I thought this was a possibility back when the Dodgers designated him for assignment, but today, according to multiple sources, the Chicago Cubs signed reliever Mike MacDougal to a minor league deal. The 35-year-old reliever cleared waivers yesterday, refused an outright assignment to the minors, and was granted his release.

MacDougal was absolutely solid for the Dodgers in middle relief last year, posting a 2.05 ERA in 57 innings, and getting a whole lot of ground balls. His peripherals suggest he was a bit more lucky than good, though, with a 1.456 WHIP and a mere 1.41 K/BB ratio. In 2010, he was abysmal for the Cardinals, and in the years before that, he was just OK. He was quite the stud in his late 20s, though, so the stuff has always been there. But he’s only been truly effective when he knew where the ball was going, and that was always rare.

This year, with the Dodgers, after signing a one-year, $1 million deal, MacDougal deal with a finger problem and a serious case of the flu, the result of which was a drop in velocity. He was incredibly hittable, and was thus DFA’d a week ago.

Who knows? The Cubs have had great success with Shawn Camp, another mid-30’s bullpen castaway who was previously quite good. MacDougal will probably work a bit at AAA Iowa so that the Cubs can see what he’s got left health-wise, and what they might be able to improve. For now, he’s depth, but he’s depth with the possibility of becoming a contributor. That’s a nice guy to pick up for nothing in May.

  • TWC

    Dudes in their mid-30’s are awesome.  I wish the guy well, if only so we can stop hearing about how losing Sean Marshall was the worst thing to ever happen to this franchise.

    • Spoda17

      I really like Marshall, but I think that was an great trade… Only time will tell tho…

    • http://Casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

      Marshall is a perennial all-star, MVP, cy young, gg, ss, Roy and hof candidate

      • BN Virgin

        He also won the Rolaids Relief award, and the past 3 Comeback Player of the Year awards.

      • Myles

        Don’t forget he was 6th man of the year last season too

  • rcleven

    MacDougal.? Is this the guy who pitched for the Wsux about a half decade ago?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Yeah – as recently as 2009.

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  • ETS

    Think anyone will pick up JC Romero?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      If he prays…

  • Puma0821

    Any chance Amaya will actually get a shot to play?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Seems unlikely – I reckon he’s going to be there only another day or two. DeWitt’s situation should be resolved soon.

    • http://www.BleacherNation.com Luke

      He may get a chance to pinch hit in the ninth or play an inning or two in the field, but that’s probably it.

      If DeWitt accepts an assignment to Iowa, then Amaya goes back to AZ or down to Peoria. If DeWitt does not accept a trip to Iowa, things get more interesting. In that case, we could see a chain reaction that sees Logan Watkins going to Iowa and Rubi Silva moving up to Tennessee.

      We should know in a few days.

      • http://Cubbie4life.weebly.com Tonycampanathebasethief

        Amaya pinched hit and got a double later scoring on an amezaga homer

  • Puma0821

    Silva over Torreyes? Also, would that chain reaction end with Amaya in Peoria?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      Silva is playing well in Daytona and has about 250 plate appearances at that level.  He’s in a better position to jump to Tennessee than Torreyes.  Torreyes has a bright future, but he is struggling badly right now.

      Silva can also play the outfield, which would help alleviate Tennessee’s crowded infield situation.

      Edit: And it would likely end with Amaya heading to Peoria.  I hesitate to say that DeVoss could go to Daytona (though I think he could handle it), but I think the Chiefs would find room somewhere.

      The other possibility is that Amaya would go back to Arizona to prepare for the NWL season in Boise.  I’d rather see him in Peoria, but either would work.

      • http://Cubbie4life.weebly.com Tonycampanathebasethief

        Another theory I’m hearing is the cubs might possibly be just show casing amaya to set up a possible trade for pitching

  • RY34

    good lets release wood!

  • rbreeze

    Anytime we bring someone in from the bullpen its like throwing kerosene on a fire.  We probably have nearly a hundred guys in the minors that are called pitchers.  Lets start the auditions now………………bring them up one at a time, ready or not.

  • Alex

    Rough start to Mike MacDougal’s Cubs career for the I-Cubs.

    Today’s numbers: IP-0.2, R-2, ER-2, K-2, BB-4 (2 walks with the bases loaded). He was pulled before he could finish the 7th inning.

  • Kevin

    release Carlos Wood