Travis Wood was absolutely brilliant today, but he gets the loss thanks to no offense and an inning of shaky defense behind him. The only run that scored on Wood came courtesy of a “double” that a healthy Alfonso Soriano probably catches, and a dropped throw to the plate by Koyie Hill.

The bats fell silent, save for a couple hits each by Ian Stewart and Reed Johnson.

Yesterday was a throwback night to 1912, and today was clearly a throwback to 2002.

  • Kevin

    The Cubs are desperate sellers and every GM knows it so to assume the Cubs will get ANY value in return is a stretch. It’s also unreal to feel any more confident as the draft gets you players that will not be at the major league level for at least 3 years.

    • DBT

      There mere fact that there are desperate sellers does not preclude there being desperate buyers, of course.

    • BT

      In what way are the Cubs “desperate” sellers? They don’t have to trade anyone. They aren’t going bankrupt. They aren’t a small market team that has to shed payroll. Worse case scenario they are “stuck” with Garza, who is a top of the rotation starter. They are as far removed from a desperate seller as the market has seen in some time. They are simply a seller.

      • calicubsfan007

        Especially with the extra teams that can qualify for the other wild card spot, it is actually a great time to be a seller with all the desperate buyers.

    • ferrets_bueller

      What desperation? They aren’t desperate to sell anything, except maybe Soriano or Lahair. Every single other piece will still be of value to us next year. Granted, we would much rather sell them off, but….there is not desperation anywhere other than those two- Soriano, because we need his spot in the OF open, and he’s shit, and LaHair, before he turns back into the pumkin he is.

      • calicubsfan007

        Desperate to get rid of Soriano, yes. Desperate to get rid of LaHair, not too sure of that. But you might be right about LaHair if he keeps on having this dry streak.

        • Cub Style

          Shall I introduce you to Micah Hoffpauir?

          • calicubsfan007

            good point

  • Kevin

    Babe Ruth Fair weather fans crack me up lol. Let’s not support the team unless they are doing well! – It’s more like we have greedy owners who really don’t care of the product on the field as long as we fill the stands. Absolutely no incentive to spend more as long as the stands are full.

    • Cub Style

      And what do you have to base this assertion on?

  • RWakild

    The eighth inning drove me to stop watching this game. I could be mistaken but three first pitch swings? It was like the Cubs wanted to get the Giants to bat the pitcher in the bottom of the inning instead of getting into the bullpen. Bryan Lahair has had some quality at bats in his career and didn’t get one in this game? I am starting to question Sveum and his lineups. Play your best players please!!!

    • Joe

      You’re just starting to question Sveum? Get FIOS! Much quicker internet service!(LOL)

    • Cub Style

      LaHair is hitting .136 against lefties this season. Sveum tried it and LaHair blew it. Albeit in a very quick fashion.

  • RWakild

    Lahair is a much better option than Jeff Baker. A reason to watch the game anyways.

  • Cooper R

    Now that Barney is starting to play well wouldn’t it make since to send Cardenas down so that he can at least get some at bats and not ride the pine all year? He was raking when he was able to play every day in Iowa.

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