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    Dempster and Garza are gone. I don’t think they will trade LaHair, unless they are convinced he can’t hit something or there’s a major hole. I have to believe, he offers enough of a bat and isn’t as bad defensively so as to be a liability, that it makes so much sense to keep him. Don’t think he would bring back more than he’s worse, if I’m wrong I guess that could reverse.

    For sure anyone can have Soto, Baker, PM, probably DeJesus and a couple of the young relievers. I think they will listen intently on Castro, but in the end won’t get the right deal, but again who knows. I also think Vitters is likely to be traded as could be a couple of other ML guys in the right package to balance things out.

    I think they are doing all the right things, professing love for everyone and trying to put these guys in the right place to move. I understand the frustration, but it’s not magic and I do believe they have a plan, it’s more strategic and more academic than we are used to from the Cub’s organization. I understand all too well, why we as Cub fans are negative, but I think our negativity towards Theo and Sveum is misplaced. And honestly if we indeed aren’t a contender and we’re raging whether the savior is Castor and JS, why not seek the number 1 pick and do what should have been done earlier, namely just blow it up and execute the plan?

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    Tanking for the 2013 draft is what they’re doing. Any news on Soler. That’s all I care about at this point. The minors, draft, and free agency. Hell I can’t wait for the WINTER MEETINGS! Sign somebody and give us another career to wreck! Bleed Cubbie blue but can’t wait for Cutler to Marshall starts up.

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    Be very interesting to see what the Cubs can get back in any trades. Do they get players that could help next year or in 2-3 years

    • Vladimir

      For a guy like Dempster? Yes, hopefully just one really good prospect, someone in a teams top 5 hopefully. But younger and not ready for a couple years. For Garza? Hopefully one guy who’s just about ready next year with a ceiling of Garza, and 2 more that are further away, but with still high ceilings.

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    Brooks Raley Complete game shutout(7 inning makeup game) no BB’s, 6 hits, 6 K’s

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    Not to point to fine a point on it but of things to close this out on.

    – Theo I don’t believe ever said this would an instant turn on a dime thing. That to me seems to confused with some of what Ricketts said. And what we expect him to say? I want to continue to charge some of the highest prices and get public financing of Wrigley while rebuilding and putting lousy roster on the field? Don’t think so, Theo knew this was a huge challenge which why he spent so much time and effort on this staff, the minor leagues, scouting and then this draft.

    – They are going to make some deals and let’s fact it they will get worse and suffer more growing pains between now and the end of the year. They are clearly likely to lose at least 100 games and could be the lottery winner this year. So what’s the point about constant complaining about how bad they are, Fact. Theo is a premiere guy. He said he had a plan and to me it’s becoming obvious the plan is to be full tilt no later than 2014. I’m not happy, but they have no pen, they don’t have a 3,4,5 hitter, and other than veteran starters, there’s not much here. It is possible Castro is Jeter, is also possible they will move him, stay tuned.

    In the end, I don’t think anyone can blame Theo for investing in the future and dumping Zambrano. He had nothing to do with that in my view. Tom Ricketts wanted him gone and it was best for all involved. When you’re in a panic fire sale, not one can get much and they didn’t. Looks to me that the Wood move will turn out to be a good one. Stewart is going to more difficult, but the wrist as we learned with Lee is pretty tricky. And DeJesus, Malhom and Camp all look decent. Who was he supposed to chase? Most were down on a potential Puljos, Papelbon, or Fielder move and let’s be clear, for a team like this, to throw that kind of money with no foundation would only have prolonged the obvious. No one likes losing, but we are where we are. I would think they’ve made some pretty bold calculations. In my view their plans obviously involved an assumption fans would pay top 5 ticket prices for this, at least for this season and maybe next. I don’t know if they are right or wrong. I think if indeed they lose 105-110 games, they may be wanting to rethink that, but let’s see just what occurs in the next few weeks before we start moving deck furniture on the big boat. I still think they have a solid plan and want this turned around more quickly than most think.

  • Leroy K.

    I agree for the most part. I would like to see what moves we make at the trade deadline. This offseason will be huge, as we lose a lot of contracts off our books. The next 12 months will determine a lot.

  • florida Al

    this team is a flaming pile of dog doo left on your doorstep in a bag..

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    IMO a professional should never say his team has lost confidence. that came in an article from Pat Mooney of twitter/CSN. he’s (Soriano) really talking about himself.

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    Brett, I understand the frustration, but that illustration is over the line…at least my line. Yell, scream, cuss, bad mouth, …OK. Depicting excrement ….no way! Even the porn sites ban that…so I’m told.

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      Given the poor quality of the illustration, I’m not too worried about it.

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      actaully; it should of been done a long time ago; basically, the ricketts family and team theo have blank-blank all over the fan base this year. i’ve watched this team since the early 1970’s; religioulsy to the point I would schedule things around it, this year………i cannot even watch a full game……….what’s the point??………….NONE till i see rizzo and bjax up here at least.