The 2012 MLB Draft concludes today with the final 25 rounds. The Cubs pick sixth in each round, and will look to pick up some hidden gems, and less-hidden gems that may have slipped for one reason or another.

The Cubs can sign each pick from here on out for as much as $100K without the bonus counting against their bonus pool, and it’s worth pointing out that $100K isn’t a small amount. Many players in the later rounds just want to play pro baseball, and sign for bonuses as small as $1000. So you can actually get some nice talent in these later rounds if you’re willing to spend $100K, let alone if you’ve saved some pool room earlier in the Draft and can go a little higher. Not every team is willing to spend another $2.5 million on these later 25 rounds. That’s all I’m saying.

Also, Theo/Jed/Jason have repeatedly said that this year’s Draft is a “scouting contest” thanks to the CBA changes, and these are some of the rounds where that will be most true.

Things get underway at 11am CT, and you can listen to a stream at

I’ll have all the picks up here in a timely fashion, maybe with a useful note or two (but no promises – many of these kids are unknowns in the truest sense). Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments, on the Message Boardon Twitter, and on Facebook. So join in, wherever your preference for chatting might lie.

Away we go, and here are the Cubs’ picks in round order (I’ll be updating as the Draft goes along):

16. Michael Hamann, RHP, University of Toledo (OH) – Another tall righty (6’3″), Hamman could stand to add a little weight to his frame (170 lbs). Pretty weak stats across the board for Hamann, so I’m assuming this is about how he looks.

17. Nathan Dorris, LHP, Southern Illinois U. – A tall lefty this time (again, 6’3″), Dorris had decent collegiate numbers this year (struck out 80 in 82 innings).

18. David Bote, SS, Neosho County CC – A small (5’11”) middle infielder.

19. Damek Tomscha, 3B, Iowa Western CC – Huge numbers at the plate, but you’d hope that a decent prospect at a Juco would do that.

20. Blake Hickman, C, Simeon Career Academy (HS in IL) – A big, young catcher, who’s even got a scouting video at He doubles as a pitcher, as many high schoolers do.

21. Stephen Perakslis, RHP, University of Maine – A shorter (6′) pitcher, Perakslis had mediocre numbers in relatively short outings as a starter this year.

22. Eduardo Orozco, RHP, University of California-Riverside – Another tall righty, Orozco is a fifth year senior, so he’ll be signing.

23. Jake Drossner, LHP, Council Rock HS North (PA) – A high school lefty with decent size (6’1″, 190 lbs).

24. Jameson Fisher, C, Zachary HS (LA) – Another high school catcher. Might the Cubs be trying to steal a high upside catcher with one of these later picks?

25. Rhett Wiseman, CF, Buckingham Browne & Nichols HS (MA) – Well, the Cubs just took a home run swing. Wiseman is the 136th ranked prospect in the Draft according to BA, and is committed to play at Vanderbilt. From “Wiseman made the decision to play baseball at Vanderbilt when he was only 15. Based on where he is drafted, he might not be able to keep that promise. Wiseman has an athletic build and has incredible speed that will profile well in center at the next level. He has power that is created by bat speed, and he gets good loft on the ball. He has some swing-and-miss to his game and has a well-below-average arm, but many think that with some mechanical changes he could fix both of these problems. Wiseman is an excellent student with a great makeup, and if he isn’t picked within the first few rounds, he could end up being a tough sign.” I love the pick, even if the Cubs can’t sign him. No risk in taking a shot. Yesterday, Wiseman said he had set a number that it would take to sign him, and he doesn’t expect teams to meet it.

26. Jasvir Rakkar, RHP, SUNY-Stony Brook – Big righty, mostly a reliever last year. Decent but not spectacular numbers.

27. Tyler Bremer, RHP, Baylor University – A senior who was actually drafted by the Cubs two years ago (36th round). Some area scout must be a big fan. Mostly been a reliever this year, and has decent numbers.

28. Lance Rymel, C, Rogers St. University (OK) – A senior catcher without a ton of pop, but he hit .318 this year and had a .421 OBP. Like that IsoD.

29. Austin Pentecost, RHP, Lewis-Clark State (ID) – A big, senior pitcher. Started this past year, and put up decent numbers.

