If you can believe it, Ryan Dempster may have been more dominant today than Jeff Samardzija was last night – and Samardzija was unbelievable. Bryan LaHair went deep AGAIN, so did Geovany Soto(!), and Starlin Castro had his first homer of the year.

But no one will remember that. They probably won’t even remember Ian Stewart’s critical error or Rafael Dolis throwing the game away.

They’ll only remember the Carlos Marmol circus.

He used to walk the tightrope and get out of things in spectacular fashion. Now, he walks the tightrope, and falls to the ground in spectacular fashion. How a guy can crash to the Earth so many times in a row and still be allowed to climb back on the rope, I’ll never understand.

I say this with absolutely no hyperbole intended: I do not want to hear a quote from, or a quote about (by the coaching staff), Carlos Marmol this afternoon unless it starts with “Carlos is going on the disabled list.” Whether or not he’s injured, something is not right. Let him go “rehab” in the minors for a couple weeks. I can no longer stomach watching him. That was probably true a year ago.

  • alsongs

    Marmol’s slider used to make opposing batter’s knees wobble. That hasn’t happened in a while, and very well may never again. Regarding Soriano, I can’t imagine anyone being more frustrated than I with his performance in the last couple of years, but I’ve got to say he looks so much better in the field than before. Now, that still only makes him a mediocre left fielder, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of catches this year. He seems less afraid to get near the wall, and you can actually “see” him in the camera shot backing up the center fielder, something that I don’t remember seeing before. Plus, he seems to have corrected one of my pet peeves – not running out of the box. I have to give him credit for his improvements (not to mention laying off those sliders in the dirt), but can’t help wondering why last year’s coaching staff seem to have failed to address those issues.

  • Njriv

    I dont get why Russell is barley used, why L. Castillo is even on the team, why Cardenas is not up here. #Dolis4Closer

  • cincycubfan

    I was at the game today and man I can’t even express the frustration I felt as Marmol let that game fall apart. When the bottom of the ninth inning started I thought Dale would definately have somebody else warming up knowing Marmol’s lack of control(he had two guys warmed up Wed. night). Then Dale decided to leave Marmol in the game after he had let the bases loaded with no outs. Come on man how can you leave him in the game!!! Me and the cubs fans around me were stunned. Just can’t believe I witnessed that today made me sick to my stomach just please either send Marmol down to triple A or release him because I can’t handle his shit anymore

    • JustSwain

      I agree with everything you just said. Release him. Dead weight. If Marmol is blocking Maine, then DFA him and get it over with. And this one is almost as much on Sveum as Marmol. Wednesday he impressed me by having Marmol on a short leash, today, he proved to me that was just a fluke. I think “showing confidence in your closer” is perhaps one of the stupidest things that managers do. If you have Mariano Rivera, or Jose Valverde sure show some confidence in him, but showing confidence in Carlos Marmol is pure insanity.

  • Aaron W.

    “I dont get why Russell is barley used, why L. Castillo is even on the team, why Cardenas is not up here.”

    Russell is barely used because the organization realized that he is a top flight lefty specialist, but not particularly adaptable. Lendy Castillo is on the team because David Patton was busy (he was our Rule 5 ‘Castillo’ in 2009). Cardenas isn’t up here because, unlike the previous administration, Theo & the Gang would rather the team twist in the wind for one season than ruin prospects by bringing them up too early (which I applaud). Our bullpen is thin, too young, and it is exacerbated by Wood’s increasing fragility and Marmol’s inability to challenge hitters. Our starters are going to be emotionally threadbare by the season’s end, but hopefully we’ll be seeing 1 or 2 of our young relievers step it up to the next level and be ready to contribute in 2013.

    • JustSwain

      Have you seen Russell pitch this year? He is not a lefty specialist. I commented earlier in the year that I thought he learned everything that Sean Marshall had to teach, quite possibly using voodoo magic or some sort of brain switching device. He has been pretty effective against everyone he has faced this year.

  • Cheryl

    If Marmol won’t listen to anybody, what’s he doing on the team? Maybe he thinks it doesn’t matter what he does since he’s got a contract. But I bet his fellow players are probably avoiding him like the plague. He doesn’t pitch well and it would seem Sveum can’t do much about it. He’s a disaster as a closer and he’s not going to get any better if he’s moved further down the pitching line. There’s two choices now – dump him or live with someone who could jeopardize the team’s chemistry and Theo & Company’s plans for the future.

