2012 Boise Hawks Roster Announced

Last night, the Chicago Cubs’ short-season A-ball team (I call them “Low A,” as in one step below A-ball Peoria, and two steps below High A Daytona), the Boise Hawks, announced their opening day roster. The season opens on Friday, and there could be/will be some changes to the roster before then (for example, supplemental first round pick Pierce Johnson, who says he’s headed to Boise, isn’t on the roster, but maybe he simply can’t be there by Friday – other draftees will be added as well).

Here’s the roster. Luke will have a breakdown of some of the notable inclusions and exclusions (yes, I imagine you’re immediately thinking “where is Dan Vogelbach?” (he’ll go to the AZL Rookie League team, apparently), and “where is Dillon Maples?” (he’s still rehabbing, to be ready next month)) soon. It’s a fair guess that, anyone you don’t see here who was drafted in 2011 is probably on the AZL Rookie League team.


Jose Arias (RHP)

Willengton Cruz (RHP)

Ian Dickson (RHP)

Rafael Diplin (RHP)

Pete Levitt (RHP)

Amaury Paulino (RHP)

Roderik Pichardo (RHP)

James Pugliese (RHP)

Tayler Scott (RHP)

Bryce Shafer (RHP)

Matt Spencer (LHP)


Wilson Contreras (C)


Gioskar Amaya (SS/2B)

Jeimer Candelario (3B)

Marco Hernandez (SS/2B)

Brian Inoa (UTL)

Rock Shoulders (1B)


Xavier Batista (OF)

Shawon Dunston, Jr. (CF)

Eduardo Gonzalez (OF)

Dong-Yub Kim (OF)

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42 responses to “2012 Boise Hawks Roster Announced”

  1. butlerdawgs

    Best name for a first baseman ever

  2. cjdubbya

    Not to feign ignorance, but that roster looks a couple short? I mean, one lefty pitcher, one catcher?

    And butlerdawgs, you’re right. Maybe the best name in sports, at least for my money. And the dude’s interacted with me a bit on Twitter, which just makes it that much cooler.

    1. JungleDrew

      Um Coco Crisp….

      1. ETS

        I always have been a fan of Pastor Nicky myself

        1. Packman711

          Boof. Bonser.

  3. Leroy K

    Ahhh….Shawon Dunston Jr.—Now I know I’m getting old. Go get em kid. And heck yeah, Rock Shoulders????? That is a—wait for it—mazing!!!!

    1. djriz

      And apparently Shawon Jr really impressed in ExST. Bet by the end of the year he overtakes Sczcur on the prospect list. Also, I think he walked 8 times. I think that’s more than his dad did in his entire career.

  4. florida Al

    so wheres gretzky’s kid? did he ever sign?

    1. Leroy K
      1. Leroy K

        recovering from Shoulder surgery.

      2. George Cotugno

        With the AZL Cubs right now.. Played against Boise yesterday in an intra-squad game.

        - George

    2. David

      Gretzky did sign. He’s been playing in extended spring training in AZ. According to AZ Phil at thecubreporter.com, he hit 302/362/333. Looks like he will play in the Arizona Rookie League. Looks like Dan Vogelbach will start there as well.

  5. George Cotugno

    Great, thanks for the update Brett, been waiting on this. I actually interviewed Rock Shoulders earlier in the season, pretty cool guy, hope he does well.

    - George

  6. Carew

    Rock Shoulders? That may in fact be the greatest name on the planet

    1. EQ76

      Max Power?

      1. TWC
  7. Kyle

    Vogelbach being left behind in Arizona is the result of a very disappointing XST session for him. Struggled hitting, didn’t flash much power at all, made a ton of errors. He’s still more than young enough to recover, but this is officially a setback. He doesn’t belong in the organization’s top-15 lists at this point, maybe not even top-25.

    1. ETS

      I think it’s more the errors than anything. XST is a pretty small sampling for hitting, but 10 errors!!!! Sheesh.

      1. Kyle

        The 2 HRs in 40+ games is really disappointing to me. This is Arizona in the summer, so the ball should be flying out.

        1. ETS

          Yeah, still young. If he’s puttering around like this next year then I’ll start worrying.

    2. Norm

      I was looking forward to Vogelbach as much as any other prospect in the system….disappointing.

  8. fivetoolmike

    I think that Low-A refers to the Midwest league (and another league…not sure) and that the Northwest League is called short-season, just as an fyi.