Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 8, Brewers 2 – May 13, 2012

The Cubs salvaged a win today, their first in 11 tries at Miller Park. The offense got a late start, but then never stopped.

Jeff Samardzija was effective, but he wasn’t particularly efficient. He wasn’t getting many calls on the edges of the plate, his pitch count elevated, and he was done after the fifth. The bullpen was solid, and it was nice to see both Kerry Wood and Michael Bowden throw scoreless frames.

Bryan LaHair continues to “slump,” although he ripped two balls today that turned into outs (that’s called your BABIP regressing to a more sustainable level).

And it seems like the Cubs are trying to solve the mysteries of the natural universe…

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119 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 8, Brewers 2 – May 13, 2012”

  1. Carew

    good game for the most part, and Corey Hart is really annoying

    1. ty

      Beginning to appreciate what a good player Corey Hart has become.

      1. rcleven

        When he doesn’t play the Cubs. Otherwise hes a bum.

        1. ty

          Yeah, Cleven–remember when he poured that can of beer on his infant son in celebration–I think that was him.

          1. rcleven

            We all make questionable moves in life. God only knows I have done many.

            I’ll take Hart on my team. I’m jealous.

      2. Mrp

        Yep, I actually think he is the best all around player on that team. His defense is pretty damn incredible especially considering how big of a guy he is.

        1. Carew

          I think right now he’s better than that one guy…the one that got in trouble for somethin..the guy that looks like a mafia member

          1. Bric

            Ryan Braun?

            1. Carew

              Yeah the d-bag

              1. Bric

                Or better yet, syringe bag.

                1. Carew

                  You, Mr. Bric, are the man

                  1. Bric

                    Thanks, bro. Again, welcome to the site.

  2. al

    Kerry Wood threw strikes (!?) and boy, did he look happy in the dugout after he finished.

  3. spearman

    I guess this is Lahair’s first little slump. (1-14 this series)

    1. MaxM1908

      He really appears to struggle with the breaking balls. I hope he can figure that out as he’s much more likely to see those now.

    2. Cheryl

      A slump was bound to come, but he has adjusted before and will again. The problem is how long it wil last. But he’s hit the ball hard so maybe this is just a bump in the road.

  4. ty

    Campana with 3 hits, stolen base, and another rbi. O.K. Doc, tell us why this does not mean much. Promise to listen.

  5. rcleven

    Loved Camps ability to over come 2 errors in a inning. Shark threw good game but has to bring that pitch count way way down. If K Wood keep this up it would be a big boost to the pen.Stewart on the flip side of LaHair in BABIP. Lets hope Soto’s Bloop gets him started.Best of all nice to see a bull pen worse than the Cubs.

    1. Brady

      As much as I am still mad at wood he did throw 2 scoreless innings in the first game of the series so his ERA dropped to only like 9 which is still atrocious but not as bad as 14.

      1. rcleven

        Ya think your mad at him. Being embarrassed and pissed at himself. The man is a professional. I sure wish Marmol had his fortitude.

  6. Derrick

    Anybody else notice how Good Z has been?….So far the trades Theo & Co. havent looked so good. Im not drinkin that Kool Aid just yet….We’d be all over Handry if he made these same trades by the way.

    1. Evan

      Z absolutely positively had to go. We were lucky to get someone with as much value as Volstad in return. Unfortunately Volstad hasn’t worked out, but you can’t fault Theo for that. Just getting rid of Zambrano was addition by subtraction.

    2. MichiganGoat

      Don’t care about Z dont want him on this team, the Rizzo trade is still a great trade.

      1. ty

        Goat: Z stats are all star stats right now while we pay his salary. As a business decision wow. Imagine if we had patience this spring and what we might have received for him. Emotional decisions is why we pay child support and play into bad moves with clubs.

        1. Mrp

          You really think that his change of scenery has had nothing to do with his success? I highly doubt he pitches that well in a Cubs uniform this year. He had so many eyes on him in Chicago due to his antics and that puts a lot more pressure on him to perform. He has next to no pressure now in Miami. It makes a huge difference.

          1. ty

            Hang around Ozzie Gillen and tell him that . Z is still a young man with a lot of experience and pitching instead of just slinging the ball hard. Theo and Jed could have charmed another year or half season out of him and just maybe we would have the best four starters in our division. Yes, I know I need to let it go .

