Advanced stats and scouting reports are valuable, and shouldn’t be disregarded. But, at some point, a dude’s gotta get results. So far this year, Chris Volstad hasn’t.

It was a sleepy, downer game from the word go. At least Starlin Castro had a nice game, Ian Stewart got a couple hits, Carlos Marmol got a scoreless inning, and, hey, Lendy Castillo still exists!

But Volstad was really disappointing. Again. On the other side…

  • Leroy Kleimola

    Sad…Capuano has a special place at the bottom of a…well nevermind, anyway Volstad today, Wood tomorrow? We’re in trouble. I am really liking for the most part how this team is starting to turn around but today was just miserable.

  • Leroy Kleimola

    Kudos to Ted Lilly BTW for getting ejected for arguing balls and strikes…Nice one…

  • Aaron

    Volstad needs to go down as he’s not been able to put it together. Not sure Travis Wood is the answer but hey let’s see…

  • Brett

    By the way, Travis Wood IS going to start tomorrow, and Garza is being pushed all the way back to Friday (which is a bit odd, as it’s only a couple days short of a full DL stint – so the Cubs are going to make some other roster move just to save Garza  couple days. Why not just DL him and let him start on the following Monday? I guess we’ll find out when we see the roster move.).

  • Mrp

    Something has to be up with Wood being here and Garza being pushed back until Friday. Does Volstad actually have any options left? This seems a little strange.

    • Leroy Kleimola

      What do you think is going to happen MRP?

      • Mrp

        Well, I guess since Volstad is out of options they can’t send him down so that isn’t happening. I can’t imagine that they are giving up on him and putting him in the pen either. They will give him every chance to succeed as a starter.

        Maybe it’s just about getting Wood a shot to see where he is at. I’m probably just reading into this too much.

        • Spencer

          I’m really looking forward to seeing with T. Wood can do. If they are pushing Garza back to Friday, I say just DL him and give Wood a couple starts to see what he’s got. I don’t see another corresponding move that would make a ton of sense, unless they drop a bench player and keep Wood as a swing man in the pen?

  • drew

    I have been a Volstad supporter all year, and although his advanced stats are there results do need to start showing up.

    That being said, 95% of the time 1 run isnt gonna win you a ballgame.

    • CastrotoBarneytoLaHair

      Yeah…I know this is a little “Wannstedt logic”, but if we score like we should have in the first inning and Volstad doesn’t groove a fastball to their pitcher who was looking for a fastball, this game is totally different…

      • DocPeterWimsey

        The Cubs really would have been very lucky if they had scored in the first inning.  Yes, they had the bases loaded with 1-out: but they did not have a single hard-hit ball that inning.  Really, they were lucky to not go down 1-2-3: if Gordon or Hairston field DeJesus’ grounder cleanly and Castro’s grounder is a couple of feet to the left or right, then that is exactly what would have happened.  The real story was Capuano: he (plus 2 innings of relief) prevented the Cubs from getting a single extra base hit.  Do that, and you win over 90% of the time.

  • jim

    BOTTOM LINE: IT really doesn’t matter, because the CUBS are
    NOT going to the playoffs! SO, forget about
    any hope there is & look forward to FOOTBALL!

    • Leroy Kleimola

      It doesn’t matter for 29 teams, but we still watch the games.

  • Cubs1967

    travis wood to start tomorrow; he of the 1-3 record with 5.08 ERA AAA stats; yes tomorrow we see officially how bad the marshall trade was…………garza to be skipped till may 11th.
    for those of you inclined to catch homers on waveland; tomorrow is a good day with bombs away wood pitching………….there’s a drive….back.back……….

    • Mrp

      /start sarcasm Yeah, we should probably make tomorrow the deadline for judging the Marshall trade. That would be solid logic. /end sarcasm

      • Jeremy

        The funny thing is people think Marshall would have actually made a difference in the games we lost in the 8th and 9th innings when he was a 7th inning guy… People just don’t seem to get it. Marshall was great RP but he is replaceable.

        • Ogyu

          Right. Because everybody knows that there are only certain innings in which a particular pitcher can possibly be effective.

        • Cubs1967

          hey stoopid; marshall had a 2.8 WAR last year; 3rd best of any RP. he was also an 8th inning guy among league leader in holds.

          whatcha’ talking’ about willis??…………..get a clue dude.

          • drew

            Anybody else seeing the irony here?

            • Cubs1967

              which is why you posted; right…..the irony…….U……etc.

          • Brett

            Let’s avoid calling each other stupid, or any other spelling thereof. We’re big boys and girls.

