Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Pirates 3 – May 26, 2012

A walk-off hit by pitch. These Cubs are nothing if not inventive in their losses.

Paul Maholm was wild in his return to Pittsburgh, and Rafael Dolis was even worse in the 9th inning. The Cubs managed to score a whopping two runs, which, after going down 2-0 early, seemed like a bounty. But, Dolis has quietly been awful for almost a month, and the Cubs found a way to lose yet again.

On the other side of the bullpen equation (here’s me just trying, desperately, to stay positive)…

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  1. Kyle

    It really irks me that LaHair’s BABIP and other peripheral luck has begun to even out, but Ian Stewart’s BABIP is somehow down to .217 still.

    1. Joe

      Ian Stewart trade was, and still is a joke.

      1. Dob2812

        Because Colvin was useful for what exactly?

        1. Joe

          Look at salaries please.

          1. Jzwizard

            Yeah because a 7th OF going into the season is always handy.

        2. @cubsfantroy

          Getting hit by a bat? Hitting around .200 with some pop in his bat? I don’t know, so I am with you on this one. I don’t know if Colvin would have been the answer at all. But DJ LeMahieu on the other hand should have been given a shot. I like Stewart though so I am torn on him playing even though he isn’t doing great.

          1. hogie

            Considering that Stewart is constantly praised for his defense at the hot corner, which was DJ’s strong suit, I would have to say the deal was hedged on Stewart’s power potential. I realize the big piece of the deal from our side was Colvin, but who was the pitcher we got back?

            1. Joe

              I don’t think we got bak a pitcher in the trade.

              1. Luke

                Casey Weathers.  He’s in Tennessee, has a lot of potential, but has been slowed by control issues.

                1. Joe

                  Ty Luke. I did not think we got a pitcher.

          2. Joe

            I think Tyler Colvin is running a 293/.320/560 line

            1. Jesse

              How’s his D?

              1. dob2812

                He is Joe but with a 393 baBIp overall, driven by a 409 baBIP against lefties. That OBP tells you that Tyler hasn’t changed. The Cubs didn’t need him as an outfielder, they did need a third baseman.

  2. AK

    El suck.

  3. Dan0mite

    Why the frak is Dolis still closing?  He has shown no capability to throw a strike or get people out all season. Any other reliever would be better. 

    1. rcleven

      Ha. Marmol should be back soon.

      1. Joe

        We should be good 20 losses in a row with Marmol back. Yikes!

  4. CBP

    We need a spark!!!!!! Maybe Dale should pUll one of these ejections to make his team get going.

  5. @cubsfantroy

    I…I…just don’t know anymore. I find it hard not to watch when I can, and I find it hard not to check out scores and how everyone is doing (minus the advanced stats some of you guys do) and I still wear my Cubs hat, shirt and shorts proudly. I am so pissed about how this season is going yet it is like a bad car accident. I can’t look away. I can’t help but not support them. Being a Cubs fan is hard.

    I don’t think I want to talk about this game.

    1. rcleven

      I believe Theo and Jed just might just feel the same way.

  6. Aaron

    It is clear that Camp should be the 9th inning guy at this moment in time.

    1. Joe

      No! Not clear at all.

    2. bluekoolaidaholic

      How pathetic it is that a pitcher like Camp is the best we can come up with. (sigh)
      and yes how terrible is it that a bum like Marmol is welcomed back?

      1. Campana

        It’s so pathetic…No I can’t go there. Have a koolaid.

  7. Emily

    I remember Bosio saying in spring training that he wanted guys to throw inside, and if that meant they hit batters that was okay. I’m wondering if the team’s overall HBP numbers are up compared to where they’ve been so far in past years? I think that kind of philosophy is different from Dolis just not being able to find the strike zone, but I’m trying to make myself feel better here.

  8. Jesse

    Anyone else think Sveum dosent return next year?

    1. @cubsfantroy

      Can’t really blame Sveum for what is going on. Granted, he isn’t making any changes sans moving Castro from the three hole to the two hole. But the team doesn’t exactly have any superstars on it. I have a feeling he will be there for a couple of years. His philosophies are sound, but there is just no execution on the players part. I obviously could be wrong, but this is Theo’s guy and I don’t see him giving up on him after just one year.