            1. MichiganGoat

              Um Ozzie is also cancerous, so of course they get along.

            2. MichiganGoat

              Not to mention Ozzie has kind words for Fidel, sooooo I don’t care what he thinks.

              1. Cubs Dude

                So can we find any players that are unwanted by their current team that is willing to pay the FULL ridiculous salary and play well for us, Zambrano (Marlin) style. That would be nice for once. I am sick of being the team paying for others players. I know Z had to go, but it’s still frustrating we got a bag of turds back…………

                1. ty

                  C Dude–we pay Z and the Marlins 750,000 dollars every other Tuesday for 12 months. That is the most expensive frigging chemotherapy in history.

                  1. MichiganGoat

                    Get over it man, we paid them to take our cancer

                  2. Cubs Dude

                    No Kidding. I hated Big Z the last couple years. But Volstad is all we could get while we pay Z’s FULL salary. I’ve never negotiated a trade in the mlb, but that seems pretty shitty for the Cubs in my opinion.

                    1. MichiganGoat

                      Um it’s tough to get anything from a team when you are trading them a man-child cancer that can’t finish a season without assaulting something/one. Yes Volstad was better than many thought we could get.

            3. Mrp

              Tell Ozzie what? That there is no pressure when you are playing in front of crowds that consist basically of the players’ families? Yeah that must be rough.

              1. ty

                Mrp–you do not remember what it was like playing in front of mom and dad.

            4. Bric

              To this I day I don’t believe the guy’s 31 or whatever he claims to be. A receeding hair line, a wife and 4 kids, and on again, off again retirement considerations sound more like a 36 or 37 year old. But I guess it’s just me.

        2. MichiganGoat

          Cancer is still cancer. I don’t care if that cancer makes you feel great it will kill you. Z is cancer and no team needs cancer. I’m glad he’s gone even if he wins the Cy Young, if he was still here he’d lose his mind (as he does every year). Getting rid of cancer is always a good business decision.

          1. ty

            Goat–even if he wins the Cy Young. All-star ballots are out though. I have to let it go–very lonely on bn defending Z

            1. MichiganGoat

              That’s because everyone on here got to deal with Z being a cry baby, douchebag, emotional-child, for YEARS. We don’t want that cancer on this team of positive aggressive professional adult ball players. Yes, get over it, no soup for you here.

              1. Ogyu

                Sounds like somebody put crabgrass in the goat’s feeding trough today…

                1. MichiganGoat

                  Just sick of the cry for Z to be part of this team, the revisionist aspect of fans really get this goat’s goat

                  1. ty

                    Accountability is rather important in most professions–baseball is not childs play .

      2. Derrick

        Rizzo trade looks Great?…The guy is still a prospect and hasnt done a single thing in the Majors. Anybody Remember Felix Pie? Didn’t we trade are best reliever away for what? A number 4 or 5 starter and a couple throw ins. Z the cancer sure The guy wanted to win..

    3. rcleven

      Z was not a trade. He was a dump. Wish Z well. Glad to see him gone.

      1. Joepoe123

        looking at past trades

        -Mike fontenot for evan crawford (where is he now ?)
        -Derek Lee trade for Ty’ relle harris and robinson lopez(where is lopez now?)
        -Fukuduome for abner abreu and carlton smith( where are both these players now)
        All these players i have not heard of since the trade where are they playing now(what level/what team)

        1. rcleven

          Where is DLee playing now?
          Fontenot is a career B/U. Not missed
          Fuk not even playing for WSox at 4MM less ayear.

          You trade crap you get crap.
          These are all Hendry moves.

          Only Trade I regret was Lilly.

          1. Bric

            That’s true but Hendry also acquired every one of those players before they were crap and kept them too long or couldn’t move them if he wanted to b/c he handed out NTCs and extensions like they were keychain day.

            You can also throw in Byrd, Marmol, Soto, Wells, keeping McNutt over Archer, as trades that fall into the woulda, coulda, shouldas.

            But I agree Lilly was THE worst trade he made. To think that three weeks earlier he had been offered Ike Davis for Lilly and Vitters but passed because “All we need to do is string together a few wins and we’re right back in this thing”. -Really Jim, did you figure that one out by yourself?…

            1. rcleven

              Byrd was and is a class act. I enjoyed him when he was here. Got HBP in the face. Never recovered. Bad Luck for him and the Cubs. Soto is a better than average receiver. We got a + with his bat over the years. Value is in his receiving skills.
              Hendry was given a lot a money and told to spend to increase the value of a team to be put up for sale by the Zell groupe. Hendry spent foolishly and we are paying for it now.

