There are many, many things to dislike about White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson. The lame catch phrases. The over-the-top homerism. The ignorance of a great many modern baseball concepts. Listening to him call a game is akin to getting your ear pierced, repeatedly, for three hours.

But, occasionally, he offers some enjoyment.

Like today, when he absolutely lost his mind during the White Sox/Rays game, when White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana was ejected for throwing behind Ben Zobrist (without a warning). Here’s the video – can you imagine Len Kasper doing this (maybe Bob Brenly):

In case the video is taken down, here’s my best dramatic interpretation via exclamations, CAPS, and the like:

“Watch out … Oh. OH! What are you DOIN’?!? He threw him out of the ball game?!? You’ve got to be bleepin’ me!!! (He actually said “bleepin’.”) What in the HELL are you doin’? What are you doing Wegner?!? You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me!!! That is so bad – that is absolutely brutal! That is unbelievable!!! I’ll tell ya what. They have GOT to start making guys be accountable. That is TOTALLY absurd! That just tells you he has … here’s an umpire in the American League that knows NOTHING about the game of baseball!”

And we all had a good laugh. By the way, I’m not sure Hawk was wrong on this one.

(h/t Awful Announcing)

  • Neil

    All this proves is that someone needs to punch AJ. Again. And Often.

    • calicubsfan007

      That was the only time that I was a Michael Barrett fan, lol.

  • Njriv

    If anything I can imagine BB going off like that.

    • calicubsfan007

      But would be way cooler doing it.

  • magilljl

    My god. That is absolutely hilarious. What a total nutcase.

  • SouthernCub

    I still hate that guy

  • Wilbur

    Sometimes baseball is fun to watch just because its baseball …

  • Edwin

    I’m fine with the umpire’s call. If an umpire thinks a pitcher threw at a batter on purpose, he should throw the pitcher out. I don’t care how many warnings were given/not given.

    • Edwin

      I also think if the umpire thought that AJ was hit on purpose, he should have ejected the Rays pitcher. I have no problem with umpires making these judgment calls.

    • Luke

      I gotta agree.  Watching the video Brett linked, the pitcher deserved to be tossed.  Hitting a guy from throwing inside is one thing.  The line between deliberate and accident in those cases can be fairly thin.

      Throwing behind a guy is something else altogether.  It’s very rare for a pitcher to unintentionally throw behind a batter.   Once the question of intent is settled, it seems to me that the umpire is absolutely correct to eject the guy.

      I only wish he had tossed Hawk as well.  Even White Sox fans deserve better than him.

      • TWC

        “Throwing behind a guy is something else altogether.  It’s very rare for a pitcher to unintentionally throw behind a batter.”

        I agree, and that’s why I was surprised that Peavy didn’t get tossed for throwing behind LaHair.  (Wait, *was* that Peavy now?  Can’t remember…)

        • Njriv

          I believe it was Humber that threw at LaHair

        • Edwin

          Nah, it was Humber. Peavy was just in the dugout chirping at Samardzjia. Peavy can be an ass sometimes.

          • TWC

            That’s right.  Still, he should have been tossed.  There’s no way that was even remotely accidental, especially after Samardzija smashed up whoever-the-hell-it-was.  (Can you tell that the White Sox don’t make much of an impression on me?)

          • beerhelps

            Peavy can be an ass “sometimes”? Only if by sometimes you mean “awake”.

          • hardtop

            nah, peavy is always an ass.  when he doesnt appear to be an ass, he’s pretending.

  • Bret Epic

    I think it was accidental if anything. That hitter had crap numbers and the Sox were winning 3-1. Why would he do it? If I were him, I’d be pretty pissed too.

  • vitaminB

    He actually said during the Crosstown whatever about Starlin Castro:

    “Well, they don’t get off the island by taking walks.”

  • Curt

    myb that’s karma getting even for all those horrible cans of corn, duck snorts and you cannot put it on the board yeeeeeesss lol, he’s probably right this time bug hawk still blows.

  • Carew

    Haha he is such a poop

  • K Rock

    man baseball has gone soft…………throwing at somoene is part of the game……HE DIDNT EVEN HIT HIM! He should get a warning and move on, he made his point…….Terrible to kick him out…….Let them play the game

    • Edwin

      Tell that to Adam Greenberg.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Or Sammy Sosa: he never was the same after he had his helmet shattered by a pitch.

