Tonight, per multiple tweets, including those from the Iowa Cubs’ Twitter stream, Anthony Rizzo was pulled from the I-Cubs game in the sixth inning. The game was tight, and the removal didn’t appear to be injury related. Rizzo then headed to the clubhouse.

Thus, the Internetz freaked. HE’S GETTING CALLED UP!!!!11!!!1!!!LOL!!!!!!

Hold on. We don’t know that yet. Any number of things could explain the move, including – unfortunately – injury that didn’t look like an injury.

Or, he could be called up for tomorrow’s game in Chicago against the Padres. We’ll find out soon.

If he’s being called up to placate an angry fan base because of a 12-game losing streak, I will absolutely flip my lid. He’s three weeks – three lousy weeks – away from being down long enough for the Cubs to gain an extra year of control over him (i.e., a free agent after 2018 instead of 2017), when he’ll be in his prime. Calling him up now is a complete abdication of everything the new front office has proclaimed to stand for, and I will be extremely upset. If you were going to do it, why not just call him up a month ago?

On the other hand, he could be called up because there’s an injury, and the Cubs want him to fill in for a couple weeks, after which time he’ll return to Iowa, and his service clock will stop gaining time. Then he can come back up in a few weeks after that, and all will be right with the world.

If he’s being called up because the Cubs have made some trade that they couldn’t have waited three weeks to make, I’ll be less upset, but, like, call someone else up.

UPDATE: I am relieved – or upset? – to report that it sounds like Rizzo left the game because of a sore wrist, which he experienced during a swing mid-game. No word on how serious it is, but I’m guessing the I-Cubs are extra careful with him. Thus, he is not being called up. You may resume your Sunday night/Memorial Day Eve activities.

  • Segal27

    Did you see Jed’s tweet?

    • Jesse

      What was it?

      • Segal27

        He said an announcement is coming soon

        • SirCub


    • Luke

      Link please.  There is a probably fake Hoyer account that has gotten a lot of people all a-twitter (see what I did there?).

      • nkniacc

        im guessing its a fake accpunt

      • Segal27
        • TT

          Must be a big announcement for Jed to join twitter just to notify us all.

        • Brett

          That’s a fake account.

        • Luke

          Looks pretty fake to me.

          • Segal27

            alrighty people back to normal life, nothing to see here!

  • nkniacc

    I hope its either a trade or an injury and that he will be sent down again so that he doesn’t get that seervice time

  • mick6x

    Bad timing? Maybe. But my pucker level is at 11 to see how he does in the bigs

  • Mrp

    It really could be anything. I’d be really surprised if it is a call up. It might be something with a family member. Hopefully nothing serious.

  • North Side Irish

    Wrist soreness…pulled as a precaution.

  • CubFan Paul

    Isn’t the extra year of control a moot point if Rizzo is as good as advertised because he’ll be signed to an extension (hopefully like the super 2 Castro this offseason)?

    • Hansman1982

      Because it allows you an extra year to make that deal. How nice would it be if Hendry would have waited another 30 days on Castro? Talking $3ish million next year. All over 30 days of service time that don’t mean shit now.

      • CubFan Paul

        So if Castro (the team’s only all star) wasn’t super two eligible after this season you wouldn’t sign him to an extension? Just renew his $500K or so salary again for another season just because you “can”?

        The team needs offense. Rizzo is instant offense. I’m not saying call him up but I would understand why if he got called up permanently before late June (because I watch this eye sore of a team everyday). Service time is meaningless if he’s a .280/.350/.500 25HR 80plus rbi first baseman because he’ll be resigned early to save future dollars, like Castro more than likely will be this coming offseason

        • hansman1982

          absolutely I would pay him $500K next year as opposed to $3-4M – why would you do anything else. Give the extension another year to simmer. Just as likely he goes down to a career ending injury as his salary demands would go up by that much. Plus the one less year of arbitration would make him less expensive overall.

      • Angiy

        Would you rather see Castro or an under producing white guy in Fontenot? It’s pretty much common sense..and obviously other teams see that he’s nothing also..he isn’t starting and I sure as hell am glad he isn’t in Chicago. Now I’m done.

        • hansman1982

          “an under producing white guy in Fontenot? ”

          is that a back-handed racism allegation?

          I would rather the Cubs have the extra couple million to spend next year and the next 4 years.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I completely agree agree with you Brett. I would lose some respect for Theo and Jed for not sticking to their guns and sticking to the plan and not listening to us fans even if we are ticked about this god awful team. I want a world series in the future in the next 5 years not a call up for Rizzo to try and help this hopeless cubs season. I hope ownership didnt push this either because I would be extremely upset with ricketts

  • Mrp

    It’s worse than I thought, wrist injury. God really hates this team.

  • Luke

    Multiple sources:  He may have injured his right wrist during an at bat.  Pulling him was a precautionary move.  No call up.

  • Lindsay

    Buster Olney just tweeted that he was pulled for an injury precaution. No call up.

    The announcement is likely that Dolis is being sent to AAA. I’m listening to the iCubs radio broadcast and the radio guy has announced it twice.

    My first post here, by the way.

    • Brett

      Welcome aboard.

  • Ryan

    Honestly, I’m not that concerned about an extra year of control 5 years from now.

    If it were two or three, then yes I would be, but if he’s legit, he will be signed long term before that 5 years is up.

    Call him up.

  • Cheryl

    Is there suppose to be some kind of an announcement or is it fake?

    • Ryan

      Probably announcing Dolis getting sent down to AAA

    • Luke

      The tweet talking about a major announcement came from a fake account.  There is no such proclamation from the Cubs’ front office this evening.  If there is a major announcement coming, it has not been announced.

  • Cheryl

    If Dolis is being sent to AAA I don’t see that as a major announcement. Any word on possible trades?

  • Hack Wilson

    Sounds typical. Rizzo is told he will be called up and then gets hurt.

  • jayburd2020

    Let’s hope they are being overly cautious and the injury is minor. When power-hitting first basemen have arm, wrist, shoulder injuries that sideline them for even a short period of time, often major surgery is right around the corner. (See Jim Thome, Frank Thomas, Ryan Howard, Jeff Bagwell. Even Pujols has had elbow surgery.). Too early to say in Rizzo’s case, and like most organizations, the Cubs would keep that kind of prognosis quiet until surgery became unavoidable. Let’s hope for the best.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    This is the funniest comment section I have seen here. People really think they wouldn’t be worried about that extra year of control 3 weeks away from gaining it? That is beyond absurd. If you don’t understand, then you would be best served just looking at the box score every couple of weeks, because you really don’t understand.

  • http://BleacherNation DeanOh

    Whooooh….Boy that was a close one!!!…..Relax people this what happens when people jump to conclusions without all the information

  • Kyle

    I hate wrist injuries for hitters. They can linger and ruin whole seasons or more. I hope this one heals very, very quickly.

  • MichiganGoat

    Where’s my boat? Time to go back to drinking Oberon.

  • Curt

    you know as long as this season is going to blow anyways, no way I bring rizzo or Jackson up myb sept call-ups the cubs might as well secure the top draft pick in a fight with the Twinkies babe Ruth couldn’t save this season, so get them ready so their ready to start next year.

  • Blitzenjohn

    Brett’s correct on the Rizzo call-up situation. We’ve waited our entire lives for a championship, what’s 3 more weeks?