              Without Archer we would not be discussing and enjoying Garza.
              Hendry also pulled a player named Ryan Dempster off a scrap heep for nothing.

              1. Bric

                It’s true the ownship situation clearly didn’t make his job as easy or straight forward as some other GMs.

                But Milton Bradley and John Grabow had little to do with that and those two mistakes alone should’ve shown him the door a year or two before he actually got the boot.

                Yeah, Archer’s a toss up b’c we don’t know what was really said before the deal. But if we trust what was leaked the deal was either Archer or McNutt, and I kept hoping it would be McNutt, not Archer. But we don’t really know.

                1. rcleven

                  Hendry is not and never was even a good GM. Where Hendry’s talent’s lie is he is a very very good talent evaluator.
                  I believe even Milton Bradley was a very talented ball player. MB is a head case and head case trumps good ball player. Grabow was a talent in decline and I will give you that one.

                  1. Bric

                    Agreed. Nothing personal against the man and wish him well with the Yanks but also very glad he’s gone.

            2. drew

              Bric makes the best point here. Hendry did great aquiring those guys, but hung onto them too long. Like ive said before, its about finding a players peak value and how long that peak will last.

              Hendry made some great moves, but the part he sucked at was looking ahead; trying to squeeze an extra year out of the guys Bric mentioned just bc he couldnt see the shitstorm coming really hurt their value when he finally came to his senses.

              One final note- how about Mitre, Nalasco, and Pinto for a year of Pierre, only to win 66 games?o

        2. Joepoe123

          Luke what happened to evan crawford, robinson lopez, and abler abreu?

          1. Luke

            I’ve been talking about Crawford off and on since I started writing here.  He did some good things in Daytona last spring, and the only reason we aren’t talking about him now is because he was derailed with surgery.  He’s in Arizona, rehabbing.

            Abreu was a lottery ticket.  The balls did not bounce the Cubs way, and he is out of the system.

            I think Robinson Lopez was released before the start of spring training.  It was a somewhat surprising move at the time (he was still fairly well thought of in prospect circles) and I’m not entirely sure what the whole story there was.

            1. Bric

              Luke, you know whatever happened to Kyle Smit?

        3. MichiganGoat

          Yeah these examples don’t mean anything. The trade that will measure this FO is Rizzo for Cashner. As was said you trade a turd for the hope that you get a younger turd you might be able to polish. Get over it. Move on. Or let’s discuss Lou Brock. All this crying over past trades gets us nowhere.

          Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing mothers.

          1. ty

            Accountability is part of winning baseball-I never wanted to pay alimony and child support to another guy while he played with my kids and kissed on my ex- and that is what we are doing for Marlins. Emotional decisions are not even for cancer–

          2. Cubs Dude

            Yes, the Cubs raped the Padres in the Rizzo trade. Still have no idea what the Padres were doing…. But every other deal has sucked for the Cubs. And I promise I am not “troll”, just being honest.

            1. ferrets_bueller

              And the Padres got raped in the Latos deal.

              And Byrnes got raped in almost every deal he made with the DBacks.

              The man is a moron, IMO. He is the anti-Anthopolous.

            2. rcleven

              Heard he is throwing 101-103 mph for the Pads.

              1. AB

                And walking a guy an inning

                1. DocPeterWimsey

                  Not quite: “only” 14 walks in 15 2/3rds innings.  He’s actually pitched well most of the time, but he’s had (I think) three disastrous outings to go with 14 good ones.  (I have him on a fantasy team: he’s good for holds, but at least a couple of times he’s set me back by giving up the ranch in an inning or less.)

                  But, yeah, he would not have been the panacea for the Cubs bullpen: he would have given away at least 2 games for Cubs, too.

          3. Ogyu

            Man, that Lou Brock trade makes me so angry…

            1. ty

              Yeah and Goat wanted Ernie Broglio that season.

              1. Ogyu

                Stolen bases are overrated anyway, right?

    4. art

      how long was Hendry here?

      1. rcleven

        Nine years.
        Hendry is a hell of a baseball man. Just not a great GM.

