Maybe you haven’t heard yet, but it’s Draft Day. The first round (and supplemental first round) of the MLB Draft go off this evening, and you can follow it all here at BN. If you’re even remotely into the amateur side of the game, the Draft is a hell of a lot of fun, and the anticipation that builds as those first few picks go off the board is incredible (“Oh, crap! The Mariners just took Correa! Does that mean one of the college pitchers will slide? Wait! The Royals just took Almora!”). We’ll have lots more about the Draft as the day goes on. Until then, Bullets…

  • Dale Sveum is starting to sound like Mike Quade and Lou Piniella before him. No, that’s not a criticism of Sveum, mind you, it’s just, well, this team will make you say things like this: “It’s the same press conference every day. It’s a broken record. I don’t even know what to say to come up with something different. It’s just frustrating. I mean, golly.” Someone want to find me a good picture of Sveum looking frustrated or perplexed so I can add “I mean, golly” to it? Better than that picture there, that is?
  • Sveum says Carlos Marmol’s lack of walks since returning from the DL is a good sign, but he’s not ready to hand Marmol back the closer job. I don’t think it will take too many more scoreless outings to get Marmol back in the job, however, as the Cubs will do anything possible to try and rebuild any tiny value he might have as we approach the trade deadline.
  • Reliever Marcos Mateo, whose elbow has been bothering him for almost a year (remember when Mike Quade had him pitch, like, five innings in a game out of nowhere last year … just sayin’), finally underwent Tommy John surgery. He’s been out since the Spring, and now he’ll be out until the second half of 2013 … if he makes it back at all. It’s a shame.
  • Is Bryan LaHair’s low RBI total (just 22) actually his own fault? We think of RBI as kind of a meaningless stat in terms of reflecting a player’s true ability, and, in that way, how can you blame LaHair for not having guys to drive in? After all, his season line is a huge .313/.399/.587. Well, as Matthew Pouliot points out, LaHair hits considerably worse with runners on base (.233/.347/.433), and even worse than that with runners in scoring position (.171/.348/.286). Interesting.
  • MLBullets at BCB are, obviously, very Draft-focused.
  • Mini-SCardenfreude: the Cardinals have scored one run in their last three games, have lost five in a row, and are now a mere .500 team. It doesn’t make the Cubs any less terrible, but it can make us feel a little better about it.
  • ETS

    I’m not too concern about Lahair’s splits with RISP and nonRISP. For one thing, how often is he getting a chance to hit with RISP?

    • RoughRiider

      In 45 times at the plate with men in scoring position LaHair has 6 hits 13 walks and 14 strikeouts. Not exactly Mister Clutch.

      In comparison Castro, in 69 plate appearances with men in scoring postion has 23 hits, 1 walk and 15 strikeouts. Sorriano in 54 plate appearances is 15/6/15

      It appears at this point that LaHair is having trouble with the pressure of batting cleanup. Maybe he will get through it. Maybe there is a reason he spent so much time in the minors. In any case, it is a cause for concern.

      • Drew7

        If we were talking about 450 PA’s, then I would begin to be concerned.

        Just looking at the numbers you gave, the evidence of a random sample is clear: an astronomical walk-rate (as well as K-rate, but I have 10 BB vs 14 K’s in 46 PA’s),   What’s his BABIP in those PA’s? .238 – nearly 170 points below his overall rate. There just isnt enough evidence to make any kind of judgement here, and if hes like 99.9% of all hitters, those numbers will adjust back to his overall numbers.


        • ETS

          ^^^ This

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Hmmm, LaHair’s splits are big: you only expect about 1 player in 31 to get splits that big by chance alone.  However, this looks like the fickle goddess of singles again.  Basically, one player in 12 or 13 would have these splits for XBH: i.e., about one guy per team.  One guy in 28 would have this walks split: but LaHair is walking more often with men on base.  (Of course, a few of those probably were intentional.)  And, of course, his singles rate is way down: but no more than you expect from one guy in 4.

    • terencemann

      Small sample size is small. Call me when he has at least 200 PAs with RISP.

  • ShootTheGoat

    Hate to hear that about Mateo… And yes, it does make me feel a little better knowing the cardinals stink…At least for now.

    • ETS

      I have seen him throw in AAA. Looked well above the competition. It’s sad. Hopefully he bounces back, but seems unlikely.

  • SouthernCub

    “…..the Cardinals have scored one run in their last three games, have lost five in a row, and are now a mere .500 team. It doesn’t make the Cubs any less terrible, but it can make us feel a little better about it.” S O L D!!Thanks Brett, Makes me feel better already for a Mon morning.

  • Cedlandrum

    Seriously just need to change name of mlbullets to mullets

    • Brett

      “Randy Johnson Contemplating A Comeback And Other Mullets”

      • Cedlandrum


        • Cedlandrum

          Actually I have changed course. It should only be called mullets if it mentions a cardinal(s). That would be fun.

  • Drew7

    Sample size alert! 46 PA’s…

    • Brett

      Haha. Indeed.

  • The Dude Abides

    The season is basically 1/3 over and we are tracking for 107 losses only to be out done by the Padres tracking for 109. Jed Hoyer has to feel proud he left the Padres in such fine shape as he moves on to rebuild the Cubs in the draft today.

