Think what you will of the relative import of the rest of the season for the Cubs, but one thing upon which we should all agree is that it does no one any good to have Matt Garza out there getting blasted by the Astros and the Pirates. The Cubs might not be a playoff-caliber team this year, but, whatever they are, they need individual players who have value to retain that value. Today did nothing good in that regard when it comes to Mr. Garza.

I actually avoided today’s game while watching the Reds and Rockies in Cincinnati with family. I apologize that I probably enjoyed myself more than you did. But every time I saw the Cubs’ score flashing on the scoreboard, The Wife and Father-in-Law undoubtedly saw me kick the seat in front of me. Freaking Cubs.

Today’s enhancement necessarily has a tacit, built-in punchline…

  • Chris

    Ya know one thing that almost everyone on here assumes in common is that in like 3 years that the team will be competing again. There is a chance of that happening but that’s only if they play there cards just right. We are looking at a 100 loss team. It’s gonna take time just to get pieces to make the playoffs let alone having a real chance to win it all. So far the pieces of the team to thrive have been Castro samardja and lahair which where all in the organization before Theo and co got here. Volstad Stewart and wood which where all brought in under them have shown very little so far. That doesn’t mean they won’t eventually succeed but to think it’s gonna be just a couple years to a world series is a little far fetched. They can make mistakes just like everyone else and when they do it pushes the timeline back.

    • Brady

      You are forgetting Theo brought in Dejesus and T. Wood (who has a very good first outing). Torreyes and Sapplet look good and just need more time. Volstad was brought in because we had to get rid of Z. He had no place here and we knew we were biting the bullet on it but at least we got something for him. Stewart was part of a package deal for Colvin and both needed a change of venue as they both looked to be busts in the bigs. Also one of the main pieces we got this offseason (Rizzo) we haven’t been able to bring up yet. (Oh lets not forget Maholm is pitching well too). Your ignoring the good things that have been changed and focusing on the bad. I think we were a .500 team but when you lose 3 Catchers to injury and people dont perform to even minimum expectations you throw what you should be out the window.

      • Derrick

        Uhhhh Torreyes and Sappelt have both barely been over the mendoza line along with Stewart. T. Wood 1 freaking outing Voldstad horrific I don’t care if it was to get Z outta town we could’ve ask for Gatorade and Peanuts vs. Volstad. Rizzo great numbers in a hitters league hasn’t done anything yet so the jury is still out. Theo and Jed get a F so far.

        • Madprizamwoo

          I have to respectfully disagree. I believe the best moves Theo and Crew did was not signing any of Pujols, Fielder, Wilson. Mr Hendry would of and we would be screwed for many years.

          Dejesus was a decent signing, cheap and productive, also I like their patience with Rizzo another thing mr Hendry would not of done.

          Also, the obvious trading for Rizzo.

          They haven’t wasted $ and brought in Rizzo.

          I’d give these guys a B+

          • Madprizamwoo

            One other nice move, having faith in LaHair at first base.

            • Brady

              All these things. They get a B+ from me so far. This season is a waste in addition to being very unfortunate so far. I think we have a good shot at the consecutive loss record as the team stands now.

  • CBP

    How much value does James Russell have. I love the guy but why don’t we trade him since his value up and on a contending team he would be a solid pick up. I feel like the cubs have wasted him all year

  • Older Style

    Go Cubs. I will remember this low tide time when they’re in the thick of it in a couple years. It will be that much sweeter.
    As an IU basketball fan that survived the post-Kelvin Sampson era, I think I can manage a losing season or two.

  • Jared

    I don’t mind losing…but this is old…I don’t blame Svuem, but on the same token, maybe the switch up wasn’t all it would take??? Start demoting guys and calling up young talent?! Just to lite the fire? I don’t have a good scenario, just what sounds right…or stick with what we have??? I’m a lost fan at this point…………………

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Shuffling the lineup has very little effect on runs scored: hence the shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic analogy of which we are so fond.

      As for the “young talent,” there is a real dearth of MLB ready talent in the Cubs system. Of course, when is this ever not the case? (I think that the Cubs are, yet again, last in farmhands on the All Star ballot.). Rizzo is ready, but keeping an extra year of control is worth far more than an extra win or two this year. BJax probably would be an upgrade in CF but not a huge one: his K rate makes LaHair look like Tony Gwynn. After that, well, not much.

  • nik faulk

    does anyone know where there’s video of DeJesus chucking the ball into the Allegheny? i saw it but i can’t seem to find any replays of it anywhere!

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    beautiful analogy, shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. Also, some need to quit glorifying losing as if it somehow is a cure all, it isn’t. In fact this assumption losing somehow breeds winning is idiotic. It is just as valid that organizations can use losing 3 or 4 years to reduce payrolls and pocket cash. Losing doesn’t guarantee you anything other than a higher draft spot.

    Let’s look at that further. We had good leverage and a good draft in 2011. Now we have had some international additions and will probably have another in Soler and all attention of the organization has been on drafting. 2012 is the year of the draft. Unfortunately there is no doubt we will have a top 4 or 5 pick and likely 1-3 even in 2013. If that’s not enough losing there something damn bad in the water, if 2012 is the year of the draft 13 will be even more special. That is where it should stop. And losing beyond then says more about us than even the organization.

