[The second in a short series of primer posts discussing the upcoming 2012 MLB Draft, which could be huge for the Cubs. The first in the series looked at ten of the players the Cubs might consider with their first round pick, and the final in the series will look at the changes to the Draft structure for 2012. The Draft will take place from June 4 to 6, and you can expect plenty of live coverage here at BN.]

The MLB Draft is not the NBA Draft or the NFL Draft. This is so for many reasons, not the least of which is the lengthy period that usually intercedes between the time a kid is drafted, and the time he actually appears in MLB (if he appears there at all).

Because the MLB Draft is not quite as dramatic as those in some of the other major American sports, it doesn’t get the months-long buildup of hype that, for example, the NFL receives on ESPN. And because it doesn’t have a hype machine, you might not know the precise details of what’s happening next week, logistically. This post is designed to give you a head’s up on exactly what will happen next week, and when.

Dates, Times, Coverage

The 2012 MLB Draft will begin on Monday, June 4 with the first round (and supplemental first round). The first round will be televised on MLB Network, beginning with a pre-show at 6pm ET (5pm CT), and the actual Draft at 7pm ET (6pm CT). If you’re really hankering for more pre-coverage, ESPN will have a Draft program starting at 3pm ET (2pm CT) on Monday. Obviously we’ll be covering it all here at BN live, so make sure you’re here to participate. It’s a pretty fun night.

Rounds 2 through 15 will take place on Tuesday, June 5, beginning at noon ET (11am CT). These rounds, too, will be televised on MLB Network. It’s amazing: it wasn’t but a few years ago that you couldn’t really follow the Draft live, even if you wanted to. Now, it’s all televised (though the picks roll in via conference call). Once again, the Draft will be covered here live at BN, so if you can’t follow on TV, you can catch the important Cubs bits here, as they roll in. You can also follow at MLB.com.

Rounds 16 through 40 (remember, the Draft has shrunk to 40 rounds this year, one of the many changes that will be previewed in the next primer post) will take place on Wednesday, June 6, beginning at noon ET (11am CT). Once again, you’ll have television coverage on MLBN, and online coverage here at BN and on MLB.com.

Draft Order

Here are the first, supplemental, and second round draft order, which are the rounds that tend to deviate a bit from the overall order. The deviations are noted.

First round:

1. Houston Astros
2. Minnesota Twins
3. Seattle Mariners
4. Baltimore Orioles
5. Kansas City Royals
6. Chicago Cubs
7. San Diego Padres
8. Pittsburgh Pirates
9. Miami Marlins
10. Colorado Rockies
11. Oakland Athletics
12. New York Mets
13. Chicago White Sox
14. Cincinnati Reds
15. Cleveland Indians
16. Washington Nationals
17. Toronto Blue Jays
18. Los Angeles Dodgers
19. St. Louis Cardinals (A. Pujols – LAA)
20. San Francisco Giants
21. Atlanta Braves
22. Toronto Blue Jays (T. Beede – unsigned)
23. St. Louis Cardinals
24. Boston Red Sox
25. Tampa Bay Rays
26. Arizona Diamondbacks
27. Milwaukee Brewers (P. Fielder – DET)
28. Milwaukee Brewers
29. Texas Rangers
30. New York Yankees
31. Boston Red Sox (J. Papelbon – PHI)

