Your up-to-the-moment latest on 20-year-old Cuban prospect Jorge Soler:

  • An “industry source” tells the New York Post that Soler is expected to agree to a deal before tomorrow. The Post calls it a “four-year deal,” which I am assuming means a typical four-year deal for a prospect (i.e., he gets paid over four years, and is put on the 40-man roster, but he is *not* guaranteed free agency at the end of the deal – the team still gets its six years of big league control). The Post goes on to suggest that Soler could be a replacement for Nick Swisher should he leave this offseason via free agency, which is extremely optimistic on Soler’s development time line.
  • Buster Olney says Soler’s reps are calling contenders right now and asking to confirm that their final bids are, in fact, final. So there was an opening round of bids, a second round of bids, and now a “are you sure you don’t want to top Team X’s bid” round of bids. He’s gonna get every last penny.
  • Buster adds that the Yankees are said to have “bid heavy,” but that other teams view the Cubs as the favorite.
  • Ken Rosenthal hears from an exec that Theo “won’t allow the Cubs to lose” on Soler.
  • I tentatively expect that we’ll hear something on this later today/tonight.
  • My take? I’d say the Cubs remain the most likely destination of all the teams, but I wouldn’t say the Cubs are more likely than not to get him. I’d give the Cubs a 1/3 chance, which would be the best odds I’d give any team. Does that comfort or alarm you?

A couple mid-day updates:

  • Jon Heyman has also heard that a decision will come down in the next 24 to 36 hours.
  • Olney just added that Soler’s agents have told teams they have their final chance to make/increase bids by tonight. If it plays out that way, I’d expect word to leak maybe late tonight/early tomorrow, and then a formal announcement on his decision tomorrow. No word yet on whether The Decision will be broadcast on ESPN.
  • Assman22

    Cubs sign Soler! Amount is substantial however

    • Joe

      Where did you here this?

    • Robert


    • Mrp

      Not that I would never believe a guy named Assman22, but call me skeptical. Like the other guys said, source please.

      • MichiganGoat

        I’ve been looking an cant find anything outside of rumors that we are a top team.

      • Assman22

        Beleve me now?

    • cubchymyst

      All sites I found said announcement will come Monday, not what team he is going to sign with.

      • Cheryl

        That’s all I found too. Announcement Monday.

        • Joe

          Yes, that’s what I know. He has signed. Announcement Monday!

          • cubchymyst

            It that an announce will be made monday for who he will sign with, he might not of signed anything yet. Plus I’m sure physicals need to be done before anything is made official.

    • cubchymyst

      My guess is the only people who know right now is Soler and his Agent, and until there is a legitimate source it is all speculation.

  • MikeL


    Can you post a credible source? It is not that I don’t believe you, but a lot of people are saying that the Cubs have the inside shot. The amount is expected to be more than 40 mill and probably closer to 50 because the Yankees were willing to spend a big amount of money as well.

    edit: I find it funny that Cashman and Theo still seem to be an “arms” race financially even thought they are now in different leagues, lol!

    • JL

      I’m really hoping we get the kid, but oh man, 50 million on a prospect would be just preposterous.

    • Joe

      I’ve heard 35 mil not 40-50 mil.

      • MikeL

        I hope so…….

        • GoldFinch

          I don’t think the Captain(Theo) will pay more!(could be wrong, of course)

          • calicubsfan007

            Oh Captain my Captain! LOL Sorry I am tired…

    • Assman22

      It’s ok I understand others being skeptical. If I hear something, I’m not going to name my source. They can get in trouble and I’m no snitch. Anyways, welcome to the Cubs Soler!

      • cubchymyst

        I’ll admit I was skeptical, Happy you turned out right. Since you got it right this time, next time I’ll be a little less skeptical.

  • gutshot5820

    Can’t you tell when an Ass is messing with you?

  • Toby

    The only reporting was from the Sun-Times Gordon Wittenmyer reporting that an announcement is coming Monday, but did not link a team to the announcement.

  • Michael

    God knows we need some good news. Let’s hope the Cubs win.

    • Yakshamash

      Someone I spoke to with a “little bit” insight, said it IS the CUBS!

      • cubchymyst

        I hope your right, but forgive me for being skeptical of people making declarations on a message board about information that has not came out yet.

        • Cooper R

          I’m still keep my expectations low despite some of these posts.

          • cubchymyst

            Agreed, I’m not a fan of anonymous sources and don’t trust them.

            • calicubsfan007

              You mean you dont trust people who could be imaginary? That’s crazy! LOL

              • cubchymyst

                Yeah, especially when I get the feeling that multiple of them are from the same person.

                • Joe

                  O.K. I will switch my name as someone else had asked. I am not the original Joe(I did not know there was an original Joe) But I will switch my name anyway.

                  • The Show

                    There is no original its that there are two of you.

                    • GoldFinch

                      No, there seems to be more. Somebody has used my username in the past and gotten away with it. Don’t know how they do it, but they have.

                  • cubchymyst

                    I wasn’t writing about you, It is more of the 2 people from above who both proclaimed that Soler is a Cub. As for your case, before there was a posted named Betternews and he left and came back as a poster named Joe (he announce they where the same person) and at the same time someone else claimed to be posting under Joe as well. Not sure which one you are, but that is likely the source of the confusion.

                    • GoldFinch


                    • GoldFinch

                      It’s called identity theft! I hope to get to the bottom of this!

                    • Andrew

                      I had an exchange with another Andrew where Brett thought I was talking to myself. That’s when I added the photo to avoid confusion.

  • http://Yes Dude

    Soler signs with Japanese team. Damn

  • GoldFinch

    Castro looked very good today.

  • Jimmy james

    My inside source says he signed with Springfield sliders…..lifetime supply of horseshoes sealed iT

    • GoldFinch

      i think he really has signed, barring techs.

  • Cheryl

    Does Soler have to go with the number 1 bid?

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