What kind of fool was I for talking about abysses and such yesterday? The Cubs haven’t had the lead in a game in 59 innings. Wrap your head around that one.

  • Dale Sveum was pleased with Travis Wood’s start last night, and how could you not be? He allowed just four base runners in 5.2 innings. “I tip my hat to him,” Sveum said of Wood. “I know he’s gone through some adversity through all this and he’s had two really impressive starts for us.” Sveum added: “Travis was great. He did a great job …. He was really, really good. He kept the ball down. He had a good changeup — 12 mph off his fastball, with really good fade. He didn’t use much of anything else [as an off-speed pitch].” Wood was replacing Chris Volstad, who didn’t have a truly good start in any of his eight starts with the big club this year.
  • The Braves say that back when Jeff Samardzija hit Jason Heyward after Heyward homered on a 3-0 Samardzija offering, Samardzija was communicating a message that you don’t swing against him in a 3-0 count. That seems awfully presumptuous to me unless they actually heard him say something. I’m not saying Samardzija didn’t hit Heyward intentionally (I really don’t know – it was a tight game), but I don’t know if I buy that that was the sole reason for the plunking. After Samardzija unintentionally hit Paul Konerko in the face following a Konerko home run, though, you can understand why Samardzija has had to deflect some calls that he’s a headhunter. Samardzija and Konerko are all square, by the way, having talked things out.
  • Bryan LaHair spent his “off day” yesterday working on his swing, and considering adjustments. The adjustment process happens every year, and LaHair hopes it will help him out of his present 1 for 20 funk.
  • Dale Sveum is going to miss today’s game in order to attend his son’s high school graduation in Arizona. I say cool. Bench coach Jamie Quirk will act as manager.
  • Cubs’ pitching coach Chris Bosio talks about the Cubs’ continued need for pitching depth, while acknowledging that the organization lacks a big arm just about ready to break through.
  • The MLBullets at BCB talk about the Red Sox and Yankees sitting at the bottom of the AL East, among other things.
  • Tony Campana flew last night, making his transition to the new Sam Fuld complete.
  • gratefulled

    “The Cubs haven’t had the lead in a game in 59 innings. Wrap your head around that one.”

    I just tried…and couldn’t.

    • FromFenwayPahk

      Ow. Ow. Ow.

    • RY34

      add another 9 to it after todays game.

      • Fishin Phil

        That’s the spirit! Give up before the game even starts! Are you by any chance a motivational speaker?

        • RY34

          ha ha good one, we shall see who is right!

  • Tim

    tonys dive/slide last night……epic

    • cubs4life

      And it didn’t make top plays on ESPN for yesterday. Castros diving stop and throw did though.

      • http://www.justinjabs.com/blog/ justinjabs

        Whaaat? How could that not make top plays? Jeez.

        • MichiganGoat

          So glad I gave up on Sports Center years ago, ESPN has just stopped caring about sports. It’s approaching reality TV.

          • Blitzenjohn

            ESPN has been ‘reality TV’ for quite some time. If it isn’t a game or the like, I don’t watch. Except NFL Sunday. ESPN has the best Sunday pre-game by far. Everything else is fluff.

        • SirCub

          There were a lot of really good baseball plays last night, so I can’t really complain there. But the baseketball highlights were dumb. That pass Lebron made to D-Wade wouldn’t have even gotten mentioned if it weren’t a pass from Lebron to D-Wade. As it were, I saw it no less than a dozen times on ESPN last night, and I wasn’t even paying attention.

  • Cub Fan Dan

    My name is Jeff Samardzija.
    You homered off me.
    Prepare to get beaned.

    • MikeW


    • necusfan


  • Edwin

    On the bright side, it’s been 59 innings since I’ve had to worry about the bullpen blowing a lead. Lemons —–> Lemonaide.

    • Nomar’s Left Glove

      pure awesome

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      This lemonade tastes like urine.

      • Myles

        When life gives you lemonade, look around and make sure there were actual lemons involved.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Ah, are we now at the urine drinking stage of this shipwreck?

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Every Campana for himself.

      • Edwin

        The lemonaide is like, you know, a metaphor. It’s about the spirit of the lemons.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Their spirit tastes like urine.

          • Edwin

            Yeah, but, you know, it’s like, a metaphor, and it’s all metaphory, so really, it’s a metaphor to stuff.

            • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

              Oh, I get it now.

              The lemons are full of urine.

              • Myles

                Brett, do you need to use the restroom or something? There’s some subtext going on here, I can feel it…

              • Edwin

                I need you to take a 5.

                • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

                  I Win at the Internet.

                  • Myles

                    The Internet is full of urine.

                    • Chef

                      All of the urine talk here and not a single Alou reference. Cubs fans, I am dissapoint.

                    • Caleb

                      ^ best comment string of the day

                • hansman1982

                  what is a 5? I know what 1 and 2 are but 5? Also, what is 3 and 4?

              • OlderStyle

                Urinade? Why would anyone claim to know what urine tastes like? Even metaphorical urine? 😉

  • http://www.dccoffeeproducts.com John

    Love the Princess Bride quote- great movie- After watching T Wood swing last night he should get a couple PH calls- just kidding- he is however taking the spot formerly occupied by one crazy z. Shark had a couple pitches get away from him- can you imagine if that had been Gibson pitching today- wow I can hear them crying now or asking for a day off. Since a hitter today is allowed to lean over the plate and come up with body armor —- it is just sad a pitcher cannot pitch inside effectively any more.

  • Cedlandrum

    Well if we have to watch this shit, then no way Dale Svuem should get a night off. I don’t care if his son is graduating.

    • Andrewmoore4isu

      Lol. That means laugh out loud

    • MichiganGoat

      Really you’d deny a person their child’s graduation? What about funerals or birth of children? Maybe we should just chain him to a desk until we win heh

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Boo. Mega cold, bro.

  • Cub Style

    Some people in baseball think Samardzija is a headhunter and some people in baseball are stupid. The two groups are not mutually exclusive.

  • TrueblueCubbie

    Hopefully Shark can pull them out of the funk. Although his road numbers don’t support him doing that.

  • ISU Birds

    Shark does seem like a good nickname for a headhunter.

  • Jesse

    Least maybe the batters will back off the plate…

  • Cheryl

    Just saw the lineup Shark’s gonna have a rough time in terms of support, Hill’s catching. Johnson and Baker are playing, no Campagna or LaHair. And Castro doesn’t get a day off.

  • Freshness21

    Love it: “Tony Campana flew last night, making his transition to the new Sam Fuld complete.” Hope we don’t trade him away too

    • TWC

      Oh, yeah, because the pain of losing Sam Fuld has barely healed.

      • hansman1982

        he knew that his departure hurt Cubs fans so, that he hasn’t played a lick of professional ball this year.

    • hansman1982

      Well, if he truly does become Fuld and posts a season line of:

      .240 .313 .360

      Then sweet Jesus I hope the trade him immediately. Also, Fuld has 0 MLB PA this season.

      For all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth that occured when he was traded away, he has not been missed.

  • Drew7

    “Tony Campana flew last night, making his transition to the new Sam Fuld complete”

    -Doesn’t that require a crazy amount of fan’s falling absolutely in love with hi…yeah, you’re right. Transition complete.