Supplemental First Round

32. Minnesota Twins (M. Cuddyer – COL)
33. San Diego Padres (H. Bell – MIA)
34. Oakland Athletics (J. Willingham – MIN)
35. New York Mets (J. Reyes – MIA)
36. St. Louis Cardinals (A. Pujols – LAA)
37. Boston Red Sox (J. Papelbon – PHI)
38. Milwaukee Brewers (P. Fielder – DET)
39. Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson – LAA)
40. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Madson – CIN)
41. Houston Astros (C. Barmes – PIT)
42. Minnesota Twins (J. Kubel – ARI)
43. Chicago Cubs (A. Ramirez – MIL)
44. San Diego Padres (A. Harang – LAD)
45. Pittsburgh Pirates (R. Doumit – MIN)
46. Colorado Rockies (M. Ellis – LAD)
47. Oakland Athletics (D. De Jesus – CHC)
48. Chicago White Sox (M. Buehrle – MIA)
49. Cincinnati Reds (R. Hernandez – COL)
50. Toronto Blue Jays (F. Francisco – NYM)
51. Los Angeles Dodgers (R. Barajas – PIT)
52. Texas Rangers (D. Oliver – TOR)
53. St. Louis Cardinals (O. Dotel – DET)
54. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Ibanez – NYY)
55. San Diego Padres (B. Austin – unsigned)
56. Chicago Cubs (C. Pena – TB)
57. Cincinnati Reds (F. Cordero – TOR)
58. Toronto Blue Jays (J. Rauch – NYM)
59. St. Louis Cardinals (E. Jackson – WAS)
60. Toronto Blue Jays (J. Molina – TB)

Second Round:

61. Houston Astros
62. Oakland Athletics (J. Willingham – MIN)
63. Minnesota Twins
64. Seattle Mariners
65. Baltimore Orioles
66. Kansas City Royals
67. Chicago Cubs
68. San Diego Padres
69. Pittsburgh Pirates
70. San Diego Padres (H. Bell – MIA)
71. New York Mets (J. Reyes – MIA)
72. Minnesota Twins (M. Cuddyer – COL)
73. Colorado Rockies
74. Oakland Athletics
75. New York Mets
76. Chicago White Sox
77. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Madson – CIN)
78. Cincinnati Reds
79. Cleveland Indians
80. Washington Nationals
81. Toronto Blue Jays
82. Los Angeles Dodgers
83. Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson – LAA)
84. San Francisco Giants
85. Atlanta Braves
86. St. Louis Cardinals
87. Boston Red Sox
88. Tampa Bay Rays
89. New York Yankees (S. Stafford – unsigned)
90. Arizona Diamondbacks
91. Detroit Tigers
92. Milwaukee Brewers
93. Texas Rangers
94. New York Yankees
95. Philadelphia Phillies

As you can see, the Cubs have four picks in the top 67, which is pretty nice. The later rounds will matter heavily, too, but the Cubs will hopefully make hay in those first four picks.

  • Babe Ruth

    Who might the take with their second pick?

  • Toby

    I still wish teams could trade draft picks much like in the other sports. I believe it would serve a variety of purposes such as teams with high draft picks could trade them allowing said teams, potentially, in acquiring players that would allow that team to rebuild faster and the draft would be more interesting to watch.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      I agree. It would make things more interesting, and allow for some interesting mid-season trades.

      • Joe


    • spearman

      No way, just think how confusing a 40 round draft would be w/ trades. Cut the draft to 10 or 15 rounds( which is impossible with the amount of players and teams).

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Hey brett do you think if the cubs were to trade garza or dempster do you think they would deal for draft picks instead of already in the minor league prospects. what is was thinking was maybe dealing garza for 1st round pick and and then another supplemental pick possibly? Hes not pitching that well so I dont know if he still has that kind of value. but then I’d think demp’s value is worth a supplemental draft pick at least

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Draft picks aren’t tradable until next year, and even then, it’s just the small handful of competitive balance lottery picks. In other words, it’s not really relevant to Garza/Dempster trade issues for now.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    This is a great source to help learn more about players in this upcoming draft


    I have questions about correa the young SS people think the cubs might take. They don’t make him seem like he will be a flat out star in this analysis. To me they make him sound like he’ll be a good player but not a SS like Tulo who has the all around package with having serious pop.

    I’m not high on the catcher Zunino either, just because catchers have a hard time panning out and their longevity of a career doesn’t last that long because they get beat up behind the plate. Bryce Harper came in as a catcher and they moved him to the OF for that reason.

