According to multiple reports, Chicago Cubs reliever and longtime fan favorite Kerry Wood will announce his retirement today.

Obviously we’ll have more on this as it evolves, but some of us have seen this coming for a few weeks now. Sad that he couldn’t go out on his own terms.

Kerry Wood is one of many Cubs players who made the Cubs worth cheering for. I’m looking forward to the next chapter. 

I’m traveling this morning (hence the obvious phone post), so I might be in the air when the actual announcement comes down. Feel free to drop salient info into the comments.

UPDATE: Matt Spiegel says Kerry actually hoped to pitch today and then retire tomorrow, but his wife’s tweets may have accellerated the process (her tweets tipped folks off about a possible retirement this morning). Kerry apparently still hopes to pitch today. I hope he gets a shot, and I *really* hope he throws a scoreless frame.

UPDATE II: Now reports say Kerry will probably get one last appearance at some point during White Sox series (not necessarily today), and then probably announce retirement.

  • TrueblueCubbie

    If it is to be, it is to be. I would hope he sticks around with the Cubs in some capacity.

  • hansman1982

    Is it sad that I am tearing up a bit?

    Hey White Sox, I know you are obnoxious assholes but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t try too hard to do anything but K for Kid K.

    • Richard Nose

      It’s not sad at all!!!!!!! I am too. I’m already trying to bust ass out of work to see the game today. If he comes in in a big spot and does work and drops K’s and maybe gets a save is he really gonna take his hat off and waive to the fans and roll out!?!?!?!??!!?!? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, dude’s a baller.

    • Joe

      Me too. I knew he was going to retire this year, but this came unexpectedly for me. It’s sudden, it’s shocking, it’s sad. I hope to hell he goes out striking out the side. I can’t imagine how he’ll feel going up to the mound and knowing it’s his last time. I’d be crying out there if it were me… which is another reason I’m not a major league player, LOL.

      “There’s no crying in baseball!!!”

  • Curt

    very sad way to end a good career for Kerry. to bad his wife couldn’t wait for an appropriate time to tweet

  • Local Idiot

    His stat line doesn’t come close to who Kerry Wood is. He has always been a stand up guy, he will be missed. I too, hope they find a place for him in the organization.

  • Papi

    I hope Svuem puts him in to face 1 batter today and Kid K strikes him out before throwing his hat and glove into the stands.

    • Smitty

      Amen to that Papi!

    • Still Love the Cubs

      Ha!! We were at the game and that is EXACTLY what happened. Pretty cool moment. Kerry got a curtain call.

      It was funny because a lot of the people sitting around us didn’t know that he was retiring so it kind of was spreading around the stadium really fast and when he got taken out everyone was standing and cheering.

  • Mrp

    So sad to see him go out like this, but unfortunately it was time. Such a class act and a great guy for the community. A lot of good memories. Not a Chip Carey fan but I’ll always remember, HERE COMES THE HOOK!

  • SFCOtt

    Here’s to hopping Woody comes through for a scoreless inning in the 8th sometime in the next three games.

  • SoCal Cubs Fan

    It is sad to hear the news that Kerry is going to retire! It is also very much like him. He could’ve just continued on and collected his money (like a lot of others), but he holds himself to a pretty high standard. He has shown yet again that he places the team and his teammates above himself!!! I do hope the Cubs find a way for Kerry to continue to be a member of the Cubs family!

  • MaxM1908

    I really hope that he gets one last good outing to go out in style. Even though his stuff hasn’t been there, he deserves a performance worthy of his career.

  • Dante Hicks

    I know he has struggled and maybe there is an injury. Anyone else wonder if this timing was influenced by the Ricketts fiasco? WIll he remain a “cub” now or just fade away?

    Maybe not, but maybe Woody realizes what buffoons are running this team on the ownership side (not Theo people) and wants nothing to do with any of them?

    Or maybe he is just done.

    Why does so much bad stuff always happen on Cubs-Sox weekends?

    • Brian

      What fiasco, is that? So, you don’t like the ownership?

