As Luke noted this morning, today is Day Two of the Draft, and rounds two through fifteen will go. It starts at 11am CT, and you can follow along with the Cubs’ picks here at BN and/or on We’ll have more on the Cubs’ first three picks last night in a little bit. Until then, there are some other items of note in the Cubs’ world…

  • Dale Sveum ain’t saying “golly” anymore. After Starlin Castro lost track of the outs yesterday on a play that could have resulted in a double play (and prevented a run from scoring), Sveum was blunt. “It’s something that’s obviously unacceptable at any time,” Sveum said. “Whether we could have turned the double play is irrelevant to not knowing how many outs there are in the most important part of the game. These things have to stop happening or we’re just going to stop playing [him]. These kind of things are things my son does in high school. Maybe …. I’ll have a good talking to him. It’s the last straw. If he wants to play, he better start getting his head in the game, period.” Oh my. That’s firm. But it’s also the way it’s got to be. Castro keeps having these very public lapses in concentration, and, talented or not, it’s got to stop.
  • Castro, for his part, said he was embarrassed. “It’s very embarrassing,” Castro said. “I apologized to my team and everybody. That kind of thing is not supposed to happen.”
  • The Cubs don’t plan to call up Anthony Rizzo for an interleague stretch that begins on Friday. Sveum suggested a little while ago that it might happen, but now says it isn’t in the plans. Calling Rizzo up would have put the Cubs in a tough spot: they could either keep him up, and lose an extra year of control, or they could send him back down after interleague play was over (but what if he’d been raking?).
  • Reliever Michael Bowden, who was DFA’d to make room for Jairo Asencio, cleared waivers and was outrighted to AAA Iowa. I’ve got the 40-man roster at an even 40 right now.
  • I was on the radio in Green Bay/Appleton yesterday, talking about the Cubs’ futility and the upcoming series against the Brewers. You can download the appearance as an MP3 here if you’d really like to listen.
  • Chris Jaffe at the Hardball Times notes that the Cubs are one more one-run loss away from a franchise mark. That’s because the Cubs have lost an incredible 10 straight one-run games. The only time the franchise lost 11 straight one-run games was almost 100 years ago.
  • notcubbiewubbie

    tell tim above if sorryano has the best work ethic why oh why did it take him 6 i repeat 6 yrs to actually work at getting better.:(

    • Kyle

      What evidence do you have that Soriano hasn’t been working hard for the last six years?

  • notcubbiewubbie

    how about lazily going after balls in left field????????? watching pop ups fall or flyballs off the wall and as always trying hard trotting to firstbase????? should be a double extremely hardworking fonzy standing on firstbase????? cubbiewubbies everywhere. go cubs go come on everybody. go cubs go!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chirogerg

      what about the fact that he’s about a hundred years old and can still RAKE!

  • mark

    With the AL East teams all starting to beat a path to the Cubs’ door re Garza, maybe it’s time to listen to offers for Castro, too. Never say never. The Cubs have an awful lot of holes to fill, and two or three for one is a good way to do it. Could be a seller’s market.

    How bad will these teams want Garza? Bad enough to take a LF/DH as part of the deal, to oblige the Cubs and keep Garza away from their competition?

    Dream on, eh?

  • Jared

    i unlike many have a great trust in starlin castro. i believe one day the kid is gonna be a superstar! if he wasn’t in a slump at the plate which happens to the best of players(HE IS STILL BATTING OVER .300!) then we wouldnt be paying attention to all this trade crap. the wont ever hit 30 or fourty homers prolly but he will hit at least 20 one day and he will start to hit more gaps and get more extrabase hits. this kid has been steller at the plate ever since he got to the big leagues so when he gets in a little rut we cant just turn our back on him. NOW with the attention deal… he needs to be better, simple as that! but he isnt the only one around the league that make mistakes like that. and they end up on the “NOT TOP 10” being laughed at…NOT BEING CALLED OUT BY THEIR OWN MANAGER! One of starlins best attributes is his confidence which is the case for any great ball player and u can’t take that away from him. He will get better, he will win a gold glove someday, he will win a batting title, and his eye at the plate will improve, just give it some time. THIS YEAR IS FOR LEARNING!!!! WE AINT GONNA WIN THE DIVISION I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU GUYS! i would have trouble paying attension to if i played for this team………………………..

  • Jp

    How bout knowing how many outs there are in the inning? That’s not asking to much from your supposed quarterback of the infield. I wish Baez was closer to being ready because while he may be a bit of a jerk if you had him at short and moved Castro over to 2nd I believe he’d give him an earful when he’s in lolla land.

