I can’t decide if I want to see the Heat lose in the NBA Finals (buzzer beater by Kevin Durant in Game Seven, for example?), or if I want them to win so people can stop talking incessantly about whether they can finally do it.

  • Scott Padilla wonders just how much worse this season can get for the Cubs, who are already on pace to lose a franchise record 110 games. If they deal Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster, and others this Summer, aren’t they going to lose even more games? I’m not sure, given that various expected winning formulas say the Cubs should be slightly better than there 19-40 record – in other words, when the luck evens out, the Cubs might pick up a few more wins, even without Garza/Dempster/others. But, even though it’s early June, it’s safe to say the Cubs will be in the battle for the worst record in baseball all season long. Padilla also wonders how many losses this year are too many, in terms of losing fans and creating a psychological scar for next season. I’m not sure I’m too worried about either of those things, but it’s an interesting question.
  • Dale Sveum admitted yesterday that losing 20 of 24 games is “getting a little boring.”
  • Alfonso Soriano – the only guys who’s been playing consistently well over the last month – says the Cubs have no confidence. “I think we lost our confidence. I think that’s more important,” said Soriano. We’re working so hard to try to get better and have a better record, but I think the confidence is down. “We have to keep working hard and work to get our confidence back. I think that’s the problem in this clubhouse right now is we don’t have the confidence.”
  • Soriano credits, in part, hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo for his resurgence this year. “I’m not surprised because of the work that I do,” Soriano said. ‘I’m working hard with Rudy and working hard on my defense and trying to be better every day.”
  • Geovany Soto will begin his rehab assignment at AAA Iowa tomorrow. He’s coming back from minor knee surgery.
  • Christina Kahrl looks at the journeymen of yesterday who are playing like stars today – and, yes, Bryan LaHair is the poster child.
  • Arizona Phil at TCR offers the final, unofficial Extended Spring Training stats. Short season baseball will be underway very soon, so we’ll finally get a professional look at some of the Cubs’ big draftees from 2011, including Dan Vogelbach, Shawon Dunston, Jr., and, eventually, Dillon Maples.
  • We’re discussing our Cubs Mount Rushmore over at the Message Board.
  • Mysterious4th

    Scars? Next year? Ummmm….we are cub fans. I think the most popular pharse associated with the cubs is “there’s always next year!” If you are a TRUE cub fan you have the “scars of ugly seasons” already.

    • RoughRiider

      And some of us a lot more than others.

      • auggie1955

        Yeah, I was around when the Cubs lost 103 games in both 1962 and 1966. What’s amazing about the 1962 team is that it had 4 future HOF players – Williams, Santo, Banks and Lou Brock. The pitching totally sucked both seasons. This year’s Cubs definitely has a shot at the team record.

        • djriz

          God, I loved that team.
          Maybe 2013 will have 4 future HOF’ers.

          Castro, Rizzo, Jackson and Vitters?

          Could happen (don’t rain on my parade folks).

          • @cubsfantroy

            *tries not to rain on your parade*

  • MikeW

    On my way to Minny right now for what’s sure to be an epic train wreck today. Excited!! I am a Cubs fan after all

  • http://www.bleachernation.com ichabod

    exactly mysterian. i mean weve all been suffering our whole lives already, whether its 100 losses or playoff losses. we the almighty cubs fan all have at least this in common. we suffer with pride. with our heads up and our convictions cemented, for god damnit we are the best fans ever. so we will stand another season of what we know, together, forever.
    go cubbies, we love you, no matter!

    • Brady

      I completely agree. How can you not be the best fans on the face of the earth if you cheer for your team through the bad, the very bad and the so bad you want to suck-start a shotgun.

  • E-Dog

    Quade’s Cubs last year were one of the best teams in baseball for the last 30 games weren’t they?

    • King Jeff


  • Jp

    As a UNC tarheel fan it was tough to see Dillon Maples not attend but WTF he hasn’t even thrown an inning in extended spring training yet? He should be well rested since his senior year of high school over a year ago… Any word on him?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      He’s had some arm trouble.  Nothing serious enough to derail him for the season, but enough that the Cubs did not have him pitching in any ext-games.

      • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

        he tweeted that he should be back on the field in a couple weeks

  • Cubs Dude

    The Cubs HAVE to trade Soriano ASAP. We have all seen these several week hot streaks, and KNOW they come to a screaching hault. Other teams know this too, but still he has to have some value right? I just don’t know what AL team he would accept a trade too and would give something back (either cap or prospects). I’d be alright with a good minor league bullpen arm and nothing else.

    • Bric

      Right now he’s owed around 45 million for the rest of this year and two more. With his age and injuries no team is going to value him for more than about 2 or 3 mil a year which means the Cubs are going to have to eat about 38 of his contract. The return will be a low level “high upside” prospect and that’s it. Still the mental relief would be tremendous, like finally signing the divorce papers.