    2. Brady

      I dont think we can blame Sveum for this horrid offensive performance and bullpen catastrophe so far. Most of the guys that are struggling were here before all the changes that were spearheaded by Theo and Jed. You cant expect all of them to work out but some did and some didnt. Nobody could have called all 3 of Soto, Castillo and Clevenger getting injured (what rotten luck). Sveum is doing the best with the cards he was delt and has made some unique and interesting choices that have worked out alright. (I think putting Campana 2nd was a great idea except that Castro is a little swing happy this year.) Also I think it will be another year or 2 before we think of changing command again because there isnt much you can change in a year.

    3. Cubmig

      Sveum WILL be back next year. Anything else would be a self-indictment by the front office. Also, I don’t think there are many among us that feel the Cubs will be anything but what we are seeing, an on-field lab experiment in process to “find out” just who is what and if that “what” can contribute to making the (re)building the strongest it can be for next year.

      Personally, I hate what I am seeing. But—–I, for one, know that moving towards a desired goal is never linear. It’s more of a puzzling zig-zag if anything. So….as much as I want to see a change that gives some comfort and assurance of a “brighter” future (and see that immediately!) I find myself swallowing my anger witnessing what I am seeing now. If losing is part of the vetting process, then let it run it’s course. If we are worse at it’s end than we are now, then we will know the hand played by those calling the shots is and has been bullsh*t, and calling for their heads will be a no-brainer. Everyone deserves the chance to fail. It’s what makes success meaningful.

    4. bluekoolaidaholic

      I have a hunch that playing these bums is not Dale’s decisions. The front office wants to build value and there is very little there.

  9. cubsin

    In addition to Garza and Dempster, Maholm and DeJesus should bring a decent return at the trade deadline. Let’s all hope Soto and Marmol come back strong and build a little trade value of their own.

    Personally, I’m hoping that we trade Dempster and pay most of his salary so we can can get better prospect(s) back. If any reasonable offers for Maholm, DeJesus, Soto or Marmol come along, take the same approach. I’d prefer to extend Garza and would try to re-sign Dempster for 2013.

    1. Joe

      Why would you resign Dempster? Just asking. Makes no sense to most.

    2. mick6x

      I have a genuine man crush on Dempster but I’m afraid its time for us to part ways its much better for the two of us. Its not you Dempster its me.

      1. Joe


  10. Jesse

    For over 100 years we have been playing not to lose.. Looks like were doing that again…
    Dale has to bench Stewart in favor of Mather. I know he went 0-4 but compare the averages.. Then put Campana in CF and bat him 8th or 7th.

    1. Brady

      I agree with this for a couple reasons:
      A.) Stewart just seems lost at the plate and even with a couple stellar plays isnt warrenting the starter spot.
      B.) Campana has been hitting at an alright click and getting on base. This is something we have not been getting from the bottom half of the order and something we need to start doing if we want to be successful. Currently it feels like the 6-9 hitters are garenteed outs and that essentially kills 2 innings of work as the top of the order would come up with 1 out. (Or worse when we get the top part of the order on and they are in scoring posistion they get out and fail to drive them in.)

    2. Jzwizard

      Yeah he needs to bench Stewart and I would also say Barney. Barney has no power and is a pure contact hitter. Contact hitters are completely useless when they bat .258. I agree with you that Campana should be in the every day lineup. He gets on base and can manufacture runs with his speed

  11. Cubbie fan lost in Atlanta

    ahhhh. FIRE rudy jaramillo. the dude obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing…

    1. Joe

      Now that is a legit argument by some accounts.

    2. @cubsfantroy

      I wonder if Paul Molitor is available. Sveum and him were pretty good friends in Milwaukee.

      1. Joker

        I second this ^^^

        1. gutshot5820

          We have two hitting coaches in Jaramillo and Sveum. The coaching is not the problem. It’s lack of talent.

      2. Joe

        I don’t know the actual relationship between Dale and Paul, but that is a good rumor to start for sure! Molitor was one of the best and can teach.

        1. @cubsfantroy

          Growing up, my cousin was a huge Brewers fan and we would go to Beloit Brewers (now the Beloit Snappers) games all summer. We didn’t miss a home game in 4 years. But I digress, apparently Molitor, Yount, Sveum and Gantner were all really good friends with each other.

          1. Joe

            Would Molitor be an option for Cubs then? I have no contacts there other than aunt and uncle and they have little connections.

            1. @cubsfantroy

              I honestly don’t know if it would be an option. I am not even sure if he is doing any coaching at the moment as I can’t seem to find anything on it. I would love it if he came to Chicago as a hitting coach. Since Rudy took over, the Cubs have been terrible at hitting. Hell, I would go for a little league coach at this point. I always hear about how good Rudy is, but I am not seeing it. I see more slumps and terrible AB’s and lower and lower RISP numbers.