        • K Rock

          You guys are talking about getting hit in the head by a pitch that gets away……..I am talking about throwing behind someone, or at them where they wont get hurt

          No comparison whatsoever

          • Luke

            I’ve never seen or heard of a brushback pitch that went behind the batter.  Brushback pitches are hard pitches fired high and inside with the intent of backing the hitter off the plate.  That is a completely different event from a pitch behind  a batter.

            Pitchers should pitch inside all they like.  They should fire heat up and in to back runners off the plate.  They should, occasionally, hit batters as the situation warrants.

            And they should never do so in a way that is obviously deliberate.

            The ball does not go behind the hitter unless the pitcher is trying to hit the batter and misses. As soon as the pitcher makes it clear they want to hit the batter, the pitcher should be ejected.  Throwing behind the batter, in almost all cases, meets that criteria.  For me, that’s an easy call.

            If the pitcher wants to hit a guy, then hit the guy.  In this case, had the batter actually gotten hit I’d disagree with the ejection.  It could have been a ball that got away, and therefor could have been unintentional.  Throwing behind the batter indicates intent.

            • Edwin

              Well said.

            • K Rock

              If you read what I actually put, I seperated all 3…….As they are all three different scenarios……You can brush someone back……you can hit someone………or you can throw behind someone

              Throwing behind someone, you are right, shows intent. But……it is defintely part of the game. Did he hit anyone? no……..Did he throw behind him when warned not to? no……….Should he be ejected? No…….

              If he hits him……does he get ejected without being warned? I would once again say no

              Pitchers cant throw inside anymore, its sad. If they miss their spot and almost hit someone they get warned and the hitter throws a fit. Hence you see more and more pitchers leave balls over the middle of the plate or rely on an outside corner where they are getting rocked

              • Luke

                Pitchers throw inside all the time (perhaps not as much as they used to, but I’d like to see numbers).

                Batters get hit fairly frequently, and it hardly ever results in a warning or an ejection.  That’s because umpires, by and large, are smart enough to spot a breaking ball that doesn’t break from a pitching trying to hit a batter.

                But throwing behind the batter is a dead give away.  Intending to hit the batter should be good for an ejection.  Accidentally hitting a batter shouldn’t.

                If you feel there is a legitimate baseball reason in which a pitcher could throw behind a batter without intending to hit the batter, then I’m content to disagree and leave it at that.  In my book, throwing behind the batter is a dead giveaway of the pitcher’s intent to the hit the batter, and therefor it should result in an ejection nearly every time.

                But that has no bearing on pitching inside, brushback pitches, breaking balls that don’t break, fastballs that get away, deliberate hit-by-pitches that are not obviously deliberate, or any other event in which a pitcher can hit a batter with a ball.

                If intent is not obvious, let ’em play.  Throwing behind the batter, for me, is giant neon sign screaming intent to the masses.  It’s as bad an idea as Cole Hamels bragging about hitting a guy after that game.  It establishes intent, and therefor mandates the penalty.  No obvious intent, no penalty.

          • Edwin

            K Rock,

            What if a pitcher tries to throw behind the hitter and instead hits him in the head? What if the pitcher tries to put one in the Ribs, and instead shatters a wrist?

            • K Rock

              Then that is looked at just the same as a pitch getting away from a pitcher. You are looking WAY too far into my comment. All my previous statement said is that brush packs, throwing behind, or hitting someone is all part of the game. In no way am i condoning hitting someone to hurt them. You do it when you have to (ex: when you are shown up, when one of yours gets it, someone takes out your second baseman on a dirty slide, etc…) That is when , as a pitcher, you send a message.

              A batter has a goal of hitting the ball on a line drive up the middle, when he does and it connects and it hits a pitcher in the face……Yeah he feels terrible…..Do you blame the batter for intending to him? NO……..As a pitcher you want to pitch inside and intimidate, that’s all that was going on there. No reason to throw him out of the game

        • N8theGr8

          True, but I think his helmet was corked.
          –This was a response to Doc’s comment about Sosa–

  • K Rock

    Did you just compare a brushback pitch, behind a hitter… or even a fastball to the ribs to send a message to the other team……… that? lol

    • Njriv

      Where can I find this unwritten rulebook?

