Matt Garza was slapped around by a number of guys who have no business slapping a guy like Garza around, and he was done after just three innings. It was easily one of his worst starts as a Cub, and he’s going to just have to shake this one off.

From there, Randy Wells actually pitched decently in relief, but the Cubs’ offense was, incredibly, shut out until the 9th inning, which is the only inning in which the Cubs can score. But *only* if they’re already down by a million runs.

I’d say we’ve reached a low point, but the Cubs have to play again tomorrow.

Also, I’m pretty sure that number in the 9th should be a four, but, like, whatever, man. The original box was messed up, and I thought it fitting.

  • Njriv

    Nice to see Cardenas go 2-4

    • MichiganGoat

      Oh yeah that too, yep thats makes two positives.

  • hansman1982

    Wait a minute – what is a reliever doing pitching more than 2 innings? Since when is that allowed?

  • TWC

    Please don’t fix the photoshop error. It somehow fits.

    • Spencer

      Whoever made the box score hates the Cubs, too.

    • Brett

      Wasn’t a photoshop error, it was a box score error. I could have fixed it, but, like you said, it fit.

      • TWC

        Ha! Even better.

  • MichiganGoat

    Nice to see Wells was able to save the bullpen tonight, and thatsball the positives I have. Oh and when Koyie Hill gets two hits and it’s one of your better offensive hitters you know you game is lost.

  • Spencer

    I would say Wells was more than decent in relief. He saved the bullpen. That way they can go out there and blow a lead tomorrow. Wait. A lead requires offense. Crap.

    • hansman1982

      yup, no need in getting the cart in front of the horse

  • HoustonTransplant

    Blech…I know this year is going to be bad on a W-L front, but COME ON. It’s painful to watch this team. The Astros, while better than the Cubs, are not THAT much better. Even with Garza’s flop, a competent team should be able to at least score a FEW runs to make the game competitive. I sat in right field and just pondered how bad this team can truly be…as Chris Johnson and the damn CATCHER (whatever the hell his name is) launched 3-run bombs into the seats.

    To my (highly untrained) eye, I didn’t see any balls that were hit very squarely. LaHair almost got a cheap shot in left….Cardenas’ 1st double hit the RF’s glove…it’s amazing they got as many hits as they did with Norris in the game. It sucked to sit there and watch ’em. At least there was a St. Arnold’s tap right behind me…

    EDIT: After looking at some of the posts before mine, I do have to agree that it was nice to see Wells come in and be effective. Still not so sure about Cardenas. I guess from all the Cubs, he hit the ball the hardest tonight. So, some of you are correct; a few small positives tonight.

  • Zimbabwe

    Why should it be a four? lol, Sorry i missed the game and im just wondering…

    • Brett

      Because the Cubs scored four … :)

  • MichiganGoat

    So our two best pitchers had bad outings… What could be the cause… Ummmm… Idk…. Oh yeah… Koyie Hill is our starting catcher and he still has Cardinal stench on him. Mystery solved.

    • TWC

      I’m happy to have you active on an EBS, MG.

      • MichiganGoat

        Glad to have a little more time lately

    • Spencer

      He could’ve at least brought some voodoo.

      • MichiganGoat

        No medicine, magic, or mayhem woud help this team right now

      • Can’t think of a cool name

        He got two hits and one of his outs was almost a home run. There has to be voodoo somewhere in there.

    • Drew7

      Easy on the ellipses! They give me nightmares

      • MichiganGoat

        Ha ive gone on long tangents about their overuse, I just need something dramatic here.

  • rcleven

    Do you think ESPNchicubs would allow me to lay some four letter bombs. I need to release.

    • MichiganGoat

      Go to the message board and vent… I also find twitter therapeutic

  • http://75%Elmhurst True(ly) Blue

    Isn’t it great that Koye Hill is tied for the best BA on the Cubs. Yikes!!!! I agree with a poster last week who suggested that Campana bat 9th. DeJesus 1st, Castro 2nd, LaHair 3rd, and whoever 4th thru 8th.
    It’s going to be a longer season than I thought.

    • Can’t think of a cool name

      Interesting talk by Bob Brenly and Len Casper last night on where they would bat Castro on a good hitting team. Their decision, they would bat him seventh and one of them said it would be to hide him. The cited OBP and they way he hacks at any pitch. Of course they did say he could get better with pitch recognition as he matures and gets more experience. Castro was my favorite Cub at the beginning of the year. However,now I’m starting to see (offensively) a Soriano clone without the power. Okay, maybe I need coffee to make me happy.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        “Of course they did say he could get better with pitch recognition as he matures and gets more experience.”

