As Luke noted this morning, today is Day Two of the Draft, and rounds two through fifteen will go. It starts at 11am CT, and you can follow along with the Cubs’ picks here at BN and/or on We’ll have more on the Cubs’ first three picks last night in a little bit. Until then, there are some other items of note in the Cubs’ world…

  • Dale Sveum ain’t saying “golly” anymore. After Starlin Castro lost track of the outs yesterday on a play that could have resulted in a double play (and prevented a run from scoring), Sveum was blunt. “It’s something that’s obviously unacceptable at any time,” Sveum said. “Whether we could have turned the double play is irrelevant to not knowing how many outs there are in the most important part of the game. These things have to stop happening or we’re just going to stop playing [him]. These kind of things are things my son does in high school. Maybe …. I’ll have a good talking to him. It’s the last straw. If he wants to play, he better start getting his head in the game, period.” Oh my. That’s firm. But it’s also the way it’s got to be. Castro keeps having these very public lapses in concentration, and, talented or not, it’s got to stop.
  • Castro, for his part, said he was embarrassed. “It’s very embarrassing,” Castro said. “I apologized to my team and everybody. That kind of thing is not supposed to happen.”
  • The Cubs don’t plan to call up Anthony Rizzo for an interleague stretch that begins on Friday. Sveum suggested a little while ago that it might happen, but now says it isn’t in the plans. Calling Rizzo up would have put the Cubs in a tough spot: they could either keep him up, and lose an extra year of control, or they could send him back down after interleague play was over (but what if he’d been raking?).
  • Reliever Michael Bowden, who was DFA’d to make room for Jairo Asencio, cleared waivers and was outrighted to AAA Iowa. I’ve got the 40-man roster at an even 40 right now.
  • I was on the radio in Green Bay/Appleton yesterday, talking about the Cubs’ futility and the upcoming series against the Brewers. You can download the appearance as an MP3 here if you’d really like to listen.
  • Chris Jaffe at the Hardball Times notes that the Cubs are one more one-run loss away from a franchise mark. That’s because the Cubs have lost an incredible 10 straight one-run games. The only time the franchise lost 11 straight one-run games was almost 100 years ago.
  • Cheryl

    Castro said he was embarrassed once before. Nothing seems ti make a dent with him. He may be the most talented player in the world but if his head isn’t inthe game what good does it do?

    • Njriv

      He has not been really punished for anything, just slaps on the wrists.

  • ETS

    I am not scared about castro’s absent mindedness, but sometimes you have to give a player a wake up call. Im glad sveum is not afraid to do that.

  • EQ76

    It’s hard to write this off to age. I mean, I don’t remember making that mistake in high school.. It’s a lack of focus and does need to change.. Castro’s defense has always been his biggest weakness, this type of thing just adds to it. We need him to be a star.

    • Cedlandrum

      Larry walker made same mistake and so have others. Not a huge deal in my opinion

      • EQ76

        It’s not that he made the mistake, it’s that he keeps making those types of mistakes. I’m not worried about him, I’m sure he’ll be fine and 5 years from now this will be an afterthought. It’s just frustrating to watch. People hated ARam for looking disinterested.. Castro seems to be acting disinterested at times. that’s very painful to watch as we keep losing.

        • Gabriel

          We need to cool our jets here – yes he has made now 3 obvious mental mistakes (going back to the one last year). He’s still a star and he’s still young as hell. Why the frack are we so much harsher on Castro than any of the other young guys that have come up?

          Is it because we aren’t used to them being any good? Cubs fans need to realize the greatness of what we have in Castro, and I have complete faith that he will be WAY more than ok.

          • http://Bill Bill

            When Sveum stops his mental errors managing this team.. I will worry about Castro. Sveum has made alot of poor decisions himself.

            If this were Sorry-ano.. nothing would be said. If this were Jeff Baker.. no one would be mentioning it. Castro is the best player on this team .. BY FAR… Sveum and others need to stop calling this kid out in the media. He isn’t the first to make mental errors.. and won’t be the last… definitely not on this team.

