Today the Chicago Cubs signed AAA pitcher Shane Lindsay, previously with the Dodgers’ AAA affiliate, and, in a corresponding move, have released pitcher Nate Robertson.

Lindsay, who turned 27 earlier this year, is mostly a career minor leaguer out of Australia (he saw a little bit of action with the White Sox last year. With the Dodgers’ AAA team this year, he was sporting a 5.00 ERA in relief (which isn’t terrible for Albuquerque), but an ugly 2.222 WHIP, in nine innings of work. He’s a righty who has always struck out a ton of guys (12.1 K/9 in the minors), but also walked a ton of guys (6.9 BB/9). He was a AAA All-Star last year, so there’s obviously some talent there. For now, he’s a AAA project.

Robertston, 34, had an 8.10 ERA in his 20 innings of work this year with the Iowa Cubs.

  • TWC

    Australians?  AUSTRALIANS?  This time Theo and Jed have gone too far.

  • MaxM1908


    • AB

      Those handcuffs is high tensil steeel. It’ll take ya 10 minutes to hack through em. If ya’ll lucky you can cut through yar aunkle in foive.

  • Fishin Phil

    While not exactly exciting, I would call that an incrimental improvement.

    • Luke

      Robertson has been a disaster this season.  I’m honestly surprised he stayed on the roster this long.

  • @cubsfantroy

    Ha, I forgot we even had Nate Robertson. No big loss I guess. Especially after seeing what his ERA was.

  • oswego chris

    always take fliers on guys that throw hard….

  • Patrick

    Finally, somebody who can translate for Ryan Roland Smith.

  • Dan

    Umm, this guy was a triple A all star last year and he’s only 27? How could you not give this kid a shot? Nice pick up whether it works out or not.

  • Ogyu

    An Australian Carlos Marmol. Just what the Cubs need.

  • chris margetis

    The Cubs would have been much better off getting one of those guys off the scrap heap who strike out a ton of guys but don’t walk anyone. Those guys are a dime a dozen.

    • hansman1982

      Not sure if serious.

      • chris margetis

        Tongue firmly planted in cheek…

  • cubmig

    Someone in the Cubs org must have seen a “fixable” project that has upside. Hard to tell why……but here’s hoping.

  • Stephen

    Can anyone give me an example of someone like this “turning it around” and being a success?

    • King Jeff

      Ryan Dempster

    • Puma0821

      Joe Borowski? I don’t know if he had control problems. But he didn’t make it til his late 20s IIRC.

    • AB

      Al Albequerque with the Tigers in 2011 (although he seems to be injured/not playing this year).

  • Tony S

    Go the aussies. I always wondered what happened to him after seeing his name in the baseball media quite a bit over here when he was younger. Good luck to him.

  • rocky8263

    Wasn’t Borowski pitching in Mexico when the Cub’s signed him? That’s pretty rough.

  • fromthemitten

    Good signing for the Iowa Cubs, dunno if he’ll help out the big league team. Hopefully they’re scouring the independent/frontier league rosters for possible organization arms the bullpen needs some serious help

  • Vince

    Give the guy a shot, what have you got to loose.