I didn’t drink a drop last night, but I feel hungover as hell.

  • You’re never going to get “good” quotes after a game like that, and last night was no excuse. “That was a great game. Obviously, we finished on the bad end of it but it was one heck of a game to watch,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “We both emptied the benches, and that was pretty much the way it was going to end.” Shrug. What else is anyone going to say? There’s the usual rah-rah stuff from the players in that article as well.
  • Carlos Marmol, after stinking up the joint last night, pulled his hamstring and was removed from the game. He’s headed back to Chicago for an MRI today, and will probably head to the DL. The close distance between Chicago and Milwaukee would have allowed Marmol to return for the game if he felt well enough, but the fact that the bullpen was completely used up last night probably decided the matter for the Cubs. DL’ing Marmol would allow the Cubs to call up some relief in the pen – probably lefty Scott Maine. Interesting – a Cubs player is headed to the disabled list with an injury, and I put it in the Bullets and not a God’s Wrath Watch. Can’t figure why. Must just be tired…
  • Last night, Welington Castillo demonstrated one of the sometimes inarticulable criticisms lodged against him as a future starter: he doesn’t really catch a good game. He wasn’t giving pitchers a nice target, he doesn’t frame well (when he tries at all), and he often catches the ball awkwardly (in fact, sometimes he does the opposite of a frame, making strikes look like balls). If you didn’t see the game, you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. See? Inarticulable. But, it was obvious, and he’s got work to do.
  • Jon Heyman says the Cubs are likely to try and extend Matt Garza before trying to trade him, which is something we’ve expected for months. Heyman suggests a five-year, $80 million deal, which would have sounded high-ish just a few months ago, but now sounds like a steal (in light of the way the CBA changes are playing out, and the amounts guys are getting on extensions).
  • James Russell, who’s been the Cubs’ best reliever this year, who was terrible as a starter last year but dominant as a reliever, says he’d rather be starting. What the what? “I’m still not over the whole starting thing quite yet, I don’t think,” Russell said. “It’s really pretty much up to them. Whatever they want me to do is what I want to do. But just, in the back of my mind, I think I can succeed at starting and do well and help our team out starting. If they think otherwise then that’s perfectly fine with me …. I’ll let them decide. I’m not going to say anything. Just keep my mouth shut and go about my business in the bullpen and whatever they want to do in the offseason or next year, whether it’s me staying in the bullpen or trying out for a rotation job then so be it.” Why in the world is this even being discussed right now? I mean, I know someone elicited this response from Russell, but why even go there? There’s absolutely no reason to even ask the question, and there’s no reason for Russell to go on at such lengths about it. You’re a reliever right now, kid, and a damn good one. Enjoy it.
  • If you’re desperately curious to know who would have pitched had last night’s game gone so long that Lendy Castillo was gassed, Sveum said it would have been Reed Johnson. Castillo would have gone to right field, and David DeJesus to center.
  • Rudy Jaramillo wants his hitters to have “swagger.” I’d rather they had “patience,” “power,” and “line-drive ability.”
  • Holy smokes, I thought Gordon Edes blasted Josh Beckett, but Jeff Passan blows Edes out of the water. Clearly Beckett has pissed off quite a few folks in his day. It’s a great read if you’re always on the look out for Soxenfreude.
  • So, I talked a big game going into last night’s one-day fantasy contest, and, I, um, didn’t back it up. I finished ahead of just about 1/3 of you, so at least I wasn’t at the bottom of the pack. Congrats to FiveFifty550, necubsfan, bdeal01, mmontice, maddawg24, mattylud, CryinMyBlueKoolAid, acsheetz, jshdeal, and Cubbie Blues for finishing in the top 10. Be on the lookout in June – we’ll do it again.
  • Matt

    Watching the game last night, the first thought I had when the trainer came out to see Marmol was, “Please let him be hurt enough to go on the DL.”

    • Karena

      My first thought, he’s faking an injury. After getting two quick outs, he got into trouble and didn’t want to blow the lead and be booed off the mound.

  • Hansman1982

    Ya castillo did a terrible job of letting his momentum carry the glove out of the strike zone. Seems like more often than not he would be completely surprised by the location of the pitch and make a terrible catch. He looked like the defensive version of Matt garza’s bat.

    Am I the only one who thinks that if a pitcher sneezed on the mound without covering his mouth for Boston it would be the end of the world?