            • JB88

              Seriously? The Cubs shouldn’t try to correct the mistakes of its players until it stops making any mistakes? Talk about flawed logic …

            • koboldekobold

              That is disingenuous. It isn’t those people and hasn’t been. Not to mention if it were Soriano, it would be another reason people would offer up to simply cut bait as opposed to trying too salvage what little value we can from him. It is Castro, and has been on a couple of occasions. I don’t care as much as most, but this isn’t a case of people ignoring similar mistakes in others.

            • Bric

              It’s funny. I never realised Soriano was Spanish for “bad year”.

          • Falselife

            I think the frustrating part is because we want him to become the player we know he can be. He has the natural tools, his weaknesses all stem from mental mistakes.

            I have never even played above high school level, and sadly, my best years were in slow pitch softball. Those games never even matter, they are purely recreational. I always knew the situation, even at that paltry level. It’s because I cared and I took it seriously.

            That’s why I get so pissed about him. He is playing at the top level of competition, and has tools that could make him an all-star every season, yet he seems like he isn’t thinking about the game. He can’t afford to take a break out there. He should know the situation at all times, and be running through scenarios in his head before every pitch.

            The sad thing is, he isn’t alone. Talent isn’t the sole determination in what makes a player great. A player with lesser skills, that doesn’t make those mental mistakes, is a greater asset day in and day out.

            I refuse to lower the bar. He has the ability to be something special. I just haven’t been convinced he really wants it.

      • koyiehillsucks

        Agree. Not that big of a deal and his defense has been much better, he cut down on his errors quite a bit in May, I think he only had 1…

  • Randy

    I think several other players should be on the “last straw” list. I wonder if they loose track of how many outs there are in the minor leagues? Sveum needs to give the wake up call or the call up call.

  • oswego chris

    After reading the MLB stuff on Almora, he sounds like the type of kid whos’ head is always in the game…and it sounds like the new regime really means it when they talk about character/work ethic etc. (every team says they do)…obviously Castro needs some work in this area…

    In my opinion this is one reason I feel “the core” of the new Cubs can’t all be kids…other players on a team have as much or more influence on these “lapses” happening…

    you need some leaders….

    • CubFan Paul

      Theo&Co will have $50-$80M this coming offseason to find & sign some leaders. After the vet’s are auctioned off this June/July and the kids audition thru september Theo&Co will know specifically which holes to fill

  • Noah

    Generally, I find these sort of big statements about mental errors to be (a) silly and (b) non-productive. First, mental errors happen. To everyone. In every profession. Dale Sveum has made plenty of mental errors this season. Castro happened to have two in a short period of time. When you make a big deal about this sort of thing, players start pressing. Clearly this is a complete guess on my part, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Castro make a couple throws he really shouldn’t over the next few games, and end up chucking the ball into the stands. Based on all reports I heard, making a throw to first would have been a mistake in its own right. I don’t understand how a mental error based on a brief lack of attention is better than a mental error based on bad judgment. By the way, I have plenty of complaints about Castro’s play, I just think that you see this sort of stuff all the time, and for some reason it’s become ok when Castro makes a mistake to threaten to bench him, but when David DeJesus blows a play (and I like DeJesus), it’s totally ok.

    I’m also concerned with the extreme amount of attention on little crap like this when the real thing to be concerned with is that Castro’s K rate is up while his walk rate, which was never high in the first place, is down. And he hasn’t added power, either. I’m much more concerned about the fact that his bat has plateaued through the first couple months of the season than I am with piddly little distractions like this.

    • Drew7

      I whole-heartedly agree with this, Noah. Great insight

    • David

      The difference between Castro forgetting the number of outs and making a poor judgement error during a play is obvious to me. One happens as the play is happening and requires a decision on the fly, while the other shows that the player isn’t thinking about the game situation before the play ever starts.

