You really can’t say enough good things about a Cubs pitching staff that absolutely dominated a Braves offense that came into this series having beat the crap out of the ball. Paul Maholm was no exception today. For the fourth start in a row, he was brilliant.

The Cubs had trouble breaking through offensively against Tim Hudson. Starlin Castro had a chance to score on an inside-the-park homer in the fourth, but (1) he didn’t run hard out of the box, and (2) by the time he got to third (partly because of number 1), he should have been held. He wasn’t, and he was out by a country mile. Bryan LaHair was left holding his bat in the on-deck circle.

When LaHair got a chance to hit with a man on third and two outs in the 7th, well, you know.

  • Cub Gone Wild

    Wood needs to go back to his fastball and lose that cutter that ain’t worth a shit. That pitch gets him in trouble he can’t get out of. He has a good enough Fastball and a breaking ball for if and when he is ahead in counts. He is a relief pitcher and he needs to come in and make them hit his fastball.
    If the guy took on some kind of persona that put fear into a hitter when he came in that would help. He needs to rock back and throw a good old country hard ball. He needs to scare the hell out of a few guys and then strike them out. His only emotion is after he has blown a game. He was looking for a pitty party after that game the other night. Wo is me so I threw my glove up in the stands. He just tells the world he is oozing with confidence in himself by doing that. That move was not acceptable. How long will it be until someone else does something that stupid because Kerry did it and he didn’t get in trouble and he’s a supposed club house leader.