30. Izaac Garsez, RF, Col of Idaho – A senior outfielder listed as “RF,” so he better have quite a bat. And, a quick look says … holy crap. Yeah. Ridiculous numbers: .389/.467 /.674.

31. Bryan Bonnell, RHP, Centennial HS (NV) – Another big swing by the Cubs? Bonnell doesn’t show up on BA’s top 500 Draft prospects list, but he’s a 6’5″ righty who did show up on BA’s list of top Nevada prospects (number 10 in the state), and he comes complete with a scouting video on

32. Timothy Saunders, SS, Marietta College (OH) – A senior shortstop, Saunders is another player with ridiculously gaudy college numbers: .441/.512/.667. Why not take a chance on college seniors like this, right?

33. Thomas Pannone, OF, Bishop Hendricken School (RI) – A high school outfielder.

34. Christian Botnick, RHP, Notre Dame Catholic SS (ON) – A Canadian 17-year-old for the Cubs. Some scout dug deep on this one.

35. Ben Carhart, 3B, Stetson University (FL) – A me-sized college senior (ok, maybe a little bigger than my 5’8″ – depends on your source), with good, but not perversely good numbers.

36. Sly Edwards, CF, St. Brendan HS (FL) – Another high school center fielder.

37. Clayton Crum, RHP, Howard College (TX) – A Juco pitcher. Looks like a hard-throwing type.

38. Hassan Evans, CF, Herkimer County CC (NY) – Another Juco, this time a center fielder.

39. Rustin Sveum, 3B, Desert Mountain HS (AZ) – Yes, that is Dale’s son. And, yes, the Cubs are being nice. This is just a thing that teams do.

40. Jacob Rogers, 1B, Mt Olive College (NC) – With their final pick in the 2012 Draft, the Cubs take another college senior who put up ridiculous numbers.

That concludes the 2012 MLB Draft. And now we just wait on signing news. The deadline for signing is much earlier this year – it’s July 13.

  • Nathan

    I think Wiseman could very well sign. He seems overly happy to have been drafted by the Cubs. Hopefully, the Cubs knew something and selected him as one of those high school kids who really just wants to play pro ball as soon as possible. The strong Vandy commitment scares me, but I guess we will see how it plays out. The guys I think they need to sign to make this a solid draft class are:

    1) Almora (obviously)
    2) Johnson

    • Chris

      Everything I’ve seen about Wiseman is that he’s going to school. Is there an article or something you’ve seen that I’m missing? Just curious. He’d be a good late pick if they can sign him.

      • Nathan

        i chatted with him on twitter haha, and saw some of his tweets

    • David

      17) Sveum?

  • Nathan

    I know Bonnell, I still think the Cubs should have and still can draft Van Hoosier out of Vegas as well. As you can see, I live in Vegas.

  • Cheryl

    Sometimes wonder if this new agreement was partially aimed at Boras.

  • cubsin

    According to BA’s ranking, Wiseman (#136) has a slot value of $336,700. If the Cubs can sign their top 12 picks (rounds 1-10) for slot, they’d have 5% of $7,933,900, or just under $400,000 extra to spend before the penalties kick in. If they also stay within the $100,000 cap for all their other later picks, they could then offer Wiseman almost $500,000.

    Some of the top 12 will sign under slot, and some will be over.

    Brett and Luke: If the Cubs don’t sign one or more of the top 12, does the 5% slush fund drop?

    • Kyle

      Wiseman is considered a strong commit to college and would want a lot more than $400k to sign, at least he implied in his pre-draft statements.

      And yes, the pool drops if you don’t sign one of the top-12, and thus the 5% would drop as well.

      • Brett

        As noted in a separate comment, I don’t think that’s right. I *think* your pool is your pool, and your overage risk is based on that pool. But, as I said, I haven’t seen anyone give this a full and nuanced discussion, so I could very well be wrong.

  • Mike S

    Tim Saunders was a Division 3 All-American and the MVP for the National Champions Marietta College. He’s a proven winner and reminds me a lot of a young Derek Jeter. He is a very good hitter and could be a hidden gem in the 32nd round. You can quote me on this for later reference!

    • Kyle

      Thank you, Tim’s dad, for the scouting report.