            • Bric

              Brett, you’re a boy and a girl? Sorry, bud, couldn’t resist.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Gee, and I thought there was a 2nd player in there. Not sure where Marshall would have fit in the future either. By the time we are good again he would have long before priced himself out of what we would pay an 8th inning guy.

  • chode

    i am personally reinstating my own version of the “Volstad ACT” instead of prohibition of alcohol, I am prohibiting any Chris Volstad related activities. This will have been the last game where I watch Svuem allow Volstad to “try and right the ship”. A two-run double to the opposing pitcher, as a starting pitcher in the show is absolutely unacceptable!

    • Pat

      It happens to all pitchers. I’d bet you can’t find a single starter with 100 or more appearances who has not given up an extra base hit to an opposing pitcher. (NL pitcher of course). It’s always disappointing to see, but that’s hardly a reason to demote the guy.

    • ty

      Every Body Hates Chris!

  • art

    we’re still loyal fans. football will get it’s chance.

  • http://i Cory

    Not sure who would go down but I think Wood may stay up as the other lefty out of the pen since Russel will be the part time closer. It could be Dewitt

  • morgan

    dejesus is doing nothing for this team right now, same for volstad, Cubs would be competing if it wasnt for volstad and marmol throw in wood to

    • drew

      If we arent counting getting on base, working counts, and playing good defense, then youre right- Dejesus isnt doing anything for this team. I guess BA could be the only indicator some people still use (only to supplement their “own eyes” of course).

      As for the 2nd part of your statement, in order for that to be true, the Cubs arent alone in having a 5th starter that doesnt win every game (before today, was there a 5th starter in the ML with a FIP lower than Volstad?). Like I said before, the results arent there, but who would you rather throw? Wells?

  • Jay Anderson Jr

    I have said from day one Volstad is not a starting caliber pitcher. If Wood has a good outing, let keep him up, and Move Volstad to the pen. If Wood doesn’t work out in 4 or 5 starts, find a spot for him, and then we can see what Rusin has. Would like to see Wells get one more shot, but I doubt he pitches in Chicago again unless there is a trade involving the front 4, or another injury.

  • CubbieBlue

    Cubs1967 is either the biggest troll here or the worst kind of Cubs fan. I haven’t figured out which one he is.

    As for Volstad, I liked him in Florida and was happy the Cubs got him, but he isn’t showing any results and a move needs to be made regarding him. Either bullpen or try to ship him to Iowa and hope nobody puts a claim on him.

    • Spencer

      I’m sure someone would claim him. Even though he’s pitched terribly this year, he might be worth a risk to a contending team that needs pitching depth.

  • Matt3

    Hey guys, is it possible Garza is getting traded????

    • calicubsfan007

      Probably. If I have learned anything from Theo thus far, it is that he waits til the best possible moment to trade his guy for the optimal return. We’ll hear the rumors again very soon.

      • Cheryl

        You may be right. There hasn’t been further word one way or another on an extension or a trade for several weeks.

  • calicubsfan007

    Okay, I have been pretty patient with Volstad. But there is a limit to the patience. He hasn’t improved. At least all the other current starters are showing improvement, this is getting ridiculous. Maybe he should be the long reliever for a while until he gets his confidence back.

  • Evan

    Meanwhile our center fielder of the future struck out 4 times today in AAA…

  • Robert

    Guys I just read something saying “Chicago cubs in SERIOUS talks with two major league baseball teams about trading Matt Garza.( Yankees are one of them)
    EDIT – The other team is the Detroit Tigers.

    • Jeremy

      Nothing sounds credible in that link. There are no other reports out there that I could find. It seems like it’s fake.

  • Kevin

    Why would they do that?

  • Kevin

    Unless the return isn’t fool proof I wouldn’t do it.

  • Eric

    So now Tigers come crawling back. If I’m Theo, it’s now gonna take Turner, Castellanos, Smyly, Crosby, + someone else in the top 10. Shoulda took him in the offseason, now they are really gonna have to overpay, with the way Garza is pitching. If you can’t empty some teams top 5 then you extend him and keep him yourself.

  • ty

    Is Garza that ill or just maybe a trade is a done deal? If I was Matt or his agent knowing that he can not post victories with this team for several years, he needs to go. He is the key to the future of this team–package that we get makes or breaks us. Theo is ready to do his thing.

    • Eric

      heh heh, he’s probably just sick. But is is kind of exciting to speculate lol.

