New Era has created a brilliant campaign involving caricature fans of various teams, sparring with each other about their rivalry. For example, here was the first iteration of a Cubs/Sox battle.

It’s brilliant, in large part, because it spreads around places like this. So, here’s some free advertising for New Era in the form of a hilarious video in which Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson from ‘The Office’) quizzes Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman from ‘Parks and Rec’) about his Cubs fandom:

  • Mrp

    Got a little awkward there for minute during “shaving everything” comment, but that was freaking hilarious.

  • Doc Evans

    Would you go skinny dipping, in Lake Michigan, in December?



  • mjhurdle

    Awesome, just Awesome.

  • Rev. Bud Green

    I’d hit my grandma in the head with a snow shovel!

  • TWC

    Damn, I love these commercials.

  • King Jeff

    I’d let Mike Tyson punch me in the balls in exchange for a Cubs World Series win.

    • hardtop


    • Brent

      I’d let Mike Tyson punch you in the balls too

  • al

    Speaking of business and the Cubs:

    “Joe Ricketts is the founder of TD Ameritrade. He’s really rich, and he really dislikes Barack Obama. He’s working with longtime GOP operative Fred Davis on a way to spend $10 million venting that anti-Obama rage with a series of racial attacks on Obama.”

  • Spencer

    The word “iteration” always reminds me of LOST

  • Justin Jabs

    “You seem to do just fine.”


  • Jeremy

    Oh Ron Swanson!

  • Jfedwards333

    What if you had to trade in your car for a pig with a saddle on it?

    Absolutely. That’d be fantastic.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re right, that’d be awesome, nevermind.

    ^ That’s gold.

  • Jared

    These are great. This one certainly tops the 1st one. Hope to see more.