Well, the Cubs walked off twice against the Cardinals at Wrigley, so I suppose this was fair.

The Cubs got to Kyle Lohse early and tacked on a couple more after that, but – wait for it – the bullpen blew the game late. Kerry Wood let in the tying run in the 7th(after the usual bout of control problems), and James Russell gave up a solo homer in the 8th. He also gave up a triple, which was one of the more interesting discussiong pieces in the game. The “triple” was an easy double down the line to left, that Alfonso Soriano jogged casually to – not because he’s lazy, but because his legs are obviously bothering him. It seemed criminal at that moment to keep Soriano in the lineup. What possible reason could there be to suffer his obvious injury? It’s not like he’s hitting dingers at the plate or anything.

And then he hit a game-tying homer the very next inning.

Unfortunately, all it did was extend our pain, because Rafael Dolis gave up a couple ground ball singles in the 9th, well-placed and well-timed, which won the game for the Cardinals. Eff.

Paul Maholm wasn’t at his best, but he kept the Cubs in the game long enough to give them a chance (which tends to be a thing you say about a pitcher’s performance when the offense scored about as many as he gave up (“Garza was wild today, but kept the Cubs in the game by holding the Giants to seven runs. Coincidentally, the Cubs scored eight runs.”)).

But Soriano was the story, even in the loss…

  • Njriv

    Big league pitching is hard to handle on a regular basis, especially from transitioning from the minors to the majors, it is even more difficult to handle if you are not playing everyday. So why the hell is Cardenas not getting playing time, he’s not going to get adjusted to big league pitching by sitting on the bench. He was killing Triple-A.

    • rcleven

      Dale is doing it slowly. Played like crap his start at second.Played better spelling Sorri. Think he had a 2hit game. Barney has been hitting lately. As little as it has been I don’t think he wants to give up the offense.

  • die hard

    Soriiano’s trade value just went up..time to pull trigger

  • Cubbie fan lost in Atlanta

    Brett, i’ve been a long time reader, and now, a first time poster. just wanna’ say keep up the great work, skipper.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks for that.

  • cubs1967

    Sori is injured…….like Marmol is “injured”. time to bring up Rizzo and put Lahair in LF.
    the future is waiting…….and so are the patience high tix paying loyal fan base.

    • http://Cubbie4life.weebly.com Tonycampanathebasethief

      Wait soriano iis injured?

  • Carew

    How did Castillo do defensively? Did he Catch the ball better and frame better?

  • morgan

    ryan roberts from the dbacks is struggling early one, think hed be good fit at 2nd for us and maybe could get him cheap, marmol for roberts, were basically getting nothing from out 2nd basemans this year

    • Njriv

      Cardenas has only gotten 10 at-bats so far, don’t give up on him just yet. I think we’ve gotten spoiled with Castro and how fast his adjustment period was from being promoted from Triple-A to the majors (if there was any).

      • Drew7

        He actually never played in AAA; made the jump straight from Tennesee. Even more impressive

  • Cheryl

    Brett, Is there any way to search for my prediction for LaHair this season?

  • http://bleachernation.com lou brock lives

    Sveum needs to have a direct line to Brenly in the booth during game situations. Molina should have been walked & let the rookie – Carpenter – try to beat you. Also while Cub player positioning has helped this year Barney should have been playing a few steps deeper in the outfield grass. He would have probably been able to get to the ball & throw out the slow footed Molina.

  • MikeL

    You know what I hate to admit??? This Cardinal lineup is scary good! I was at work, so I had to watch the game on gamecast. I know we hate to give the Cardinals credit….so let us look at them as though they were the Pirates……I remember debating with a slightly older friend over which lineups were better……the Reds of the mid 70s or the 1994-1995 Cleveland Indians lineup. I argued for the Cleveland lineup because it was do damned intimidating…..but my friend argued for the Reds because he had mentioned that when they weren’t getting their usual ton of hits, they were almost always making productive outs. I saw several times where the Cardinals successfully hit the ball to the right side to move the runner from second to third…..and then drive them in on a sacrifice fly, and ground out, or a single. My friend said that the Reds did things that didn’t show up in the old school stats, today….I saw what he meant first hand. So many times I thought the cubs had the Cards…..only to groan when I watched the cards be productive any time they had a runner on base. I know Theo/Jed are working to build…..and WILL build a similar lineup….but DAMN…..I had to put aside my Cardinal hatred for today and tip my cap for a team that played really good baseball today…..I know some of you have seen me on here and I not a troll or cardinal fan disguised as a cubs fan…..but I was a little envious today…..I hate to admit it….