    The Cub organization this winter, will have had more than enough time, to add through trades this summer, free agency and the beginnings of some the old regimes minors as well the as the prospects to field a team that is respectable and doesn’t lose more than 90 games. Say it anyway you want, but this season represents failure on the part of Tom Ricketts and even Theo. I’m in their corner and honestly believe after we get the first run of the new scouting and draft team, they will focus more on the roster, but I am hopeful in an attempt to leverage what we have in a cleansing and purge. Get value for the good ones, clean out the junk and add some youth. And yes we will probably lose 110 games, but hopefully in blowing it up and putting it back together we will be in line to compete in 2014 and see improvement in 2013.

    But beating ourselves in the head over 2012 is stupid, this is a very poor team in terms of talent. And the only way to add it is long term through the draft, short term by trading what we can, and intermediate by better use of free agency. DeJesus and Maholm were outstanding, but there just wasn’t enough effort in free agency. And we’ll see if all the emphasis on scouting is going to payoff. I’m hopeful and like Theo a lot. I have a little concern over the Ricketts ownership and why Theo has been so slow to either blow it up or add. but I think after the draft we’ll see them finally blow it up. They have nothing to lose now, everyone knows this is a very bad club and as indicated, there’s really no need to send a telegram to order more deck furniture on the Titanic.

  • DAVE

    Anyone who thinks this team will be competitive in a few years is fooling themselves.
    The drafting and development of the players they will need to rebuild thru the farm will take 5 years at least.
    The folks who are so agsainst spending in free agency to speed up the process, all I can say is enjoy what you asked for. I think some will change their tunes after a few more seasons like this.

    • Eric

      This is EXACTLY what I asked for, and I am enjoying it. I do agree it will be 5 years til you start to see “theo’s boys” come through the farm. But I really don’t expect it to be that long until we are competitive atleast. Maybe 5 years to become a powerhouse yes, but not competitive. There are already some great talent here and in the minors for which Theo can either use to be part of his dream team or use to trade. Rizzo I believe is truly the first big move by this group and he is the type of guy then hope will retire a Cub. But you still have other talent to use or trade, Garza, Shark, Demp, Castro, Rizzo, Jackson, Vitters, Baez. Some of them will be Cubs, some will be used to bring in new faces. But there is plenty of high regarded talent that can be used to spead up this rebuilding process. This year and next year’s high draft picks will also help. I guess I am saying that it won’t take THAT long. Maybe more than 2 years until it starts to get really interesting though.

  • Kevin

    It seems to me that Wrigley Field is the life blood of Wrigleyville neighborhood. Yes, the neighbors get testy, I’m sure, but would the bars/restaurants etc in the area survive without the Cubs? Would the Cubs draw anywhere near as well, if the ballpark was anywhere else? If they want to tear down and rebuild it at the same place, isn’t there any agreement that could be made to help make the park larger, and allow for more night games?
    Is there anyway to make the footprint any larger, maybe move Addison to the South and Clark to the West. This would make the footprint larger and allow the Cubs to build a brand new ballpark. No need to wax a Dinosaur.

  • Kevin

    If the footprint isnt expanded They should look to the burbs to rebuild, Schaumburg, Arlington Hts, etc. I would prefer they stay in the city, but they have got to get out of that neighborhood which controls the Cubs like a yo-yo. Cubs should play as many nite games as they want, with no restrictions. They make a real threat to move to burbia, maybe local businesses wont like that so much and allow the Cubs more freedom in their scheduling, whether a new park is built on current site or they go through a major renovation project. They do need to look west and seriously entertain the burbs. I love WF, grew up with it, choked on it, cried over it, and maybe its time to bury it.

  • Chris

    There are many things that will hinder the cubs from being a powerhouse over a 5 year plan. If all it took was 5 years and ya have that there would be alot of other teams better than they are. The first problem is a lack of impact talent currently in the minors with the exception of rizzo and Jackson everything else is mostly in low a ball. Which will take at least 3 years before they get a shot at playing in wrigley. The thing is cubs fans should know very well that just cause there is alot of hype around a prospect does not guarantee his sucsess. Then you have theo and co running your draft now which does sound good until you realize that the changes made to the CBA prevented exactly what Theo has done to be successful. I’m sure he will be better then hendry in that regard but I wanna see exactly how he handles the new set up. He can’t steal talent away from college in the later rounds like he used to with the big pay days for them. Let’s see if he can come up with a new idea on approaching it that works as good as the old one. Then you have a stadium in need of repair which rickets himself pointed out that there portion of that money comes from there team budget. So until the city and wrigley figure out what there gonna do the team has to put 10 million in concrete instead of the pitching staff or other parts of the team. Not to mention once they do come up with a deal the cubs portion of the money will probably come from the team budget as well. So it’s gonna be 2016 2017 before they can really open up their wallet and spend like the tribune did. After all these other things Theo and jed still hotta make the correct decisions which doesn’t always happen. Cubs are in my opinion moving in the right direction but it’s gonna take alot longer than people think. Oh and as far as free agency goes this coming offseason there isn’t gonna be any big deals. Look at ages of the guys available. They don’t fit in the mold there looking for. Your paying them for what they did not what they will do which management is against doing. Cubs will be spending big money on guys in mid 20 s not 30 + At least not at this point maybe when they feel there only a piece away but not currently.

  • cjdubbya

    Does anyone have a link to DeJesus chucking Alvarez’s home run ball into the Allegheny?