Now that it’s been confirmed by Ken Rosenthal after being first reported by Joel Sherman (and subsequently confirmed by Jon Heyman and Bruce Miles), we can get excited about the Cubs signing the top available international prospect in quite some time.

While we await the contract terms, I suggest you allow yourself a good old fashioned SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And if you need more info on Soler, here’s a good place to start.)

UPDATE: Jon Heyman reports that the signing amount is around $30 million, which, depending on the rest of the terms (you can assume it’s a big league deal – i.e., he goes on the 40-man), is just fine with me. It’s a ridiculous amount for a prospect, and will create unreasonable expectations, but them’s the breaks this year. It’s a fine deal, and the money was there to be spent. Ok, you can resume squealing.

UPDATE II: Well, this could get a little interesting. Heyman says it’s a nine-year deal for Soler, which suggests it will be of the kind where he’s guaranteed free agency at the end (like Cespedes). So the Cubs will have a few years of minor league time before they’re “losing” any control (normally, you get six years of big league control). Then again, if it’s for nine years and $30-something million with no arbitration years in there? That could be a freaking steal. I suspect there will be some escalators built in, based on what he “would get” in arbitration, if he gets that far in the bigs. Or, he might be able to opt out of his deal and opt into arbitration.

UPDATE III: It’s going to take some time for the final contract details to filter out, and our thoughts on how “good” the deal is for the Cubs could swing wildly. What won’t change, though, is the overall happiness about the signing. Soler will need time to adjust to the States, so I wouldn’t expect to see him with a team for a little while. When he does, he’ll probably spend most of his season at A-ball Peoria. As for when (if) we see him with the big team, don’t start dreaming of next year – 2014 should be your most optimistic thought.

UPDATE IV: Heyman says, definitively, that it’s nine years and $30 million. I refuse to believe it’s quite that simple. Either there are escalators or opt-outs built in, or that $30 million doesn’t quite cover all of the nine years of control Soler is giving the Cubs. The only other explanation for a contract like this? There was way too much hype, and Soler – while a great prospect – isn’t as great as we’ve been led to believe, even in light of the CBA changes. I tend to doubt that last one, since impartial scouting types have said he’s the real deal, but it’s possible.

UPDATE V: Keith Law has written that the deal indeed includes opt outs that would allow Soler, if he’s blown up after his first few years in the bigs, to opt out of whatever payments he’s due, and instead go through the normal arbitration process with the Cubs. If it plays out that way, he’ll make a whole lot more money – but, then again, the Cubs won’t be complaining, because they’ll have landed a star.

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      Unless the contract amount could do it for you, I think you can stop worrying.  Confirmations are coming all over the place now.

      It’s over.  Soler is a Cub.



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    The Man Pageant did well here. 20 years old and lots of room to grow. Way to go, Cubs.

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    Hell the way the cubs been playing he might be a sept call up lmao

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    America…F*(K yeah!

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    Is this real? Any links or post?

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      Get on Twitter. Rosenthal, Goldstein, Bruce Miles are all reporting that their sources have confirmed.

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    Concepcion and Soler. Score. In Theo I trust.

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    Cubs Win Bidding For Jorge Soler

    By Ben Nicholson-Smith [June 11 at 1:15pm CST]

    The Cubs won the bidding for Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler, Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports (on Twitter). Many teams appeared to have interest in Soler, a top international prospect.

    Soler has to sign by July 2 if he aims to maximize his earning potential and avoid spending restrictions imposed under baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement. It’s not clear what kind of bonus the Praver Shapiro Sports Management client will obtain from the Cubs, but a sum in excess of $15MM would not be surprising.

    MLB declared Soler a free agent earlier this month after verifying his paperwork. The Phillies have since offered him a contract and the Astros, Pirates, Indians, Red Sox, Yankees and Blue Jays also appeared to have some level of interest in the 20-year-old.

    Soler was an up-and-coming power hitter in Cuba before leaving the country, according to Ben Badler of Baseball America. His calling card is right-handed power, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America, who considers him a top-50 prospect in MLB.

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    Phil Rogers ‏@ChiTribRogers: “Sources w/other teams are saying Cubs get Jorge Soler. Working on confirmation and terms.”

    I love that our reporters have to get their confirmation from OTHER TEAMS. I’m kind of loving this tight-lipped front office.

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    I wish Goldstien would quit being a little bitch about this. Seriously, usually I like him but he’s pissing me off right now.

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    Just think in three or four years he may be ready to contribute to the major league team, I can’t wait.

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    This is big for the Theo regime….. Between Concepcion and Baez…. Now Soler sometime doin…. I will be making a lot of trips to Peoria!

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        Thinking the same thing, at this rate StubHub ticket prices for Peoria games will be higher than MLB Cubs tix. I’ll make it down there for a game for sure. Very good news.

        As bad as this team is now, and it’s really bad, this helps give us a glimmer of hope…and reinforces the consistent plan for rebuilding this team that Theo and Jed have. Hendry would have panicked and traded Rizzo, LaHair, and Jackson for a veteran by now.