Ryan Dempster wasn’t at his best, and even the return of Koyie Hill couldn’t salvage this one for the Cubs. James Russell had his first truly awful outing, and the offense couldn’t do anything against John Danks. And why would they? It’s not like he’s been brutally awful this year until tonight.

At least there was one bright spot.

  • Mrp

    Our comeback was halted by Koyie Hill in the 9th.

    • rcleven

      Now that’s funny.

  • Matt

    Wood retires… Parker goes out with injury… Russell struggles… Could things get much worse in the bullpen?

    • Mrp

      Please don’t ask that question. If you have to know the answer, look at our catching situation right now. It can always get worse.

    • MichiganGoat

      Um Marmol could still be here or we could still have Kevin Gregg

      • Rick Vaughn

        Goat nails it with Kevin Gregg. Where is Antonio Alfonseca these days?

        • ColoCubFan

          Or as Ron Santo called him, Al Fonseca.

      • JNasty

        I think Rick Aguilera and Felix Heredia are still available set up men.

      • Polar Bear

        Or LaTroy Hawkins!!!

        • Rick Vaughn

          Dude, here we all are having a good time and then you come in and name drop LaTroy Hawkins. Not cool bro…not cool at all.

    • Cubbie fan lost in Atlanta

      Wasn’t able to catch the game.. But Parker got injured? Was it serious?

      • Brady

        Yea really? I didnt get to watch it either but he seemed like one of the few guys we had that can throw strikes. Did he injure himself trying to throw to first base and not over it?

    • ColoCubFan

      What happened to Parker anyway?

  • Mrp

    Koyie “bleeping” Hill!!!!

  • TrueblueCubbie

    Well…at least Soriano is getting hot. It won’t last long before the cold spell but we can enjoy it while it lasts I guess.

    • Mrp

      Just in time for LaHair to go cold. I’d love to see both of them get hot at the same time.

  • Cubbie fan lost in Atlanta

    With our messed up Bullpen (and catcher) situation, Would it be possible to trade away Dave Sappelt and get a nice, back end guy? Perhaps a set up man or a middle reliever?

    • rcleven

      Of what quality? Always trade for somebody.

      • Cubbie fan lost in Atlanta

        A “Nice” addition. I’m not asking for a Aroldis Chapman Or Mariano Rivera, just someone who can through Strikes & get batters out. ( & if it was a lefty, that’d be brownie points.)

        • rcleven

          Sappelt is hitting .219 with a 336 slg. If you were a GM of a team what would you give for him?

          • cubs1967

            sean marshall……..ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….our GM did.

            damn that was a bad trade……..WTF team theo!

            • Brady

              I think you are forgetting 2 others that were involved in that trade.

              • cubs1967

                oh; the guy at high A hitting below the mendoza line or the AAA pitcher with the near 5 ERA.or 17 plus ERA in ST…….those 2.

                Like I said……..damn that was a bad trade

                • Njriv

                  Its only May, if we always quickly judged minor league players only two months into a season, more than usual would never make it to the majors.

                • Corey

                  If you’re going to go by stats right now, just go check out how Marshall is doing in Cincy. It’s far from pretty.

            • Pat

              Just imagine how much better the bullpen would be with another guy with an ERA over 5 and a couple of losses. Yep, terrible trade.

          • Drew7

            Thats a little extreme. You think you can give that one a bit more time?

            1 year of an above average set-up guy in exchange for:
            – A 4th outfielder ranked in the top 20 in the Red’s system
            – A 19 yr old 2B with an elite hit tool that is, at the very least, a good long term risk. And,
            – A young starter with good upside

            I’m not ready to call the trade a great success; I’m gonna wait a year or two to decide that.