      • Mike S

        Haha, I have no relation to him actually. Played against him in college once, and have been following him since. He’s a natural born leader.

  • MaxM1908
  • The Show

    As hard as it may be, I think the Cubs should just forget about Wiseman. Didn’t really lose anything by picking him, but why not got to Vandy, its a great program where he can improve his stock and get the money he’s been looking for.

  • JulioZuleta

    Botnick graduated a year early. Not 18 til October. He added 3 mph to his fastball from last year to this.

    • Harry Pavlidis

      I was about to note the same the Julio did about Botnick’s velocity. Went from 85 to 88 from what I found.

      • Brett

        Is 88 impressive for a 17-year-old?

        • JulioZuleta

          For a young 17 year old with projectable size, it’s not bad. Also, we’re talking about Canada, he probably hasn’t had world class coaching up dere ya knoow?

      • Brett

        Also, for those here who don’t know – Harry is a cool dude. You should be following him on Twitter.

      • JulioZuleta

        If he can keep adding 3 mph a year, he could be throwing 118 mph by the time hes 27

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Cubs just drafted Rustin Sveum (son of Cubs Manager Dale Sveum in the 39th round)

  • Vitters for 2012!

    Dominican Summer League

    Signed for $120,ooo out of Venezuela during the last international signing period, Carlos A. Rodriguez is just 16 years old (turns 17 in 2 weeks), but you wouldn’t know it by his performance today. He went 5 innings, allowing one run. He walked one batter and struck out 7. Color me intrigued.
    18 year old SS Francisco Sanchez was a big signee last year out of the Dominican Republic ($550,000), but has really struggled to hit. He’s 0 for 8 on the season after hitting just .191 last year.
    6’3″ LHP Christian Pieters, 18, who signed for $350K out of Curacao got the win for the DSL 2 team today with 2 scoreless innings, though he did walk a couple of batters.
    The DSL 2 team is loaded with good prospects, starting at the top of the lineup with speedy Kelvin Encarnacion. Today he went 1 for 3 with a walk, giving him 5 walks in 3 games to go with a .375 batting average. He was replaced at the end of the game, however, so I’ll keep an eye out here.
    LF Ricardo Marcano has been compared to Victor Martinez but so far he’s just 1 for 10, although he has walked 4 times. 3 of those walks came today as Marcano scored 3 runs and drove in one.
    The Cubs loved SS Luis Acosta last year and signed him early on in the international signing period last year. Today he hit his first professional HR and is batting .400 in the first 3 games.
    Switch hitting 3B Marck Malave is an advanced player who could move quickly after his first year in the DSL. Today he broke out with 2 doubles and 4 RBI to bring his average to .308.
    (Via cubs Den)

    • Brett

      Appreciate this, VF12.

    • JL

      Copy/paste from John Arguello’s post at Cubs Den. Just to give due credit here.

      • Brett

        In that case: don’t do that. Only copy small pieces, and always include a link. John works hard – let’s give him credit for it.

        • Vitters for 2012!

          yah i tried but it didn’t work anyways i fixed it as much as i could I’m not a computer geek

  • MikeL

    Wonderful, according to Dale’s comments about his son relating to Castro’s mental mistake in San Fran…..the Cubs just drafted a guy who can’t remember how many outs there are!!! =D j/k, of course.

    • Brett


    • cjdubbya

      That’s awesome. Nice catch!

    • Leroy K

      excellent!!! I literally LOLed!!

  • MaxM1908

    That’s awesome taking Sveum’s son. I think I read somewhere that Mike Piazza was drafted in the late rounds as a favor to someone with connections. The guy turns out to be a hall of famer. Maybe the Cubs will get a similar surprise with lil’ Sveum?

    • Joker

      Maybe Dale’s son will hit the juice and grow a nice Fu-Manchu. Didn’t hurt Piazza.

      • hardtop

        “Didn’t hurt Piazza.”

        outside of his underwear

    • hardtop

      dude, now i feel really old.  i remember some of dale sveums playing days.  when he became a coach, i felt pretty old. when he became our manager my joints started to hurt.  now that his son has been drafted i think my limbs might start dropping off.

