My hotel is plenty nice, and I’m overall satisfied. But if you’re going to do heavy construction in the room areas, you could probably wait until after 6:30am.

  • There were a couple of roster moves last night, the first of which you saw late in the game. Scott Maine was called up to replace Lendy Castillo, who hit the disabled list with a sore groin. Remember, if the Cubs want to keep Castillo, a Rule 5 pick, he’s got to spend at least 90 days on the active roster (not on the DL), so the team is only about halfway there. Perhaps he’ll come back in a month or so, when the Cubs decide they’re more able to have a guy stashed in the pen whom they can’t actually trust to put in the game.
  • The other roster move was a 40-man move, as Blake DeWitt – who was designated for assignment about 10 days ago – cleared waivers, and was outrighted to AAA Iowa. He now has to decide, once again, if he’ll accept the assignment (and keep his $1.1 million contract), or reject it, and become a free agent (and lose his contract). He’ll probably swallow his pride and accept the assignment. By my count, the Cubs’ 40-man roster now stands at 38.
  • Matt Garza has the yips. He just does. Ever since throwing away a shutout into the stands a while back, Garza can’t throw the ball to first base. I’ve counted no fewer than four throws to first directly into the ground since then, and it’s obviously in Garza’s head. But you wouldn’t know it by listening to Garza. “The first one, I had no time,” Garza said. “[Pierre] was out of the box I think before I even released the ball so I just picked it up and flipped it over as quick as I could. The second one, I get up and I’m about to throw it, and [Geovany Soto] tells me, ‘Don’t throw it, don’t throw it,’ and I was like, ‘I’m already going forward.’ Right there, if you’re thinking about ‘don’t throw it’ and you’re going, you’re not going to throw it where it needs to go …. It’s not a big thing. I’ll keep going. If all teams are going to do is bunt against me, we’re going to have some quick games. I’m not too worried about that. They’ll have to hit a single to score.”
  • Steve Clevenger is swinging the bat pain-free, and is hoping to return to the Cubs by May 25. “We are going to take it lightly over the next day or two and then increase the workload,” he said. “The medical staff is surprised. This was supposed to be a four- to six- week injury, and I’m ahead of that timetable.” If all goes well, he’ll go on a minor league rehab stint next week.
  • Dale Sveum reads Bleacher Nation? Well, not according to the man, himself, who told Patrick Mooney last evening, “I don’t read the papers. I’m not a guy that Tweets, or whatever you call that thing. I’m not a big computer guy. I don’t read the news.” But when discussing the Cubs’ hard-luck, walk-off loss to the Cardinals on Tuesday, Dale said: “You know somebody’s got to lose that night. Put it that way. [When you do], you dwell on it for a little while. Maybe [it’s] ‘should-a, would-a, could-a,’ but I don’t take it home with me. That would … drive you crazy.” From the Series Preview yesterday morning: “The Cubs head home to Chicago after a 1-1 series split in St. Louis (coulda, woulda, shoulda) to take on the Phillies for two games….” Ah ha! Proof positive! (I kid this time. I think that was probably just a coincidence. It’s not quite like using the same phrase “yukking it up.”)
  • I enjoyed the panel discussion by Carrie Muskat, Bears kicker (and heavy Twitter user) Robbie Gould, and Cubs’ PR and Marketing Specialist Kevin Saghy at last evening’s Social Media Night. Carrie was candid and funny.
  • Finally, some very sad news to pass along. Regular commenter, member of the community, and friend, Ty, has passed away. We all appreciated his thoughts and his passion for the game. He will be missed, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  • Cub Gone Wild

    Garza not being able to throw to first base reminds me of the movie Major League with the catcher not being able to throw the ball back to the pitcher. Maybe Garza needs a Victoria’s Secret catalog folded up in his back pocket. The excuse made for last nights episode is laughable.

    • Edwin

      I was thinking he was more like that kid in The Sandlot.

      • Brett


    • hansman1982

      I read into it that he is just thinking to damn much about it. Amazing how a guy can throw a 95 MPH pitch within 6 inches of where he wants it to go but can’t throw a 75 MPH fastball to a 5′ x 5′ target.

