  • EB

    Freaking pathetic. That is all I have to say

  • cls

    OK so here’s my opinion:

    I get that this team isn’t going to contend this year. I also get that management wants to try to get “some” value from Marmol so they hope he turns things around so they can get SOMETHING. But at what point do they finally realize he is doing considerably more damage where he is, than if he was simply kicked to the curb?

    This is not a great team, but it is a young team, buying into new Ownership, Front Office and Management, into the “Cubs Way.” After a frustrating start to the season, they have been playing pretty good baseball against some good teams, and showing some signs of hope. However, there is ONE PERSON you can point to who has single handedly blown 3 games and has contributed to two others: Carlos Marmol

    That has to be absolutely demoralizing to a young team. He’s been awful for TWO YEARS. At this point, get his ass out of here! ANYONE would do better than he has done. Our starting pitchers and our players deserve better, and better isn’t hard to find than what Marmol is giving. He’s done. He has ZERO confidence anymore. He is beyond damaged goods.

    Ship him out of town and don’t look back, and someone needs to make that decision now.

  • RY34

    Better yet, just cut the f-ing worthless bastard! Marmol is without a doubt a mother fucking joke! Get rid of him or stuff him at the end of the bench and never let him see the light of day unless we are up 10 or more runs. The guy is a scrambled egg between the ears that needs to be ostracized and spare me the wussbag bullshit about what a horrible non fan i am, it gets old watching the same colossal explosion by this freakin loser! If you are content with his bullshit and think that a couple of pats on the back and attaboys are going to bring him back to respectability than you are a far worse fan than I. I truly hope that Cubs personnel are having to use force right now in pulling Dempster off of pummeling Marmol!

    • calicubsfan007

      Damn! You are so f—ing right! If Dempster isnt kicking his ass, the fans will. Ricketts will need Marmol in protective custody in order to move around in Chicago.

    • ty

      So all you Zambrano haters–remember the crap he took because he got into Marmols face last year! Quit being the cool Mr. Professional Ryan and see what this organization is doing to your career as you have this great era stat and not a frigging thing to show for it. Marmol and the decision makers are burying you!

      • RY34

        Could not have said it better Ty, you are dead on!

      • calicubsfan007

        It would be awesome to see an internet video of Dempster kicking Marmol’s ass in the locker room. Perfectly said ty.

        • David

          Right, just like Marmol should’ve been kicking Dempsters ass last April? You guys are ridiculous. I agree that Marmol should be moved out of the closers role, even though there’s no one more suited to replace him. But you all with the “Dempster should kick his ass!” b.s. are beyond infantile.

          • ty

            David–Dempster should also kick your ass

            • David


  • Brian

    Cubs did just enough until the last two innings to get the job done, but do I remember they had a bases loaded opp. again and didn’t cash in? or was that another time?

    • hardtop

      yeah, that at bat by Soto was mind blowing-ly terrible.
      all cubs personnel please read:
      1-2 count, with bases loaded, and the pitcher on deck… you protect the f’n plate! dipshit!

      unless that was a 30ft curve ball that dropped in for a strike there is absolutely no excuse for that. 3 runs should have done the job today, but looking at a borderline pitch that near the strike zone, in that situation, is absolutely intolerable.

  • calicubsfan007

    This team is definetly rebuilding the right way. And I understand to keep some vets to maintain competitivness, because their contracts prevent them from being moved, and to allow the young players to develop on their own time. It just pisses me off that guys like Marmol and Stewart are making rookie mistakes at the worst times!

  • Zogie

    Advanced Box Score
    Today started great with the cubs hitting and Dempster dominating, but Marmol and Dolis blew it in the 9th and the 10th. DeJesus 1-5 has been working counts very well as he always does, but lately he has been swinging at any fastball with a 2-0 count resulting in flyballs and groundouts. He will be alright when those balls start falling. Barney 1-5 had an ok day. Castro 1-5 HR. He did not put too much effort into that homerun and hopefully that lifts some weight off his shoulders. LaHair 2-4 1BB, 1K. He continues to be red hot! Soriano 1-4 hit a few balls hard today and that first homerun should come around soon. Stewart 2-4 1 2B 2K. He found some holes today and continues to hit the ball hard. 1 rough error in the 9th may have cost the game, but what happens, happens. Johnson 0-3 BB. Johnson does not seem to be the same guy from last year. There is still a long season and he will try to rebound. Soto 1-4 HR 1K. That strikeout was with the bases loading and cost the cubs a run that they could have used. Campana 0-1 and Mather 1-1 2B. Mather continues to hit the ball hard. You can blame the pitching in this game but you also have to remember all the missed oppurtinies with runner left on base. The cubs only had 3 runs scored on 3 HRS. They had 7 other hits and 14 players LOB. Let Russel have a few chances with the game on the line. He has pitched well all season and all he needs is a chance in a late inning role. I always try not to watch when I see Marmol pitch. Lastly, my shout out goes to Ryan Dempster. Sorry Marmol blew another game for ya Demp.

