Errors. You can win despite them, but it isn’t easy.

They are a part of life in the minor leagues, though. A typical minor league game has at least two or three of the miscues in it somewhere, often on the infield. That can be frustrating for fans in the stands who are used to watching major league baseball players make difficult plays look easy, but it is probably more frustrating for minor league pitchers.

Tennessee overcame a rough defensive game to win on Saturday night, but first inning mistakes set Peoria up for a very long evening.

AAA – Iowa Cubs. 11 – 17
Runs early and runs late were not enough for Iowa. The Cubs lost 7-3.

Randy Wells pitched four scoreless innings before putting the Cubs behind with a three run fifth. Daniel Berlind recorded just one out on his way to a four run appearance in the sixth. Manny Corpas, Esmailin Caridad, and Scott Maine then combined for three and two thirds innings of hitless relief.

Brett Jackson and Anthony Rizzo both doubled to lead the Cubs’ anemic offense, though Jackson struck out four times. Ty Wright had two hits. Adrian Cardenas was hitless, but he did reach twice on walks.

AA – Tennesse Smokies. 13 – 16
Somehow Tennessee overcame a four error night to win a close one, 8-7.

Dae-Eun Rhee pitched six solid innings, allowing just three runs on six hits in that span. This was just the second time this season Rhee has gone six or more innings. Alberto Cabrera struggled in relief, but he did hand an intact lead over to Kevin Rhoderick. One run scored on the Smokies’ closer, but he held on for his third save of the season.

At the plate the Smokies scored eight runs on only eight hits, a feat that is explained when we see that they drew nine walks. Justin Bour, James Adduci, Luis Flores, and Rebel Ridling all hit doubles for Tennessee. Bour and Adduci both had two hits on the night.

High A – Daytona Cubs. 9 – 20
Good pitching and a big innings led to Daytona winning easily 11-1.

Frank Del Valle earned his second win of the season with a six inning performance. He allowed just one run, a solo homer, as he scattered six hits. Scott Weismann struck out four in two innings of relief, and Ty’relle Harris survived a rocky ninth.

Daytona had twenty hits in this game. Nelson Perez led the way with a five hits, including a home run. Elieser Bonne and Arismendy Alcantara both had four hits, and both hit a triple. Matthew Szczur had three hits, and two of them were two baggers. Richard Jones also doubled. Bonne and Alcantara both added to their nights with a stolen base apiece.

Low A – Peoria Chiefs. 11 – 18
This was as ugly a game as we are likely to see this season. Peoria got blown out by a final score of 20-5.

Gerardo Concepcion is going to get most of the blame for this loss, but that’s not exactly accurate. He did pitch just one inning, and he did give up seven runs (three earned) on six hits and a walk while striking out two, but he had no help from his defense. Twice there were errors that let the inning keep going. Concepcion should have been able to limit the damage after those errors, but it is also true that he should not have been in that position. It wasn’t a good game for Concepcion, but it wasn’t as bad as it looks.

After Concepcion left things did not get any better. Wellington Cruz gave up seven more runs (all earned), Yao-Lin Wang gave up four, and Andrew McKirahan couldn’t find the strike zone on the way to giving up two more runs (despite not allowing a hit) before finally Jeffrey Lorick had a scoreless appearance.

The best Chiefs’ pitcher was first baseman Ryan Cuneo who pitched the ninth. That pretty much summarizes how this game went for Peoria.

Paul Hoilman had a triple; that was Peoria’s only extra base hit in this game. Ryan Cuneo, Taiwan Easterling, and Zeke DeVoss all had two hits.

  • cubs1967

    we gave concepcion 8M why?…………..geez team theo……..just bad. send the kid to extended ST and then off to Boise………he’s not ready. and his 88mph fastball may never be ready………..

  • Zach

    I love these minor league wrap ups. I was wondring if you could maybe do like a prospect watch, where you pick 10 prospects and put their stats at the end of every wrap up.

    • Luke

      Not a bad idea. I’ll keep it in mind when we review the format later on. I’m not planning any changes in the short term, but we’ll keep working to make this feature as good as we can make.

  • PoonMr.

    Concepcion lacks velocity and his secondary pitches are mediocre, and were just good enough to succeed in Nacionale’ which is like Rookie ball with old guys.

    It should be a Red Flag that Epstein and Company(Fleita) are overly enthralled with foreign born players, specifically Latino/DR/Cubans. This LHP would be getting shelled in D1 college baseball and would be average at best in D3/JUCO levels.

    This failure has nothing to do with his age or culture shock. He pitched on his Country’s biggest stage against old men A ballers. He just isn’t anything special and a 6MM bonus granted by the NEW Cubs braintrust is an indictment on their system of player procurement.

    Theo and his band select, and de-select players based on monikers, being:

    1. Is he a huge bonus kid
    2. Is he foreign

    after that, they dismiss everyone else as inferior by mislabel, be it a later round selection, a senior sign, or anyone else gotten for cheap.

