Think what you will of the relative import of the rest of the season for the Cubs, but one thing upon which we should all agree is that it does no one any good to have Matt Garza out there getting blasted by the Astros and the Pirates. The Cubs might not be a playoff-caliber team this year, but, whatever they are, they need individual players who have value to retain that value. Today did nothing good in that regard when it comes to Mr. Garza.

I actually avoided today’s game while watching the Reds and Rockies in Cincinnati with family. I apologize that I probably enjoyed myself more than you did. But every time I saw the Cubs’ score flashing on the scoreboard, The Wife and Father-in-Law undoubtedly saw me kick the seat in front of me. Freaking Cubs.

Today’s enhancement necessarily has a tacit, built-in punchline…

  • Big Joe

    Worst offense? Is that a rhetorical question? Worst organization? That’s my question. I believe they are lost/clueless/apathetic at every level, in every aspect. I can’t believe a word I hear/read from the front office, or the coaching staff. The team has no drive. It shows. Mr. Zambrano, I apologize for every negative thing I’ve ever said about you. You have heart. You have fire. Losing bothered you, and it showed. You didn’t always handle things the right way, but you had balls…something this team is lacking terribly. Where the hell is the leadership? When is someone going to get angry about losing? I can live with losing, due to lack of talent on the roster. What I can’t live with, is, at least, the apparent lack of frustration from all involved. This team has no heart. None whatsoever.

    • Brett

      Interesting thoughts, but the enhancement was about the Pirates.

      But you essentially answered the joking question.

    • dob2812

      I very much doubt that any of the current Cubs enjoy losing 12 in a row. As professionals, that’s pretty embarrassing.

      Look, it’s a bad stretch. They got killed tonight but they could have won either or both of the first two. Now they didn’t, I know, but that’s baseball. Sometimes you lose the one run games.

      The team is bad and if it’s blown up in the couple of months they may finish the season with the worst record in baseball. They could lose 100 games. It’s unlikely still, but it could happen. But at least we know this is as bad as it gets. There is nowhere much to fall to from here. As an organisation they are certainly not lost or clueless or directionless. To expect Theo and Jed to put a winning team on the field this season would have been to expect the impossible. It would serve no purpose the General Manager coming out and publicly slamming his players or his staff. Let’s be calm and remember where the Cubs are supposed to be going, how excited everyone was when Theo was appointed.

      Things will be looking up soon enough.

      • Big Joe

        Do you really believe that this is as bad as it gets? I don’t. And, I don’t expect management to come out and publicly bash the coaching staff, or the players. What I do expect, is for the players, collectively, to take on a different attitude. They haven’t. Someone said that they look lost. I say they look as if they have no roll in what’s happening. They look like they have accepted losing. That is my problem. I don’t see a spence of urgency. I see no drive. I see, “Well, I guess that’s just how things go”. I see no pride. That. Bothers. Me.

        • King Jeff

          How do you propose it would be any worse than this? A 50 win team is going to be the low mark, no matter how bad they are.

          • Big Joe

            Ok. Now you are defining “bad as it gets” as 50 wins. I doubt it will be that bad. But, I could see this losing streak hitting 18-20 games. So, that would be worse than the current 12 in a row. More players could get hurt/under-perform, etc.. That is my point. I fully expect worse than the current level of play. It’s not like there’s been ANY evidence to suggest an uphill trend.

    • Cubbie fan lost in Atlanta

      Did you see Dejuses throw the ball in the Allegany river after Pedro Alvarez hit the homer and bounced back onto the field.. made my day what David did.

      • Leroy K.

        He DID throw it in the river. I saw that on ESPN, but really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Good for him.

  • Big Joe

    My fault. I suppose I was a little over zealous in my haste to chastise the team.

  • kyle

    It is frustrating to watch these Cubs play, however, I think the 2nd half of the season will be much more digestible. The young guys will be brought up to showcase their talent, and that excites me. I just don’t see anyone, with the exception of Dempster, that has much trade value as of now. Bringing in more young talent may be harder than we thought before this season began.

    • dob2812

      Gara has plenty of value left. Home runs killed him tonight but that can happen to any pitcher. Zack Greinke got killed in Arizona last night. CC has three or four mediocre starts in a row. It happens. He’ll be fine.

