You’re not going to win them all, at least not against a solid team like the Braves. Still, it was a frustrating game to lose because the bats simply didn’t do squat against a young man who has been very, very hittable on the year.

Ryan Dempster wasn’t at his best, but still allowed only one run in seven innings (which raised his ERA to just over one). Kerry Wood played the villain in a disastrously ugly 8th inning that would have made Carlos Marmol blush. If it weren’t for a pickoff at second base (with a 3-0 count to Jason Heyward), the damage and embarrassment could have been much worse. Whatever happened to that plan to not use Wood in the 8th inning anymore, Dale?

But the offense was the real problem. Good teams win when they hold the opponent to three runs.

  • Spencer

    .158 for Soto. That’s pathetic. Kerry, it’s time to pack it up, man. The 20 K’s in ’98 were awesome. Your charity work is great. You’ve given some swell memories to Chicago. But, dude. Time to go.

    • Njriv

      Im not so worried about him, he barley played in Spring Training and he’s been out for around two weeks, he hasn’t really played consistently so far.

      • rcleven

        Besides he gave the crowd a couple of nice parting gifts. A hat and glove.

      • Cubbie Blues

        All because of injuries.

  • Njriv

    oh Offense, the one thing every Chicago team lacks.

  • Brian

    Still don’t understand why Kerry Wood is allowed to blow ball games for us. Offense really needs to step it up, especially Soto. He needs to bring that trade value up and help us out long term.

    • rcleven

      Ya K Wood allowed Two runs. He did not blow the game. Blame the loss on a total lack of offense from 1-9.

      • czechxican

        are you kidding? blaming the loss on the hitting, in a tie-game up to that point is like blaming the QB for a game when the Defense gave up the winning touchdown.

        Kerry blew the game, he took the L. That means he blew it.
        BTW- 4 innings for Kerry, 6(!) walks and 4 strikeouts so far this year.

        • Kyle

          If the score was 14-7, I’d totally blame the QB.

        • rcleven

          Kind of hard to win a one to one game. Had plenty of chances to produce in the 7th & 8th and failed. If a Offense can’t score at least 3 to 4 runs min your not going win too many games no matter how good your pitching is.

          • czechxican

            It’s 2:30, go to bed!

  • rcleven

    My basic bitch all this young season 6-7-8. Enough said.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    hope i am wrong but it looks like the beginning of the end for woody. same problem as last year ; if you cant throw strikes you cant pitch. wonder if he is injured????

  • CBP

    Did anyone catch the stats with Dempster 35 1/3 I think it said and only 4ER. Still 0-1

    • rcleven

      Demp came out of tonight’s game pretty lucky a lot more runs weren’t scored on him. Demp was getting hit pretty hard. Some times your good sometimes your just lucky.

  • MichiganGoat

    How did Cardenas at bats look? Did he seemed over matched? Did he make good contact? Just curious if anyone was impressed or disappointed beyond the fact that he was O-fer. I hope Dale gives him a few starts in a row to see what he can put together.

    • rcleven

      Didn’t seem over matched. No real solid contact either. The other 8 hitters hit about the same. Looked a little slow on DP ball with under hand flip instead good over hand throw. Need to see more before I can form an opinion.

      • ty

        Slow runner–double play–Cardenas flipped ball underhand 20 ft. and cost us bigtime.

        • Spencer

          It *maybe* cost a run. It’s no guarantee that they would’ve turned the DP if he makes the throw overhand.

          • ty

            I played the game. That was made to order Spence!

            • Shawon O’Meter

              I was at the game and saw it with my own two eyes. The underhand flip was a bad decision and cost them a double play, no question. The body language of Cardenas said it all…he knew he made a mistake. As long as everyone learns from their mistakes this year and is better for it when it counts down the road, I’m ok with it this year.

            • Drew

              I’d imagine that’s the case for most here, Ty.

              Even though it COULD have cost us, it didnt, Spencer is right

            • art

              just asking, could/would Barney have turned 2?

              • Roughriider


          • rcleven

            It didn’t cost a thing. double play was still in order with fc man to third. The line drive up the middle did all the damage.

    • Crockett

      Cardenas looked “meh”. Swung at quite a few out of the zone. Hit nothing that solidly.

    • Spencer

      He wasn’t any better/worse than anyone else at the plate tonight. It was a rough game to watch.

  • Steven

    I know Tony Campana wants to get on base and utilize his speed whenever possible but he’s not going to improve as a hitter and become a legitimatize starting outfieldr until he goes to the plate and consistently looks to take pitches and get in a favorable count instead of dropping down a bunt at every opportunity.