    • CubFan Paul

      Garza could of gone 6 or 6 plus innings if not for Castillo’s poor job behind the plate. there was multiple strikes that Castillo made look like balls, that got called balls.

      Hopefully the coaching staff takes notice & he doesn’t start again til it’s tightened up (or Clevenger comes back..)

  • Matt3

    “What the what.” Hahaha awesome.

    I would have loved to see Johnson pitch.

    • Bric

      Me too but I was really waiting to see Shark pinch hit. If there’s any criticism of Sveum or any other manager who goes into extra innings it’s allowing guys who’ve gone 0-for 5 or 0 for 6 continue. Let one of the better hitting starting pitchers take a few hacks against the bottom and tired end of the bull pen. They’ve got fresher legs than any of the guys in the field and more plate appearances than most of their own benches anyway.

  • http://!? Houston Transplant

    “Interesting – a Cubs player is headed to the disabled list with an injury, and I put it in the Bullets and not a God’s Wrath Watch. Can’t figure why. Must just be tired…”

    Clearly Marmol heading to the DL is a fine example of God’s Grace for Cub’s fans. Marmol’s probable DL stint definitely isn’t God being wrathful. Having him pitch the last several weeks, however…definitely was.

  • Nick Nesler

    I know it’s a small sample size but this Bowden guy is definitely not impressive. Its easy to see why boston had dfad him. I hope our ptbnl in this deal has a fair amount of upside for the amount of money we kicked in. But maybe I’m just judgeing to early.

    • rcleven

      Just shows how thin the Cubs are on there roster. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will the Cubs.

  • ferrets_bueller

    Swagger=confidence, and comfort with your ability.  Which usually translates into patience, power, and line drives.  The more relaxed, the better you hit.

  • JulioZuleta

    I grew up playing baseball in the Northwest Suburbs and was a pretty good player, but I guess you kind of have to be when you’re 6’1″ 200 lbs as a 13 year old. Back to back to back HR derby champs “(just sayin’). ANyways, I digress, as a part of this fundraiser thing, I won a gameday experience with the Kane County Cougars in 2000. I arrived at the stadium a few hours before the game, got to spend some time in the clubhouse, autographs, memorabilia, all that. I also got an hour pitching lesson from one of the players. I had never heard of him at the time, but it happened to be a young righty named Josh Beckett. He was the nicest dude ever, went way above and beyond what he needed to do, and of course, I became one of his biggest fans. I went to a bunch of games that year, especially his starts, and he always remembered and talked to me, and threw me his hat at the end of one of his starts. It really sucks to see the way things are going for him right now. I hope he can get a fresh start somewhere and try to get his career, and image, back on track.

  • Edwin

    Watching Garza try to field is painful. He’s so bad that I wouldn’t blame teams for bunting continually against Garza with fast runners. I half expected the Brewers to lay down 3 bunts in a row last night.

    • ty

      The elephant in the room is Steve Blass disease. Before the league starts whispering a trade should be possible before value drops. Nobody dares to write or say anything pubicly yet and I do not blame them.

      • Pat

        As I said in the other thread, there’s no way they should extend him unless he gets that figured out. That throw to first early in the game would have looked bad even on a little league field.

  • rcleven

    Got to hang last nights loss on Sveum. Total mismanagement of personal. Camps arm is going to fall off some day but he should have come back out for the seventh. The use of Dolis in the ninth an tenth was total Dusty Bakerish. You could see Dolis wasn’t right(pulled mussel or what). He was throwing with all arm (Injury waiting to happen). Using Campana the way he did. Using DeJesus to bunt late in the game. I can go on from here but my blood pressure is rising.

  • ty

    Dale will not survive the Theo regime. The Stewart bunting fiasco was embarassing. Jamie Quirk had better interject and help this guy out. Of course, last year Listach did not save Quade from his bad decisions. We counted on about ten positive wins just because Quade was gone but start the count. It is embarassing all ready.

  • Spencer

    Would’ve been nice to take that game last night. Hopefully Jeff can salvage the finale tomorrow.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Marmol on DL, Casey Coleman up. I’m drunk on the Natty Ice. Good Nite!

  • JulioZuleta

    I think Bryce Harper hitting himself in the face with a bat, something I have wanted to do to him for quite some time, deserves a bullet.

    • MaxM1908

      I missed this, what happened?