  12. Mike F

    That’s pretty goofy, calling for Sveum’s head with this kind of talent. Absolutely ridiculous. No one should be expecting this team to win. If indeed you’re going to call for his head, add Theo to the list.

    Get over it, no one’s going anywhere. And fans need to get a clue and grow up. Everyone wanted to rebuild. Maybe they are guilty of intellectual dishonesty. Maybe they should have traded some folks earlier, but please don’t act like this team is really better, they aren’t. And Sveum, Theo and others are not at fault. Ricketts bought the team and made some missteps. They didn’t get into this over night, and thinking you name Theo and 3 mos later are going to start a manager watch is just goofy.

  13. Joker

    Alright, if big changes are coming in a couple of weeks, I’m calling it first:

    Dolis to AA Tennessee. He’s out of his league in the bigs.

  14. Derrick

    At least Vitters, Rizzo and BJax went deep tonight. Maybe we bench/demote Ian Stewart and bring up Vitters he might not have the defense but he surely cant do worse at the plate.

    Most of the moves Theo & Co. have made thus far haven’t really panned out. Concepcion has been brutal, Ian Stewart terrible and the same for Volstad so the blame is purely on Theo and Jed.

    1. @cubsfantroy

      Here is the problem I have with bringing up Vitters, Jackson or Rizzo right now.

      The team is doing terrible and if they came up and didn’t start to hit, I think it would ruin their psyche a lot and may not recover, get sent back to the minors and lose all of their confidence.

      1. Joe

        You wouldn’t tell anyone you’re holding 3 ace’s , would you

      2. Mike F

        No way you bring any of them up now even that ignorant inter league tour for Rizzo. Let them work at AAA and stay away from this mess until July when they have sorted out all the trades. August and September with a different attitude should change things considerably.

        1. Joe

          That’s 100% correct!

    2. Tonycampanathebasethief

      Don’t forget clevenger went deep tonight as well going 3-3

      1. Brady

        Good to hear he is on the mend we desperately need more bats at the bottom of the order that wont be a DP waiting to happen.

  15. tex134

    Didn’t think it was going to be this hard to watch the Cubs. This team is pathetic with very few bright spots. Bad thing, it’s only May. If this is the product we are expected to follow the rest of the year, might as well get rid of anything of value and scrap this season totally.

  16. Featherstone

    Let’s face it folks. We either believe in Theo and Jed’s ability to scout and evaluate talent or we don’t. If that’s the case I want to give them the highest possible draft picks in the 2013 draft. I know this the nba or nfl where the higher picks are more likely to be stars, but I don’t want to go into the 2013 draft in 6th pick again because we won a few more meaningless games than we should have. It’s a full rebuild, let’s give us the best shot at acquiring a future star.

  17. Ogyu

    Well, they had a chance to hire Mike Maddux and instead chose to go for Dale Sveum. So at least when it comes to evaluating managing talent, I don’t believe.

    1. MIkeL

      Really getting annoyed with people who crticize without knowing the facts on this board. Maddux pulled his name out of the running for both the red sox and Cubs so he could stay close to his family. And once again the Cubs will probably be 15-31 if Maddux had been here. Great coaches/managers can’t give talentless Players talent!!!!

      1. Joe

        Not true brother!

      2. Joe

        That would be like a math teacher not being able to teach a child!

        1. MIkeL

          Bad comparison, Joe. Of course a math teacher can teach a child math….but that doesn’t mean the kid can be taught to become a rocket scientist. A student that can’t write a full sentence can be given the skills to get by and improve their writing…but that doesn’t mean they can be taught to be a Pulitzer prize winning writer. All of those students have a natural ceiling. A manager can teach the player how to play the game the right way….but if they have poor natural skills…there is nothing that the manager can do. Dale sveum can’t turn koyie hill into a hall of fame catcher….there are things that make players that can’t be taught….and poor players simply don’t have the physical, natural gifts to be great.

          1. Joe

            Not arguing your point. Wait yes I am. I played baseball. A coach told me how to field a ball on a one hopper at short when I was 17. It worked. My defensive skills went up dramatically! Never made it the Bigs as I could not hit a fast ball worth a crap. Yes, you are right, some things can’t be taught.

            1. MikeL

              Ok…well I think we are on the same page now. Not trying to sound like I am jumping on you, but the bottom line is the Cubs don’t have enough naturally talented players to compete with most of the other teams around the league. I think we can with each other on that…..and when looking at that face…Dale and any other manager in his spot would have at least one arm tied behind his back. I was just saying managers often get too much blame when things are going poorly, and too much credit when things are going great.