      Even in the case of making a throw that shouldn’t be made, sometimes that’s also attributable to the player not thinking about the game situation, like not taking into consideration the speed of the runners, etc.

      I have no problem with Sveum taking this stance towards Castro, as long as: 1) he will have no problem doing this to a veteran in the same situation, and 2) this isn’t Sveum’s first reaction, which I don’t believe it is. He’s tried talking to him about this sort of thing in the past, and at some point you have to get more serious about it.

  • Katie

    Castro needs a kick in the pants and it looks like Dale isn’t afraid to provide that. Let’s see if it does any good.

  • necusfan

    Perhaps Castro has ADHD or some other medical issue that causes him to lose concentration. He is to valuable to not investigate the possibility. If these lapses are caused my some medical condition, public ridicule (“These kind of things are things my son does in high school”) and telling him to “man up” or “get your head in the game” are going to be counter productive. That being said, if the issue is found not to be medical, “man the F up and get your head in the game!”

    • CubFan Paul

      ADHD isn’t a medical condition. It’s called bad parenting & lack of household discipline that’s perceived to be lack of attention the obvious solution is to medicate the kids

      • necusfan

        My bad, I didn’t realize that. Thanks for setting me straight Dr. Paul.

        • CubFan Paul

          I’m not a doctor, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express lastnite

          • EQ76

            I think South Park did a great episode on ADD & ADHD.. hilarious!

            • Leroy K.

              I strongly disagree with you on this. I had ADD as a child and my son has ADHD. After I was put on Concerta (NOT Ritalin) I was able to raise my grades a whole point average (from 2.35 to 3.35). For anyone who claims that it is bad parenting, both my parents were Teachers and were some of the greatest parents in the world. Do not go off of what the mainstream media would want you to believe. Medicine DOES help.

              • MichiganGoat

                Agreed ADHD is a very real thing and the right treatment makes all the difference. I have students that flip the switch with the right medication/treatment and are unable to function without those actions. To say its not real or bad parenting is an excuse society has placed on people that struggle. There are solutions that are very effective.

                I’m not saying Castro is this but as a professional that deals with this everyday I had to chime in.

      • hansman1982

        I think it falls both ways. I believe there are some kids who geniunely (despite parental efforts) have no ability to concentrate for an extended period of time. There are kids who just received poor parenting and today’s technology is not helping.

        I do like the tough love approach and I think if it happens again Castro needs to be benched for multiple games. In the meantime, I would also get him to a sports psychologist

        • koboldekobold

          This is a good point. Even the prevalence of TVs in homes has been linked to the rising in adhd cases, so the IPads and such probably only make things worse.

      • Chris S

        But the pharmaceutical companies seem to think that it’s a medical condition. Why would they make pills for something that doesn’t exist?? Not like they’d just make pills to make money… Why, that would be unethical!!

        wait a minute..

        I do remember reading on a while ago about Bob Howry being on Concerta er whatever.. and he was a full grown man.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Actually, it is largely a chemical condition.  Parenting has little to do with it: ADD kids frequently have “normal” siblings; however, siblings raised in different homes will often share these conditions.  (Biochemistry is heritable; things like depression, insomnia, sexual-orientation, Alzeimers, etc., all are non-randomly distributed in the same way that many anatomical features are.)

        This probably will be a bigger problem for players in general now because things like amphetamines greatly improve your ability to concentrate: that’s part of why you took speed in college to prepare for tests.  However, bennies are now a PED (as well as a great hangover cure), so that’s not as easy as it was.

      • Eric

        What specialty of doctor are you? I don’t know much about AADD but I do know there are actual mental disorders that have to do with lack of clarity and attention. To completely dismiss something like that with that obnoxious attitude, I’m glad you’re not my doctor. And don’t assume I’m on the side that believes we should just medicate everything. But there are some things that are actual disorders that need to be dealt with with compassion, not your kind of attutide.