  • DCF

    Russell is by no means just a LOOGY. He did quite well when being used as a more-than-out-bullpen-guy last year.

    And I fully agree with Brett, PLEASE put Marmol in some kind of rehab camp or whatever and try someone else.
    It was pretty obvious coming into the seaosn that it would need a minor miracle to get any useful production from Marmol. He was pretty bad for all of 2011 and it seemed he lost his unhittabilty for good. Unfortunately, ao hittable Marmol is a worthless Marmol. The Cubs have nothing to lose this season, just draw names from a hat to decide who will close on a given day or whatever.

  • Idaho Razorback

    I remember years ago after Randy Myers gave up a crucial homerun a fan ran out of the stands and onto the field and tackled Myers. I wish somebody would do that to Marmol. Please!

    • JustSwain

      Boy have you misremembered that occasion. Someone did indeed run onto the field in 95 to yell at Myers…who was a black belt. Myers took him down and held him to the ground until security arrived. The guys name is John Murray, and last seen he hawks shirts around Wrigley, so if you see him, you should ask him if he still thinks that was a good idea. I am really disappointed in Marmol right now, but just like you probably intended with your comment, I really just want to tell him I think he sucks. Honestly if I saw him in person I probably wouldn’t even do that.

    • OlderStyle

      it was said Randy Myers kept a grenade in his locker. the dude was a little off. (btw, Myers was a superb reliever, poor comparison to Marmol)

  • Brady

    Although Marmol blowing a 3 run lead is just awful. I am actually very uneasy about getting all 3 runs on homers, if we could do that everyday then great but I feel a lot safer if we can hit runs across the plate rather then hope for 3 solo shots. I will say it was good to see Castro get a hold of one and drive it, anybody know the length of the shot?

  • Big Joe

    We tend to hear a lot about “The CubsWay”. Play the game hard. Play the game the right way. Be physically and mentally prepared. I want to know if Dale realizes his own role here. He needs to put guys in a position to succeed. Play hard? Play smart? I say manage competently. It’s totally irresponsible to leave Marmol in the game that long. If no one else, he owed it to Dempster, to yank Carlos, and get the game won. Do you really think this team can maintain good chemistry, and confidence in each other, when these things happen? If they don’t get this figured out, somebody is going to go all Big Z again. My money is on Garza…

    • Diesel

      Happy birthday Ryan. Now for your present. I’m going to let marmol blow the win after your dominant start.

  • Ogyu

    The Yankees have lost Rivera for the season to injury. They’ll be interested in trading for Marmol now, right?

    • groundhogday

      I would bet they would be better off having Rivera pitch from the seated position in a lawn chair.

      • Ogyu

        Maybe we can trade Marmol for a lawn chair? Couldn’t hurt to ask…

  • czechxican

    Other thing about Marmol: he didn’t come up as a pitcher in the minors, he was a catcher originally or outfielder. I believe that is a huge part of the problem. Someone found out he had this vicious slider, and he deemed himself a pitcher because he could throw it- but that’s all he’s ever done, is “throwing” the ball, not pitching. You could argue that many relievers are throwers anyway, but really, do they ever last more than a few years? The answer is no. And we’ve seen the best of this guy. Now he’s just like every other reliever in the league who can’t throw strikes.
    Strike against Tom Ricketts.

  • The Dude Abides

    Rickett$ ask you to remember that Sveum and Bosio just like most of the team are learning on the job and please be patient we totally anticipate being competitive by 2014 (don’t quote me on that) until then come on out to the old ballpark there are plenty of raised ticket prices and concessions to be had. Guys we are in this together, sure it is painful, but hey that has never stopped you guys from paying for stuff before, that’s what my finance team told me.

    By the way where is the no nonsense Bosio been hiding?

  • SirCub

    Holy cow. Well over 200 posts. Is this some kind of a record? I remember there were some big ones in the offseason, but I don’t recall this many…

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Yeah, there were a couple that went over 300 in the offseason. For an EBS, though, this is easily a record. The Pre-Gamin’ was also easily a record.

  • ArubaCubbie

    I have had enough of Marmol on my screen. I can endure another losing season or two, in order to get back on top. I can take not rushing the kids through the system, if it helps in their development. But if I see that POS Marmol one more time on my screen, I’m gonna go apeshit out here. For the love of everything that is decent, please get rid of him! And throw in Soriano while your at it.

  • Diego

    How many times we have to watch him fail miserably???? I mean….for real.

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