  • JustSwain

    There isn’t a peep about a Garza trade on MLBTradeRumors which means either they were scooped, or this is just twitter traffic right now. Detroit would make sense as long as they were willing to part with Turner. The only move that I see making sense for the Cubs and Yankees would be a package of Marmol and Garza straight up for Michael Pineda, with the Yankees paying all of Marmol’s contract. Yanks get their win now guy, quiet their awful fans, have another possible closing option to backup Robertson and Soriano, and all they lose is a guy who is out for the year anyway, and money. Since the Yankees burn money to heat Yankee Stadium in the winter, its probably not that much of an issue for them. Cubs get a guy who has the potential to be a long term low cost number 1 starter (with some injury risk involved) shed Marmol’s contract, and lose their current #1 starter who only has one more year left on his contract after this lost season. If the yanks throw in a prospect I might almost get excited about that one… This much I know for sure. If we trade Garza to the Yankees, it won’t be for prospects. They don’t have a package that would make sense.

    • Brady

      I was all for trading Garza for a great deal if it comes along (and really I still am), but after watching his first several games it is making me wish we would just extend him all the more. I like his fire on the mound and he is just shutting batters down left and right. I would love to see us manage to pull in some more supporting cast in the rotation for him in the coming years and truly enjoy watching him and his goatee pitch. It would have to be a hell of a deal not to make me really miss him, this season is painful enough already as it is with all these blown games. Least we could do is keep the highlights through the week that keep us sane (Garza sending batters back to the bench, Campana and Castro stealing anything not nailed down, Lahair smokin the ball, Maholm and Dempster also having good starts lately [i know there are more but you get the point])

      • Eric

        I feel ya I really love Garza. My favorite gif I’ve seen on Cubs boards is one of Garza standing behind the rails in the dugout cheering his team mates on yelling “YA BOY!”. That kind of supportive attitude combined with his talent makes him a special player and easy guy to root for. However if we can get an insane package of talent, I can try to look on the positive side.

  • Idaho Razorback

    First, the Yankees can’t trade Pineda right now, he’s on the 60 day DL. Second Garza and Marmol for just Pineda is not good enough. I already thought of this scenario. We work out a trade with the Yankees which includes a player to be named later. Pineda would be the player to be named later. We get all the Mariners games on our local cable system. I was very impressed with Pineda last year. I thought he and Felix Hernandez would be a great 1-2 punch with Seattle for years to come. I’d love it if we could land Pineda and he develops to his full potential.

  • JustSwain

    By not good enough, you mean from the Yankee’s side of things? Have you seen what the fans in the Bronx have been saying about the deal, or Cashman’s reactions? Also, the info that I’m getting off the Internet is that you can trade a player who is on the DL as long as you get approval from the comish, its just rare. I could see the Yanks dealing Pineda, and I would welcome it. Maybe they don’t take Marmol’s contract along with Garza, but I think they might be willing to deal. In the Bronx, there is no next year. Garza’s start being scrubbed might be the Cubs waiting to see if they get permission from Bud to trade for Pineda…Otherwise, I’m with Brett, why wouldn’t they send him to the DL?

  • lou brock lives

    Do not be surprised when the Cubs announce Kerry Wood is going back on the DL for an extended period – 60 day – or that he may even be done. Volstad to the pen for that spot. Travis Wood to the rotation for a trial run.
    Kerry has not been feeling right since spring training & he feels like if he cannot help the team like he formerly did it may be best to consider other options.

  • Tony S

    No way Theo trades garza for just pineda. To trade our best starter who is just establishing his ace-ness for an injured young pitcher who tried to throw through a shoulder injury for an extended period would be crazy. Garza has almost convinced me we’d be better off keeping him. He’s actually learnt to pitch smart before his power stuff goes into decline which to me says he’s got a good chance of being effective for a long time.

    • JustSwain

      Michael Pineda isn’t arbitration eligible for another two years. He was an all-star last year. He isn’t a free agent until 2017. He’d be a risk for the Cubs, but Matt Garza will require money to resign and Pineda would be very low cost. The only reason Pineda would be available is because the Yankees under value him, and because they have a win now mentality. I’m not even sure he is available, its just speculation, but I think Theo would pull the trigger on that trade. I love Garza, I’d hate to see him go, but if we could get Pineda it would be worth it.

      • Brett

        Pineda may never come back – his injury is one that very, very few pitchers have successfully come back from. In no universe would he – or should he – be included (as a PTBNL, because he’s injured) in a Garza deal.

  • oswego chris

    Elbow injury= can come back and throw as hard

    shoulder injury= no

  • Steve

    Did I just see a ” learnt” above???
    That is, well, awesome.

  • die hard

    Castro hits .400 if moved to OF. Why dont Cubs see this?