        • 1908Blues

          The diagnostic criteria for ADD (the H is for hyperactive, I don’t think that applies) involves meeting 6 of 9 behaviors for 6 months. Each one of those 9 behaviors requires the behavior to occur “often”.

          I’d say 3-4 events (unless I’m missing a few) over a period of 3 years does not meet the criteria for diagnosis.

          I’m not a doctor either, but he does not have ADD.

          My diagnosis is immaturity due to unstructured upbringing, as well as being young for the position he is in and the expectations placed on him.

      • Drew7

        I agree it is over-diagnosed, but it is definitely not made up. I’m no doctor, but I have the condition and it wasnt until I was 22 and out of college that several steps were taken to diagnose the problem. My parents thought like you, and my school-work suffered my whole life because of it.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          I can ditto that story for one of my younger brother’s.  (And that also pretty much falsifies the “parenting” hypothesis insofar as I am concerned, except in the ironic sense that parents like ours exacerbate the problem by pretending it is not real.)

      • King Jeff

        This is an extremely asinine comment Paul, and I have come to expect better from you. ADHD is a very serious chemical imbalance in the body, and has nothing to do with parenting or household discipline. My sister has suffered from ADHD her whole life, and neither me or any of my other 3 siblings suffered from it. It has caused more problems for her than I care to talk about here and having to come on here and read your uninformed comments about it has really upset me.

        • Eric

          yeah it upset me too. I hate cocky attitudes. It’s even worse when it’s from someone who doesn’t know what the HELL they are talking about.

      • JB88

        So completely and utterly wrong.

      • Greyfury

        Scientology would agree with you CubFan Paul. I think there is plenty of proof like King Jeff and DocPeterWimsey said

        • CubFan Paul

          I don’t know anything about scientology. I just call’em as I see’em or in ritalin’s case: I see’em snortin’ it more than using it for its intended purpose

          • Greyfury

            lol….that doesn’t mean that ADHD isn’t a legit medical diagnosis. Maybe not in Castros case but it certainly exists

    • Norm

      Half the baseball world is ADHD diagnosed so they can take the drugs…Castro should jump on this PED immediately, especially since it’s legal.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Whoops!  You scooped half of my point!  Yeah, to an extent it is all part of a continuum.  Drugs that treat attention deficit issues increase your ability to focus, regardless of where you start.  (They are definitely a “PED” in my profession!)  The military uses variants of these drugs for pilots, especially those that fly long missions: you just cannot take the chance on even a momentary lapse there.  There probably is some “saturation” point at which the rest of your brain cannot keep up (and where the side effects of the chemicals become sufficiently detrimental that you have other problems).  I’d like to be there to know what it is like!  😉

  • Idaho Razorback

    After a night of dealing with baseball sized hail, severe thunderstorms, and a tornado warning (yeah in North Idaho) I’m breathing easy. The Cubs should deal Castro as soon as they get a ridiculous offer. By the time the Cubs contend, Castro will be a year away from a 5 year $100+ million contract. Yikes!!!

    • CubFan Paul

      What’s wrong with having a 5yr/$100M player that’s in his prime?

      • Alex K

        Ya just don’t trade Castro, I don’t see it.

  • Bash

    He’ll be attentive again for a while and will slowly lull back into the same non-attentive kid. He needs to sit, IMO, to get it through to him that this is unacceptable.

  • Kevin

    Castro for 2 mid-level pitching prospects. Castro is a young CZ waiting to happen.

    • Joy

      I so couldn’t agree more.

  • Dan

    Meh, I don’t watch Cubs games anymore. It’s just not fun watching this group of guys. I don’t blame Castro for making that mistake. He probably has his mind elsewhere. It’s not like the Cubs need to win games. I hope they lose the rest of there games so that they can get a high draft pick for next year. The Cubs have no chance of making the playoffs this year. It’s going to be awhile before this club turns it around. These kids that we are drafting are young as hell.