      • Cubs Dude

        I don’t think there is any way the Cubs could be lucky enough to get that amount of salary relief. I am thinking the Cubs pay all of his contract and get a decent prospect, that’s probably the best we could do. No team wants to pay a dime on Soriano the next 2 years, regardless of how is swinging the bat now. Just as long as we don’t receive a Michael Bowden (garbage level) player I’ll be good with it.

        • Bric

          You never know. I was shocked at the Bradley deal for Silva that Hendry worked, but on the other hand the economy was better a couple of years ago as reflected in the Zambrano return. Either way, I seriously don’t see the Cubs paying his whole contract to get back a better prospect.

          Brett, I know you don’t like to speculate on trades, but what do you think about the possibility of trading Sori, Dempster, Garza? Yay or nay?

          • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

            I think Dempster is likely to be traded, and I think Soriano is more likely than not to be traded. Garza, I’d give 50/50.

            • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

              I was listening to Jim Bowden on Sirius this morning and he said if he were the GM of the Tigers he would get Garza, Barney and LaHair from the Cubs. PLEASE DEAR SWEET JESUS SOMEONE HIRE HIM AS PBO for the TIGERS NOW!!!!

              • Cubs Dude

                I keep hearing the Tigers and LaHair. What in the hell would the Tigers do with LaHair? Throw him in leftfield and make a bad defence even worse? Barney and Garza makes perfect sense though..

              • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

                Ha. That would cost a pretty penny, though.

                I now think Barney actually probably has a whole lot of value. I didn’t flip-flop, by the way, he just got better.

                • nkniacc

                  I don’t think you see but could Barney be trade bait come the end of July?

                  • Bric

                    The fact that his name has been mentioned shows it. But there really isn’t anyone in the minors to take his place. LeMahieu, Fontenot, and Theriot are already gone and Baez is 2 to 3 yrs away at least. Right now it’s just talk but if a journeyman gets signed the chances of Barney being moved will get much bigger.

                    • nkniacc

                      what about Cardens?

  • jim

    Its that 70s show. Cubs worst decade. But, cud buy bleacher tix for $1 in 81.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Actually, the Cubs had pretty good teams at the otuset of the decade: but they kept running out of gas in August. And the ’77 Cubs were 25 games over 0.500 at one point!  They even won 81 games in the end….

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Where ever I travel in the US and even abroad, if I go to a sports bar to watch a Cubs game, I always find other Cub fans there to watch the ball game. The greatest and most loyal fans in sports hands down. Cardinal fans down here in Southern Illinois are always asking me, “why would anybody be a Cubs fans, why don’t you pick a better team to root for. And they jump ship on their Cards any time they are below .500 like the rats they are.
    And one of these days, before I die, the Cubs are going to win the World Series. And that day will go down along with my marriage and the birth of my children, as one of the best of my life. I will rank them at that time for you.

    • fester30

      Entire generations of Cubs fans have made the same prediction of a title in their lifetime. It feels the same as when yet another nut claims the end of the world will happen in our lifetime. Yet the end of the world still hasn’t happened.

      • Brady

        QUIET YOU! I, unlike it sounds like plenty of you, am still fairly young and I hope they can get another WS in my lifetime (I still think 2015 because Marty Mcfly saw it that way [Shut up, its not just a movie]). I do fear that the city of Chicago will burn down on that night though.

        • fester30

          Yes… Back to the Future 2! That’s the answer. Florida is now known as Miami, so that’s one thing down. Now, we just have to convince the commissioner that it should be Miami moving to the American League instead of Houston! Then we can have the 2015 Miami vs. Chicago World Series!

          My great grandfather was born in 1909. That’s 4 generations so far… and I haven’t had kids yet.

          • Brady

            I think that is the only logical course of action to bring the Cubs a WS. They can take that awful park with their fishtanks and change leagues. Also I’d like to beatup on the Astros most years.

  • Dave

    I take no pride in being a Cub fan and I think the whole we cheer for our team no matter how bad they are loses it’s sense of pride when you cheer for a team that constantly let’s you down.
    If I could switch teams I would but it’s too late. After 40 years of watching so many bad teams I wish someone would have pointed me to the Southside.

    • Carew

      you mean to say you would consider rooting for the white sox? boo

    • Cubs Dude

      The Cubs are extremely frustrating at times, but the you wish “someone would have pointed you to the southside.” That’s weak.. The White Sox are such bullshit in so many ways. No one even cared when they won it all in 2005. When the Cubs win it all, it will be the most amazing thing sports fans have ever witnessed!!