      • kyle

        He has two bad starts in a row. He was always considered a middle of the rotation starter at best, and has improved that value over the past year or so, but I fear a regression possible. I can only assume other G.M.’s think the same thing.

  • Jesse

    They just seem…lost out there. They know they’re losing and its in their heads.

  • Cheryl

    Jesse you’re right. It seems like they expect to lose. The All Star break won’t help. Trades and bringing up players from the minors might.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I am really glad I didn’t get a chance to hear or see the game. I checked on my phone and seen they were down 10-0 and just felt ashamed to be out in my Cubs hat and shirt today. I really hope they right the ship soon.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I see Castro didn’t strike out, and he got a homer. At least that is a plus. Why is Koyie Hill still on the team? Let Lalli catch and have Wells and Barney as backups or just in case catchers until Soto and Clevy come back.

    • John

      Because Hill actually can catch–Lalli isn’t much of a receiver.

  • Diesel

    Maybe Soriano will have knee surgery when Rizzo gets called up.

  • Nick Pipitone

    The whole thing wreaks of “temporary” doesn’t it? The vast majority of the players on the Cubs roster know that they are not part of the future. Soriano. Dejesus. Stewart. Dempster. Garza. Every catcher on the roster. The entire bullpen. Motivation has got to be a difficult thing to come by. Hell, I think Sveum and Bosio are temporary too. Even Castro is a love/hate kind of guy. Where are the Cubs? Campana is arguably the only guy that you can visibly detect a passion and love for baseball in. This may last awhile …

    • HoustonTransplant

      I completely agree with your “temporary” idea. It was clear that this season was going to be a bunch of “stop-gaps” until our minor league talent was ready. If we all knew it, the players on the field have to know it, too. Remember back to when “the plan” was more or less announced: defer to the long term. The plan for this year was obvious: try to catch lightning in a bottle with high risk, potentially high upside guys who haven’t lived up to their projections. Well, now we’re reaping the rewards of opening all those bottles and finding that there is indeed no lightning in them. This is a bad team, they know it, we know it, management knows it. What’s railing on them publicly or otherwise going to do about it? I think they care, if anything, for their own personal pride. DeJesus looked pretty pissed as he launched that home run ball out of the stadium and into the river. That was actually the highlight of the game for me.

      Someone commented on this site today that we have a team full of utility guys. He was right; they can fill a roll for a while, but when you try to ask them to play a full season…well, we’re watching what happens. I wouldn’t be surprised to lose 100 games this year, however, if it means that it’s part of the plan to defer to the long term and there’s marked improvement in the following years, I’ll hold tight.

      Each game blows, each game sucks to watch, and it’s embarrassing from fans to management. However, that’s the state of the Cubs right now, and NOTHING anyone did this off season would have changed it. Just gotta suck it up and be a Cubs fan. It’s not like we’ve been awesome the last several years. We just haven’t sucked this hard…

  • Big Joe


  • Christopher

    There is no leadership on the team. Campana does play with heart and more guys need to play with that fire. Byrd had that fire, and experience but more so he brought that needed leadership position. I understand he was having a down year to start but there are the intangibles that cant be measured in stats, now without him I think its starting to show. I believe Wood brought that to the table as well. Not to say his 6 game absence has made that drastic change but a guy like that helps to have around. You see it with teams all around the league, Posada brought that to the Yankees and at times they look lost as well without him. Lost is a very good description for the Cubs right now.

    • King Jeff

      I think among all the complaining and bitching going on, you may have hit the nail on the head. Wood and Byrd were two very influential team leaders who were here to show the younger guys the ropes, and both are gone already. They both seemed like guys that would hold teammates accountable for mistakes and show the others how to go about things the right way. The lack of leadership, combined with the implosion of the bullpen, the rash of injuries to the catchers(which has to be effecting the pitching), and the poor starts from Soto, Stewart, and others have been too much for this team to overcome with it’s lack of talent.

      • John

        While I agree that Wood and Byrd were at least known for leadership, I wonder what that means exactly? Or, rather, how would we know who is being “a leader.” It seems like teams that win have “leadership,” while teams that lose do not. I mean, how do we know that Reed Johnson, Matt Garza, David DeJesus, or Shawn Camp are not great in the clubhouse? Those narratives only seem to get written for winning teams.

  • Stu

    If you want change to come faster, you have to stop buying the “product.” That is the only way to get things moving. As long as the “customer” shells out cash for tickets, hats, beers, etc., the management will continue to do it their way.