    Kerry Wood has been just as ineffective as Marmol, injuries and lack of playing time aside, yet people continue to make excuses for him and generally overlook his play because he’s simply a “good guy” and his innings haven’t been aesthetically ugly the way Marmol’s have.

    • Spencer

      Whenever a guy gets on ahead of Campana, the coaches make him bunt every time. that isn’t his fault, and that’s best for his skill set. He tries to bunt with a base hit sometimes, but usually when the bases are empty he swings away.

      • Drew

        I get that Spencer, but I don’t think he should be batting 2nd if that’s the case.

        • Spencer

          I dunno, I can see it both ways. If not second where would he bat? 7 or 8, and move Barney to 2? I’m not sure that would be the best use of his speed either. If he got on ahead of a pitcher, I suppose he could steal second and then the pitcher could bunt him over to third (unless that pitcher is named Matt Garza). Right now the way everyone else is swinging the bat, I say keep him at 2. I do think literally every time he gets on base he should attempt to steal.

          • rcleven

            Campana has to be moved to the 8 hole. Barney was a little better in the 2 hole because he is seeing better pitches with Castro behind him. Campy can get produce better from 8 hole with the slap ass swing and if he would be a more patient hitter he will draw a few walks with the pitcher behind him.

            • koboldekobold

              It’s not best for his skill set. Even with his speed, he is a horrible bunter.

              • rcleven

                You have to ask your self what is his skill set. He is pretty one much has only one, speed. You can’t hit him first because he is not a patient enough hitter to take walks. He swings at too many bad pitches. To hit him second you said it your self he is a terrible bunter. No power to hit him 3-4-5-6. 7th mabe. But let him slap away in the 8 hole with his single hitting style either pitcher takes a few pitches and allows him to run or bunts to move him up. That would be the best use of hi skill set.

                • Drew

                  If he’s gonna be in the lineup, I’d bat him 7th or 8th. I’m of the belief that you need high on-base guys in the 1st two spots, and I don’t like position players bunting at all, let alone out of the #2 spot.

                  Like many have said before, utilize his speed in a spot where its gonna be miximized – ahead of singles hitters or the pitcher.

    • rcleven

      I will admit it may be time to take on a new roll for K Wood in the Cub system but as stated above he did not blow tonight’s game. You have to score runs to win games and the offense just did not do that.

    • brittney

      He doesn’t always bunt. He was swinging and if I remember right he was able to get a line drive single to left field. Isn’t that was a number 2 hitter should do? The bunts and singles are used to move the runners over and if were lucky he beats the throw and gets on base.

  • ty

    Kerry should have rehabbed in arz. and built up shoulder strength, Instead was allowed to stay in cold weather of city and now trying to regain form right in middle of MLB. Bad decision.

  • grace17

    Kid k. Please throw in the gloves! As for coach, stop letting your bench ruinin your starters games. We may?? Have a much better record if wood n marmol had got pulled sooner

    • calicubsfan007

      I think the reason some of these guys keep pitching after repeated f-ups is because of what they have done in the past. You got to admire Sveum for the loyalty, that was something that Quade lacked.

  • ty

    The year is 2035. Granddad Dempster grandchildren at feet. “Papa, tell us about 2012 when you pitched those 20 great ball games! How many games did you win? Granddad answers, “not a one and never ask me that again!

    • Spencer

      lol :)

  • calicubsfan007

    What was wrong with Wood tonight? He had horrible control and little to no composure. It’s a shame, he’s a good guy, but he’s becoming a liability for the bullpen.

  • EB

    I took in the game from the RF bleachers. It was a disappointing outcome, but it was great to be back at Wrigley. Marmol tossed me a ball during BP as well

  • calicubsfan007

    @EB: How accurate was the throw? Who was he aiming to? LOL

  • Rev. Bud Green

    Was he trying to give it to the kid 4 seats down and it just went to you?

    • calicubsfan007

      Maybe he was aiming the other direction?

      • EB

        Haha he kind of just tossed it over his head, so idk if he was aiming for me or not

        • BFiddy

          Actually…he was on the mound, trying to throw it over the plate…

  • WiscoCubbie

    any word on when Clev is coming back?

    • Spencer

      no return date. at least a couple more weeks, minimum.

  • lou brock lives

    If Campana is going to steal bases the next hitter in the lineup has to give him some pitches to get the job done. Castro is not a thinking ball player & if he cannot understand his role after Campana gets on base then Sveum needs to give him the take sign or Campana needs to leadoff so DeJesus can bat second.
    Brenley has mentioned this the last 2 nights on the telecast & we’ve seen it all year. Castro also has not figured out that when a speedy player like Michael Bourn is at the plate he needs to be aware & play more shallow & get rid of his throw quicker. This happened on Monday on a routine play & Bourn was given a single by the official scorer – this was a mental ERROR on Castro.
    If after two years he cannot correct these basic mistakes it may be time to find him a new position.