    I really like Bruxton, and the high school RHP Giolito. He’s a power pitcher, with other good pitches. Major star qualities with him. But his injury history scares me but sometimes you need to take risks.

    • Jeremy

      That’s an old analysis on Correa, in fact Correa is in consideration for #1 overall as the Astros love him. He’s wowed scouts at workouts as well as in games in Puerto Rico. He’s drawing A-Rod comparisons by a lot of scouts. Tulowitski is a fair comparison but he has the tools to be a superstar. Only issue with him is that his swing can get a little long sometimes but that is easily fixable and whether or not he can stick at SS with his glove. He will most likely move to 3B.

      Buxton has potential to be a superstar in the league too but he will take time to develop like Correa. There concerns about whether he will have enough power in the pros, however, he should hit for a high BA. There is no way that Buxton drops to us though.

      Zunino would provide great value at 6 if the 3 college arms are gone. He could be up on the big league team by June 2013. He won’t be superstar but he has potential to be an all star catcher like Brian McCann. Only issues I have with him are his pop time on stolen bases. He has an above average arm so if he can fix his pop time he should be a very good catcher.

      Giolito is who I really want. He has all the tools to be an anchor in the pitching staff for years. If we want him though we will likely have to sign him at a price over slot. The injury he had was a minor UCL sprain which didn’t do any structural damage too him. He’s worth the risk IMO.

      • THEOlogical

        Buxton plays for the county next to mine, so I’ve been able to follow his games. He has all the tools to be a great OF’er and top of the order guy. Houston has been to every game and the Phillies, Yankees, Blue Jays….have been to many as well. His parents want him to go to college, but I believe he will see the money and sign with a team (most likely Houston). He was also a great WR in football. His team is in the state playoffs as we speak. He can bring it as a pitcher but his stature says he will be an OF’er. He and his parents are very nice and sweet folks, I can’t wait to see him take the field in the show one day.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          I don’t think the Cubs will get a shot at him.  Consensus seems to be building that Houston will take Appel first over all.  Buxton is expected to go second to the Twins.

          And then Jim Callis tweeted today that he can see a scenario in which Correa goes to Houston, and suddenly this thing may not be as settled as I thought.

          • Jeremy

            Houston loves Correa and were reportedly wowed by him at the workout he did for him. It’s likely Correa would sign under slot as well. Honestly if I’m the Astros I would probably take a guys that would sign under slot #1 overall as I don’t see a big talent level difference between Correa, Appel, Buxton, and Gausman. If Correa gets taken by Houston though that is going to create an interesting draft scenario.

        • Jeremy

          Didn’t mean to translate that I don’t like Buxton, I’m a huge fan of his, He screams Justin Upton or Matt Kemp to me if he can reach his ceiling. That being said though I don’t think he ends up falling to the Cubs.

          • THEOlogical

            He played in Chicago at the futures game and when I watched, I was amazed at how the OF’ers all looked so small compared to players at the Major League level. The sad thing about the kid is that when he gained notoriety, his cousins and uncles and what not all came out of the woodwork to see him. Last yr only his parents came to his games, it’s a crying shame! Also I’ve been told he looks more like a B.J. Upton type.

  • Njriv

    I wish baseball was the kind of sport where draft picks can make an instant impact on the major league team. The whole minor league system is probably the reason why baseball seems to be on the decline with college athletes in America, because there is such a huge chance of not making it into the majors.

  • KCubsfan

    There are a number of good players that could fall to the Cubs. Kyle Zimmer and Max fired not as high on Almora as others. Giolitto is a gamble but if he throws in the next couple days he may be a top 10, but I wont count on it.

  • KCubsfan

    Sorry I meant a bullpen session. He hasnt thrown from a mound yet and that is what may drop him in the ranking.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      That, and his asking price.  If he won’t back down from the $5 million demands, he’s going to fall.  Current speculation has Toronto gambling one of their extra picks on him, but there are some analysts who think he may fall out of the draft altogether.

