The free, one-day fantasy baseball contest runs today, so you’ve got a couple hours left to sign up and select your team. Do it! You can win cash, have some fun, and support Bleacher Nation by doing it.

I just set my lineup last night, and, with it, I will destroy you. Well, that is, if all my guys actually play. Let’s just say I tried to find some diamonds in the rough. I’m probably crazy for it, but I’ve actually got a number of Red Sox in the lineup tonight…

So, this is your final reminder: sign up here, pick your team, have some fun, win some cash, and support Bleacher Nation. It’s easy. The games start a little after 6pm CT. May the best Brett win.

  • CapnCub

    I’m on it this time, signed up before, but just joined. Thanks for the heads up post, I am probably going to get stomped, but its all in good fun and glad it helps the site.

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  • Brady

    I have my stuff all set up and good to go, sad news is im at work till 8pm HST (Hawaii Standard Time) so I wont know my results till way after. Unless you post them up here or the message boards, which would be AMAZING!

  • CapnCub

    Oh, question is says Registering under status when I look on the my leagues section, does it not say registered until the time ends for registration?

    • Brett

      Yeah. Mine still says registering, too.

      • CapnCub

        Thank You

  • Joe

    Oh, what the hey, I’ve posted a team.

  • Brandon

    Hey Brett long time reader first time poster just wanted to say keep up the good work

  • Spoda17

    I made my picks biotches! get ready to have a very nice long look at my bohineyka! [that’s butt for all you losers!]

  • MichiganGoat

    Let’s do it, I honestly don’t remember who I picked going on blind faith here

  • Ralph

    If that was me I would never leave the house.

  • MichiganGoat

    Seriously getting my ass kicked

    • Brett


  • hcs

    Oof, Mike Trout was responsible for the majority of my points, Ended up in 245th place.

  • Brady

    That you David Dejesus! I beat 72% of yall ending up at 98th!

  • koboldekobold

    I managed a 45th place finish, due largely to Hamilton and Pedroia. Getting half a point from Porcello certianly didn’t help a ton.