Back-up catcher and surprisingly-good-hitter Steve Clevenger has been out for a week with an oblique strain. Now he’s out with broken cartilage. Well, actually, he was always out with broken cartilage. And an oblique strain. But mostly the break. And it’s a good thing. From ESPN:

Clevenger, currently on the disabled list because of a side injury, actually has a displaced fracture of the cartilage in his rib cage and only a slight oblique strain. He was diagnosed only with an oblique strain when he went on the DL at the start of the last road trip.

Oblique strains can be slow to heal, but since Clevenger’s issue has more to do with the damaged cartilage, his recovery time could be quicker.

“This is baseball, things like this happen, and if you don’t dwell on them and look forward to getting healthy and getting back on the field, it makes you a better person,” Clevenger said. “It gives me a bit more boost that these guys are back in town. I get to go out and watch the game so I’m happy they’re in town. But to hear good news that you’re progressing is always good.”

So, this is one of those times when a “break” is better than a “strain.”

When he first went down, no one was expecting Clevenger to be back in a few weeks, and that still remains the case. Although the injury is not as severe as feared, Clevenger has no return date yet in mind. He might start some light swinging on Wednesday, but it’s going to be another couple weeks at least before he’s back behind the plate.

  • Fishin Phil

    No need to rush him. I’m looking forward to seeing him come back at full strength.

  • Jeremy

    Why exactly is broken cartilage better than an oblique strain? Is it because once the cartilage heals completely there are no lingering effects?

  • Deer

    Hopefully Castillo can get a hit before Clevenger returns

    • Myles

      Castillo is a one true outcome player, and that outcome is a strikeout

      • David

        He hasn’t looked good to this point, but it’s a little early to make that harsh of a statement.

        • Myles

          Haha, I know, it was just a joke. 12 PA is indicative of almost nothing (though he’s looked thoroughly outmatched in nearly all of them)

  • Cubbie Blues

    Absolutely no need to rush him back. Bad things can happen when you rush to get back out there (overcompensating and injury occurs to unrelated area).

  • Ivy Walls

    the timing regarding Soto’s standing will be interesting if Castillo can show us the hitting prowess he had in AAA.

  • bwitty75

    I thought they were faking his injury as an excuse to give Soto playing time. Guess I was wrong.