Cubs Fan Ron Swanson and White Sox Fan Darryl Philbin Go At It Again

New Era has created a brilliant campaign involving caricature fans of various teams, sparring with each other about their rivalry. For example, here was the first iteration of a Cubs/Sox battle.

It’s brilliant, in large part, because it spreads around places like this. So, here’s some free advertising for New Era in the form of a hilarious video in which Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson from ‘The Office’) quizzes Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman from ‘Parks and Rec’) about his Cubs fandom:

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14 responses to “Cubs Fan Ron Swanson and White Sox Fan Darryl Philbin Go At It Again”

  1. Mrp

    Got a little awkward there for minute during “shaving everything” comment, but that was freaking hilarious.

  2. Doc Evans

    Would you go skinny dipping, in Lake Michigan, in December?



  3. mjhurdle

    Awesome, just Awesome.

  4. Rev. Bud Green

    I’d hit my grandma in the head with a snow shovel!

  5. TWC

    Damn, I love these commercials.

  6. King Jeff

    I’d let Mike Tyson punch me in the balls in exchange for a Cubs World Series win.

    1. hardtop


    2. Brent

      I’d let Mike Tyson punch you in the balls too

  7. al

    Speaking of business and the Cubs:

    “Joe Ricketts is the founder of TD Ameritrade. He’s really rich, and he really dislikes Barack Obama. He’s working with longtime GOP operative Fred Davis on a way to spend $10 million venting that anti-Obama rage with a series of racial attacks on Obama.”

  8. Spencer

    The word “iteration” always reminds me of LOST

  9. Justin Jabs

    “You seem to do just fine.”


  10. Jeremy

    Oh Ron Swanson!

  11. Jfedwards333

    What if you had to trade in your car for a pig with a saddle on it?

    Absolutely. That’d be fantastic.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re right, that’d be awesome, nevermind.

    ^ That’s gold.

  12. Jared

    These are great. This one certainly tops the 1st one. Hope to see more.