      • Leroy K

        tell me about it. Delino Deshields Jr. Shawon Dunston Jr. Cal Ripken III, —OK kidding on the last one, but still it’s like “I watched your parents play!!!”

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Mike Piazza is Tommy Lasorda’s Godson so the Dodgers took him as a favor to Tommy. Speaking of Lasorda hope he Gets well soon

  • John

    I saw the Cards to Oquendo’s son out of OCC a better place to be- a juco in IL. In regards to the Cubs taking Dales kid…

  • Toby

    I always feel old when I see a kid drafted or playing that is the son of someone I grew up watching. Imagine being someone that grew up watching Ray Boone play then sees his son Bob play only to also see Aaron and Bret play later on.

  • The Show

    Luke and/or Brett: So now that the draft is done, I see the Cubs did a nice job loading up on pitchers. What do you think the order of the best pitching prospects in the organization is?

    • Brett

      Gotta wait until they sign … strictly speaking. And the truth is, it’s pretty hard to rank kids who have thrown a professional pitch. Some kids shine, some just clearly aren’t going to make it.

      • The Show

        That’s true, but I believe Maples was ranked the Cubs best pitching prospect before the season started, I don’t believe he has played yet has he?

        • Luke

          He should be getting to action soon with AZL or Boise.

    • Luke

      I think McNutt and Maples are still one and two at the top (though maybe not in that order).  After that it gets… murkier.  The top four or five pitchers they took in the draft could be in consideration, but they would be competing with a handful currently in the system that includes Whitenack, Rosario, and more.

      Basically, what the Cubs have now are a whole bunch of pitchers who project as potential No 3 starters.  Some of them could elevate their stuff enough they can become potential No 2, but until they do that it is very hard to separate them.

    • Assman22

      Not a lot has changed at the top, given the weak draft class, but anything can happen with the new draft picks….

      1. McNutt

      2. Maples

      3. P. Johnson

      4. Blackburn

      5. Underwood

      6. B. Wells

      7. Beliveau/Zych

      • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

        I would hope our Cuban friend is in there somewhere.

    • Luke

      Let me add that I’m really not looking forward to doing my next Top Prospects list.

      There is a pretty clear group at the top.  And there is a fairly clearly group in the next tier down.  And then there there are 30 or more guys in the tier below that.  I’m not exaggerating in the slightest.  This farm system is doing a nice job of adding more premium talent, but the vast titanic bulk are mid-level prospects.  And there is a lot of them.

      • The Show

        I hear next years draft class is supposed to be more stocked with talent than this years. Are there any big impact guys like a David Price, Strasburg or Harper type players that can go through the minors quickly and have a huge impact on the major league roster in next years draft?

        • Luke

          No one of quite of that stature, at least not yet, but the should be some nice options at the top.  Keep in mind, though, that there is still another amateur baseball season to play before we get to that draft.  A lot can happen in a year.

        • BD

          It would be nice if there was a prospect even close to that level, and a year from now there could be. But watching this Cubs team, we will have the pick of the litter sitting at #1….

        • chirogerg

          Karsten Whitson, RHP, Florida.
          He is beast. I watched him pitch against Vanderbilt in the College World Series last year as a freshman and he amazed me. I was also sitting near the bullpen, so I got to see his pre game pen. In the pen, which I know is different than in games, he literally hit the catcher’s glove with all three of the pitches he was throwing almost every pitch.
          He looks like No. 1 right now for next year.

          • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

            Yep top pick before, and went to college. He is a kid we want badly if we are in a position to get him. He would instantly be a top 10-15 prospect in the majors.

  • Chase S.

    Played against Damek Tomscha in high school and kept up with him in college a bit. He’s a real smart hitter with some decent pop and average defensively. Sounds like he may take a scholarship to Auburn over the Cubs though.

  • Nathan

    Good to see McNutt and Conception pitch well today. McNutt is slowing starting to pitch more innings every time out. I still feel he is the real deal, just not sure if he will have to be a bullpen guy due to his blister issues.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    I am curious with Correa already reaching a deal under slot, if this is going to be the norm going forward with little to no wiggle room. I am shocked the kid would go well under slot and not negotiate more. Maybe he thought he was getting 2 million and now 5 million sounds good. Don’t know, but kudos to the Astros to getting the top pick in line that quick.

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