  • Kyle

    If it can happen to a HOFer like Ichiro, I think I can understand it happening to a youngster like Castro.

    Once. Twice becomes a lot less forgiveable.

    • Jared

      exactly… people wouldnt be making such a huge deal out of this if he wasnt in a slump at the plate

  • Jared

    i get it…theres no excuse but u dont think that hasn’t happened to almost every mlb in their career? and baez needs to be at third and castro needs to be at short, castro covers way more ground than almost any shortstop and a great glove. his footwork needs work and it will get there.

  • jp

    This isnt the only time he’s had a brain fart. I love his hitting ability and wouldn’t trade it for ANY shortstop straight up but c’mon guys. He had the brain fart last week when he was tagged without sliding into second by a mile because he thought he herd a foul tip. Last season he had his back facing the infield during a pitch because he probably saw a butterfly or something. The fact is that Sveum is beyond pissed about his concentration so i’m sure these arent the only incedents.

    • Joe

      That’s right. I’d like to know how many things have happened that the public(fans) does not know about.

    • Jared

      well when the kid is carrying this team through winning seasons in the future i think u will understand. hes not an american boy who has played ball since he was born. he played with a milk carton as a glove untill he was 13. i doubt u can play some organized baseball with a milk carton glove. im done making excuses for the kid but his brain farts aint costing us anything right now considering the season is down the shitter already. if we are about to win the division and he does stuff like this il start worrying.

      • Joe

        You actually DID make another excuse for him. Just because The Cubs aren’t going anywhere doesn’t mean the “lapses” are to be tolerated! It’s not a matter of if we are about to win the division, it’s simple, basic baseball fundamentals. You better believe it’s worth worrying about.

        • Jared

          i meant im not making anymore after that comment. thank you. but u can worry if u want…i wont lose any sleep over it. most teams dont have a super talented 22 year old short stop like we do

          • Joe

            I’m not saying give up on Castro! I’m saying he did need to be called out by Sveum. That’s what a manager is suppose to do. I think Castro will get his stuff together and be a very good player. I think he has the “potential” to put up Derek Jeter type numbers, if not better. Again, I stress the word “potential” as his lack of concentration is having a negative impact on his career, right now.

            • Jared

              i agree with that last thought but i dont believe he needed to be called out in front of the media in my opinion, i think it could have been handled in the clubhouse and i dont want starlin to start pressing because of this and lose confidence. if hes worried about being benched on the feild, how is he supposed to be focused?

  • nkniacc

    Anyoe know how long this new CBA is for?

    • Brett

      2012 to 2016. The terms can be modified on agreement, though.

  • nkniacc

    I wonder if they may change the draft slotting a bit as a bunch of quality baseball kids won’t sign or change sports because of this CBA. i doubt it but i can hope

  • die hard

    STOP!! this is not news with Castro…hes been pulling this stuff from day one…I and many others have been pointing this out ad nauseum….his defenders, of whom are many on this board, point out his betting skills….thats it and is not power over the wall or in the gaps…a Bill Madlock singles hitter….his attitude will only get surlier as he gets older and fatter around the waist and in the wallet….not one to build a franchise around…but what we do we know?…only what we see and it aint pretty

  • die hard

    correction—“betting” skills used unintentionally though he hits like he bets he can make contact but thats all on every pitch…”hitting” skills was intended phrase…now dont start any rumors to go along with ongoing investigation as such would be unfounded

  • mark

    I do wonder whether Theojed just might listen to offers for Castro. They keep talking about character–I forget the baseball buzzword–and that’s exactly what Castro is lacking. Reminds me of Ramirez and Soriano. Put up nice numbers by the end of the year, when it doesn’t count, but no leadership. He’s young, yes, but on this team he’s a veteran and could be leading by example. Once you’re an All Star, there are responsibilities that come with that turf.

  • djriz

    Mountain meet Molehill.

    He forgot (didn’t know?) how many outs there were. He did not kill anyone.
    Castro is NOT the first player ever to bring his hitting woes into the field.
    Give him a day or two off. Fine.
    Talk to him in private. Fine.
    Castrate him the media. WEAK!

    The Cubs have a bunch of problems. Castro isn’t in the top ten.

    • Can’t thik of a cool name

      Yep, lost some respect for Sveum. You keep this in the clubhouse not in the media. IMO, Svueum should have taken him aside told him not knowing the number of outs is not acceptable and sat him today. Instead he threatens him in the media and then starts him today.

  • Can’t think of a cool name

    Gallardo just came in high and hard on Castro. If Sveum is as old school as he thinks he is, will he have Dempster come high and hard on Braun? Not hit him, but send the message you come in high and hard on my star, I’ll do the same.

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