Well, the Social Media Night thing was cool. The Alfonso Soriano homer was cool. That was about it.

Matt Garza was just OK tonight, and is quickly entering the Steve Sax, Chuck Knoblauch conversation after two more yip throws to first. The Cubs’ offense was stifled by a guy who was previously allowing TWO base runners per inning. And the bullpen … oh, the bullpen.

My night went something like this…

  • calicubsfan007

    Is it possible that, because this team is pretty young and/or inexperienced, the team is getting worn out?

  • SirCub

    You know what would almost definitely get Chris Volstad going this year? Get him a start against the Cubs. They have a knack for kickstarting the season for struggling starters.

    • Andrewmoore4isu

      I’d swap him for zambrano any day

      • Brady

        I wouldnt. Glad “Z” is gone and not destroying our locker room presence. Our relief pitching is demoralizing enough as it is.

    • Brady

      As much as I like the joke I will say that Kendrick still got a no decision tonight and we have beat up on some pretty decent starting pitchers so far this year not to mention the man we face tomorrow. Do I think we will repeat that earlier performance tomorrow? Probably not. Only way I see it happening is if we can get our offense to put up all kinds of numbers to drown out the sadness that will be spewing out of our pitchers tomorrow.

  • Jfedwards333

    Good thing we have Maine to fill Castillo’s spot in the pen.

    • jr5

      Certainly does slide right into that same role. For all of the talk about the Cubs not having a long-lasting third baseman between Santo and Ramirez, I think we overlooked the fact that they’ve had the “God-awful” reliever slot filled fairly consistently for, goodness, at least 15 years now, and probably going back even further. (I just don’t remember.) Good to see the organization has a nice pipeline of prospects to fill that spot.

  • Sinnycal

    Was at a bar in Detroit when sports center replayed Garza’s throw to first. Lots of laughs directed at me (they all know I’m a cubs fan) and a general concensus that he must have a mental block after killing a boy on a throw to first in little league.

  • JNasty

    Julian Tavarez is still holds the title of worst pitcher at throwing to first. he used to roll it over.

  • CubbiesOHCubbies

    Thats okay, you should have started laughing back at the folks from Detroit. I will gladly take a crappy baseball team living in Chicago over a mediocre baseball team and have to live in Detroit.

  • CubbiesOHCubbies

    As a side note, do we see ANY real reason Matt Garza would want to sign an extension if this is what he gets as backup. I mean come on, Ryan Dempster had and ERA just north of 1.00 and still didn’t have a win before his last start. It’s almost like a cruel joke with this bullpen. And I am really starting to question whether Sveum is ever going to be a good manager. He just makes Horrible decisions once or twice a game.

  • Mysterious4th

    I almost thought we had a chance to win last night….but then I realized if only we had a bullpen that could put on their big boy underware on and go out pitch. I think we should start a ticket raffle at wrigley, and whoever wins it can go into the pen and pitch. Couldn’t be any worse then what the pen is doing now, right?

    • RY34

      great idea, the cubs could do a new contest, be a cub reliever for a day and if you outpitch the current cubs we will sign you to a nice 10 day contract! it would be great!

  • Brian

    Garza talked about the two attempted throws to first, 1st one he said he was rushed and just tried to get it there. 2nd one he said he was in the throwing motion when he heard Soto yelling at him to hold the ball. Either way he (Garza) seems to be finding some humor in it all, which is good. Let it pass and move on to another day.

  • JRock3x8

    I love Al Yellon’s eternal optimism and glass-half-full mentality (mostly because it keeps me away from the window ledges) but more and more I enjoy Brett’s blunt but crafty sarcasm.


  • http://justinjabs.com/blog Justin Jabs

    Brett, you’re not one of those who leaves early, are you?? I always try to stay until the finish even if the score is 9-2. My first trip to Wrigley the Iowa Cubs were down in the 7th but we had to go catch the train, and I’m pretty sure they came back to win it.

    Never leave!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      When it’s 10:30 (and my body clock says it’s 11:30, which is about an hour and a half later than I’m usually up) and I’ve got to catch a train, ride a train, walk 10 blocks, write an Enhanced Box Score, and be up early the next morning to do more writing? Yes, I leave when the other team goes up seven in the top of the 9th…

      I think that’s the first time I’ve ever left before the final out. But I felt perfectly justified in doing so.

      • RY34

        You did the right thing; besides all you would have missed would have been a lazy pop out, fly out and half assed strike out!

      • http://justinjabs.com/blog Justin Jabs


  • this old cub 2

    Absolutely hate it when we face an 0-3, 6+ era starter and make him look like Cy Young!
    Where’s the scouting report? There must have been some weakness that resulted in his poor record coming in to the game.

    • RY34

      ah the cubs dont believe in scouting reports, we are a home run hitting team we can beat anyone as soon as the temps warm up…………..

  • RY34

    typical cubs, kyle kendrick looked so dominating last night, oh wait that was just the poor pathetic excuse also known as the cubs bats! and hey the bullpen was as combustible as always! i can almost accept the bomb by ruiz, good catcher in all and hitting a healthy robust .343 but what in the suck of lunas grand slam, so embarrassing! oh wait a minute now i know, the cubs are so great at giving up monumental firsts to anyone and everyone and that was luna’s first at bat this year, it all makes sense now! suckdom continues!