According to multiple reports, Carlos Marmol will be activated from the disabled list today. The former closer pitched decently-enough at AAA Iowa in a rehab stint coming back from a hamstring strain (and, let’s be honest, clearing his head). He’s not likely to return to the closer’s role immediately, from which he’d already been removed when he hurt the hamstring.

Marmol could slide into a late-inning role, though, because the Cubs just lost one of their late-inning pitchers. In the corresponding move, Rafael Dolis was sent to AAA Iowa.

Dolis started out the year strong, and it was easy to see why the Cubs have liked him for a long time despite mediocre numbers in the minor leagues. He has a beautiful sinking fastball that he throws easily in the mid-90s. But his control took a hit in recent weeks, and, without another decent pitch, he started getting hit when he was in the strike zone. Never much of a strikeout pitcher, if Dolis can’t command the strike zone and force hitters to get themselves out low, he’s not going to be effective. That was especially the case since mid-May, when Dolis’ ERA blew up into the teens.

Dolis, still just 24, hadn’t pitched above AA before this season, so it’s not like this demotion should be a huge blow to his development. Hopefully he works on what he needs to at AAA, and comes back later this year or next year a more complete and polished pitcher. He could still be a big part of the Cubs’ bullpen going forward.

As for Marmol, your rooting interest should be crystal clear: we hope he pitches lights freaking out, returns to the closer’s role quickly, and continues to dominate. And then, in July, he’s dealt.

  • MikeW

    No ones buying on Marmol even if he comes back and dominates. I’m just hoping for “useful” at this point.

    • Jimmy james

      Agreed, the walks have always been there and even if he dominates a team would have to be pretty desperate to deal for him

    • Brett

      If he comes back and dominates for two months, someone will absolutely bite.

      It’s just that the Cubs will have to eat a ton of his salary, and won’t get much in return.

      • CubFan Paul

        When did Lendy Castillo go onthe DL?

      • MikeW

        Well if thats the case and the Cubs have to eat a ton (more than 2/3), then ya might as well just keep him.

        • Cubs Dude

          I agree if you’re not getting much in return and paying a lot of his salary whats the point in trading Marmol? Even though he is irritating as hell to watch at times, he’s still got filthy stuff. I wouldn’t think of moving him for a Byrd for Bowden type deal.

          • Joe

            Cubs Dude, yes he has filthy stuff. Dirty, ugly, nasty, AAAstuff.

      • Jimmy james

        In that scenario, yes…I was more in the mindset of getting anything remotely useful for him…..anybody, even sori could be dealt if you eat the salary and accept trash back

    • Cubmig

      ……can we add “consistently” to the “useful” to be “consistently useful”?

  • Idaho Razorback

    I don’t know what my response to this should be.

  • Ben

    *Sarcasm on* Cubs don’t need a closer. No save opportunities = no closer. Simple is that. *Sarcasm off* Too bad.

  • nkniacc

    I hope camp builds a bit a value and they can get something for him at the trade deadline. Id like to see Marmol delt but i think were going to have to wait until the offseason for that

  • Michael Montgomery

    A question: how closely do teams monitor their own catchers to see if they unconsciosly ‘tip’ the upcoming pitch? I’ve always wondered about Hill—it seems that pitchers routinely ‘play worse’ when he is catching.

  • Blitzenjohn

    Let’s not forget Marmol’s stuff is as nasty as anyone’s, when he can find the plate. When he’s wild, all hell breaks loose.

  • @cubsfantroy

    Hopefully his head is clear. From the numbers I seen, it didn’t look to good. When do we get Clevenger back?

  • Joe

    Will we ever have a closer like Bruce Sutter again? Or a Lee Smith?

    • Ogyu

      Doubt it.

  • Told ya So

    Did ya see that interview ol Epstein had today he is starting to see that his plans are falling apart… This City isn’t Boston they will eat u alive…Plus how long till Rickettsia realizes that the cubs players won’t play for seven and Sandberg can be gotten……. I told all ya this stuff in November but you people who don’t even live in this city thought ya knew this city… Dream some more outsiders

    • Joe

      Wow. You’re the worst.

    • Jimmy james

      Roll eyes

    • Eric

      Is there a point in there among all that pointless dravel?

      • Joe

        What’s a dravel? Is that measured in ounces or Sq. inches?

    • Njriv

      His plans have barely begun, retard.

      • Homer J. Simpson

        Mmmmmmm… Barley…

      • Joe

        That’s right. Again everbody knew, or should have known, the next two years were a “wash.” Oh know, I’m starting to sound like a lawyer.

        But really, nobody expected much this year.