    Theo has several busts to his credit with Boston draft/FA players.

    Minor thoughts:

    Jackson is a decent player who will always strike out at a high rate.
    Szczur is not a very good hitter and has ugly swing mechanics.
    Baez will always have episodes of implosion(headcase)

    • Shawon O’Meter

      Dear Mr. Tang

      Please keep us abreast of your career ascension as a talent evaluator. I look forward to the day you are running a MLB club comprised entirely of US born players. Good luck with all that!

      • Ogyu

        Right. Because having an opinion that current management is too enamored of foreign players is equivalent to saying that the roster should be made up exclusively of US-born players. Thanks for the insightful response.

        • Shawon O’Meter

          There is a difference in stating an opinion as opposed to definite’s. The snarkiness and anti-regime monologue supersedes any genuine intent, in my opinion. 😉

      • Kyle

        You’ll notice that all the other professional talent evaluators were snickering at that signing. Or at least scratching their heads.

        Though I’m suspecting that our friend here is just itching to say something about a certain second-team All-American outfielder who couldn’t hit in the low minors.

        • Deer

          How much longer does this continue before Gerardo is sent back to extended spring training and waits for Boise to begin their season?

        • PoonMr.

          I beg your pardon Kyle.

          The observation was based on years with the Bureau along with recent trends under the control of Epstein. I have no clue what you are talking about otherwise.

          Theo got shaken up by his gaffe with a 06 player names Place. Every report was a huge hitch, yet, he still paid #1 dollars to. There are a few others that of recent drafts, and FA signings that have scared him to look abroad and taking an abrupt stance against home talent versus what he feels is superior talent, and he is still wrong.

          When you are wired to a computer(Carmen) you forget to look at the human element to the point of ignorance. This myopic stance will bite him in the aaass 10 times more than he, and his binary codes are right.

          He is a lucky, never played the game academic nerd who happened to apply stats and math models to a game of numbers. In other words, he is a geek having fun, getting paid handsomely, and knows nothing about what, or who a baseball player is, and that goes for the rest of the Ivy schmuuks.

          Maybe they played on intramural “Crew” or LaCrosse, but they aren’t former dirtbags who understand the game.

          The Concepcion signing and bonus paid is a huge JOKE amongst everyone who has a decent clue about baseball talent. This had to have tons of Cuban Fleita involved, getting another BRO paid. I think many of us can book a 20.0 ERA for a nickel?lol lol

          Wake up and see this all a Sham.

          • Bric

            I don’t follow much of what you’re saying. Who’s Carmen? And are you suggesting Theo is the computer geek? And what Bureau? FBI?- How does that pertain? The human element? I’m lost.

          • hansman1982

            Is this Jim Hendry? Jim, let it go, you had a good run as GM, you have a good job in a good organization so why the need to troll?

            Please, sweet Jesus, name me a GM that doesn’t have a couple big $$ draft/IFA busts.

            “In other words, he is a geek having fun, getting paid handsomely, and knows nothing about what, or who a baseball player is, and that goes for the rest of the Ivy schmuuks.”

            Do I smell, jealousy, or is that an irrational hatred of someone who went to an Ivy League school?

    • AB


      • Matt3

        The federal reserve and IRS did that

  • Ryno G

    Not that it matters much but only 2 of the runs against Conception were earned.

  • King Jeff

    Jackson seems to have taken a backwards step in his development.

    What happened to Vitters? He hasn’t played in a couple of days, is it just days off, or is he hurt?

    • Luke

      Vitters hasn’t missed a game in awhile. He hasn’t mentioned in a few days because he hasn’t done anything worth mentioning.

      • Kyle

        He did homer.

    • drew

      Jackson has 124 PA’s this year and has a .770 OPS- not bad enough OR enough PA’s to label it a step back.

      • Mrp

        Yeah, I wouldn’t call it a regression with as little time as he has spent at AAA level. He is still adjusting to the way pitchers are attacking him. Right handed pitchers that have a good straight change have been eating him up from what I have seen so far this year. I think this is one of his last major hurdles before making it to the show. Granted, it is also a pretty common hurdle for most hitters at this point in their progression so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Brian

    I was able to see the Quad City\Peoria game in which Concepcion started and even though his velocity was not at a premium, neither was it good for any of the pitchers that either team put out there. 87 mph fastball, upper 70’s, high of 80 mph slider, slow, slow curve. His delivery is very fluid and smooth. He got one quick out, then had the next batter down 2 strikes, batter did what he was suppose to, then the floodgates opened on everybody. The two errors were definitely a factor, and after the third run crossed you could see Concepcion’s body language change to here I go again. I think most disturbing is the fact that all three lefties Peoria put out there were the same guy. Same velocity, breaking stuff, ect. McKirahan left the game with possibly a back strain.

    • Brett

      Thanks for that Brian.