Get Ready to Obsess Again: Jorge Soler is Officially a Free Agent

Oh my…

After a long, silent stretch, and a big freaking scare yesterday (which I’m not convinced is unrelated to this news), multiple reports say 20-year-old Cuban outfield sensation Jorge Soler is officially a free agent now. Apparently he established residency in the Dominican Republic recently, and MLB has now cleared him to sign.

The Cubs, you’ll recall, are expected to be heavy bidders for Soler, and were once rumored to have a deal in excess of $20 million in place for him (which led to many denials and back pedaling (since, you know, he wasn’t a free agent yet)). Indeed, most sources would probably call them the favorite. Obviously this will be something to follow, and things could develop rapidly.

The new international signing restrictions don’t kick in until July 2, though, so he’s got plenty of time to sift offers.

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103 responses to “Get Ready to Obsess Again: Jorge Soler is Officially a Free Agent”

  1. njriv

    I just read that Sveum thought Correa was more impressive than Soler, maybe that’s because he saw Correa in person and Soler on video.

  2. Vinestal

    Didnt see this in the thread so I’ll throw it out there:
    Kevin Goldstein ‏@Kevin_Goldstein Source indicates that Jorge Soler’s agent, Barry Praver, has requested that offers for his client be submitted by Thursday, June 7

  3. Toby

    I think the majority of Cub fans forget how young Castro is. He is still learning to hit and the last thing that Castro needs is to be constantly moved around in the order. It would be in everyone’s best interest to leave him at #2 and allow him to settle down not worrying where he will hit from game to game. From a management point of view, if you can consistantly pencil Castro in at #2 then it is much easier to focus on the other spots in the order.

  4. nkniacc

    I wonder if the Cubs will go after any of the other Cubans that just got free agency in the DR
    theres a RHP, 2 OF and a tennage LHP according to mlbtr

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