If you can believe it, Ryan Dempster may have been more dominant today than Jeff Samardzija was last night – and Samardzija was unbelievable. Bryan LaHair went deep AGAIN, so did Geovany Soto(!), and Starlin Castro had his first homer of the year.

But no one will remember that. They probably won’t even remember Ian Stewart’s critical error or Rafael Dolis throwing the game away.

They’ll only remember the Carlos Marmol circus.

He used to walk the tightrope and get out of things in spectacular fashion. Now, he walks the tightrope, and falls to the ground in spectacular fashion. How a guy can crash to the Earth so many times in a row and still be allowed to climb back on the rope, I’ll never understand.

I say this with absolutely no hyperbole intended: I do not want to hear a quote from, or a quote about (by the coaching staff), Carlos Marmol this afternoon unless it starts with “Carlos is going on the disabled list.” Whether or not he’s injured, something is not right. Let him go “rehab” in the minors for a couple weeks. I can no longer stomach watching him. That was probably true a year ago.

  • ty

    Cincinatti announcers said today that Smardj was the most dominating pitcher they had seen this year!

  • THEOlogical

    I love reading your site Brett, and I read it everyday. But this Marmot fiasco, circus act, has left me no choice. I am taking a two week hiatus from baseball and the Cubs in general, meaning I will not be able to read BN or follow the team I truly love. I am young but I don’t think my heart can take too much of this nonsense. I will report back in two weeks. Good luck everyone! I would love to have a job following the Cubs but after a day like today, it would be VERY hard not to call in sick for a week!

  • Ogyu

    On the plus side, I don’t think I have ever before seen this much unity of opinion on this site. Kumbaya, anyone?

  • ty

    Heath Bell has all ready blown two saves for Z. His ass is in danger.

    • BleedBlueinWNeb

      and his closer job is in danger too! lol.

      • Richard Nose

        Yeah, fuck his ass!!! figuratively. figuratively.

        • JustSwain

          Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  • jim

    The genius boyz got rid of marshall. They so smart it hurts. How long is theo’s contract?

    • Eric

      and you’re so stupid it hurts. Can’t blame Theo for this. You don’t just get to trade away crap you don’t like and get good players. You have to trade guys at the top of their game. You can’t just go. “Oh well soriano and soto and marmol suck I hate them, now give me your top 5 prospect for Soto, your #11 and #12 for soriano, and your best pitching prospect for Marmol.” No one fucking wants guys who SUCK, and we have alot of them. It’s gonna take a few years to for Theo to work with what he has and get guys that are GOOD.

      • Randy

        good words…. Even when it hurts

        • Cheryl


      • Ogyu

        Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
        Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya…

    • Randy

      seriously… You surely dont think Marshall is a closer..

      • art

        who cares, he’s not a Cub.

    • King Jeff

      What is Marshall’s ERA this year? It’s actually higher than Marmol’s. If Marshall was still in Chicago and pitching like that, I’m sure you’d be one of the guys on here saying how stupid it was for the Cubs to hold onto him.

    • Jeremy

      You do know that Marshall isn’t a closer right?

  • calicubsfan007

    I get why the Cubs didn’t sign Bell or Madsen this year. The Cubs have in house options. Signing either of those players would be far too much like the Hendry era (i.e. Marmol extension, Soriano huge contract).

    • MikeL

      Madsen is out for the year and Bell has a higher ERA than Marmol’s……Bell’s E.R.A is three runs higher than Marmol’s to be exact….

      NEWSFLASH!!! The Cubs aren’t the only one in baseball with closer problems! *GASP* OMG!!!

      Bonus point…..for those of you whining that Marshall never should’ve been traded….his E.R,A is now over 5!!!! Lots of baseball geniuses on this board!!!!

      • DocPeterWimsey

        “The Cubs aren’t the only one in baseball with closer problems! *GASP* OMG!!!”

        Indeed, 9 teams have more blown saves than the Cubs, although that number can be a little misleading.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          Gotta have save chances to have blown saves.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Yeah, that is why the raw number is a little misleading.  The four “best” teams have 1 BS: two are very good (Rays & Yanks), two are very bad (Twins & Pads): i.e., the two types of teams that play in the fewest “save” situations!   Really, the teams with the most save opportunities (and thus the most blown saves) are the ones that are a little better than average: they have the highest probability of a small lead late in games.

            Really, I think that the entire stat has become misleading: there is no difference between what Marmol did and what Dollis did given the blown save metric…..

  • ty

    Sveum says in press conference-“this is not acceptable”. Well now that makes everybody feel so much better Dip Shit.

  • CubsWhen?