      • JulioZuleta

        He went 0-5 with 3 Ks. After his last AB (I think) he went into the tunnel and hit a cement wall with a bat. People with common sense know that things bounce off a cement wall, apparently Boy Wonder did not, as the bat bounced straight back at him and hit him under the left eye, causing a gash that required 10 stitches.

        • Ogyu

          Post-game news conference:

          Cement Wall: “Of course it was deliberate. Welcome to the Big Leagues, kid.”

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Probably, but I wasn’t aware of it until after the Bullets went up (I literally wrote the Bullets as I was watching the Little Girl after I’d slept for four hours – I just took an hour nap, because I was a wreck).

    • Richard Nose

      I am jealous of that cement wall and bat as well.

  • ferrets_bueller

    Indeed, such an idiot.


    Once again…..Mike Trout> Bryce harper.

    • JulioZuleta

      Yeah, I don’t get it. Trout is playing great baseball but has been relatively ignored by the media compared to Harper, who is hitting .233. Trout is even hitting for more power, and isn’t a huge douche.

      • Cooper R

        Harper is 19 though cut him some slack. He plays the game the right way. Trout’s great too and he hasn’t gotten enough recognition that’s for sure.

        • JulioZuleta

          He is tremendously talented, but he does not play the game the right way. Arguing with coaches? Blowing kisses to opposing pitchers? Hurting your team by missing time due to a self inflicted injury? He’s an idiot.

          • Cooper R

            Sure he has some maturing to do but he does hustle and go all out on every single play, something I wish Starlin would adopt.

          • Spencer

            he’s a douche.

            • SirCub

              No doubt. But most 19 year olds are (especially the talented ones (and the millionaires)).

          • Nathan

            I have played with bryce my whole life, and hes the perfect example of a kid who has always been cocky and the big leagues will definitely be a good reality check for him, but he is in no way an idiot and just like someone else said. Hes only 19 and hes playing big league ball, he will mature with age and experiences like this one

            • ty

              Nate–As I said I was around him daily for two seasons of az fall league and he was quiet and respectful with everyone. Question–does he listen at all to parents or any other significant because he is headed in some wrong directions.

  • ty

    Harper played the six week az. fall league for the last two yrs. and I have talked to him several times. Sure was courteous and appears older. He just did not show much on the field–maybe just fatigued from his seasons. I saw Trout play his rookie season in Phoenix and he never moved up-stayed here right through play offs. Smoothest rookie I have ever seen for age.

  • Jfedwards333

    “I’ll let them decide. I’m not going to say anything. Just keep my mouth shut and go about my business in the bullpen and whatever they want to do in the offseason or next year, whether it’s me staying in the bullpen or trying out for a rotation job then so be it.”

    Hey Russell, when you say that aloud it means you’re not keeping your mouth shut, you’re not going about your business, and you’re planting the seed for everyone that you’d rather be starting. That’s you lobbying for a spot via the media. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what you’re saying here, and a good example of what word-folks call irony.

    You’re a ML pitcher; your job is to get people out. It doesn’t matter what inning you pitch–if you can keep getting people out they’ll keep putting you in front of batters. Honestly, everyone would love to see you pitch innings 6-8 if you could do it but, obviously, no one wants to take that chance. A fool would hand you 5+ innings to start a game.

    Would you please be quiet, please?

    • rcleven

      Shark did the same thing last year.Maybe next year. Keep your fingers crossed.

      • Joe

        Shark was the first thing I thought of when I read that, and I realized that Shark’s opportunity (and success so far) plants the idea in these other kids’ heads that they can fight their way back into starting. Hey, if they end up as good as Jeff is looking, I ain’t complaining. But I remember last year and even through spring training a lot of folks saying that Shark was a great bullpen arm, why screw with a good thing? Altogether a similar matter going on now… although I’m not so sure Casey and the others ever had the potential that Shark has. Can anybody correct me on that?

  • ty

    Attn Marmol. The groundscrew just raked and watered the bullpen at Fitch. You will enjoy it here as the coaches re-work your mechanics. Agenda includes turning you into a left handed starter.

  • Cubbie Blues

    That is probably ithe best write-up of the year so far Brett. I just watched the game last night (up to the middle of the 10th (at 1 AM (didn’t allow enough time on the DVR))). I was out of town for my sons birthday and couldn’t catch it live. Everything you wrote sums up all of the emotions of the game. It doesn’t hurt being mentioned either.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, CB. Was a rough night – glad there was some good in there for you.