      I doubt it will be that severe, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he were still on the board as the second round begins.

      • Joe

        Big difference.

      • Jeremy

        I’m not sure I buy into his asking price being between 5-7 million. I know his dad is psycho but if the Cubs were to take him at 6 I can’t imagine him passing up the slot money which is 3.25 million I believe. I know he is committed to UCLA but I think he would take what we off him if he were the pick.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          It’s a rough gamble, though.  If the Cubs do take him at six and he decides for UCLA, the Cubs lose every dime of that draft budget for the No 6 slot this year.  They would get a similar pick in the 2013 draft (which would help), but that would still be a rough hit for a team rebuilding.

          Unless Giolito agrees to sign ahead of time, I’d rather take Fried in the first.  If Giolito is still on the board in the supplemental round I might toss a speculative pick at him.

          • Cheryl

            But isn’t he more likely to turn that down? it would be even less,wouldn’t it?

            • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

              That’s where it gets interesting.

              He probably would, if the team stuck to the budget.

              • Jeremy

                I think Fried would sign at slot from what I have read. Personally though I would take Zimmer over Fried at this point. I love Zimmer’s fastball/curve combo. Could be deadly in the big leagues.

                I like Fried as well and if he ends up being the pick I would be very happy with him as well. He has the frame to where he could add a couple MPH’s to his fastball and has a potential plus curveball. Just needs to develop his changeup and take some of the violence out of his wind up.

  • calicubsfan007

    Its funny how the supplemental picks are higher than the second round, I am used to the NFL version of supplemental picks. So this is kind of weird for me.

  • Stephen

    I am ready for the “new faces” of the Cubs to appear. Now that Kerry, is gone, my connection with the team is diminished as he was the last of the Mohicans.
    Who is going to take his place?? When is the next Sandberg coming? Will I finally connect with Len and Bob like I did with Harry and Stonie ? (long, long shot indeed)
    My love affair with this orgainzation is still going strong, I’m just ready for another long stretch of familiarity.

  • Dan

    Any mock drafts out there?

    • tim815

      88,946 of them. Ooops, just jumped again.

    • djriz

      Try out this site. It has a large selection of mocks.


      For real draft junkies, open up the ‘coast 2 coast’ mock draft link. They have a nice selection of ‘scouting’ capsules on the top prospects.
      MLB.com has capsules on their top 100 prospects, but they are not as current as ‘coast to coast’.

      • Dan

        Good stuff, thanks!

  • Kevin

    If a player demands more money than what is projected for that slot simply don’t select him.

    • King Jeff

      That would severely limit what they could do, especially in the later rounds of the draft. They are going to have to go overslot on a few guys to entice them to sign. The real challenge is going to be deciding which players are worth the extra money.

  • RoughRiider

    With the draft going from fifty rounds to fourty it’s possible/probable that there will be more undrafted free agents signed. Does anyone know if the money used for undrafted free agents counts against the cap? It probably isn’t relevant in the scheme of things but I’m curious to know.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      It does in the same way that rounds 11 through 40 do. If you sign a kid for more than $100k, any amount over $100k counts against your pool.

      • hansman1982

        They really did think of every way humanly possible to screw the Cubs rebuilding efforts.

        I wonder how many teams are planning on drafting a couple guys with the intent of giving them $10K a few games in late season ball and releasing in the offseason to free up some money. Although, now as I type that it amounts to a couple hundred grand – WHOOPIE!!!!

        Screw you Bud and the MLBPA and Reinsdorf

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          Actually, that $100k limit late in the draft and for free agents is fairly high.  For example, the Cubs signed P.J. Francescon last season for $1,000 after taking him in round 40.

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  • AC Clark

    Add to your list …DREW PROVENCE – son of NFL player (6’4″ 205) North Greenville University, senior (Top Coastal Plains pitcher last summer with consistent 92mph cutter and the best slider in college ranks.