    • Jimmy james

      Um nobody’s stopping you, sounds like you have one foot out the door already….go by a sox cap and be happy, though I would suggest one with a b on it

    • King Jeff

      “I wish someone would have pointed me to the Southside”
      It’s easy, just follow the smell, and don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

  • fester30

    That’s almost word for word what my Cardinal fan friend said about the Cubs back in 2008. He couldn’t decide if he wanted the Cubs to lose in the first round of the playoffs (which of course they wound up doing) or win it all, just so the Cubs fans could just shut up with their complaining about 100 years. I told him I didn’t wanna be friends any more.

  • Spencer

    The poster child who is a platoon player. That sucks for the people who aren’t poster children.

    • Joshua Edwards

      Truth hurts.

  • supergeek24

    03 still hurts I lost a love one that got me into the cubs watching them on wgn as a kid so that year was hard for me . I’m only 30 so the cubs has only been to the playoffs six times in my lifetime so far so I’m happy to see a rebuild as cubs fan we can take this its not that big of a deal ….. And this is the best cubs site by far. The other ones are full of idiots like bleacher report

    • cubfanincardinalland

      This site is tremendous. I might also recommend Cubs Den, who have very knoweldable posters, and the guys that run the site are outstanding.

      • Daniel

        I will rec staying away from bcb anymore. That place has gone way downhill…

    • Patrick

      You do know that when you say “I’m only 30, so the Cubs have only been to the playoffs 6 times in my lifetime” a 66 year-old could say the same thing, right? A 73 year-old could say “just 7 times.”

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


  • @cubsfantroy

    I must be masochistic. I bought another Cubs shirt yesterday. I am hating the abuse from Brewers fans as well.

    Wait til next year.

    • Bric

      Man, don’t take anything a Brewers fan says seriously. Most don’t know who Ben Sheets is or that Braun used to play 3rd base. My ex-wife is from Wisconsin and roots for both the Cubs and Brewers. By her own admission, people up there consider the Brewers a pleasant distraction until the Packers and Badgers start playing.

      One time she told me that she remembered when she was a kid that Paul Molitor had the longest hitting streak in history. I started laughing and told her it was Joe Dimagio. I thought she was kidding but she really believed it. I had to look it up and found out what she was talking about is that Molitor has the longest hitting streak in the history of their team. But she seriously didn’t believe me when I told it was DiMagio. After dealing with many Brewer fans I’ve learned that type of ignorance is pretty common.

      • @cubsfantroy

        Oh I know it is. I’m right on the Illinois/Wisconsin border. I listen to them all the time, especially at work; since I work in Wisconsin. It just annoys me to no end. Most I don’t take seriously because of the stuff that you have just mentioned. lol

  • JungleDrew

    Some encouraging things in Extended spring training. Some good looking numbers from some expected places (Baez, Gretzkey, Dunston Jr.) But I think the best looking hitter’s numbers came from Catcher Wilson Contreras. From the pitching side it is nice to see Robert Whitenack’s numbers looking good, but I think the unknown pitching star is Sheldon McDonald (18ks in 12 IP) and he’s a lefty, sounds like some potential.

    I think the best part about Ex. spring training is that anyone who has bad numbers we can just write it off to it being spring training.

    • cubchymyst

      Baez numbers are beyond those of anyone else on the list, maybe he gets moved through the system at a faster pace than initially expected. Anyone think there is a chance Baez makes the club by 1214 if only as a call up in September?

      • rcleven

        No way. 15 is the earliest. He would have to jump a level and that won’t happen. Front office wants 500 Ab,s per level. His OPS is in the 800’s but is hitting at 270’s. No Rush.

  • BluBlud

    With my Cubs struggling and NASCAR only on on Sunday, the Heat is all I have. There is no way MR overrated Durant will ever win a series against Lebron. Did you not see what Lebron did to him last time they played. Horrible shooting game and 10 turnovers. Oh yeah, Lebron guarded him that whole game.

  • Idaho Razorback

    I grew up in So Cal and when I was a kid I didn’t have a favorite team. I rooted for the Dodgers since they were the local team but never got attached to them. On day I came home from school and there was a playoff baseball game on tv. It was October 2, 1984. San Diego Padres vs Chicago Cubs. Immediatly I fell in love with the Cubs. I didn’t know anything about the franchise. The announcers were talking about the history of the lovable loosers since they hadn’t been to the post season since 1945 the year my mother was born. I thought, man, that was a long time ago! They talked about Wrigley Field, only day games, and the ivy. I fell in love with the franchise and city. Chicago is my favorite city and I’ve been to quite a few big citys. I will never dump my team. I love my Cubbies for ever and promise to never be a fair weather fan. I read articles on various websites every day and read the box score every day. I can’t wait for the future of the franchise. They are going in the right direction. I have purchased tix for June 25 and 26 Boise Hawks at Spokane Indians. I will report what I saw here on Bleacher Nation. June 26 will be the 20th anniversary of my first game at Wrigley Field. I took Greyhound from Los Angeles to Chicago with my childhood friend. It was a miserable ride. My friend and I were the only sane people on the bus the whole time. As for Brett not knowing who he is pulling for between the Heat and the Thunder. The Heat for me are in the same sentence as Notre Dame and the Dallas Cowboys. I despise them both. Keep up the great work Brett and Luke and keep the comments coming posters. I consider Bleacher Nation to like being a family member. Have a great day everybody!