  • Cub Gone Wild

    Well, I was supposed to be leaving on a motorcycle trip over 2 hours ago with a bunch of guys from Columbus. Oh yes we were going to beat the Cincinnati traffic this morning so we could be in Gatlinburg early enough for a late afternoon ride to the Tail of the Dragon. So far I have heard from 1 of these clowns who have probably forgotten to tell their wives that this trip was even planned well in advance. The Columbus version of Wild Hogs is exactly what these guys are. My wife keeps coming in and asking me when the hell I’m leaving! Got her trained right after all these years! Oh ya I still have to check in via phone or text message routinely or the state police will be looking for me LOL. I can’t wait to see how much stuff these guys have packed for a 3 day bike trip. I should have known better.

    • Brett

      Gatlinburg is awesome. Have fun, if you ever get there.

    • rcleven

      “Got her trained right after all these years!”

      Been married 37 years and I still cant figure out who has trained who.

  • OkieCub

    If he ever makes reference to feline sleepwear we’ll have him.

  • hansman1982

    Best wishes to the family of Ty. Rest in Peace and say hi to Ronnie for us.

    • Fishin Phil


  • chris margetis

    Thoughts go out to Ty’s family. RIP Ty.

  • Norm

    I hope you’re getting out of here before all the NATO stuff this weekend. The crazies will be out in full force.

  • some guy

    Very interesting that part of the Cubs ownership plans to spend millions on attack ads trying to slime Chicago’s favorite son. Dumb PR, even aside from the stupidity of more of this Jeremiah Wright crap. Mighty hard to buy tix and merch when you worry it will be used for dumb shit like this.

    • Brett

      I don’t even know if I want to write about that because the Cubs connection is more tenuous than folks want us to believe, and I hate wading into politics (I’m as cynical as they come). But I have to preach caution: the plan discussed in that article is one of many proposals being considered by a group that Joe Ricketts is funding, and Joe hasn’t signed off on anything yet. So, it’s entirely possible that the proposal was written and leaked before Joe had even seen it. For all we know, he would have seen it and said, “nah, I’m not attaching my name to this.”

      But now it’s too late, because some writers wanted a story.

      • OhComeOn

        You know, when you constantly defend every single thing the Cubs management and ownership does, it’s tiresome and annoying, but tolerable since it at least has something to do with baseball. But making up excuses for this bilious old d-bag is just too much.

        • Brett

          I didn’t even defend it. I read the article, shared my opinion on the “angle” taken in it. I am a political agnostic, and I don’t really care about peoples’ politics. I’m certainly not going to DEFEND their politics. I am, however, going to point out when people are prematurely criticized – I do it for everyone, because that’s the way I am.

          And if you think I always defend everything Cubs management does, you clearly weren’t here during the Jim Hendry era.

          • Ivy Walls

            Here is the crux. Like it or not Ricketts and family are in two high profile business endeavors and their politics if it is public and controversal (regardless of partisan or other beliefs) than the marketplace by its nature is conjoined. Personally I recall discussing this with Mitch Fromstein who was a close friend and college roommates with Herb Kohl and MLB chief and Bud Selig. Kohl also had ownership stake with the Mil Bucks.

            Kohl somehow navigated this pretty well.

            Mixing politics with sports franchises is done but at a cost. Ironically I have read that one of Ricketts daughters is a big Obama supporter/contributor as well. Problem is if this kind of scorched earth stuff emerges with Ricketts money it will paint the Cubs it will a stain that puy the Cubs in a negative light and further complicate the business issues related to Wrigley renovation and the expansion initiatives, no dancing around the issue. I know the father is connected to the money part of the club.

            Political decisions are often emotional and as Fromstein said when it gets in the way of business which if you are fidiuary bound to do the best for your business interests than the cost could be high.

    • Norm

      I don’t think Joe Ricketts has anything to with the Cubs other than being the father of Tom and the other kids.

      • some guy
        • Luke

          From the link you provided:

          ” While Ricketts is not directly involved in the team’s operations, his son, Tom Ricketts, is Cubs chairman and his three other children (PeteLaura and Todd) are on the board of directors”

          That is basically what Norm said.  Joe is the dad of Tom and the other kids, but he has no direct involvement with the team.  If you check the Cubs’ Board of Directors (, he doesn’t appear there either.

          Like it or not, Joe Ricketts just really isn’t involved with the Cubs at all.

          • some guy

            He has nothing to do with the Cubs, aside from OWNING THEM. Even if he isn’t running the team, he is profiting from the team. And that means Chicago $$$ could be used to pay for slimy attack ads. Regardless of your politics, this is pretty terrible optics when the target is perhaps the most famous Chicagoan in the world.