        Castro could do, but he’d be a very rare beast for doing so.  Players actually doing this are largely apocryphal.  That being said, if Castro were on the Sox (or at least Francona’s Sox: I’ve no idea what Valentine would do), then he’d definitely be batting near the bottom of the order.

        • Can’t think of a cool name

          “Castro could do, but he’d be a very rare beast for doing so.”

          My sad conclusion as well.

      • Brian

        Castro needs to be moved out of the 3 hole. I think after looking at the first at bat last night with Campana on and trying to steal bases, it really messes Castro up. To me, it looked like he wanted to hit that first pitch right down the middle, but Campana was stealing 2nd. Then the same when Campana went to third. Imo, Castro needs to be able to go to the plate and not worry about the base runner with hit and runs or protecting, ect. and do the thing he does best, hitting the ball.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          The key line here is “to me.”  Castro’s numbers batting #3 are indistinguishable from his numbers batting anywhere else.  His numbers have made no significant shift since Campana joined the team.

          The problem is that most MLB batters look bad nearly 2 times in every 3 PAs.  We don’t remember the times that they look bad but the ball landed outside of anybody’s mitt (indeed, we praise the batter for “fighting off” a tough pitch!), and if the guy really squares up on that 1 of 3 a few times in a week, then we forget all about the other 2.

          But what I’m reading is people complaining about a guy making outs 65% of the time as if this is strange…..

          • Can’t think of a cool name

            Doc, I’d be happy with a guy making outs 65% of the time, it would mean he’s hitting .350. What concerns me about Castro is tha he is not getting on base 67.5% of the time. Hitting .315 is good. An OBP of.325 is not. Additionally, I think Castro batting with Campana on base is detrimental to the Cubs. Castro does not take enough pitches for the Cubs to use Campana’s speed. One could argue that stolen bases is not the right strategy but it is the strategy the Cubs have decided to use. If that’s the case then either Campana or Castro should be moved to allow Campana a chance to steal bases. FWIW, I’d move Campana and keep Castro near the top of the order. Even with this flaws, he’s still one of our best hitters.

            • hansman1982

              Agree, this team, as it is playing and constructed, is going to succeed through the small ball. It probably still won’t make the playoffs but there are just not enough sluggers in the lineup to out slug the opponents. Putting Campana ahead of DeJesus would allow Campana an extra pitch or two to steal second.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                Succeeding through small ball is practically an oxymoronic phrase: nobody wins playing small ball.  Every team in post-season for at least the last 3 years outslugged and out-OBPed their opponents, and usually by a bit.

                As for outslugging, teams can outslug the opponents without being the Yankees.  The Rays had only slightly-better than average slugging last year (6th in the AL in HR: although also 6th in the AL East!), but they still badly outslugged their opposition.  That was because they were 14th in the AL in HR allowed.  The HR not given up is worth very slightly more than the HR hit.  (Very, very, very slightly!)

                • Can’t think of a cool name

                  Sad that someone hasn’t mentioned this to Svuem.

                • hansman1982

                  I agree that when constructing a team you want to hit the long ball and prevent the long ball. I am not disputing that but this is NOT a team that will be outslugging opponents very often, as such you have to work to get the baserunners in.

  • Cheryl

    “Who’s on first, What’s on second, etc., etc.

  • Ivy Walls

    same lineup, similar results

  • cubzfann

    I am sure that there is more to it than this, but it seems to me that since Rudy J came to Chicago, the Cubs offense has continually gotten worse. I don’t know what the actual stats would say, but maybe. Good hitters have seemed to struggle trying to implement Rudy’s style, and young players seem to get it for a little bit then begin to look lost again. Any thoughts?

    • rcleven

      Heard the same argument on the south side with Greg Walker. Since he left the Wsox he found a team and is successful. Cubs need players who have hitting talent. Not a new instructor.

      • Can’t think of a cool name

        Rcleven, first, I agree, better players make better coaches. However, I thought Jaramillo was overrated in Texas and flat out stinks in Chicago. He does not teach patience at the plate. He teaches aggressiveness when you see a pitch you like. This may work in 90 degree weather in a hitters park in Texas but in a park where conditions change every day you need a more disciplined approach. My 2 cents anyway.