    There is a point where the present cast of characters who have no future with the organization; Baker, Johnson, Hill, Soto, Soriano etc. will have to take a hike. I know that I won’t spend a dime to watch them. It’s free TV or nothing.

    • Jesse

      All except Johnson, he actually is our best bench player.

    • ptbnl

      Stu, we get it. Don’t buy tickets or merchandise until they start winning. You don’t need to say it in every post.

  • Steve

    How is the draft talent NEXT year???

    • Ben

      I have been wondering same

      • djriz

        Very, VERY early to talk about, but the little out there on next year’s draft has a college pitcher (with an injury history) with killer stuff as the No. 1 at this point. Whitson from the U of Florida.
        But, the early word is there is a lot of power at the top of the draft. Yea!

        • nkniacc

          Also there is a fla college pitcher that was picked by SD in HS in first rd I think didn’t sign

  • ry34

    definitely the most shit worthless team in baseball! ship dolis worthless ass out. hopefully wrigley is half empty tomorrow, these guys dont deserve an audience!

    • kyle

      You don’t deserve to be a Cubs fan with that mentality.

      • Ogyu

        Attention, everyone. Henceforth, all applications for being a Cubs fan should be filed with this guy.

        • kyle


    • Carew

      Way to much negativity there bro. A true fan accepts this and suffers through it. Itll be worth it when all this pans out in a few years. Dolis is also very young still with lots of learning to do, like many other Cubs players.

  • Jeremy

    I’m at the point where I think we need to look to move a lot of the bullpen guys and bring up some the younger guys like Belaviaeu, Rhoderick, Batista etc. There really is no pressure on them to succeed this year, so why not develop them in pressure situations at the big league level.

    • kyle

      Completely agree. Finding bullpen talent is a guessing game anyway, so we might as well see if we have any of it in the farm.

    • ptbnl

      Isn’t that what they are doing with Dolis? He was at AA last year and they are seeing what he can do. If they send him down and whoever comes next struggles are we going to call for his head after 2 months?

      • kyle

        Not necessarily saying we need to give up on Dollis. Marmol needs to stay down, but I like what I see in Camp, Wells, and Parker. Besides Camp, the other two have been surprises, so let’s see if there are more in the system.

        • nkniacc

          It will be interesting to see what they do when Marmol comes back.

  • Jeremy

    Here’s some good news about Dillon Maples but bad about Marco Hernandez.

    Marco Hernandez will be sent to EX ST tomorrow via Kevin Capie, a writer that cover the chiefs. Also, Dillon Maples is expected to be ready for Boise when they open their season via Golstein.

    • nkniacc

      Good deal about Maples maybe he could make Peoria before the season is out. Im not surprised that hernendez is going to EXST with baez getting promoted

    • djriz

      Maybe they want Marco to learn a different position (2B ?). It seems like he was starting to pick it up with the bat.

  • Big Joe

    On a positive note, the Iowa team is batting in the top of the 1st in Memphis. 2-0, Iowa. Rizzo doubled in the game’s first runs moments ago. The game is available via live audio stream.

  • calicubsfan007

    Our offense is really not doing so hot right now, but our pitching (especially relief) isn’t doing so great either. I already let my sentiments about Hill known before, so I won’t go there. Can’t wait until the next few years…

  • BluBlud

    I’ve been away for a while. I come back, and realize how we really suck. Then I check the articles and realize Sveum has benches Campana for a career journeyman utility guy. It’s no wonder we suck. Sveum is starting to look in over his head. Hell, I’m starting to wish Quade was still the manager so atleast I could say, “yeah our manager sucks, but we’ll have a new one next year.” Now its just, “yeah our manager sucks, but we just have to deal with it for a while.” Hell, at this rate, to hell with sending Baez to A ball, send him to Chicago. He has to be better then these guys.

    • BluBlud

      J/K bout Baez.

  • Big Joe

    Well, he’s probably not…….probably.

  • Goatbuster

    I hate to play devils advocate, but what if all these guys were chomping at the bit to bring up don’t pan out. I mean, we’ve all discussed this at length, not every hotshot in the minors will make it up or be able to perform once they get their cup of coffee. What happens to “the plan” when we find out that they don’t pan out?

