The Cubs are still capable of winning!

Even abysmal offenses were going to score today with the wind blowing out in the mid-20s, with gusts up to 35mph. Travis Wood, a fly ball pitcher, never really had a chance, and he’d given up six earned on four homers by the time he made it through five.

The Cubs’ bats were plenty lively today, and it wasn’t all on homers (though the Cubs did have four of ’em). The bullpen was impressively effective, given the conditions, and the Cubs broke the 12-game losing streak.

And, in case you’d forgotten what it looks like…

  • nkniacc

    now hope they did’t use up all their runs today

    • DocPeterWimsey

      That will depend on whether the Padres used up their hung breaking balls and whether the wind is still blowing out tomorrow.  (The temperature will be 30˚ cooler on Wednesday, so the wind probably will be blowing in then.)

      Still, games like this are fun!

  • magilljl


  • King Jeff

    Hah, Randy Wells go the win. That’s funny.

  • JNasty

    Well the cubs are capable of winning, the bullpen pitched well and we scored plenty of runs. The only thing that bothers me is we still can’t get a walk.

  • Cub Style

    What the hell just happened? What is this winning you speak of?

  • @cubsfantroy

    Well I didn’t do my over/under on Twitter today cause I was kind of busy, but I would have picked under again. Kind of glad I would have been wrong. Hopefully, this is the game that has woke up the bats a little bit. A few more of these and I may start wearing my Cubs gear again.

  • Jeremy

    Castro and Soriano both hit monster home runs. Man that wind blowing out really helped the bats today.

    • @cubsfantroy

      I was quite shocked with Soriano’s home run. That was a huge shot.

  • MichiganGoat

    Okay now we can all get out of our doomsday bunkers

    • Hansman1982

      Too late. Many fans already fired theo and rehired Hendry.

      • MichiganGoat

        If we go on a winning streak they’ll come back and praise Theo

        • truebluecubbie

          Isn’t that always the way?

        • Spencer

          If you think this is bad just wait until BJax gets called up and has a high K rate and isn’t an MVP candidate every year.

        • rcleven

          Can’t praise or curse Theo yet. Let’s talk after 2-3 seasons.

          • calicubsfan007


          • Toby

            Unfortunately, there are Cub fans that will never embrace the new management and coaching staff because they have such fantasy expectations for the team. As much as I liked much of what Hendry did, the Cubs were in such horrible shape as an organization. The blame is spread around when it came to bad contracts, but drafting was even worse in Hendry’s earlier years as GM. The last two drafts were pretty descent, but the Cubs had to sign players to an overslotted contracts. Fans were clamoring for change in management and what better way than to lure Theo from Boston then Hoyer/McCloud away from San Diego. I don’t think some Cub fans will ever accept Sveum or whoever the manager is because their last name is not Sandberg. The roster is where the most groaning coming from fans, but what did they expect? So far, the most complaints come from the trades of Marshall and Zambrano who feel Cubs did not get anything of value in return. I’ve viewed the Marshall trade and as much as I enjoyed watching Marshall pitch was the right move. Cub fans have seen relievers resign big contracts only to fall way below their capabilities ie Howry. Marshall’s trade value was not going to be any higher than before the season and we have all experienced how one pitch can derail any trade value for a pitcher. Z was as good as gone the way he had acted the last few years. Z’s contract, his attitude, and his regression on the mound left Z’s trade value the lowest it had ever been. I still have hopes for Volstad, but he needs more time in the minors to work things out. The Cubs turnaround will take at least two more years along with two good drafts. I can wait and I’m just going to root this year’s Cubs as hard as I would any Cub team.

            • djriz

              Well said Toby!
              Let me add one more thing. A whole bunch of people are clamoring for all these trades..Castro, Garza, Dempster, Johnson, Stewart and anyone else, but they need to realize, if you trade out of desperation, you get minimal value back. We have enough ‘minimal value’ guys already….so be patient. Let’s wait for a bidding war for some of our guys, then trade.

              • Dan Fredrickson

                It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the trade deadline approaches. With ten playoff teams this year instead of eight, the number of teams with playoff hopes will greatly outnumber the other teams. It could turn into a big seller’s market. The demand for necessary pieces from a dearth of sellers could cause that bidding war. (I hope.)

              • Toby

                @Dj, sometimes fans that clamor for these trades do not realize that it takes another team to facilitate a trade. Fans think that trades and signing free agents are black and white. Fans do not realize that there are other team to make a trade. The only players I can see being moved before and up to the trading deadline are Johnson, Dempster (if he waves his 10 and 5 rights which he most likely will do), Mather, and maybe Soto (depending on his health). I am hoping that fans realize, not holding my breath, that Cubs may not get back what fans think they will. Demp may bring back a descent prospect, but everyone else will bring back an A-ball prospect.

