SWEEP! Bet you didn’t think you’d hear that just a few days ago.

The Cubs’ battled back today, and capped off their comeback with a game-winning homer by Darwin Barney. It was awesome, and a reminder that the game can still be exciting and fun, even when the Cubs are (probably) terrible.

Ryan Dempster was up in the zone today, and he paid for it. He gave up six earned runs in just over four innings, and would have deserved the loss if the Cubs hadn’t come back. The bullpen was great, and even included a scoreless inning by Carlos Marmol (naturally with two walks and a strikeout).


Joe Mather had a nightmarish day, and I think we can all finally agree that a three hitter he is not, and a full-time player he is almost certainly not. He’s nice in a utility role, but, as a starter, he’s exposed.

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