    • TWC

      “I hope they lose the rest of there games…”

      Way to be a fan, Dan.

  • FromFenwayPahk

    Glad to see Bowden is tucked in. He’ll be back.

  • Curt

    I’m glad svuem is bring firm but I’ll believe they bench Castro when it actually happens and follow though with the concept of accountability but it’s still nice to see.

  • Spriggs

    Maybe Castro’s problems stem from the influences and examples of his buddies over the last 2 or 3 years…. hanging out with Soriano and A-Ram.

    • Stinky Pete

      How is Soriano a bad influence?

    • DocPeterWimsey

      I’d rather have a young player hang out with Sori or ARam than some quarterwit like, say, Brenly…..

      • TWC

        Ha.  Quarterwit.  Ha ha ha.

  • Cubbie Blues

    the Cubs have lost an incredible 10 straight one-run games.

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      The funny thing is that bad teams usually have their victories concentrated in 1-run games.  It’s not that they are somehow “good” at winning them: it’s just that bad teams can only win by holding the other team close. When you look at the Cubs run-differential (2nd worst in NL, 3rd worst in baseball), it’s clear that they are not a 0.500 team who has had problems with 1-run games: they are a 0.400 team who has had bad luck with 1-run games!

      (They have played in a surprising number: the Padres, for example, have played in 7 fewer 1-run games, which is typical for bad teams like the Pads and Cubs.)

  • Chris

    In my opinion Castro has the raw tools to become a great baseball player potentially even a hall of famer. But none of that maters unless his head can match what his body can do. He has mental lapses on defense multiple times since he has been called up. On offense he has hit for average. But that really it. He has had alot of problems attempting to take pitches to try to be walked more. He still isn’t looking for and turning on pitches like most of us would have hoped for power. And his base stealing has been affected by his mental lapses at times. He is very young learning at the MLB level which is harder than most got it. But that’s the hand he has been delt he has to make the best of it. I really think he was brought up way to early. Should have had year or two more in the minors I think.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    that is the problem when you force feed a young player to the major leagues. these latin players arrive with very poor fundamentals; so all the fans that r crying to rush players to the bigs take notice. screw the losing please theo and jed and jason do it the right way and draft players like almora that have a high worh ethic and are taught to play the right way.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    boy if you want young players to hang with losers like aram and sorryano you will never win. sheeeeeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim

      see thats funny because soriano has the best work ethic in the clubhouse. quit bashing fonsy. no hes not worth the contract he was given, but hes aging, thats not his fault. if hendry were to give you an 8 year deal at 30 years old you would take it too. how many guys continue to produce like they did in their prime through their last seasons in the majors

  • Rich G

    Yes, bench your best player and move this team from unwatchable to absolutely, totally, and completely unwatchable. Sitting your best hitter when you’ve got an abysmal record in one-run games is a great idea.

    • hardtop

      over the last couple weeks, darwin barney is the cubs best hitter.  castro looks at fast balls down the pipe and tappy-taps bad pitches to infielders.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Barney has been the most successful hitter, not the best hitter.  Given their career stats, we expect Barney to be get more hits than Castro over 50 ABs (i.e,. about 2 weeks) 30% of the time.

        Incidentally, Barney is among the NL leaders in groundouts to the pitcher; Campana is (or was as of a week or so ago) the overall NL leader!

  • Patrick

    So the cubs haven’t lost 11 one run games in almost 100 years. Guess what they also haven’t done in 100 years. Maybe it’s a sign of something for the near future!

    • djriz

      So you would risk ‘losing’ Castro’s head to try to win a few games?

      Helping Castro mature is > the difference between 50-102 and 52-100.

      • Patrick

        Im not suggesting getting rid of Castro

  • Leo L

    soriano did not hit the cut of man the other day allowing a runner to go from first to home on a single (the runner was stealing but still). that is a mental error also. no talk about benching him. but i will say that not knowing how many outs there is as bad as an mental error one can commit. it seems to happen to him more often tahn other players. he probably does have add but also we need to remember he is young and some of these mental errors would occur in the minors for other players. He may need medication but he also needs to go through a mental check down before each batter.