      • King Jeff

        The one where Joe Ricketts is so against Obama that he tried to make negative tv ads about him or something like that. From what I can tell it has nothing to do with Tom Ricketts, unless you are a troll.

        • Cubs1967

          Last time I checked; Joe Ricketts is owner of Cubs; his money; not the kids was the down pymt; so even though Tommyboy may not be a fan of his dad’s politics & is the “face” of the cubs as owner;; he’s related to Joe…………and it looks like Mayor Rahm is pretty pissed either way.

          • Mrp

            Take your damn political discussions elsewhere please. This is about Kerry Wood retiring.

            • Cubs1967

              could we have an adult respond next time.


          • Richard Nose

            Yeah, thanks for sharting all over the Kerry Wood thread.

      • TWC

        How ’bout we just leave yesterday’s news on yesterday’s thread, and not try to pick fights on this one, OK?

        • Smitty

          Amen to that TWC!

        • Mrp

          Yeah, what TWC said!

        • Joe


  • Fishin Phil

    God Bless you Kerry. Thanks for the memories!

  • Dante Hicks

    Thanks to Kerry for charity work and giving me some great thrills. I watched that 20 strikeout game on WGN America. I was there for the sad playoff in 1998 vs. the Braves. I was there for his HR in game 7 in ’03 which is the loudest I’ve ever heard Wrigley and all time favorite. I was there when he made his miracle return form the DL (year?) and the place went nuts. A wonderful guy.

  • Brian

    It seems alot of this was avoidable. Don’t bring him in as a rostered player, if, indeed some of his being here was a role model, less money to be an assitant of some sort would have worked fine also. Still wears the uniform that alot hold dear. Which then allows for another pitcher to fill the bullpen and maybe some of the recent past issues go away.

    • King Jeff

      I’m not sure what you are saying needed to be avoided. Wood pitched pretty well last year and there was little reason for concern coming into spring training. I also am not sure who you think would have been a better option for the bullpen for the amount that they paid Kerry Wood. If he is retiring, his roster spot will go to someone else, so there is not really any negative here, except that things didn’t work out for Wood this year.

      • Brian

        It goes back to this signing. Was he signed to be a pitcher or was he signed to be a role model, like so many on here made as a selling point for bringing him back this year. This signing wasn’t matching up with the plan being laid out, outside of Wood is a huge fan favorite. A young arm given a chance, imo, was a better option.
        Unfortunately alot of years have not worked out for Wood and the Cubs.

        • King Jeff

          I think he was brought back for both, and the pitching part of the equation hasn’t worked out. There aren’t any young arms in the system that were ready for Wood’s spot. He was being counted on as the setup man this year, it didn’t work out, and now everyone is moving on. Worse case for this scenario, the young pitchers got a few more months in the minors, I still don’t see the harm in taking a chance on Wood this year.

          • Richard Nose

            Yeah, what’s so confusing about him being a pitcher and a role model at the same time?

  • OlderStyle

    I will always fondly remember the time I was at the park and saw Kerry strike out 10 in Cincinatti in late September of ’03.

    Unfortunately, bringing him back this year was a mistake.

    Best to you Kerry, thanks for the memories.

  • rbreeze

    Farewell Kid K!!!  One of my favorite Cubs.  He pitched through a lot of pain during his time here.  We had a lot of ups and downs together.  Its time to move on but he will be missed.  I hope he gets a chance to pitch this weekend and close his career with a strikeout.  Thanks for the memories Kerry!!!!!!!!!!

  • BleedBlueinWNeb

    i see nothing sad about this! i have nothing but positive memories from Kerry Wood. Outside of Mark Grace, my all-time favorite Cubs player, i can’t remember rooting for and liking a Cub more than Kerry Wood! I still remember it clear as day back in ’98…i ended up having the day off of work due to bad weather ( i was working construction at the time ) which meant a frozen pizza and WGN for Cubs / Astros and Kerry Wood mania. at one point i had to pick up the phone and call my mom just to say “are you watching?”

    Also in his first year back from Tommy John surgery i was living in st louis at the time and another cub fan buddy of mine were just sitting around after his first start off the DL and we just said let’s drive to Wrigley tomorrow and watch him pitch. got up early drove from St louis to wrigley we’d bought tickets the night before sat about 20 rows back behind home plate and watched him give up homers to kevin young and pat meares i think as the Buccos beat us.