        • Drew7

          “He teaches aggressiveness when you see a pitch you like.”

          If you assume a pitch you “like” is a pitch you can drive, (not sure why you’d like it if its not) then thats what they should do. Being “selectively aggressive” isnt simply taking a bunch of pitches; its finding one you can drive (like) and jumping on it (whether thats the 1st or 10th pitch of an AB), while not swinging at pitches out of the zone just to make contact (most Cub players).


  • Dustin S

    LaHair and the first 3-4 in the starting rotation were carrying this team for the 6 weeks and the only reason our record hasn’t been far worse, and now that they’ve hit a rough patch the depths of the ugliness is really showing.

    As far as the Rizzo debate, I’m torn on that one. My first thought is don’t bring him up early just to help what we know is already a rebuilding/lost season. But I’m definitely seeing the effects of too much losing on some of the players. The body language and the looks on the faces of guys like Castro lately isn’t good. I want to rebuild but not totally drain the passion out of the young guys with loss after loss either.

  • Robert

    HA! our night just got better guys! Jed Hoyer said, In an email that Anthony Rizzo isn’t as close to be called up at dale swuem suggested. he said Rizzo is still “months away”

    • JNasty

      The only reason Rizzo would be months away is if its going to take that long to figure out what to do with LaHair. Rizzo has been dominating AAA for over a year now. I say as soon as you gain the year of control call him up and see what he can do.

    • Brett

      Either that “months away” part was subsequently edited, or you may have mis-read. Hoyer just toed the company line, and spoke generically about developing prospects.

  • Jesse

    Gotta switch it up tommorrow, and I have had it with Baker PHing when you have Barney or Johnson or even Lalli ready. Isn’t he only supposed to be good against Lefty’s?

  • Derrick

    Lets be Honest isn’t this what we expected though? Theo and Co didn’t really put a great team on the filed. The moves they have made haven’t really worked out. Besides Starlin and LaHair nobody is hitting.

    Now everyone expects Rizzo to come up and save the season when in reality if he comes up and struggles it will add to the misery. Its gonna be a long long season.

    • Brady

      Dejesus was a good move, he is still getting on base. Clevenger got injured so that is hard to judge. I will agree that Stewart hasnt been all that great but Barney has been normal for him and soriano has continue to degrade. Also Campana is returning to earth with his OBP and reminding everyone why he wont be able to be a starter. I don’t mind bringing Rizzo up for Interleage play just so long as we make sure to manage the service time correctly.

  • calicubsfan007

    Oh, Garza… I am still hopeful though!

  • Stu

    What is going on with Brett Jackson in IOWA? He struck out 4 times in 5 AB’s?

    Is someone working with this guy to let him no that he has no future if he strikes out like that? See the ball, hit the ball.

  • dick

    You guys should pity me for 2 reasons. 1) I am a Chicago boy who has to live in Houston for his job. 2) I am going to watch the Cubs play the next two nights.

  • SkipDog

    The Cubs are winless since it was revealed the Ricketts are Obama-haters

  • Carew

    Why cant they score in the other 8 innings

  • rhino70

    Great to see that Blake Lalli got his first major league hit. He’s in the record book! A great reward for a his perseverance.

    Beyond that, meh…

  • Wilson18

    Good for Blake Lalli , glad to see him hang in there :) Now start him at catcher tonight !!!!!!!!!! He isnt any worst the Hill …..

  • MI6

    I wondered this last year, wonder it again: is Hill ‘tipping’ pitches somehow?

  • Katie

    Brett, I still think you should’ve gone Lou Brown on the box score.

    • Brett

      I don’t think I know which part…

      (And it was going to be much worse until the Cubs scored in the 9th.)

      • Katie

        Where he takes Dorn’s contract and pisses on it. Seemed fitting for this box score.

        • Brett

          That’s what I thought you meant. Yeah, I had something similar in mind, but it’s going to take a REAL blowout for me to bust it out. It’ll be worth it.

          • Katie

            Yeah, until they scored in the 9th I figured it constituted a blow out EBS. While on the one hand, I’m fantastically curious about an EBS a la Lou Brown, I hope we don’t have a game that is THAT bad. Who am I kidding though?

            • hansman1982

              I would have a blowout EBS that actually did not feature the box score but just the word – “Really?”

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