              1. Joe

                Its agreed MikeL! Uncle.

            2. MikeL

              I wanted to also add that your coach teaching how to play better defense was a case of that coach finding that hidden talent that was already there, you had the natural instincts and reflexes that the coach was able to help you develop….he didn’t give you that natural talent. A good example is Lou Brock…..was Lou Brock a bad player with the Cubs? No! But what happened is that the Cardinals found a hidden talent within him and they developed that talent to help make him into one of the greatest base runners of all time.

              1. Joe

                Now you ruined the argument you presented. You can develope a hidden talent?

      3. Ogyu

        Really getting annoyed with people on this board who crow about facts that aren’t really facts. And I don’t give a rat’s backside whether the current roster’s record under Maddux would be better or worse after a quarter of a season–he was still a better choice than Sveum and the selection of the latter does nothing to increase my confidence in the alleged brilliance of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Criticized.

        1. Joe

          Please state facts you assume to represent.

          1. Ogyu

            The same fact you have been correctly stating — that Maddux withdrew from consideration by the Red Sox, not the Cubs. My annoyance was with the dude who said he was annoyed about wrong facts when he wrongly stated that Maddux withdrew from consideration by the Cubs.

            1. Joe

              Thank you sir. I thought I irritated you and wanted to know why. I am very blunt(abrupt in commenting) with my comments and sometimes people get irked.

            2. MIkeL

              If you look at my comments it was I who said that Maddux removed his name from the red sox and not the Cubs….you were the one who implied we would be more successful with Maddux as manager and I thought that was a dumb statement….and still do….and it’s equally as dumb to say Maddux would’ve been the better choice when you have no evidence to back that up and no way to prove it. What has Maddux done that makes him a better manager than Sveum…..ooooh that’s right….Maddux has never managed. You want to make the argument that he has great success with the rangers staff??? Look up the great pitching coach ray miller…everyone thought he would be the next great manager….but sucked at it when he got the chance….I wasn’t taking personal shots at you. I said several people were making knee jerk reactions…..And I was getting irritated that people have been whining about how bad this team like it is some great surprise. The cubs will be awful this year and probably pretty bad next year…and yet, people want to go through the same quick fix approach that he dry did after the ’06 season that put the cubs in this mess in the first place!!!

  18. Dustin S

    As bad as things have been so far, I’m not completely upset because we all knew it would be. But there are 2 big takeaways from the season so far for me…

    1. Hoping this season would be a rebuilding season and then next year the team might have a chance to compete was overly optimistic. It’s looking alot more like 2014-15 now.

    2. Sveum…not saying fire him at all. But as an early review he’s just more passive than I’d like. At times he’s reminded me of Pinella towards the end of his reign. He has a lot of leeway because everyone knows he’s going in with low expectations and not many weapons, but it shouldn’t be a blank check either. After 11 losses in a row I’d hope for a little more than “Well, it’s got to turn around sometime”…like Eeyore.

    1. Brady

      I still think next year is a possibility given the talent we have at triple AAA right now that hasnt come up yet. They could bring us that extra offense we need. Totally agree that this losing streak looks really bad but I cant blame the manager for this team that didnt have a ton going for it and then lost enough catchers to have to resort back to Koyie Hill (like the gift that keeps on giving, he just keeps coming back). That loss has resulted in absolutely no offense from the bottom half of the order and as much as you want your 1-4 guys to get it done, they need support at the bottom half of the order otherwise you will get instances where they wont knock in runs or not have enough outs to play with come the top of the order.

  19. Joe

    Yes, it turns out the Cubs had a good chance at hiring Mike Maddux and declined and took Sveum.

    1. MIkeL


  20. Joe

    I think the fact of the matter was Cubs were decided on Sveum.

    1. Ogyu

      You are correct, sir.

  21. MIkeL

    I was talking about holding this idea that great managers can win with no talent….they can’t. It is pointless to place blame on dale and think another manager could do better with this team. Maddux pulled out of red sox running….not the cubs fwiw…

    1. Joe

      Regarding Maddux. I think you are getting confused. When Mike found out Greg was not going to be with the team, he declined.

    2. Ogyu

      Yea, right. Because any criticism of Sveum is equivalent to advancing the theory that great managers can win with no talent. Sure, that makes a lot of sense.