    • kyle

      Good point, but I guess we’ll never know unless we try them out. Since this season is a bust before the end of May, there’s no better season to let the kids prove their worth than this one.

    • Matty

      That’s when you can get really upset. If Rizzo 2012 with the Cubs = Rizzo 2011 with the Padres then the real panicking can begin.

  • spearman

    That’s why we have to get guys like Zambrano, Soriano, Marmol,& to a lesser extent Dempster off the books. With them off the books, we can use that money to get more Talent. That is what Theo & co. are trying to do.

  • jim




    • Njriv

      I think that would also include the 25 millionaires on the other 28 teams that didn’t make it to the world series.

  • Cubbie fan lost in Atlanta

    In other news, Shawn camp has been named our closer. he will be in that role with james russel.

    • John

      I am hoping that this means Camp and Russell will be used as a “committee” or something. Most of Camp’s value is from his ability to pitch everyday. He actually might suffer from lack of use in a strict “closer’s” role.

  • art

    so now we miss the leadership of Byrd and Wood, same two guys most fans wanted gone. fact is the Cubs are a bad team. leadership means nothing unless you produce and those 2 were not producing, and i’m a big Wood fan. most are bench players at best, the rest should be retired or in the minors. agree that when Jackson and Rizzo come up we’ll be a hair better. and i really believe in my heart that 2013 the Cubs will surprise many people. not just cause of Rizzo and Jackson but 1 or 2 other kids like Szczur along with some big pitcher FA’s. bad contracts/players will be gone. we’re all Cub fans and it is hard to see them lose day after day and we make bad comments deserved or not. i’m hanging in there cause in my heart of hearts i believe our time is coming and very soon. oops, my steaks are ready. have a great weekend guys.

  • AD

    Rizzo leaves I-Cubs game in the fifth, headed to the clubhouse. Promotion? Courtesy of Iowa Cubs.

    • nkniacc

      I hope not but that’s interesting

    • Poopypants McGee

      Ken Roseycheeks said he has an excellent source informing him that Rizzo is not getting called up, per his twitter account

      • nkniacc

        If he’s not called up it will be interesting to find out why he was pulled

  • Kevin

    Cub fans are more loyal to WrigleIy Field than the team itself. Everyone is posting their complaints about the team. I want to discuss Wrigley Field. I love Wrigley Field too, I have my entire life and thought no other baseball stadium could even come close, that was, until this weekend watching the Cubs play at PNC Park. I encourage all Cub fans to visit Pittsburgh and see their great ballpark. The thought of paying $300M to renovate Wrigley Field, regardless who pays for it, is like throwing good money away. Why spend so much money to renovate Wrigley and still have some big restrictions, the biggest being limited to a certain number of night games. The Cubs pay a lot of tax dollars to the City of Chicago and the city and especially Wrigleyville will keep the Cubs restricted. It’s time to think outside the box and start thinking about the Cubs playing elsewhere.
    The Pirates have played at PNC Park for 12 years and it cost just over $200M to build.
    The Ricketts family is smart and hopefully they will at least consider a move.

    • Diesel

      How many winning seasons have they had in their new beautiful ballpark?

  • notcubbiewubbie

    waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa you know what’s good about a year like this all the johnny come lately yuppy cub fans hopefull will pack the wagon and get out of dodge. go theo go jed keep doing what your doing go cubs go . signed a real cubfan.

  • MichiganGoat

    So glad I picked this weekend to float on a boat and drink Oberon.

  • Madprizamwoo

    It is what it is. We all expected the Cubs to be under 500. Best case was 75 wins. Heck, I’m happy we are Sucking more then expected as it gives us a higher draft pick.

    Regarding Jackson, he is struggling in Iowa which play in a very hitting friendly park and league. This guy is not going to do well if called up. Let him get his seasoning at aaa for the entire year. He is K’ing at a very high level, major league pitching will eat this guy alive.

    Rizzo is ready, however, if Theo is the man, he would not call him up until after june 23rd (i believe) and kill a year of control for a few weeks of relief. June 24th time for him to come up and Sorino to sit. LaHair takes left.

    Only players on this team I want gone are Sorino (please god find a team for this guy, please), he’s clogging up space in outfield and is one of ths worst left fielders, if not the worse, in MLB.

    Marmol. Inconsistent

    Dempster – last year of contract, let him go and see what others can do. If they don’t work out at least we know that. I personally will miss this guy.