            • Cubs1967

              let’s be real; the marshall trade was horseshit; t wood has a 6 ERA and the other 2 guys are barely hitting .200 in the minors; last time i checked the bullpen was a mess; marshall would be the best reliever by far, was hoemgrown and in his prime at 29 plus a lefty.
              the astros traded mark melancon and got a top 10 SP prospect from the red sox in weliand who is struggling but has much better stuff than t wood ever had plus a SS in lowrie who has a .822 OPS and a 1.9 WAR to date AND marshall had a 2.8WAR last year; 3rd best among releivers.

              SO there is NO defenese for that trade. team theo got “olsdchooled” BY JOCKETTY big time.

              don’t defend it just cuz it’s theo……….

              • Shawon O’Meter

                What a miserably negative persona you portray. I hope for your sake this is an outlet for all of your pent up vitriol and you lead a wonderfully satisfying life. So much anger over the great game of baseball seems frivolous.

                Two quotes from psychologist/writer/experimentalist Timothy Leary come to mind; while “think for yourself and question authority” is applicable in your case, the same goes for “you can always pick up your needle and move to another groove.”

              • Joe

                The Marshall trade was about saving money. It was a foregone conclussion that the Cubs would out of contention this year(which they are) and probably not contending in 2013. There was no need for high priced reliever.

              • Jimmy james

                Don’t know how many times I can say it but you can’t judge a trade in may of the year it happened.”..sheeh

  • oswego chris

    Am I just imagining(hoping…praying?) that Coleman looks like he has altered his delivery a bit?…seems to me he is hiding the ball better and may be tough on righties…

    • Mrp

      He definitely altered it. He got a little more funky with it.

    • Carew

      i personally believe it made him a lot better. It’s also kinda cool

  • Spencer

    I was sure we were doomed when Mather sac bunted in the 1st.

    • rcleven

      No just the baseball gods smiling on us today. Even the drawn in infield worked with the PO at the plate.

  • Stu

    Good win for the Cubs. Clevenger will be back soon and we can finally have a bat at C. Lalli?

    What do people think the long term on Stewart is?

    • rcleven

      3-4 year fill in. Least of Cub troubles right now. A lot more problems to solve than Stewart

      • Spencer

        And 3-4 might even be stretching it a bit.

        • rcleven

          Have to see how fast Lake can develop if at all.

    • @cubsfantroy

      I like Stewart, liked him since he was in Colorado, but I think he is at best a couple of years before moving on, if not til just the end of this year. I would like to see him stay in a Cubs uniform for awhile though.

      • spearman

        I really think Stewart will be good next year.

  • rcleven

    Nice to see LaHair start to hit the ball again.

  • cubsin

    I’d be very reluctant to give up on Stewart this season or this winter, He’s said his wrist will bother him all year, and wrist injuries are deadly for hitters. I hope they wait at least until next spring to pull the plug on him. In the meantime, I’d like to see Vitters called up for a taste of the big leagues, so he can at least start his adjustment to a new league in a season where wins and losses aren’t all that relevant.

    • hogie

      Vitters has always been a guy who has needed a while to adjust at every level. If the way he is raking now keeps up I would agree with you, bring him up and let him take his time to adjust. I havent seen him play, but his errors are down so far.

  • Jzwizard

    I would rather see Campana get the starts in CF than Mather. Brett Jackson may come up soon so I would like to see Campana while I can. I wouldn’t even mind seeing him stay in Iowa and work on his eye and decreasing his K rate and increasing his OBP

  • Matty

    Interesting and correct point on wrist injuries and hitters. Apparently the curse can reach to Iowa when needed and take down Rizzo with a wrist issue.

  • calicubsfan007

    Yay, we finally won!!!! I am happy!!!! So Happy…. I wish we could have a guy who can consistently close games for us… Otherwise, splended day!!

  • Stu

    Forgot about the Stewart wrist injury. If he could hit .250-.260, hit 25-30HR, play good defense it would be worth keeping 3-4 years and focus on other areas.

    I am not sold on Vitters. Power is not there yet and defense is not a strong point. Is there evidence that he could develop power in the future? You really need that at 3rd.

    I think that Castro has found his home in the 2 hole. If he is going to make contact with everything, isn’t that the best place for him?

    • @cubsfantroy

      I would be happy with 15-20 homers out of Stewart with a .250-.260 BA. As long as his defense is solid as well.

    • rcleven

      What is best for Castro and the Cubs he continue hitting doubles, Triples, and home runs.

      • Myles

        Not to be a jerk, but isn’t this kinda obvious?

        • coal

          Castro’s HR today came with 2 strikes. He was/is still jumping on anything early in the count and was behind all day. But he did have a decent day overall at the plate – just wish he could let stuff come to him more. With the power he does have it would be great to see him hit more in hitter’s counts.

          • calicubsfan007

            That really seems to come with age and experience. He’s still really young, it will come (hopefully).

    • calicubsfan007

      What is going on with Vitters right now? I thought that he was supposed to be the golden boy of the franchise. Then he got replaced with Jackson, who then got replaced by Rizzo. Revolving door when it comes to prospects, huh?

