The Cubs are absolutely obsessed with losing to the Giants by one or two runs.

Jeff Samardzija was uncharacteristically wild, and uncharacteristically hittable today against the Giants, perhaps trying to be a little too perfect in the face of a weak Cubs offense (though they had staked him to an early 2-0 lead, in part thanks to his own RBI single). He was in trouble constantly in his five innings of work, and was fortunate to escape giving up only two runs in his five innings of work (which required 110 pitches).

Those two runs could have been one if Starlin Castro hadn’t lost count of the outs in the fifth. Upon receiving a double-play turn throw from Darwin Barney at second base, Castro ate the ball as though it was the third out. It wasn’t, and a run scored. He might not have been able to complete the double play anyway, but … sigh. So many mental lapses for this supremely talented kid.

Carlos Marmol had his first bad post-injury outing, and it ultimately cost the Cubs the game.

But I can’t stop looking at this…

  • Magilljl

    Awesome that hitters 1-6 had 3 hits on the day. Just dandy.

  • Joshua Edwards


  • Diesel

    RISP another worthless stat ha ha.

    • Drew7

      Well…sort of; avg w/ RISP is, but the actual number of guys you get into scoring position is a really good indicator of winning.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Well, run-scoring rather than winning: you can lead the league in PAwRiSP and be a 0.500 team if your pitchers lead the league in Batters Faced wRiSP!

        • Drew7

          Sure, but dont we always assume we are referring to “net” values when talking about team stats?!

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Mea culpa!!!

  • TWC

    Really, this is a bad, bad day to be a Cubs fan in the Bay Area.

    • Diesel

      Dude we should meet up for a beer in the parking lot when the Cubs come to Oakland if they ever do.

      • TWC

        Deal.  But they may be the San Jose A’s by then!

        • Diesel

          My best friend and I have already agreed to go to the entire series when it does happen regardless of where the A’s are playing in Norcal.  He is a big A’s fan but because of me also likes the Cubs so it will be an interesting series.

          • TWC

            Nice thing about A’s games is that you can take in a whole series for like $50 for all three tickets!

            • Diesel

              Tell me about it.  We went to a game bought 4 tickets and the total with all the fees was $8.

              • TWC

                Wow.  Damn.  I gotta take my boy over there for a game.  I’ll have more $$$ left to spend on hot dogs and cotton candy.

                • Diesel

                  It was a promotion for 70’s night but they have $2 wednesdays and free parking tuesdays.  Even regular priced there are some tickets that are around 9-10 bucks.

                  • jschroeder

                    I’m gonna be in San Fran next weekend and am going to the game sat against the Rangers, anybody attending??

  • jim

    The CUBS are absolutely “worthless”!
    And the best part of this is that the
    schedule is going to get even tougher! lol!
    * I know: this is supposed to be “rebuilding” time.
    DEMPSTER & GARZA will probably both
    be gone & what do you have left. Oh yes,
    a great receive from my favorite college
    team, NOTRE DAME! p.s. “could there actually
    be such a thing as a ‘CUBS CURSE”?

    • Diesel

      I disagree.  They are worth about 800 million.  That’s what Ricketts paid for them right.

  • calicubsfan007

    Stupid Marmol

    • Joe

      It’s the same Marmol. He’ll never change. time to release him or trade for something. Anything!

      • calicubsfan007

        Agreed, I think the time for patience has long passed.

  • Rev. Bud Green

    Just got home and saw the Castro play. When is Dale going to do something sit him for a series embarrass him. Can you rebuild a teem around a singles hitter who doesn’t seem to give a shit?

    • Kyle

      All accounts are that Castro is a hard worker. He put in a ton of extra time to work on his defense.

      I’m all for doing something, even a benching, to work on the brain cramps. But he definitely cares.

  • Big Joe

    Well put, Green. Bench Castro. I dare anyone to try to defend a different approach with him. It’s not possible.

    • calicubsfan007

      I missed the game today, what did he do that is making a lot of people on here angry?

      • Kyle

        Bases loaded, one out, took the feed on a potential (though unlikely) DP at 2b and began jogging off the field. He forgot how many outs there were. If they’d turned the DP, the eventual game-winning run would not have scored.

        • calicubsfan007

          Oh… That’s not good, lol. Thanks for the fast response Kyle!

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        … it’s up there.

        • calicubsfan007

          Oh, my bad. Didnt even think about looking there, sorry…

    • Joe

      I’m beginning to wonder if Castro is indeed mentally callenged. Some of the stuff he has done going back to last year is just plain “inexplicable” even at his age. He seems to be dropping like an anchor. I don’t know that benching him would do any good. He seems to have a serious “comprehension” problem.

      • Dustin S

        Len and Bob did just mention the other day that Castro is the only Cubs starter who has played every game this season without a day off. Between that and the very ugly season so far, I could see where it could take it’s mental toll. He probably just needs a day or two off which he was overdue on anyway. I’m sure for Sveum it’s hard to bench your probably best offensive player when they’re lucky to score 2 runs a game. But in this case it needs to be done and no sense this year running any of our guys into the ground, whether it’s innings for Samardzija or games played in a row for Castro.

        • Njriv

          Man could you imagine being out there for every inning of every game so far and the majority of them have ended in losing efforts? I would be like a zombie,

          • Joe

            There are no other Zombies out there.

        • Joe

          Dustin–Please see my other comment. This is NOT a joke! I think he has ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) I have a member of my family that has it. It can be treated with medication.

          • Eric

            I thought that too. When I heard all the idiots on CSN just complaining about him, I was thinking, wait a second dammit how bout some compasion. I’m seriously asking, has the medical staff done an evaluation on Castro to see if he doesn’t have adult attention deficit disorder (AADD). Because when you see his media questions after those mistakes I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t care. He might have an actual disorder that can be easily treated.

      • Big Bertha

        Your observation of Castro’s mental challenge may be an answer to some of his problems. It may help explain some of his behavior. It is getting really old listening to Brenley bragging him up all the time.
        Sure miss Theriot.
        Looking at the Cub’s pitching, why a 1st round pick Outfielder?

        • Joe

          Theo knows best?

        • Hansman1982

          Did you just say you miss theriot? Really? You’re going to say you would rather have a crappy defending version of Barney than Castro? Then I surely can’t help you figure out why we took Almora.

  • fester30

    I’m not looking at the RISP. I’m looking at walks. The Cubs are 4th from the bottom in the MLB in the number of walks they’ve taken as an offense. Cubs pitching has also given up the 3rd highest number of walks. I remember the baseball management team talking about the importance of patience at the plate. I’m waiting to see it.

    • Joe

      What’s the sense in patience and taking balls/strikes if you can’t hit? That is the “BIG” question.

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