    So many memories and through it all he was a Cub, a guy who loved Wrigley, Chicago, and the fans.

    i hope he gets an inning in sometime this weekend and can stay composed enough to get through a good inning of work!

    We love ya Kerry!

  • Brett

    I’ll write about this later – about to take off – but Geo’s knee injury is a slightly torn meniscus, and he’s likely headed to the DL after the game.

    • King Jeff

      A torn meniscus for a catcher is a pretty serious injury. I hope Clevenger gets healthy fast.

      • rcleven

        Lalli called up to B/U Castillo.

        • Njriv

          Whats the scouting report on Lalli?

          • Joe

            He’s got some Pop.

            Get used to hearing that.

    • aCubsFan

      So much for any trade value for Soto.

  • Stinky Pete

    Cannot wait for them to show the 20 K game.

  • jt

    I think it makes me a bad person, but I really hope he puts Kerry in today to bean ball aj pierzynski

    I think that would be a good way to go out 😀

    Joking, I hope he can toss a scoreless frame and go out in style.

    • Cubs1967

      like the first idea for friday.
      then the scoreless inning on saturday.
      followed by starting on sunday…….with a no-no NO less.

  • King Jeff
  • gratefulled

    No f’ing way. What an f’ed up way to end a career. Doesn’t seem right.

    • TWC

      Cheers to that.

    • Joe

      Yeah, sadly so. Well, at least he had what comeback he did get, turning into a pretty nice closer/reliever for a couple years. Prior didn’t even get that.

  • Edwin

    Kerry Wood and Sammy Sosa are my two favorite Cubs players ever. That 1998 season is when I really fell in love with the Cubs. Regardless of how well Kerry does in his final outing it will probably be a great sendoff from the fans.

  • Webb

    Chris Volstadt has worse numbers. Maybe he should retire instead. I hate that the media created pressure for him to hang it up. They should be ashamed to add their two cents on when he should call his career. He’s been nothing but classy to them.

  • necusfan

    As I was reading this and slightly tearing up, my five year old daughter walked in the room and said:
    “Daddy, are you crying?”
    “Kind of”
    “One of my favorite baseball players is retiring.” I then showed her Kerry’s 20Ks from YouTube.
    After watching it she said, “Daddy?”
    “Yes sweetie?”
    “Can I have a pice of gum?”
    A Cubs fan isn’t built in a day, I suppose. Best of luck to Kid K!

    • Caleb


    • Joe

      LMAO. Gawd — that was beautiful.

      • Richard Nose

        Yes, very solid

  • cubbiesfan74

    I say let him start the game. Keep whoever the actual starter is in the bullpen and let Kerry walk to the mound to start the game. I think he deserves that respect and the standing ovation. Kerry can pitch the first inning, say his goodbyes and then bring the starter in to start the second. Gonna miss seeing Kid K. Good Luck Kerry!!!

    • hansman1982

      Yes, that would be awesome.

    • hogie

      They should do it tommorow when Dempster starts. Both class act Cubs with strong ties to the community. I doubt they will, but this would be a great sendoff.

    • Patrick

      Surprisingly, I agree with this. I would love to see it.

    • Joe

      Wow. It won’t happen, but wouldn’t that be a goddamn hell of a thing. Just one inning? Damn, that would rock.

  • TSB

    We can always use a good pitching coach.

  • djriz

    The best scenario is Kerry ending the game. He may be too emotional to handle it, but if the game is a blowout and he gets the final out..the ovation will last to tomorrow..that would be sweet.

    I know Kerry’s too classy, but shouldn’t he flip Steve Stone the bird?

    And finally if you dont tear up, your not human.

  • MichiganGoat

    This is the right series for him to retire, I just hope he gets to stoke out one White Sux then ride out in glory.

  • Brandon

    I would love to see him start one last time best of luck Kid K

  • rich

    to bad he had all the arm troubles ,. i think he would have been one of the alltime greatest! but it was time for sure!