            • cubs1967

              sean marshall had a 2.8 WAR last year; 3rd best for RP…..I’m guessing most GMs think that is outstanding ;not above avg. (or that he is 29 and in his prime).
              technically, saffelt could not beat out campy-reed-sori-dejesus-dewitt-baker-mather-so that makes him a 8th OF.
              and the little 2nd baseman is looking an awful like mario mendoza so far……..you know the dude who could not hit .200 in the majors.

              shit trade. fact show it. put down the team theo kool-aid; it’s sour so far.

              • Njriv

                …..Its only May…

              • Drew7

                Seriously? If you havent noticed, most people here are capable and courteous enough to hold a respectful conversation. You of all people should know, being the one here last week who threw a hissy fit when people didnt show you respect, that being condescending and a jerk is ridiculous. I actually felt a little sorry for you then.

                I tried, but now I’d rather you take your trolling bs to espn.

                • Njriv

                  Is this towards me?

                  • Drew7

                    No Njriv.

              • Jimmy james

                Maybe put down the I’m smarter than y’all-aid and realize you can’t judge a trade, especially one for prospects, this early…..you may be right but I still think you are crazy…and no you are not the lunatic I,m looking for

                • MichiganGoat

                  Agreed, this constant crying over trades a few months into the season is getting tiresome and not accomplishing anything.

                  • Rick Vaughn

                    Not to read too much into it, but didn’t Marshall just lose his job as the Reds closer? Maybe with Marshall we’d still be solid in the 8th, but this team’s problems go way beyond what Marshall would bring to the table.

                    Isn’t this only a month and a half into the season after we traded him for prospects? Or do I need to adjust my calender a few years?

              • art

                forget last year, what has he done this year?

        • DocPeterWimsey

          “I’m not asking for a Aroldis Chapman Or Mariano Rivera, just someone who can through Strikes & get batters out.”

          If you want a reliever who can consistently, year-in and year-out, throw strikes and get batters out, then you basically are asking for Rivera.  This is a very rare beasty, indeed.

  • da_cubs

    What happened to being patient and working the count?

    • Drew7

      I hate to say it, but thats only gonna come with personnel change. No matter what coaches want them to do, guys like Castro, Barney, Soriano, Johnson, Baker, and Castillo will always lack patience.

      Until Theo has more time to construct the system his way, we will have to endure the Hendry “Hangover” of players with little to no plate discipline. It drives me insane, too.

      • Mrp

        So true and it makes me sad in the pants.

      • hogie

        Our hitting coach, who hates patience, is probably a little to blame as well.

    • ColoCubFan

      The last I heard, the hitting coach is still preaching the aggressive approach.

  • cerambam

    Somebody’s cold…. Castro/Lahair

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Or the BABiP gods have been less kind than they were…..

  • Curt

    please god why koyie hill we have no one at all a guy off the street took forever to get rid of him

    • rcleven

      If you are not looking at offense Hill caught a decent game tonight. Called a good game and got down and blocked pitches in the dirt. Defensively better than Castillo. What else can you ask of a player who won’t be here in a month.

  • Cheryl

    It looks like we’re entering a dry spell.

  • Cee-Dee-Vee

    Baker really needs to go!!
    Bring up Valbuena, see what he can do

    • TrueblueCubbie

      I agree with getting rid of Baker. I would like to see them get rid of Johnson too. As much as I like Johnson with his gritty play and leadership, he is just taking up space on the bench.

      • Coal

        They can’t get rid of everybody or they would have to start switching those fathead-like posters surrounding the marquee. That costs $. Kerry Wood was actually one of the “dots” on the scoreboard racing for a free pizza tonight. His dot won.

        There are only 2 or maybe 3 guys that are on the roster today that will be on the roster when the cubs “get good” so get ready for some changes. Problem is we still have huge payroll, and not that many solid guys in minors. We (and by “we” I mean Theo) have a LOT riding on Rizzo and Jackson. A lot.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          No, they don’t have a lot riding on those two. They have a lot running on players not yet signed. Theo was polite but blunt: there is a dearth of talent in the Cubs system. It’s going to take a couple of years to build up that talent.