    • rcleven

      How do you really feel?

    • Alou and Vinegar

      Good post Lou. If you are going to hit Campana somewhere at the top of the order it should be leadoff for the reasons you mention. DeJesus is patient enough to give him a chance to steal and Castro is not. Hitting him eighth just brings him up with 2 outs (Stewart and Soto) and the pitcher next. Kind of negates the speed. As hard as it is for the Cubs to score runs he needs to be on base ahead of DeJesus, Castro and LaHair.

  • Kyle

    That attempted 20-yard shovel pass on the double play was awful, as was his relay throw on the triple before the Braves’ first run. He was pretty awkward and didn’t have real impressive range on ground balls, either.

    If he can hit, fine, but I suspect the enthusiasm for him starting is Backup QB Syndrome.

    • rcleven

      Give the kid some time to adjust to the majors. We all ready knew the D would be lacking. Right now we need someone who can produce at the back of the order and if he can hit I’m all for it.

  • lou brock lives

    I do I feel ? On a scale of 1 to 10 Castro has a baseball IQ of about 3. If he cannot be taught then he must be given commands – take a pitch with Campana on first & know the speed of the hitters at the plate when you are playing SS.

    • Drew

      Castro’s approach at the plate has worked for him, there’s no reason to have him change it by taking pitches that he can drive just because you want to give Campana a chance to steal. Players like Castro dont just become patient hitters overnight while maintaining the same level of production; he is what he is.

      If you want someone that’s going to take pitches at the plate w Campana on base, hit him in front of a more patient hitter. Thats what I’d do, at least.

  • Bret Epic

    Give Cardenas a break, he just got brought up and he did NOT strike out. LaHair is one of my faves, but he had an uglier night than Cardenas with that DP he got into. I just feel bad for Dempster through all of this, he definitely deserves better. I think Sveum should make a new rule during the 8th and 9th inning…if you walk 2 guys in a row, you get pulled.

  • al

    It was easy to see why Kerry Wood sucked last night. He has no follow through.

    He should have followed his glove into stands and kept on going.

    • CastrotoBarneytoLaHair

      I think the throwing of the glove and hat was a result of not only a very poor performance, but the realization that he just does not have it anymore. The end is nigh…

  • ry34

    typical cubs bats making bad pitchers look like cy young and i agree with others it is time for wood to go, dude has nothing left. i mean has he had one appearance this year where he didnt put at least one runner on?

  • DCF

    I’m starting to feel somewhat uncomfortable about the way the lineup is being handled. Obviously they wanna try different things and they should, but I’m not sure I’m getting what they’re try to do.

    They gave Marmol al lot of slack, that’s fine. The season lost anyway, to they can afford giving him several last chacnes to get his shit together and they tried to squeeze some value from him(or at least rebuild some value). However I don’t get why he’s still hanging round the bullpen, waiting to pitch in meaningless low leverage situations. Give him a rehab assignment in Iowa and bring someone new in, like Maine or Beliveau or whoever. The team has nothing to lose anyway. Same goes for Wood. Instead of rushing him back into his 8th inning role, let him rehab down on the farm and call up someone else.

    And why is Campana starting? I guess they are hoping for a miraculous hot streak to generate some trade value, but that seems like a pretty long shot.

  • Brian

    Cubs fans are getting what was asked for- A really nice guy, true Cub to some, way over paid to others, pitching when things count and a really fast guy, who may steal a base or two when he gets to one, that can’t hit the ball 100′ and plays only o.k. defense.

    Maybe we will see why Wood gave his glove away, announcing retirement today!!!!

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    Ahhh Kerry.
    What a classy guy. Time to do the classy thing.

  • rbreeze

    I love Kerry Wood but why can’t a veteran like him go down to Iowa for 3 or 4 relief innings before he comes back on the roster after an injury.  Starters get rehab starts why can’t a reliever.  I knew we were in trouble when he came in.

    • Deer

      totally agree rbreeze. He is essentially rehabbing in Chicago because the staff didn’t send him down for an appearance or 2.

  • TrueblueCubbie

    Sounds like I didn’t miss anything from not being able to watch the game. Was disappointed when checking it on my phone at work. More disappointed in the offense than in Kerry Wood giving up 2 runs. But sadly, I think Kerry has hit the end of the road. Unless he gets a lot of innings in, he isn’t going to be effective. They should have had him go to the minors for a week after his DL stint so he could pitch at least a handful of innings.