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Mid-game, substantive post? Why not?

The Chicago Cubs just announced that they’ve received lefty pitching prospect Hunter Cervenka from the Boston Red Sox to complete the Marlon Byrd/Michael Bowden trade. Recall, when the Cubs sent Byrd to the Red Sox last month for Bowden, they were also due a player to be named later. Well, the Cubs have apparently scouted the list of players, and selected Cervenka.

We’ll have a bit more substance on Cervenka later, but, for now, know that he’s 22, is in A-ball, was a 27th rounder in 2008, and has mostly struggled in the low minors. Something may have clicked this year, though, as he’s striking out 13.8 per 9. Then again, he’s walking 6.9 per 9, and he’s a 22-year-old in A-ball. In other words, there may not be a whole lot here.


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