The Cubs couldn’t quite muster enough offense today. Jeff Samardzija was decent, save for a two-run homer to Paul Konerko in the first, and then hitting Konerko in the face later in the game (unintentionally). He also gave up the game-winning run.

Kerry Wood walked away from the mound on top – he struck out the only man he saw today. Seeing his son dash out of the dugout to meet Kerry as he strolled off the field one last time … it’s ok to have been a little choked up.

A moment to grouse:

The Cubs might have been in business when David DeJesus hit a gapper in the 5th. He reached second as the throw came in, and he slid in safely. As Gordon Beckham turned to tag DeJesus, Beckham hurled his whole body into DeJesus, knocking him off the base, and the umpire called DeJesus out. It was absurd. Dale Sveum came out to argue – he was really riled up – and was quickly ejected. The umpire, I can only assume Beckham’s maneuver was unintentional, and that somehow made a difference.

It’s a shame, but there doesn’t seem to be a great rule in the MLB Rule Book that says clearly “you can’t push a guy off of a base.” But, obviously, you can’t push a guy off of a base. The closest approximation is Rule 7.06 on Obstruction, which could have been called. If it were, DeJesus would have been awarded third base. As it was, the umpire made a snap interpretation – one that common sense screams was wrong – and the Cubs were screwed out of a great chance for a run.

But forget all that. Today was special.

  • Jared

    That was something else…I am not sure I have ever teared up and had goosebumps at the same time. The only time, only game, I have EVER witnessed live from the stands at Wrigley, Woody threw a complete game 3 hitter that the Cubs won against the Marlins…Kerry Wood will always have a special place with me, not only from that one game, but many watching him on WGN…he is a true sportsman, and absolutely deserved to go out after a K, followed by an amazing show from the fans…and I’ll give props to the White Sox players, and fans in attendance, they recognized it as nothing short of spectacular…34!!!

  • WGNstatic

    I am sure there are many folks in my same situation, but man, was I sad to see Kerry Wood go. I am 35. The 84 team is my first real memory of the Cubs. THe 89 team helped me grow up, that and the disappointment of the lack of development through the early 90s of that team. Then came the late 90’s, Kerry’s 20K game, Sammy, Rod Beck, and so on. 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, and of course the ’99, 2000, 2005, 2006 all happened to. So much of the success and failure of those seasons revolved around the relative health of Kerry Wood.

    Kerry Wood was my last gasp at being a “kid” fan of the Cubs. I do, and will continue to be a huge fan, but I am not a kid anymore. I look at players now more from the jaded perspective how much they might contribute to my dream of the the Cubs winning it all. I see them (though I hate to admit it to myself) as mercenaries.

    Aramis Ramirez was the breakwater for me. It’s not his fault. But I watched him with the 03, 07, and 08 clubs. I should adore the guy. I should be crushed that he nows plays for a rival. But I am not. He was a good thirdbaseman who it was logically time to move on from.

    Kerry Wood can’t, for me, be that guy that I logically move on from. I want him to be a Cub. I was sad when the Cubs beat him (as an Indian) in his only trip to Wrigley as an opponent. How could the Cubs beat a Cub???

    For me, no player will likely ever hold a piece of my Cub-dedicated soul in the same way again. Grace did. Maddux did. Sandberg, Dunston, Dawson, Sutcliffe, those guys all did/do capture my imagination as “Cubs”.

    For you “young” fans, may Starlin Castro, Bryan LaHair, etc. always be Cubs. May they go out on top. May they help bring all of us fans great joy.

    I am no less a Cubs fan today than I was a year ago and I am sure I will be no less a fan a year from now. That said, a small piece of my Cub’s fandom blew away with a warm wind today. The last of my “childhood” Cubs heroes stepped off the stage today. I cried a bit when he came in, and a bit more when he left.

    This is what being a Cubs fan is all about.

    Go Cubs Go.

    • http://bleachernation ferris

      great post, i am 40 and you nailed it,this is exactly how i feel…..good job……i was so glad he left as a cub,i wanted grace to be able to come back an do the same thing as well,dawson to……….kerry, like grace wont get his number retired but i hope they wait a lil before handing it out to… no offence the nxt bobby hill ,i was glad to see garza as 22 this year instead of 17…but kerry must end up out front of wrigley in the walk of fame,thanks for the memories kid k….

  • Roy Hobbs


    Great post dude. I’m 35 as well and you pretty much summed up my feelings perfectly. I really enjoyed reading your post, very nicely done my man.

  • WiscoCubbie

    they say there is no crying in baseball. well today was an exception.

  • Brian

    Isn’t it funny how fans & writers of a “losing” team will complain about “losing a single run” on a umpires call…. if they were winning this wouldn’t be a big deal.

    • Brett

      … you mean fans of a team that wins don’t complain about how the team didn’t lose by a single run? Yeah. You’re right. That’s pretty rare.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        I think that Brian might mean that rans of teams with winning records do not complain about losing the occasional 1-run game by a blown call. ┬áIf so, then he’s never encountered Yankee fans: they bitterly lament every flagrantly blown calls that led to every Yankee out as well as all Y flagrantly blown calls that prevented a perfect game. ┬áNothing short of a congressional investigation is in order.

        And it is worse if the Yankees actually lose the game…..

  • Curt

    idk if this has been mentioned but the timing of Kerry’s retirement any chance he was asked to by theo/Jed or was it solely his idea either way Ty Kerry for all the great monents

    • King Jeff

      With the way the news broke through his wife’s twitter account, I think it was probably Kerry’s decision. You can tell he wasn’t happy with the way he was throwing, and if the Cubs are willing to wait on Marmol to figure things out, I don’t see why they would try to push Wood out the door, with no viable replacements available.

  • Ben

    I would hope if he still felt like pitching and still had it in him he would tell them to eat rocks if they asked him to retire…..I simply think he wanted to go out on his terms…..Rare to see that these days…..I love you Kerry and will miss you

  • Matty V

    I was also at the game. I was sitting in the lower deck but only had my crappy phone for pictures. I got several far shots of the game and Wood. I wish I would have remembered my camera.

    It was an amazing day of emotion and drama for both Cubs and Sox fans. When Kerry came off the mound for the last time, there wasn’t a dry eye in our whole section. What really got me to tear up was when his son came out kf the dugout. I’ll never forget that. Sox fans were also cheering for him, which is probably the classiest thing I’ve seen Sox fans ever do.

    As far as the game goes, I believe there were two (maybe even three times) that the Cubs had guys in scoring position with one out and couldn’t get them home. Shark pitched very well. His only two bad pitches were to Konerko in the first and Beckham in the eighth. (Is it me or does some terrible no-name from the Sox always get the game winning hit against us?)

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