  7. Dave

    Love the bizarreness of baseball, where a guy can pitch the 6th and be credited with a blown save.

  8. Jeremy

    Thing I noticed today, was the majority of the ABs today were quality AB’s. Castro outside of his strike out had great ABs today and hit the ball hard in 3 of them. Would have had a huge day if not for Corey freaking Hart. I noticed the same thing with LaHair as well. Hit the ball hard but just right at guys. Stewart, Campy and Soriano all had nice days as well.

    Solid outing for Shark. Pitched well even though he didn’t have his best stuff. The bullpen only gave up one run today amazingly.

  9. ty

    Looked at archives and commentators who made up pet names for Campy and wanted him off team. First name leading in derogatory comments is

  10. JulioZuleta

    Wow, look at those bullpen numbers to end the game. Managed like a genius. Always good to give your CLOSER a day off, and that happens by not pitching him in the 8th. Boom.

  11. Stinky Pete

    LOVE a good Fibonacci reference.

  12. Ogyu

    I wonder what is the longest Fibonacci scoring streak in baseball history?

  13. ferrets_bueller

    ….and with that reference, I’m going to go listen to Tool’s Lateralus! (of course, re-ordered in the correct fibonacci based order….)

  14. Jimmy james

    Glad to read they have finally told sori to start swinging a lighter bat

  15. calicubsfan007

    The cubs did well today, even Soriano. The lighter bat has done wonders for him so far. Thank God we didn’t get swept. Glad to see Kerry have more control too.

  16. Derrick

    The next time I here ” He has been hitting the ball hard just right at someone” blah blah Im going to scream!!!!! Outs are outs Cubs fans love making excuses for Ian ” Mendoza Line” Stewart. The guy is going to hit 15HR and bat .190 GREAT Trade also

    1. Mrp

      So you pick the day that he hits a huge home run to go off about him? Good call. I assume you are just a box score buddy and don’t actually watch the games, otherwise you would know what we are talking about.

      1. Derrick

        Season ticket holder by the way ….Just stating my opinion Kind sir get your panties out of a bunch

        1. MichiganGoat


        2. Mrp

          Sitting at the game playing Words with Friends and stuffing your face with nachos every other inning isn’t exactly watching the game kind sir.

          That was just a joke kind sir.

  17. JNasty

    I thought Kerry Wood’s velocity was a little higher today. He hit 96 a couple times. Every other game I watched he was around 93 or 94.

    1. Mrp

      He is throwing the 4 seemer more now which is why the velocity is up a bit. He had fallen in love with the cutter and basically wasn’t throwing much else. It was nice to see him actually bust out the old knee buckler today a few times as well.

      1. Carew

        I hope Sveum or Bosio actually did tell Woody to stop using the cutter so much. Or he just figured out it wasnt workin

        1. Mrp

          I thought I heard that they did mention it to him. Like I have said before, unless your name is Mariano Rivera you can’t get by with just throwing one pitch.

          1. rcleven

            Don’t think being embarrassed as all hell had any thing to do with it. Competitive juices. Just saying.

  18. Diesel

    Would have been nice to watch.  Stupid job. Go Cubs.

  19. TrueblueCubbie

    I missed the game, but I am glad they won. I was wondering why Samardjiza got pulled so early, but I figured pitch count. It is to bad he couldn’t up his record to 5-1 by being able to stay in for a couple of more innings.

  20. Katie

    Great win today. I was pleased with Woody’s pitching after his terrible performances of late. And I was thrilled that we tacked on some more runs since it seems no lead is safe.

    Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes, Goat. It was a great day.

  21. lou brock lives

    Wow – 2 Lou Brock mentions on one posting – I’m flattered. When is Sveum going to figure out Campana needs to leadoff with DeJesus batting second ? The MORON batting 3rd cannot take a pitch for his life with Campana on base in front of him. If he can’t figure it out for himself then Sveum needs to give him the take sign.
    Brenley has mentioned that Castro is a very good 2 strike hitter – so what’s the problem ?
    DeJesus does take pitches & can use the hole created with the 1st baseman holding Campana close.

  22. ottoCub

    Anybody want to join a pool to pick the next time a Cubs reliever will pitch a 1-2-3 inning? I’m going with the 8th inning of Friday’s game against the White Sox.