    As of now,I would go with Russell as the closer.He has yet to allow an earned run. For unknown reasons,he has’nt been used in awhile.Can anyone guess the last time he was even used in a ball game ? LAST FRIDAY !! GO FIGURE

    • calicubsfan007

      I totally agree with you. Russell has been one of the only stable relief options for the Cubs. They should give him an opportunity to close.

  • BleedBlueinWNeb

    i’m not going to engage in anymore commenting battles on here. yes, it was a frustrating loss today and it’s irritating. and yes, in pure sarcasm, i said snipers should sit in press boxes and snuff out kickers who miss fg’s and closers who do what marmol did today. so Edwin it’s all good.

    bring on the dodgers, and happy bday dempster!

  • BleedBlueinWNeb

    who’s your favorite cubs closer of all time? i’m sure there were some better (l. smith) but i always like Randy Myers!

    • ferrets_bueller

      Good ol’ 6 fingers, or Sweaty Joe!

    • art


  • Cheryl

    Frustrating? Yes. But the cubswill recover.

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    weve had three of our starting pitchers get off to remarkable starts… im so impressed with these three! however the pen has been a mess, and has already cost us quite a number of games this year. for a rebuilding club that is getting such great starting pitching, the kind that can survive on a offensive diet, our pen can not be allowed to keep killing the moral of thefans as well as the rest of the young team. I feel managment should be doing alot more experimenting with the roster and the pen. give this team the best possible chance to win every game. i really dont think any one of theses players should just assume that they’re spot is safe… and that goes especially for the pen.

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    For this coaching staff to maintain my favor, there gonna have to be quite abit more pro-active. if we keep loosing games in this fashion, im going to start questioning there competence. we are gonna struggle to win all year, but we absolutly can not afford to give away wins, and we dont have the luxury to sit around and see if our pen “finds its identity”. the identity of the team is quickly becoming the same as the pen…lost

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    embrace our few bright spots, and keep attempting to add light in the dark spots. no need to just keep allowing the dark spots to stay that way without trying some new things… isnt that the only luxury that a rebuilding club has… a bunch of guys that are just dying to step up and be a better fix or perhaps even a solution?

  • Jay Anderson Jr

    After this game, for the rest of the night, I’m only mentioning positives.

    1) LaHair is my Idol
    2) I want to see the old Dempster( figuratively, not literally) before the season started. Well this Dempster is better then the old Dempster.
    3) Soto and Ian seems to becoming around.
    4) 4/5 of our rotation is pretty damn good right now.


    • JustSwain

      Don’t worry about tomorrow, I agree with everything you just said. Last night at least Sveum had the sense to have two other relievers warming up when Marmol faced his first batter. Tonight he seemed to completely forget that Marmol sucks. I put it on Marmol for sucking, and Sveum for not trusting his first instinct…which was that Marmol sucks.

  • pfk

    Frankly, none of this bothers me at all. In fact, I love the way the season is unfolding. You can just hear the wheels turning in the front office to rectify all this. Its going to take time but you can et that they know he sucks and many of the others do too. But there are good things happening..LaHair is awesome, Rizzo and Jackson aren’t far behind, Castro is getting a little better with the glove, Clevenger was looking good, starters Garza, Dempster, Shark and Maholm are looking good, some low minor prospects are showing good things, and more. As this season unfolds you’ll see more and more signs of hope. This front office and ownership know exactly what to do and they are doing it. Its fun to see – even with the pain of today’s blown save.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    This one is on Dale, or maybe Theo and Jed.
    Someone made the decision to allow him to continue to:
    Walk batters
    Hit batters
    Wild pitch
    give up hits, homers or grand slams
    the lead and the great work of the starting pitcher and all his team mates was gone, Instead of any 2 of the above.
    Sorry management. Period.

    • Can’t think of a cool name

      My votes on Dale. Either he did not pull him on time or if he’s listening to Theo and Jed he shouldn’t be managing.

    • art

      i’ll say Dale.

    • JustSwain

      Dale, but I will say that at least yesterday he seemed to know what the hell was going on. Today he grew somehow complacent that Marmol didn’t suck, which, well, we all know he does.

  • Blitzenjohn

    I’m wondering if Brian Cashman and Theo are having discussions right now… great site, btw…

  • Cheryl

    Don’t know much about Marmol’s option status. Some players, including Wells, have been sent to the minors because they have options left. Is that a possibility for Marmol? If he ever gets his form back it doesn’t seem like it would be possible at the major league level.

  • JB

    If your the Cubs, don’t really have to release him?

    He is destroying a young teams confidence. Just think if they would of won half of the games that they blew saves on. Today was unacceptable.