  • CBP

    I think Castro needs A day off

    • Njriv

      I think so too, hes played like every game this year, They should move Barney over and give Cardenas a start at 2nd a little more than they have been.

    • King Jeff

      I agree, and I think he needs to sit with Matt Garza on his off day. That way, maybe some of Garza’s intensity and attentiveness to the games would rub off on Castro and give him a different perspective of things.

  • http://i Cory

    I said for the last 2 years soriano needed a smaller bat is he hot or is the bat making a difference?

  • Jeremy

    This team is getting to the point where its unwatchable. They either have great pitching for the first seven innings and then the bullpen blows it, or they can’t hit to save their lives.

    • Njriv

      So true, only the first 4 in the order can produce and I think the lack of offense has put a little more pressure on the SP’s, It seems Castro and LaHair are being a little overplayed and are slumping because of it. I think if you move LaHair to LF, play Soriano less and Cardenas more, bring up Rizzo and BJax (even though he is not doing so hot in Triple-A right now i feel like he will produce when he gets the call) it would shake the line-up up a bit. Jeff Belliveau has looked good in Triple-A and hopefully the next few deals the Cubs make includes pitching and another productive bat. Things could get interesting at the deadline and in the off-season.

      • art

        agree, unfortunately Soriano won’t sit.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    I’m still a fan of Theo and crew and like Sveum a lot. But I have to confess, I’m disappointed in how little tinkering at the margins Theo did. The core is still all Hendry and I don’t think the pr and performance in minors match. There are some big holes.

    I thing if they can get young talent back they have to trade Dempster and Garza.

    • Njriv

      There was not really that much he could have done this past off-season. This year he did as much as he could to get the best deals, but it was more of him getting his staff together. I think we are really going to start to see Theo’s impact on the team at the deadline and this off-season.

  • Spencer

    I can’t believe they lost, what with that All-Star lineup that was out there today. I understand wanting to get the bench some time, but not all at once. Maybe they had good splits against Danks. I’m tired of getting dominated by the Sox.

    • Jimmy james

      Most of the season four runs wins with demo on the mound (well almost, we won’t talk about the pen)

  • http://bleachernation.com PattyP

    It’s a crying shame that Baker is still on this team. A quarter of the season is over and i don’t recall him having a hand in any of the team’s victories this year.

  • The Dude Abides

    I really thought this series would be the turning point and we would never look back and Theo would be Mayor of Chicago…NOT…what did everyone expect this season to be? This team is horrible by any measurement and every time we win a series someone says here we go, this is fun to watch, we are close, etc. No we are not, and we will not be this year and more than likely next year won’t be much better. This is Theo’s plan dump salary, try to catch a comeback player or two and hope out of nowhere we develop a couple of players. It has been well documented they are tearing it down, what has not been documented is when do they plan to be held accountable for putting a potential division winning team on the field? 2014 at the earliest and that may be optimistic but at this point we are in with the plan so you may as well accept that. Hopefully you were being truthful when you said you would rather watch this team rather than bad teams of the past. Let’s stay optimistic by 2014 we will know if we have been on the Titanic or the Phoenix and rising from the ashes, 104 years and counting and no end in sight. “In Rickett$ we trust” doesn’t sound quite right so we will make it “in Theo we trust”…

    • DocPeterWimsey

      “In Theo we trust” is a good double entendre, if nothing else….

  • Stu

    The 1962 Mets went 40-120. The good news is that by 1969, they won the World Series.

    The 2012 Cubs are 15-25 and could be around 52-110. So maybe 2017-18 is not out of the question for a World Series ring.

  • ry34

    quite possibly the worst offense i have seen in a long time. peavy will totally dominate us today and the asswipe white sux will laugh their way across town enjoying their sweep. this team is becoming so hard to watch and the apocalypse is definitely upon us with koyie hill and his automatic outs back in the friendly confines! hopefully october gets here soon!

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