      • Njriv

        I mean I checked Borders, Barnes and Noble, my public library can’t find it anywhere!

  • K Rock

    If thats the logic……….Lets put nets up around the whole park and have on deck batters in the dug out covered in nets…….Because of Juan Encarnacion

  • K Rock

    You are questioning the retaliation of brushback pitches, or hitting someone to send a message? Hmmm how long have you watched or played the game?

    Google a couple of guys…….Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Bob Gibson…..

  • Cubs Dude

    I really wish announcers could get suspended or fined. Hawk is such a dbag.

  • EB

    Does anyone know if Hawk agreed with the call? I couldn’t tell by his reaction.
    Hahaha WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?!?!
    What a douche

  • Toby

    Hawk going off is nothing new. HH is so self-absorbed that every broadcast is all about him. I remember reading about how condescending he was toward Steve Stone talking about how he might not be old enough to remember a player, but Stone reiterated that he is only a few years younger than him.

  • Kingman Kong

    It’s easier for AL pitchers to throw at batters when they don’t have to bat, thanks to the DH rule. Use the DH, but make the pitchers bat, even if you are using a 10 player batting order. I’ve never liked the DH rule for this fact alone, if you want to throw at someone, take your lumps when you have to step up to the plate.

  • oswego chris

    It was behind him.He threw at him.
    Hawk and his radio counterpart Farmio are total tools…I heard Farmio defending AJ yesterday when he spiked that guy after the base…DJ called out AJ for the play and Farmio said “well get out of the way then”…

    Hawk’s homerism is unprofessional…it borders on Pro Wrestling commentary…in fact Bobby the Brain Heenan might have been less biased….

    • hansman1982

      ya, I saw the replay on Baseball Tonight (in between innings of Yankee’s at bats) and one of the announcers called it a late slide. Most blatent spiking I have seen (didn’t see Castro’s last year) and Pier-Dumbass should be beaned in the shin for it. I was glad to see him come up gimpy.

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Since April 22 Starlin Castro has only made 2 errors in 36 games which is a huge improvement. I wish I can find fielding stats by month but can’t find any but I’m sure since April 22nd his fielding stats are right there with the best shortstops defensively.

  • Andrew

    video has been taken down. new link please!!!

  • supergeek24

    And it pisses me off more that hawk has seen them win one the jerk

  • necusfan

    I don’t get the anger toward Harrelson. Sure he’s a homer announcer, but so was Ron Santo, and I loved him. If anyone is in the Boston area, check out Tommy Heinsohn call a Celtics game. He makes Harrelson look like John Marshall.

    • hardtop

      i wouldn’t call it anger… it’s more like disgust.  the homer thing is tough to swallow, mostly because its the white sox.  if he’s a homer announcer that means hes a white sox fan and therefore, by definition, he’s a dipshit.  I mostly hate him because he is a shit announcer.  his catch phrases are not clever or funny,  and his commentary is neither insightful nor intelligent.  Ronny at least new baseball, he was a hall of fame 3rd baseman. hawk? well hawk was a better golfer than ball player, and he washed out of golf almost immediately.  Seriously, catch some other teams broadcasts, hawk harrelson is, hands down, worst color man in the game.

  • pigeon


  • SouthernCub

    If any of you guys watched MLB network last night, H.R. and Smoltzie broke this down perfectly. Harrelson is the one who as NO CLUE about baseball, and he also conveniently forgot that Pierzynski intentionally spiked Zobrist at 2B the night before (which MLB Network pointed out). A.J get plunked in his first AB the very next day, shoulda been the end of the issue……PERIOD. However, when AJ calls the pitcher to throw at Zobrist on his next AB……and some wonder why the Pitcher gets tossed?!

    • rcleven

      You really think AJ made the call. No way. The call came from the bench. Spikes are part of the game. Short stops and second basemen beware.

  • @cubsfantroy

    Forget my previous comment.

    That was some funny stuff after finally being able to see it. Hawk is such a tool.

  • Ogyu

    Sounds like Selig has reamed Hawk a new orifice:

    White Sox senior vice president of sales and marketing Brooks Boyer: “And when that day comes when Hawk hangs it up, I think the thing we will miss the most is the homerism of his calls and how much he cares about the White Sox.”


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