            • Brett

              And I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a big reason why this particular proposal (which Joe didn’t create or approve yet) is not put into action in its current form. Because you’re right – there would be a certain level of tone-deafness there.

              • baseballet

                According to the article, although Joe Ricketts had not signed off on the plan yet, he did commission it because he felt that the McCain campaign didn’t go far enough, and he intended a harsh, incendiary campaign against Obama.
                It’s a buzzkill for a lot of Cubs fans, including me.

                • Ogyu

                  Exactly. Whether a particular ad campaign has or has not yet been approved, there’s nothing premature about fans taking exception to having the Cubs (and ownership $$$) asociated with this kind of garbage.

                  • Brett

                    You’re not wrong; all I’m saying it’s that it’s conceivable that Joe sees the plan as constructed by some think tank and he says, “yeah, you’ve gone too far.” And until we know which way the wind blows, I’m not ready to rip the guy.

                    (Candidly, I don’t really care to rip him either way, because I just don’t care about politics. I care about whether or not it hurts the Cubs (as I just wrote in a new post on this).)

                • Mike Foster

                  Buzzkill for sure. Wow, I gotta think about this, I’m not wearing anything Cubs related till more is known about this…..

            • Mrp

              Hmm, most famous Chicagoan. Michael Jordan? Ryne Sandberg? Ernie Banks? Walter Payton? Tell me who it is, the suspense is killing me!!

              • Luke

                Gotta be Abe Froman.

                • Mrp

                  LOL, good stuff my man.

                • Jfedwards333


          • hardtop

            i like it…. because if he was… i wouldnt be.  i cant stand this mindless conspiracy theory fear mongering bullshit.

    • Mrp

      How about taking this stuff on over the the huffington post where it belongs? I quite frankly don’t care and find it annoying that you are bringing politics into a Cubs fan site.

      • beerhelps

        Without getting into the politics of this, my only question is if this planned attack ad goes through, does it ever get to the point where it does affect the Cubs? Will we see protesters outside Wrigley? Even if Joe has nothing to do with the Cubs, do the kids say something to dad like, “hey maybe just cool it some there, pops, you’re killing our business”? Bottom line, do they lose any fans over this? Can anybody remember another sports ownership group so closely tied to such highly partisan politics?

        • Brett

          *IF* this actually went through as described in the article, it’s hard to see it not having a tangential effect, given the folks involved and their connection to Chicago (and the Cubs’ current efforts to curry favor with the political establishment in Chicago).

          • JulioZuleta
          • Ash

            Possible tangential effect: Occupy Wrigley.

        • FromFenwayPahk

          “Can anybody remember another sports ownership group so closely tied to such highly partisan politics?”


          “In April 1989, Bush assembled a group of investors from his father’s close friends…triggering allegations of insider trading…(the favorable SEC) decision (may have been) influenced by the makeup of the SEC …The chairman at the time was Richard Breeden, a good friend of the Bush’s who had been nominated to the SEC by President George H. W. Bush…”

          • beerhelps

            I completely erased George W from my memory bank …. duh. thanks for the reminder.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          I suspect that what varies among baseball owners is not how political they are, but how politically ostentatious they are.  Remember, when the 1% gets together, most of the baseball owners fall into the 1% of what’s there.  Such men rarely are apolitical.

          It would be nice to divorce baseball from politics, but I am hard pressed to think of anything that can be divorced from politics.

          • Cubmig

            “It would be nice to divorce baseball from politics, but I am hard pressed to think of anything that can be divorced from politics.”

            Couldn’t agree with you more Doc.

            Before turning on the TV and learning anything about the attack plan on the news this morning, I decided to replay the movie Moneyball. I wanted to watch it to get beyond the “hero-line story” that easily tugs at the emotional heart strings the first time one sees it. I wanted to see what the connection there was with life; principally the pedestrian life a lot of us live. So I took it in mainly for the lessons buried in it. In a certain part in the movie, the connection of what Billy was trying to accomplish to politics came through. That made me think.

            Then came the news and wham! WTF??? Joe Ricketts? My head dropped and veins tightened as the “Blue” was being squeezed out. How in the hell could this be? Didn’t we see Tom Ricketts in the stands just about every day at Wrigley mingling and rubbing elbows with his new base of loyal well wishers to reassure them he was on their side? He was smoozing big time. While he was about that, did he know, or have any idea Joe was busy injecting venom into the veins of those “well wishers”?