    • Carew

      this post made me happy

    • cubfanincardinalland

      Right on Idaho. When the Cubs do get in to the World Series, it is going to be a world wide event. This is what drives Cardinal fans crazy about us. They know in their hearts, that they could win the series five years in a row, but it will never be anything like the historic time it will be when we get to the World Series. And when we win it, it will be talked about for centuries. The players will be a part of baseball history forever. And it is going to happen in the next 10 years.

  • Carew

    Soler could agree by tomorrow according to mlbtraderumors.com…

  • @cubsfantroy

    The captions that I could come up with for that picture. lol

    Since this is a PG-13 kind of site, I will keep them to myself.

  • Dustin S

    Also a proud Cub fan and still watching every game, but this season has been a bit depressing. What’s been painful, is that for me this year has been by far the earliest you could write off the team for the season (especially since the wildcard and expanded playoffs). I mean 6 weeks in it was basically done. In some ways it almost feels like a lost strike season. Even going into a rebuilding year, the early season “it’s a new year, anything can happen” feeling that makes baseball so great evaporated way too fast. I think that’s really why people are so frustrated.

    Looking ahead, there are 7 weeks until the trade deadline. Until then the team will continue to be in this bad limbo situation of being forced to play veterans on an awful team just to try to boost trade value. So I’ll be looking forward to August 1st as the start of early Spring Training 2013.

  • Cubs Dude

    So it looks like Soler is going to agree to a Cespedes type 4 year deal. I take it the Cubs must be out if he’s getting a MLB no control type contract?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I very much doubt that. When they say “four-year deal,” that doesn’t mean free agency at the end. Jeff Samardzija signed a five-year deal, or whatever, and the Cubs still get six years of big league control.

      If some team gives Soler a four-year, guaranteed free agency deal, they’re stupid as all get out.

      • Cubs Dude

        OK. Good to hear. I got real nervous when I saw that.

    • King Jeff

      People are saying the Yankees posted a high bid and Soler’s agent is calling around fishing for money still.

  • Idaho Razorback

    One important thing I forgot to post in that extremely too long post is that I saw the Cubs play before they became my favorite game. My dad wanted to see the Cubs play since they had been perrinial loosers and they were having a good year. So we saw them play the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium and the Dodgers won. As it turned out it was Rick Sutcliffe’s only loss as a Cub in 1984 as he finished the regular season 16-1 after an early season trade with the Cleveland Indians. Also my Dad is a lifelong Cardinals fan. Why the hell would he have wanted to see the Cubs play!

  • North Side Irish

    Not a huge Rosenthal fan, but I hope he’s right this time…

    Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal
    One exec’s view of Soler bidding is that Theo won’t allow #Cubs to lose. New restrictions on draft and int’l spending do not apply to Soler.

  • Kevin

    Anybody have a status on the Cubs signing their draft picks?

  • nkniacc

    Nothing offcally has been announced but some have said they expect to sign

  • RY34

    lets see, facing liriano today, 1-6, 6.46, so im guessing he goes 7+, 1 run, 4 hits, no walks; yeah that sounds about right.

    • djriz

      and 16 k’s

      • Joshua Edwards

        Good thing Baker is in the lineup and LaHair is sitting.

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    What is the story with Maples ? Has he been hurt for the reason he hasn’t pitched yet or are the Cubs being really careful with the kid and taking their time.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Hurt. Should be pitching in games at some point in July.

  • supergeek24

    I’m from southcarolina and when the cubs win it all I will be on the first plane to chicago…and I also read cubs den

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  • Joe

    I can’t believe Rudy Jaramillo is beginning to take heat for the Cub’s woes. Come on.

  • calicubsfan007

    Eh, it can always be worse, such is life. I do believe that those entitled jerks that are the Miami Heat need to lose in the finals again, that would make my year. Hate the Heat.

    • Cooper R

      The NBA still exists?

      • Leroy K.

        it does, but now it’s fixed… :)

        • calicubsfan007

          So true, can’t have Queen James have another tantrum last year. The whole, “I am a professional basketball player and you’re not, so leave me alone” moment. I loathe that whiner.

      • calicubsfan007

        Hahahahaha, sometimes I wonder this question myself.