      • Luke

        Vitters is in Iowa.  He got off to a slow start, but he’s put up some pretty good numbers in May.  His line for this month is currently .283/.330/..545 with five walks and six home runs in 99 AB.  He’s not as highly regarded as he once was, but he’s still a top ten guy in the Cubs’ organization and is generally regarded as a potential major league regular.

        • CubFanBob

          How has Vitters defense been this year ?

          • Brett

            I’ve heard he’s looked improved – but it was a low baseline.

            • Luke

              I think he’s good enough to stay at third.  He’s not going to win a Gold Glove any time soon, but he’ll get the job done.

              • Jeremy

                He does have a .944 fielding percentage so far this year which is right around the ML average for 3B. He has looked improved from what I have heard as well, however I don’t think a move to LF is out of the question.

                • hansman1982

                  I could go out an post a .944 fielding percentage – all I would have to do is make sure I only fielded the easy ones and stayed juuuuust out of reach of the tough plays…

        • Joe

          Luke, can he carry his current line in the Bigs?

        • djriz

          Vitters prospect status is a bit misleading sometimes. He’s been in the organization for 5 years, has pretty much gotten better every year, but has never lived up to his draft position. But what if Vitters went to college, then got drafted by the Cubs after his junior year. That would have been 2010. His first year in the Cubs system would have been 2011. In 2012 he’d be a 22 year old in AAA hitting .275 with 6 homers (after a slow start/adjustment period). Now how would he be ranked? I’d say most of us would be excited by a prospect described by those last two sentences.
          So let’s cut Josh some slack. He’s still young.

          • Jimmy James

            agreed….people have been hearing about him for so long i think in their mind he is too old for his level. At his age and the numbers he is starting to put up in his first go at triple A, I’m genuinely excited about his chances again.

          • Kyle

            Completely agree. Vitters’ status as a guy who has been in the organization a long time and always been asked to play up to older competition has contributed to a sense of malaise about his prospect status that isn’t really warranted.

            People have way too high expectations from these high picks. This isn’t the NFL, where you expect a top-10 pick to be a Pro Bowler for you and anything less is a wasted pick.

            There were, of course, 25 No. 3 overall picks from 1981 to 2005.

            Out of those 25, 14 had/have 3.2 career bWAR or less (including those that didn’t make it at all). 3.2 bWAR is one above-average starting season, 2 slightly below average starting seasons, or 3-5 bench years.

            So out of those 25, a full 56% were never serious contributors in the major leagues.

            The remainder:
            Corey Patterson
            Troy Glaus
            Jose Cruz
            Dewey Brazelton
            Braden Looper
            Brian Anderson
            Dustin Hermanson
            Steve Avery
            Mike Lieberthal
            Matt Williams
            Bobby Witt
            Dick Schofield

            There are a few nice players on that list, but overall nothing that makes your eyes pop out of your head.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              Well, not quite: Glaus & Williams were two of the best 3Bmen of their era; they get forgotten because they fell off so quickly and so drastically in their early 30’s.  Steve Avery was every bit as good as Maddux, Glavine & Smoltz until he ruined his arm rushing back from an oblique injury.

              However, the rest of the list represents guys who were (generally) average MLB players for their positions.

  • LaHair4MVP

    Best memorial day ever! LOL.

  • wernert

    When the losing started to snowball, I dropped out. So Castillo is injured? And Clevenger is coming back when?

    • calicubsfan007

      Castillo and Soto are injured now, Clevenger is suppossed to have two more rehab appearences on like Mon and Wed then will return to be evaluated by the Cubs , According to

  • King Jeff

    Today’s win was so awesome it made all of the negativity stop for one glorious evening.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Man, if we keep this up we will only lose 95 games.

  • Dantehicks

    Going back to yesterday (today’s wind blown game was par for the Wrigley course), how is that Sveum decries his pitchers and their often going off book (game plan?). I realize that Matt Garza throwing to Koyie or Blake Lalli is not Soto, but even with Soto healthy his 2 back ups are rookies. Shouldn’t a manager take a stand about staying with a plan? Or pitching coach. Seeing Larry Rothchild on TV made me miss him. These are not original thoughts, but pitchers going so badly should follow someone besides the whims of a pitcher. Right? Or Sveum like Lovie Smith? Focused only on one side of the ball? Last time I checked Chris Bosio was no Rothchild or Duncan.

    • Joe

      What are your points in this comment?

    • Campana

      Why am I still not playing everyday? My avg. and obp. are are amongst the best on the team. What’s the prob boss? I can’t play golf?

  • die hard

    STOP!!!..these are the Padres…gimme a break…we were lucky to come away with a win….yes Castro can be all world at the plate…not so much in the field..Soriano must be boosting his prune juice…whatever hes taking, hope its legal..

  • Kevin

    The Cubs win one game and people are happy? Chicago fans are the most forgiving fans on earth. Maybe if, and only if, we weren’t so forgiving the Cubs would actually feel more pressure to play better.

    • Brett

      For me, it’s certainly not happiness. It’s relief.