  22. Jzwizard

    Things to fix:
    1. Bench Stewart
    2. Bench Barney
    3. Trade Soto and play Clevenger. Clevenger has done great while healthy. He could have been on a hot streak like LaHair but it’s not like Soto has done anything AT ALL at the plate.
    4. Keep Castro at the 2 spot
    5. Get Campana in the everyday lineup
    6. Call up Rizzo

    1. Joe

      This is coming.

      1. Jesse

        1.Wouldnt bet on it.. Sveum seems to be enamored with Stewart.
        2. Possible however Cardeneas needs more PH time
        3.Unlikely who wants Soto?
        4. Deffinantly going to happen.
        5. I really really hope this happens but refer back to number 1
        6. Soon I hope.. Twins series seems most likely time he wiil be.

    2. Brady

      1.) I am fine with this
      2.) He is batting and playing better than Cardenas so I dont see why
      3.) Completely agree, Clevenger has been our only catcher to perform this year. Such a shame he is injured.
      4.) Agree
      5.) Everyday lineup near the bottom.
      6.) Rizzo and Bjax would be nice to see though only as long as they manage service time correctly, no sense in wasting a year of control over a lost season.

      1. Jesse

        Who would want Soto is the big question.

        1. Joe


    3. Njriv

      I want to see what Cardenas can do playing at a more consistent level, he gets a start per week and only PH appearances, that is hard for a young kid to adjust to major league pitching when he’s barley playing. He had a nice double today and by looking at his minor league stats we see what he can do when he plays everyday. Who knows he might be a bust at the major league level but lets find that out than just assume. (Because we all know what happens when we assume).

  23. Jesse

    Another thing the Cubs sorely lack is a bench. They have R. Johnson, Cardeneas, and Mather/ Campana plus Baker… I wouldnt even count Campana or Mather since they both start fairly regularly. So its R.Johnson Cardeneas and Baker…. Needs improvement

    1. Joe

      Whom would you consider?

    2. Eric

      why worry about a bench this year anyway? Unless you mean to see if we have anyone we can bring up for a test drive. What we need to focus on trading for, is impact talent FIRST. We’ve got Rizzo and Shark and Garza and Castro. We need another BIG bat, in the outfield or 3B. If we can find that this offseason, great. If it takes a couple more years to add another 1 or 2 impact players. So be it. But let’s not even worry about the bench until we have a god damn team worthy of throwing wet shit at.

      1. Joe

        Yep===Very good points. I was throwing things at the tv when kerry wood got that fat contract! Not that I don’t or didn’t like him, but it was a bad move by Theo and Co. and I called it as such before it happened.

    3. ColoCubFan

      I think the Cubs have pretty good bench strength. The problem is that they are starting!

  24. Big Joe

    Correct me if I’m weong. But…didn’t a BACK-UP CATCHER get the green light from the 3rd base coach on an extra base hit, and get TROWN OUT BY A MILE? On a team that had lost 10 (now 11) games in a row, with 1 out??? Instead of men on second and third, with one out…we have a man on third with 2 outs. A BACK-UP CATCHER??? Sent? Out by a mile? Was the final score not 3-2? I need answers.

    1. Joe

      Are you questioning the third base coach?

    2. Joe

      Loved the call!

  25. Joe

    I would not question the 3 rd base coach. The Cubs have committed to to more aggressive base running and thats what you get.

  26. Big Joe

    More aggressive base running? Ok. Sure. Fine. No problem with that. But, sending a less than fleet-footed…correction: a below average runner…in a close game, with 1 out, when you have had extreme trouble scoring runs, and are on the heels of a ten game losing skid? Yeah. I’m questioning the 3rd base coach. He was thrown out by a country mile, in a game that was decided by one run. I understand you want to stay aggressive, and not play scared. That’s great. If the runner is Campana, Barney, Castro, or Reed Johnson, I’m all for it. But, a back-up catcher, from 1st to home, with one out? That’s not even stupid. It’s irresponsible. As I said, you go from runners on 2nd and 3rd, with 1 out — with any number of possibilities to score, to a runner on third and 2 outs — and, at that point, you need a passed ball, fielding error, or a 2 out base hit to score the run. How are the Cubs hitting with 2 outs, and a runner in scoring position this year (or the past DECADE)? Terrible. Beyond terrible. Yeah, good call.

  27. gutshot5820

    I’m all for aggressive base running as long as it’s smart. This year it looks like they are over playing their hand and look absolutely foolish sometimes with their base running. How about some SMART aggressive base running….and bunting.