    • Luke

      He completely turned that farm system around.  The Padres are in good shape long term.

    • Brett

      The Pads didn’t exactly do much this Winter to improve, you know?

  • mpope30

    I’m absolutely sick of watching Lahair sitting on the bench. He should be out there EVERY DAY. I don’t understand the concept of continuing to run a player out there to hopefully increase trade value when that player has been in the league long enough for teams to know his value. Does anyone really think that if Jeff Baker plays first base 4 days in a row and gets a few hits that his value will increase? Teams aren’t that stupid. He is what he is, and will always be exactly that. Same thing with Marmol, Johnson, etc. Just play the kids and let the older veterans have a seat. I understand why they are playing Soriano, but not the others. I can’t stand seeing the lineup without Campana, Lahair, and Stewart. And don’t get me started on Hill. He should be there in case of disaster and nothing else. If he starts, I should see a shot of Clevenger in the dugout with with a cast on both of his arms.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      It might have more to do with LaHair’s back issues and his historical splits against lefties……

      • mpope30

        The way I see it, Jeff Baker is known for being a solid hitter against left handed pitchers. He rarely gets to hit against right handed pitchers. In Baker, you have a player that already is known around the league for something he does well. If we keep playing him, the only direction his trade stock can go is down. If he keeps hitting lefties, so what? We already knew that was his one desirable quality. If we keep running him out there and he continues to struggle against lefties (.212 so far this year), he will lose his only positive when we look to trade him. His stock can only fall at this point in my eyes. Letting Lahair bat against lefties has no negative impact in my humble opinion.

  • hansman1982

    And the Cardnials whiney ways sinks to a new low:

    the headline from the St. Louis Post reads:

    *Santana throws gem with help of missed call

    I used to admire the Cardinals organization (how they could consistently develop quality players) but the past month has made me want to take a #2 on home plate. Seriously, 11 WS titles and they act as if the world is out to get them in a red-headed stepchild sort of way.

    • ETS

      It’d be different if the game was close. They lost by 8. I thought that was truly tasteless as well.

    • CubsFanBob

      It’s typical from the Cardinals. They are the Maimi Heat of MLB. Very much sore losers. You think they would be more humble and easy going after all he good fortune they have had over the years.

  • FromFenwayPahk

    “that picture there, that is” pretty good. Although it is more of a “gosh” than a “golly”

  • DCF

    I don’t think it’s that far fetched to think playing Baker or Marmol helps their trade value. If nothing else, it shows at least that they are ready to play at MLB level immediately when they’re traded to fill a hole somewhere. What more could they offer to a team anyway?
    It’s painful to see, but I guess we’ll have to wait out the trade deadline before the lineup changes significantly and (hopefully) for the better.

    And btw, even in a perfect world without trade mumbojumbo, neither Campana nor Stewart should be allowed to start everyday. Campana’s fun to watch but no part of the future at all and Stewart definitely needs to be platooned.

  • Cub Fan Dan

    “the Cardinals have scored one run in their last three games, have lost five in a row, and are now a mere .500 team. It doesn’t make the Cubs any less terrible, but it can make us feel a little better about it.”

    Naw…doesnt make me feel better. Focusing on arch-rival teams doing poorly to make you feel better is very Sox fan-like.

    • Brett

      Except that the Sox are, like, winning these days.

      (It’s a joke, dude.)

  • Ol’CharlieBrown
    • Brett

      Beautiful finds, Charlie. These will come in handy.

  • King Jeff

    I remember watching that game where Mateo was pitching and thinking that we were seeing Quade ruin his career right before our eyes. I think that we even discussed in the EBS comments.

  • Cedlandrum

    This is a fight I was having a while back, but can the Tony Campana has the worst arm fallacy be officially condemned. Not a great arm as I have said, but way overhyped as being horrendous.

    • King Jeff

      No, it is horrendous. There really isn’t any arguing that, he might have the worst outfield arm in the majors. Yes, worse than Juan Pierre’s arm.

      • BD

        Worse than Damon?

      • Cedlandrum

        You haven’t been paying attention.

        • King Jeff

          Yes I have, and I’ve seen him make some throws that made me wince. We obviously have different opinions, but from what I see, Campana has trouble getting the ball back to the infield with any kind of velocity on his throws. He needs to go spend some time at Camp Colvin.

          • Drew7

            But he put on 15 lbs of muscle over the winter, remember?!

  • Cedlandrum

    I have been thinking lately it may be time to give Castro a day off. Not for lack of effort or play, but just to give the kid a rest. Played every inning of every game so far.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Want an example of why teams in baseball hate the Cardinals. See the headline on Saturdays St. Louis Post sports page. No Hitter* Had to put in the asterik, because we are great, and no team could really no hit us.
    What is happening with St. Louis should really give hope to Cub fans. Shows that this division is there for the taking with a minimum of improvement over the next couple years. St. Louis is an aging team, and their young supposedly stud players are starting to show their flaws. (Freese, Descalso, Jaime Garcia, Motte, Greene, etc.) Shelby Miller, their can’t miss prospect has been getting lit up like a Christmas tree in Memphis. Bottom line, they are finding out that they had a guy that basically carried them for 11 years, and life after Albert ain’t gonna be so easy.