            I am not naive enough to believe political differences do not exist among us, but poisoning the well you (Ricketts) depend on to succeed, is idiotic. Joe Ricketts is stupid. One can say he didn’t “sign-off” on the ad plan, but he sure was salivating over the idea. It affirmed his hate.

            So, here we are, Cubs fans. We have seen and lived through many years of pain and suffering, but it’s always come from what happened on the field; not over sh*t like this. What will come of this, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if fans express their feelings through some sort of protest.

  • Logan

    Matt Garza and The Yips sounds like an indie jam band

    • Brett

      First single: “Wearing the Cat’s Pajamas.”

  • Cub Gone Wild

    Almost 11:00 AM and still no bikers from Columbus. Hmm was supposed to leave at 7:00 AM
    they get 30 more minutes and I’m done. I only have visions of how F**ked up my weekend is going to be. Sometimes it’s better to fly solo

    • hardtop

      people from ohio just cant be trusted 😉

  • Adam1680

    For as good as a pitcher as Garza is, he sure is terrible with the glove and with the bat.

  • Cub Gone Wild

    well the Wild Hogs are on their way… damned near 4 hours late. I never heard so many excuses in a 1 minute phone call. It boils down to the fact that they had to get their yards mowed or one of them was dealing with a pissed off wife who was saying no to the trip all along and finally caved in at the last minute when everyone showed up in his driveway. That’s going to make my weekend just great because this dude is gonna have his tail between his legs the whole time and be calling to say he is sorry 5000 times. Pathetic excuses for men is what I say. How do guys get so hen pecked. What’s funny is the UPS and FedEx trucks keep circling my house LOL… I’m screwing up the entire day for those guys. I should have been gone a long time ago. Seriously how do guys get that pussy whipped. I can’t believe it.

    • RY34

      its powerful stuff man, it like puts a trance over some of us! Have a great trip. Gatlinburg is an awesome place to visit!

    • Brian

      Remember, Duct tape is stronger than it appears!!! Have fun!!

    • Jay

      Cub Gone Wild….I have boys like that…pretty pathetic….the funniest thing is when one of my friends wife is out of the house .He tries to act like a big shot….calling everyone to go out and talking shit when they cant. The fact is everyone can go out but choose not to accomodate him. Then when his wife is back hes no where to be seen. He’s still searching for his sac almost 5 years after getting married. Need to put them on the side of a milk carton.

  • JulioZuleta

    Sad to hear about Ty.

    Brett, you have now witnessed, in person, both of Garza’s errors. Clearly he reads BN, reads that you’re going to the game and puts such pressure on himself to impress you in person that he ends up getting the yips.

    • Brett

      Matt: I want you to know, it’s ok.

      • Ash

        Yeah Matt, it gets better. Take it from Jarod Saltalamacchia.

  • Patrick

    You’ll know the manager is reading this when he refers to his 1-2 punch as Gardzija.

    • Brett

      Haha. Indeed. Or if he calls Bryan LaHair “LaDiculous.” Somehow that doesn’t seem like Dale’s speed…

  • Jfedwards333

    “Matty, did you see today’s post? Brett thinks you’ve got the yips. But at least he didn’t yell at me about Castro’s bunt. Coulda, shoulda, woulda…”
    – Dale Sveum

  • Jfedwards333

    Anyone else curious if the Cubs paid DeWitt $1 mill because they knew he was potentially going to be yo-yo’ed all season and didn’t want him to leave?

    It’s one thing to get DFA’d, it’s another thing when other teams consistently let you clear waivers. And DeWitt could serve some other teams, I just think no one else wants to pay his salary.

    Hence, the Cubs have been able to keep him in the fold because of the contract.

    Or would the Cubs be happy for someone to claim him? Do they regret the contract? Did they legit think he was gonna be in the mix before Cardenas came along?

    Just curious. Not sure if there was any foresight to the Designated for DeWitt, one-act play Blake’s had to go through. Bet it’s tough on a pro to know you’re the goat at the BBQ.

  • rcleven

    Right now DeWitt is a second thought to the Cubs. Just another contract to get rid of. The organization is obligated to pay his salary. Don’t think he blocking anybody so make him work for his money.