    Nothing is more devastating than that loss today. To have Demp(one of the leaders of the team) go out and throw like that, have Lamazing continue to overachieve, start to believe with Stewart and Soto coming around, then have Marmol destroy any kind of momentum the team had. I mean, you are talking about a shorten series sweep from a decent rival. They are playing well against the top of the national league…cards, phillies and reds. The next stretch is brutal but they have shown they are scrappy and can pull it out…

    Release Marmol today…

    • Can’t think of a cool name

      You can’t be serious. I agree yank him out of the closer role or any other role were the game is on the line. Let him build back his confidence start becoming the old Marmol and then trade him. We have Lendy castillo on the roster and you want to release Marmol?

  • Diamond Don

    Trade Marmol and Soriano to Yankees for two six packs. These
    Guys are killing the team. If the Yankees think two six packs
    Is too high a price release both. The team would much
    better off with younger players handling Sori and Marmol’s role.
    Demp should be 4-0! This is soooooooo

    • Mrp

      You know you are only going to get something like Natty Ice out of those guys. Might actually be better off trying the Red Sox. I hear they still have a ton of beer left over from last year that they can’t drink anymore. They might even throw in the chicken wings too, but don’t get your hopes up.

    • Ivy Walls

      screw the idea of the individual stat, Cubs would be 13-13

  • czechxican

    The good news is that Marmol will not be available tomorrow. The bad news is that we play the best team in the league, do it may not matter anyway

  • art

    why does Dale/Q keep going to marmol amd staying with him walk after walk?

  • R.E.S

    I thought before the season Reed Johnson said that one reason he wanted to come back was the management led him to believe that players would be held accountable and the best players would play regardless of contracts. Yet to make room on the roster we send down Maine who performed very well when we have plenty of guys in the bullpen who have not performed nearly as well. Apparently it is ALL about contracts, options, money and not at all about performance.

  • Jared

    Dempster was a ROCK STAR today!!! Who has a sub-0 ERA?!?! Marmol doesn’t deserve to……………. I can’t finish that statement without sounding like an a$$hole…I’m done…if they keep Marmol in his current “roll” (which is apparently to sabotage games) then I am out!!! Done!!! Finished!!! The management, owners, anyone else has lost sight, we can rebuild ALL YEAR LONG, BUT NOT WITH HIM!!! Oddly enough, I feel better!!!

  • cubs1967

    hey theo how’s the marshall trade looking now?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      No different than it looked yesterday.

  • CubbieBlue085

    If you’re going to get beat in the 9th inning I would like to have the other team put together a couple of hits at least. There is nothing worse than watching walk after walk. Unfortunately I dont see a guy in that bullpen that can pump strike after strike except James Russel. Maybe another option is moving Randy Wells into the closer spot, he will not walk people and will make the batters beat him. Maybe a rejuvination to randy and the cubs, it worked with demp why not wells

  • Ivy Walls

    Thud. That is the sound of a closer who has lost his fine line and goes again into the locker room with 2 blown saves and one loss four save appearances and one tie.

    This unfortunately is Epstein biggest decision, what to do with another bad pitching contract that he inherited? Marmol is owed $7M and $9.8M next year. This is another dump move.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      If I’m another team, I *barely* even consider Marmol for a middle reliever spot at the Major League minimum. The *only* reason I even consider it is in the vain hope that he somehow reclaims past glory (which, you know, if traded, he totally would).

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

        I expect Epstein thinks the same way, and that’s why Marmol is likely to stick with the Cubs.  He’ll be moved into low middle relief in hopes he can regain his form, and then play the cards as they fall.


      • Jared

        They can’t even imagine a trade at this point… If I am a GM, I don’t offer good toast for him…I know the thought would be that he would “emerge” after going to a different team, but I REALLY don’t think that is a possibility… Let Dolis do whatever it is he thinks he can do…trade LaHair for a HUGE return cause he’s hot, and call up Rizzo…I’m probably wrong on this, but it won’t hurt any worse than it already has!!!!

      • Ivy Walls

        This is bigger than tactical moves, it is a psychological move in that if you played on a team finishing a game, be it baseball, rugby, football or golf the biggest disappointment is having teammates in the game when one has prevailed 90% of the game and then that person blows it. It is fatalistic and a intangible disease. When I said dump I meant DFA….or some mysterious DL injury.

        The problem is his mechanics are so atrocious. It was known when he was younger but now as he gets older those flaws come back to haunt him as his command is crap and the rest of the Show knows it.

        That is why he gets so many called K’s they are sitting on his slider waiting for it to go out of the zone. Some one will pick him and Soriano up for league minimums, yes it is a gamble with Ricketts but this is worse. Sunk money is lost to the sea.

  • Palm Springs

    Does Marmol have more walks than any reliever in baseball? Would be interesting to know.

  • PeteG

    LaHair is my boy I’m glad to say I liked his signing when he was a minor league FA when I heard he could be mark grace or Sean Casey. Now my boy is living up to it. Screw the 4A rating. This kid can hit. 2nd in HR and BA!