    • Diesel

      The difference between Castro and Soriano is a paycheck. Soriano and his inability to play defense or hit consistently has cost the cubs runs and wins. It has also added to pitch counts and has a negative effect on the other players. Soriano won’t get benched or talked to because he makes an absurd amount of money and the ricketts family wants to make him play so they can feel like they aren’t wasting it with him on the bench or at home. I’m sure they weren’t happy paying silva to sit at home last year so I doubt they want to pay Soriano to sit at home either.

      • koboldekobold

        This implies that Soriano’s inability to play defense is in anyway connected to his work ethic. He is doing his best on increasingly useless legs. The lengths people will go to whine about Soriano is beyond me.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Let me get this straight. The Cubs are playing .333 baseball with horse manure hitting and defense all over the field, and it’s Starlin Castro’s fault? Does Sveum and all the critics watch the damn games. Castro has been playing great defense for the last 30 games, and has played every inning of every game while hitting .300 and stealing 15 bases. He ain’t the problem folks.
    I watched Soriano turn a can of corn fly ball into a single and strike out with the tying and winning runs at second and third, that lost the game the other day. Did I hear this has got to stop from the manager? It is idiotic, Castro is one of the few players that have a future on this current club. To make him a whipping boy is pure insanity.

  • RWakild

    Not sure if Castro loses focus or has a medical issue. I do like his response as he did man up but these lapses have happened way too many times. I would definately get him checked out by a doctor. If it isn’t medical, this ass kicking should have happened long ago as this is umpteenth time that his hustle and focus have been lacking.

  • Rich

    I hate getting medical debates in the Cub forum..but,,ADHD is not a real condition. Brain chemistry is altered from poor food choices and how it affects that person. Giving kids things like fish oil and avoiding the cereal and milk and processed foods and of course eating much better while burning their energy with exercise is very helpful.

    Also there are other factors that parents typically do, but should not. Nutrition is probably 90% of it. Plus avoiding most kids meds are a large factor. The ratios of Omega 6 to Omeag 3’s is so awful in this country.

    ADHD is such a broad term manipulated to sell a lot of drugs. You can regulate your health with avoiding toxicities and replacing deficiencies.

    Meds for this are about 99.99% un – needed…

    • MikeL

      I have to strongly disagree with you on this one. I agree that ADHD is probably one of the most incorrectly diagnosed disorders in the country (largely stemming from parents saying, “My child is hyper, give them some meds!!!”). But to say that ADHD is “not a real condition” is a pretty damned ignorant thing to say. To me, that is another case of a person trying to simplify a complex world. It is the same thing that people say all you need to do to stay healthy is good nutrition and excercise….which will take you part of the way and is important, but it won’t get you around genetic health problems that a person has inherited at birth that has been passed downt he family line. I respond strongly to this because I was diagnosed with ADD (no, I know, not ADHD), and it has been something I struggle with as an adult because I don’t like taking meds….I still manage it as much as I can, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t have negative effect on me from time to time. My parents were also very concious of eating healthy foods as I grew up (we hardly ever had junk food or fattening foods in our refrigerator or pantry and without foods that had harmful toxins in them). I also grew up working with charitable agencies and many children I worked with had developmental and learning disorders, so I can tell you ADHD is a very real condition. Even if Starlin Castro does not have ADD or ADHD, it is clear that he does have a short attention span.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      That is all falsified by the fact that ADD kids often have “normal” siblings who share same diets.  However, not all siblings share the same eye color: it’s the same thing here.

      • Sandberg

        I will start this off by saying that I do believe ADD is real, I just think it’s much much less prevalent than diagnosed. However, what you’re saying isn’t necessarily true. If you assume diet is the trigger, that doesn’t mean that *anyone* eating that diet will automatically display ADD symptoms, just the siblings that are susceptible.

