Madison Bumgarner dominated the Cubs for eight innings, before the Cubs scored just enough runs in the ninth to lose by one (naturally). The team out-hit the Giants, but didn’t take a single walk, struck out 11 times, and once again stunk with runners in scoring position. The bullpen was great, but Paul Maholm had already given up enough to lose by the time they entered the game.

The ninth inning runs came on an Alfonso Soriano homer, but he wasn’t the only guy the Cubs would like to dump who had a good game…

  • MichiganGoat

    Screw you Ryan Theriot.

    • magilljl


      • LARRY

        another reason to like DB at second base

        • OkieCub

          DB creeping towards .300 BA.

  • Daniel

    San Fran has even more bp injuries…they saw marmol throw good…

  • hansman1982

    I am loving the bullpen these last few games – lots of IP with no disasters…

    (twisting Brett’s moustache)

    Yes, we will get them to think that we have good players and then when the price is sky high we will SELL SELL SELL and make $100 million dollars!!!!

  • Dan Fredrickson

    I’m wondering (just like Len & Bob were) about that line in the box score that reads “CS: Castro, S (6).” Any idea what happened there? He gave up on the way to second base and didn’t slide. He just stood short of the bag and let himself be tagged. If he had slid, maybe he would’ve been safe. Something odd happened there.

    • CubFanBob

      It was odd. My gut says he saw the throw come in to second way before he was prepared to slide and his brain froze.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      “If he had slided” would be the proper grammar for that phrase.

      Or is it “if he had slidden”????

      • MichiganGoat

        The present is slide and past is slid (although it’s considered by some as an irregular past form). The better way would be to use slide as an infinitive as say something like, “If he had attempted to slide” but slided would be wrong and slid is frowned upon by some.

      • Dan Fredrickson

        “Slid” is both the past tense (“He slid into third base”) and the participle (“He had slid.”) Believe it or not.

    • CubFan Paul

      He’s lazy.

    • King Jeff

      He said he thought the ball was fouled off so he slowed up to go back to first before he realized he was being thrown out.

  • Curt

    Of course the bullpen has been good they only blow it when we’re ahead, one question if the cubs are willing to eat almost all of sorianos contract and as hot as he’s been for awhile(doing great fr my fantasy team) why is there no interest in him especially al teams I’ve seen the dh stats and most are awful and do h think there will be any interest eventually.

  • art

    what’s up with the no slide?

    • LARRY

      I saw an account that said Castro thought the pitch had been fouled off.

  • Vince

    Where is Castro’s head? No excuse for his mistakes.

  • gratefulled

    C’mooooonnnnnnn Junior Lake!!!

  • Caleb

    Marmol not only ended up with a good line, but he looked SHARP doing it. 95 mph fastballs (some were even strikes!) and sliders that looked 2008 style. Awesome- keep it up!