  • a_mazz_ing

    Just start picking 4 letter words. I’ve been screaming them all afternoon.

  • Eric

    Part of me wants to blame the pitching coach. Thinking, if we had the Maddux Brothers could they maybe make Marmol good again? But then I have to look at Demp, Garza, and Shark all pitching spectacularly. Maybe they would be that good without Bosio or maybe it’s too early to blame Bosio for Marmol? I don’t know I just want Marmol off the team, he’s done. You are not going to get anything FOR him, or FROM him.

    • calicubsfan007

      Don’t blame Boz. He has resurrected Dempster’s career thus far, helped Garza continue to play at a high level, and has helped Shark turn from a so-so relief guy into a dominant starter. Marmol needs to donate part of his contract to the fans because many of us are going backrupt from buying so much Pepto and Tylonol whenever he pitches!

      • EB

        Yeah and he has shortened all of our lives by about 20 years. I may never make it to 40 if he keeps pitching

    • RY34

      Jesus Christ himself couldn’t help Marmol; the dude is done for.

  • Ogyu

    If Marmol ever sets foot on the field at Wrigley again, every fan in the stands should get up and silently walk out.

    • calicubsfan007

      Why silently?

      • Ogyu

        Silence sends a better message to management by reminding them of what’s in store …

        • calicubsfan007

          Oh, damn. That’s brilliant! I didn’t even think of that. But I still would expect fans to start storming the field to kick his ass. That’s just how we are.

  • supergeek24

    He is a joke everyone on the team is busting there ass even soriano and this jerk blows it

  • djriz

    This one is on Sveum, no doubt.
    This one is on Epstein, if he doesn’t do anything about.

    You can talk about ‘building a winning culture’ all you want…but exactly when are you going to start.
    I’m sure Demp will take the high road, but should he???
    And will this somehow change the starters approach to games? Would that be helpful.
    If you bring Woods off the disabled list, why wasn’t he in the game?

    Well, look at the bright side, Dempster is probably BEGGING to wave his no-trade!

    • calicubsfan007

      Here’s a prediction: Marmol in going to be on the DL for a set of broken kneecaps, broken arm and black eye. Courtesy of Ryan Dempster.

    • MikeL

      Right….because it is Sveum’s fault that Stewart committed the error that may have led to a double play….or at least one out that would’ve halted the rally and killed some of the momentum….

      I find it funny when people said at the start of the year that were understand that this team wasn’t going anywhere and would lose at least 90 games…..but then they are angry at the start of the season when the Cubs actually play like a team that will lose at least 90 games…..What I have heard Theo Epstein say is that the rebuilding plan will take “several years”. This is what rebuilding looks like, folks.

      • Randy

        The point is that they may have growing pains and rebuilding but lets get honest when you are up 3-0 you need to win and the Marmol show is old. Thats why people get pissed.. Its one thing to lose and get the hell knocked out of you buts thats not what is happening. IF not for Marmol and Wood the team would be .500

  • ty

    The Cincy announcers kept commenting that they could not believe Marmol threw notning but sliders. They said Sveum had just said that out of 14 fastballs previously he had allowed only one bloop hit. So who is calling the pitches for him?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      Cubs radio announcers were also wondering why he refused to throw anything but his slider.

      • calicubsfan007

        They asked the same question during yesterday’s game.

        • hardtop

          they did? he threw many many fastballs last night? kind of what i expect from cinci-nasty

          • calicubsfan007

            They said something like, “He’s thrown two straight sliders, so he’s gonna throw the fastball now. Nope, another slider.”

  • Cub Gone Wild

    cls…. on the same page… If getting rid of Marmol means I gotta live with Soriano because Ricketts doesn’t want to eat like a billion dollars in contracts. I will live with Soriano if that is what it takes. Hell he hasn’t been killing us so I can live with him right now. Marmol money is about a 1/3 of Soriano money. If you get Maine and somebody else like Batista at league minimum the loss isn’t that great if they can help avoid all this pain. Eventually the guys who are playing well will get demoralized completely and they won’t give a shit anymore. It’s human nature for that to happen. No matter how disciplined one might be. Losing like this has a long lasting affect that is damn near impossible to overcome. Chapter 9 of the Cubs Way… You’ve played a great game. But here comes Carlos. The dude is probably in a rubber room right now or he has had the crap beaten out of him in the shower by now. Time to blanket party that boy