        For the record, I believe that most misdiagnosis of ADD occurs because of poor diets that are high in carbs and low on fat/protein. A healthy diet is not “one without fattening foods.”

        • MikeL

          I think having a poor diet can make ADD worse (because it effects the energy level)….but saying that it (or any diet) can actually can actually create a the same symptoms as ADD is absolutely absurd, ADD is more than just attention folks, that is just one aspect of it. ADD also deals with under developed motor skills (not just slow or sluggish “tired” motor skills) where people can often have a lot of difficulty in cutting foods, tying their shoes, or buttoning up their shirts well into their teen years. Once again, this coming from a guy who was diagnosed with ADD several years ago.

    • Alex K

      Didn’t mention any credentials… Who cares what you say about ADHD. Never believed in it myself, but I’m no doctor; I’m a pizza guy, commenting on a cubs blog…about ADHD…

      We must all have ADHD, cuz this is a Castro thread. Lol

    • King Jeff

      You have no idea what you are talking about, please don’t comment like this and spread lies and falsehoods about something that you obviously don’t understand.

  • baseballet

    I hope that Castro becomes a franchise cornerstone player, but he has a long way to go. I’m not concerned with yesterday’s brain fart, I’m more concerned with the fact that he’s not outperforming light hitting Darwin Barney so far this season.

    Compare their stats on offense (OBP/SLG/OPS):
    Castro: .319/.423/.742
    Barney: .332/.423/.755

    Barney narrowly edges out Castro in OBP and OPS and ties him in SLG.

    • CubFan Paul

      Barney is no londger light hitting. He took my advice over the winter and roided up. I was hoping for a SLG% of at least .380-.400 & over the course of the season hopefully he doesn’t fade back down to .360-.380 SLG

  • K Rock

    Sometimes I wonder if people really grasped what a rebuild entails………Everyone knew it would be bad this year, of course they aren’t a playoff team. Yes these type of mistakes cant happen, but hey………They do

    That being said, I watched Major League yesterday……..2013 Chicago Cubs haha

    • Alex K

      So true! Isn’t soriano close enough to (what is it?) cerrano? The voodoo guy?lol
      And sharky gets the nod for wild thing, due to all the walks yesterday. Jeff, Ive always hated you because you’re a douche, but don’t stop pitching well. It’s been too much fun watching.

  • Spriggs

    I’m of the opinion that Soriano isn’t that hard working – great clubhouse guy that everyone now thinks he. We’ve all heard (repeatedly) that he worked his butt off this spring with McKay to improve his outfield. Well, that wasn’t Soriano’s idea. And I also suspect that Brenly was told to cool it with the Soriano ripping – so now you hear him constantly talk about the positive Soriano. Other than his work with McKay this spring – I didn’t see any changes in Soriano’s behavior and i was there every day. He is always among the last to arrive at ST in February (as was Ramirez). They were always among the last to arrive at the complex each day and among the first to leave – with a couple of exceptions this year for Soriano.

    I truly believe that the influences these guys had on Pie were evident after he came up too. Pie changed. Not saying that was his only problem, but his motor stopped. I think he was making his pals look bad and they let him know it. It’s a long season…. take it easy. Be like us.
    Just a theory.

    • Leo L

      i agree

  • Brent

    Who is at the top of the draftboard for next season, because you know we are going to have a top 3 pick! I’m phoning this season in. Just looking forward to when the young guys get called up in a few weeks. At least they will be exciting to watch grow.

  • Ashley

    I love Castro probably more than anyone but yesterday was really bad. I love that his D has started to improve and all he does is hit. He steals bases and can hit for power when needed but he has to not things like this happen. He is more under the microscope because he is a future superstar and we expect so much out of him,

    I think he will be fine but I am glad to see Sveumn isn’t afraid to bench if needed, just hope he isn’t like Q and only punishes the young guys and allows the vets to get away with whatever they want!