College football was a hit at Wrigley Field when Illinois and Northwestern squared off in 2010 (and by “hit,” I don’t mean when players slammed into the outfield wall on the unusually short field (that’s a joke, by the way – they went one way to avoid just such a problem)), so why not try the other kind of football?

From the Cubs’ press release:

Soccer is returning to Wrigley Field, as Italy’s AS Roma and Poland’s Zaglebie Lubin will square off for an international “Friendly at the Confines” July 22 at 2:30 p.m. CDT following the Ron Santo Hall of Fame induction ceremony and other Santo tributes for fans that day at Wrigley Field to be announced later.

Wrigley Field plays host to its first soccer game since 1984, when the Chicago Sting beat the Vancouver Whitecaps 3-1. The match at Wrigley Field kicks off the first leg of AS Roma’s United States Tour, with additional stops scheduled for Boston and New York.

Tickets for the first-ever matchup between these two European soccer clubs go on sale Thursday, May 24, at 10 a.m. CDT at Tickets range from $25 to $110 (tax included), with the majority of seats listed at $50 or less.

Each club will feature star players and representatives from their country’s national team. AS Roma’s squad, led by team captain and forward Francesco Totti, features forward Bojan Krkic Pérez and Italian national team forwards Fabio Borini and Pablo Daniel Osvaldo and midfielder Daniele De Rossi. Zaglebie Lubin’s roster includes Polish national team forwards Szymon Pawlowski and Arkadiusz Wozniak, midfielder Maciej Malkowski and defender Marcin Kowalczyk.

There are more details and quotes in the press release.

As a big fan of Wrigley Field, I say the more the merrier when it comes to events at the Friendly Confines. Football, soccer, hockey, ice skating, movie night, concerts, etc. Not only is it a savvy way to maximize the value of a place like Wrigley, it’s a clever way to get more folks to experience its majesty.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    To decide once and for all the greatest country on Earth?

  • Spencer

    I know you were just jesting at the beginning, but they played that football game only going one way to avoid the outfield wall.

    • Brett

      I know. That was the joke. Added a second parenthetical to make it clear.

  • Internet Random

    If they’re not going to limit Wrigley to baseball, they should at least limit it to real sports.

    • Brett


      • TWC

        The only thing I like about this is that you used the word “savvy” in the short, but informative post describing the Cubs press release.

        • Brett

          clever girl

          (had to share the info/press release somehow…)

  • Spencer

    Also, kudos to whoever came up with the “International Friendly at the Confines” name for this event. Give them a raise.

  • tim815

    I’m guessing the Cubs get a fiscal benefit.

    • FromFenwayPahk

      Any love for Crane on this site?

      • TonyP

        Crane is a Doosh

  • Dan

    Great, the football game at Wrigley went one way and now a soccer game going one way? Hmm, a one way soccer game would be interesting. Half the field, one goal. You’ll need to touch the wall with the ball if your on defense to get to offense and vice versa. Haha, imagine that!!! I didn’t think it would be possible, but it is.

  • Brian

    This could be rough on the futboler’s, a playing surface with grass and exposed dirt, pretty sure they would not have had that before.

    • Cubbie Blues

      Not to mention the pitchers mound. Would that be to the advantage of the defense or the offense?